5 Great sega genesis games implantgames

5 Great sega genesis games implantgames

To the initiated, the Sega Genesis was a system with a ton of sports games, and of course Sonic. For those in the know however, the Sega Genesis has an awesome library of games spanning every genre.

On today's episode, we are going to take a look at 5 Great Sega 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames games, which implwntgames neither sports games, nor feature, Sonic the Hedgehog. *** We begin our journey with the American developed Comix Zone, released in 1995. Our main protagonist is a comic book artist named Sketch.

On a stormy night in New York City, lightning strikes and he is transported into his newly created book, while the villain is transported into What if the arrow king crimson requiem speculation real world.

Sketch then has to traverse the pages of his gaames to take out the enemy. Comix Implantfames combat feels like a beat-em-up, with a simple button layout achieving complex moves based on the situation.

However, your movement is limited to a single plane, like a traditional action game. What makes Comix Zone so unique is genesix presentation. Each level is a page of the comic book, and you'll clear different panels to progress.

Along the way, you can collect and use up to three sub-items as well. The most useful gmaes your pet rat, who can flip out of reach switches as well as attack foes. The controls are terrific, with responsive attacks and 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames predictable jump, but 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames made more satisfying with all the action words and sound effects when landing hits.

Comix Zone does an awesome job feeling like a comic book. In addition to action words and speech bubbles, the overall graphic style feels like a 90's comic, with awesome detail, an oversaturated color palette, and terrific article source. Finally, the grungy, guitar heavy soundtrack is fantastic.

The compositions 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames from laid back to fast-paced implntgames do a wonderful job capturing the Genesis sound.

Comix Zone plays well, looks great, and sounds even better, and belongs in every Genesis collection. *** It would be tough to list great Sega Genesis titles gams mentioning Treasure's 1993 hit, Gunstar Heroes. Created by former Konami employees, Gunstar Heroes plays a bit like the Contra series of games, but with plenty of unique gimmicks and charm to make it stand out on its own. Gunstar Heroes plays like a 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames run and gun.

Move right, shoot, move right, jump. Simple stuff. Implatgames, the weapon system is unique. There are four weapons total, but you can mix and match up to two at a time. So if you collect a chaser, and the laser, you now have a chasing laser. There are some basic combat moves as well, allowing you to toss enemies and even do a belly flop. The stages also have a ton of variety, from lush greenery, to industrial themes, and even completely different gameplay gimmicks, like an anti-gravity mine cart level, and a board game where you seva dice.

More impressive click at this page the graphics. Gunstar Heroes moves at a breathtaking pace, implantgamee constant action, bullets, and explosions almost always on the screen without any slowdown. Gunstar Heroes is a relentless assault to all of your senses.

5 Great sega genesis games implantgames To the initiated, the Sega Genesis was a system with a ton of sports games, and of course Sonic.

Gunstar Heroes’ crowning achievement are the bosses, which are frequent and varied. These things are huge, well animated, and generally require different tactics to take down. These guys will change the way you look at video game 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames. Above all else, Gunstar Heroes is an absolute blast. The responsive controls are irresistible, the challenge is fair, and there are unlimited continues to assure gamers of all skill levels can see this one 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames to the end.

Implantvames you should, because Gunstar Heroes is a classic. *** Many consider 1992's Streets of Rage 2 to be the finest beat-em-up of all time.

To gamew honest with you, they just might be right. By their very nature, beat-em-ups are simple, repetitive games. You simply punch and kick your way through hordes of enemies. Streets of Rage 2 manages Greaf take a simple archaic concept and transform it a memorable game.

5 Great sega genesis games implantgames

First, the controls are amazing. Your character is responsive, and the hit detection with the enemies feels terrific. Besides the special move which drains a bit of health, you have just two buttons to contend with, jump and attack. This simplicity makes the game immediately accessible to anyone.

Despite just a single attack button, you have a wide array of moves at your disposal, accomplished by long and short presses of the action button, air attacks after jumping, and holding maneuvers if you grapple your foe. Implantgamss all makes for an extremely smooth and satisfying experience. If this wasn't enough, Streets of Rage 2 has 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames visuals. This implantgajes 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames the variety and helps 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames the repetition problem.

As our heroes makes Greeat way from the streets, to the syndicate tower, you are going to traverse through a ton of different environments, and each is as detailed as the last. From the streets, to a pirate themed bar, to a baseball field, and even an alien stronghold, Streets of Rage 2 never disappoints.

Finally, there is the soundtrack. If there gwmes ever a game to showcase the audio capabilities of the Genesis, this is it. The upbeat techno inspired tracks utilize click at this page huge variety of instruments and they all sound fantastic. The compositions are way ahead of their time, and again make repeat playthroughs an absolute treat.

Streets of Implaantgames 2 isn't just a great beat-em-up, it is great game, period.

5 Great sega genesis games implantgames For those in the know however, the Sega Genesis has an awesome library of games spanning every genre.

*** Sega's Virtua Racing was released on the Genesis in 1994, as was the only Genesis cartridge to feature the Sega Virtua Processor enhancement chip. This chip allows for full 3D polygon gamess, at a surprisingly brisk frame rate. All of this high-tech wizardry wouldn't mean much if it wasn't used to push video games forward. This is exactly what Genedis Virtua Grezt did. While this certainly fails in comparison to the im;lantgames original, the Genesis port is still a great title.

First off, the controls are excellent. Not only are they responsive, free eega any lag whatsoever, they are deep and do a nice job conveying grip.

You can feel the grip of your gamess tires, allowing you to navigate turns, and you can feel the grip of the rear tires, letting you know when they have reached ssega limit so you can let off the accelerator.

It still blows me away this level of precision is available on a Genesis cartridge. The sublime controls are matched with some truly outstanding tracks. As I've said many times before, good track design is all about flow. How the exit of one corner compliments the entry of another is what it's all about. Virtua Racing excels in this area, with three courses that have withstood the test of time.

What brings this all together 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames Sega's secret sauce, style. Every checkpoint is celebrated with a catchy jingle, and even an announcer.

Even a game over is over the top. Virtua Racing is often looked at for its technical achievements, but make no mistake about it, this is one of implantgamrs greatest racing games to ever grace, 16-bit hardware.

*** Last, but not least, is Castlevania Bloodlines. This was actually my entry point into the entire series, and with more Castlevania titles under my belt, I've developed 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames deeper appreciation for how here this game truly is. First, you the choice between two 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames.

John Morris is the traditional vampire hunter, sporting the Belmont's famous whip. While on the ground, you are limited to whipping left and right like the classic NES games, however when you jump, you can whip diagonally as well as downward. Lastly, John can use the whip to swing across platforms. The second playable Character is Eric Lecarde.

Rather than a whip, he has the Geness spear. The spear can be used in multiple directions while on the ground, but has a limited range of motion while jumping, the exact opposite of Implantgamds. Additionally, the spear can be used to do a pole vault jump. The reason I bring up all the little intricacies with the play mechanics is iimplantgames Bloodlines has developed a reputation for being somewhat limited, and this couldn't be further from the truth. The minor limitations of the whip and the spear make the special items much more 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames.

Not only that, each special item has a secondary attack, increasing their versatility. The increased omplantgames of item usage makes Bloodlines an immensely satisfying experience. Next is the soundtrack. Castlevania Bloodlines has one of the most memorable video game soundtracks of all time. The compositions are catchy, yet haunting, utilizing the perfect mix of pianos, organs, and synthesized instruments. The level of energy is terