The ultimate playstation comparison

- Hey guys, this is Austin, and welcome to the ultimate PlayStation comparison. And of course, how else could we begin, but with the original PlayStation One? In 1994, the world got this, the original PlayStation. Now what's interesting is, is that this actually almost didn't even happen. Originally, Sony was developing the PlayStation as an add-on for the Super Nintendo. But after Nintendo bailed on the deal, they figured, "Hey, we've already put the work in, we might as well make our own game console." And thus, the original PlayStation was born. Continue reading The ultimate playstation comparison

Nes 2 top loader model nes101 gaming historian

The Nintendo Entertainment System was released in North America in 1985 and lasted 10 years! Now that is quite a lifespan for a system. It revolutionized and revitalized the home video game market and firmly put Nintendo on American soil. To follow up, they released the Super Nintendo in 1991 as an answer to the growing popularity of the Sega Genesis. The 16-bit era was finally here. Continue reading Nes 2 top loader model nes101 gaming historian

A star child with the power of the sun meet shuten doji

to the unheralded today on the unheralded we focus on a star child destined to save the world the Shuten doji the star child an offspring of humanity that has achieved the divine or cosmic state a natural evolution of mankind into the cosmos this concept is formalized in movies by 2001 a Space Odyssey or comic books from Marvel and DC sometimes the star child is created through a union between alien and human DNA to form a new superior being that links two races together forming a bridge to a new destiny in the anime Shuten doji the concept is explored with the two races being man and demon a demon named Zenki from another dimension brings a baby to Earth to be raised as a regular human for 15 years until the demon returns and Jiro must regretfully embrace his destiny becoming Shuten doji to save the demon's world and earth from being destroyed he must travel through time and space to find the source of cosmic calamity his own mother who created a world demons in a state of delirium and only he can save her sanity and the world of demons from destroying earth oh he also has to save the love his life from becoming fodder for the demons to all in day's work for the shuten doji of course the kid formerly known as Jiro now possesses an array of super abilities and powers he has the capability of force fields super durability regeneration telekinesis size manipulation flight at SuperSpeed weapon materialization energy projection telepathy and the most important ability of all the power to go super saiyan no just kidding but with this many abilities it's best to focus on his greatest feats to understand how truly powerful he is shuten doji's ability to slice and dice giant Oni requires a great deal of power these space warping and time-traveling demons called Oni are strong enough to destroy the entire interstellar fleet of ships as a side effect of fighting each other and according to the advanced instruments aboard these ships it would take something more powerful than a particle cannon to equal this amount of destruction they can possess mortals Oni are even durable enough to survive an exploding planet they can even create their own dream worlds where they reign supreme yet Shuten doji is even more powerful than any Oni even has two serve him such as goki who was actually a sentient barrier that manifests as a powerful warrior to fight for him goki along with Zenki fight for shuten doji as his heralds. Shuten doji is flung into the far future through a time slip in space there's shuten doji rescues a cybernetic sergeant from an exploding ship effortlessly tanks the massive explosion puffs enough to send a federation like cruiser tumbling through the void this ship was actually an enemy missile that was durable enough to withstand photon torpedoes further analysis by future tech reveals the truth of Shuten doji that despite his human structure he is actually a conscious collection of energy light to be precise extend ocean as a human body composed entirely of photons human beings like all living things naturally emit light called bio photons that are invisible to the naked human eye that can be seen with infrared technology but it is stated that every cell is made of light within Shuten doji the average human man possesses between 30 to 40 trillion cells calculating the number of cells in the human body is tricky part of the problem is the using different metrics gets you different outcome to keep it simple ignoring volume and weight will just use the average of 30 to 40 trillion cells for this analysis so to find a theoretical answer to the power of stand ocean we can look at this two different ways macroscopic the very large and microscopic the very small now the macroscopic Theory would examine the highest frequency of photon the elementary particle of light which shuten doji is made of could have in our universe this would correspond to the energy within gamma rays gamma rays are the highest energy of electromagnetic radiation they've been observed in cosmic radiation ultra-high gamma rays and photon energies of over 100 tera electron volts if each of the 30 to 40 trillion photonic cells shuten doji's body equal the energy of gamma rays he could theoretically generate six point four eight times ten to the nine joules but wait you say photons depending on the wavelengths are smaller than atoms atoms are in the average human body and a typical human of 70 kilograms there are almost 7 times 10 to 27 octillion atoms taking that information times the earlier 100 tera electron bolts would equal out to 1 times 10 to the 24 joules how powerful is this this is like the total amount of energy from the Sun that strikes the face of the earth each year now for the microscopic theory since we're dealing with photons a subatomic elementary wave / particle examining the ultimate microscopic limit is probably the Planck mass or energy this Planck scale refers to the smallest magnitudes of space time and energy where the predictions of quantum field theory and general relativity are no longer reconcilable meaning modern physics break down if each of Shuten doji's 30 to 40 trillion photonic cells can generate 10 to the 9 joules his capacity would equal 3 or 4 to 24 joules of total energy but doing the same calculations per atom equals out to seven times 10 to the 38th joules of total energy so where does all this ranks shuten doji let's head to the power weight scale and find out the horsepower of the most powerful locomotive engine the booming energy of a thunderstorm the tremendous energy of a hurricane thunder storms on Saturn SCDS satyrs electrostatic discharges a lunar collision with earth luminosity of the brightest galaxies shuten doji would rank at a super bantamweight level having the power to eradicate hundreds of Oni who are each capable of surviving an exploding planet and he can challenge his mother's ability to create entire worlds and a super race of beings creating a star baby to take out your own demonic progeny is essentially one cosmically big game of passing the buck why create a star child to do it if you can just do it yourself I guess one has to be an insane demon mother to fully understand it all if you liked the video click the inherited icon and subscribe rate the video and leave a comment below if you'd like to see more check out the other videos on my channel thanks for watching Continue reading A star child with the power of the sun meet shuten doji

5 True scary hospital worker horror stories real night shift nurse scary stories

Hey everyone, before we get into these stories, I’d like to thank Audible for sponsoring this video. Them doing so really helps me financially pay for stuff like more videos and my medical bills. Sponsors tend to stay away from horror related stuff on YouTube, so please show them some love and that they’re welcome here, in the comment section. A lot of you have expressed to me that you enjoy listening to my stuff whilst cleaning, traveling, cooking exercising , etc and I think the Audible app is perfect for that. The app can be downloaded on any device, and you can even download titles to listen to anytime offline. A lot of people seem to think that Audible is ONLY for audiobooks, that isn’t the case. Continue reading 5 True scary hospital worker horror stories real night shift nurse scary stories

Sega 32x story nostalgia nerd

The Sega 32X is a system of legend, almost of myth. It seemed to exist for such a fleeting moment, that it's existence could have almost been imagined. But yet, the Genesis 32X, as it was known in the States, Mega Drive 32X, in Europe and Japan's Super 32X all existed, in their respective regions, and are actually remembered fondly by a faithful few. So let's unravel this short 90s tale of 32 bit superiority and see what went right and exactly what went wrong for this Sega Genesis & Mega Drive add-on. The year is 1994, and the Sega Genesis is now firmly the favourite game console in North America, Europe & Australia. The Nintendo NES had long held the reign in North America, but it's 8 bit hardware was now dated & unappealing. Continue reading Sega 32x story nostalgia nerd

Gr anime review your lie in april shigatsu wa kimi no uso

There is a rare breed of show that exists. I would almost go as far as to say that this particular breed is endangered because of how few of them we see coming out every year. It’s a kind of series that only appears once in a great while. Its entrance may be subtle, but its overall performance becomes anything but. It’s a kind of show that I long for, one that I always hope will appear, like magic, and dazzle us even if its time before us is fleeting and we must once again suffer the long wait for another series like it. Continue reading Gr anime review your lie in april shigatsu wa kimi no uso

Ultimate nintendo ny store tour

Welcome to the NintendoCade channel, I am Danny. Today is a very special presentation that is the Nintendo NY store tour for 2018. Now 3 years ago, I made a tour of the Nintendo World Store before they closed down and renovated and reopened on February 19 2016, and it's a lot of great things to see and new features to be had, and especially as you are watching leave me down below in the comments, what your thoughts of the store, if there any things that you would like to add to your collection, I am really interested to hear you have to say. Please give me a THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE to NintendoCade that shows me that you love the presentation and I really appreciate that. So I want to flip to the other camera, show you the wonders of the Nintendo NY store for 2018. Continue reading Ultimate nintendo ny store tour

Using the ps3 xbox 360 in 2017

- Hey guys, this is Austin! This might seem like a weird comparison, but there are a lot of reasons why you might wanna consider picking up an Xbox 360 or a PS3 in 2017. It might seem obvious to pick up a PS4 or Xbox One, but not only are they both way more expensive than these guys, but they also lack true backwards compatibility. So the Xbox One comes closest, as it does support some Xbox 360 titles, but the issue is, not only is it not the full library, but you still have to actually download the games, even if you do have the 360 disks. If you have a slow Internet connection, that could take a while. The PS4 is even worse. Continue reading Using the ps3 xbox 360 in 2017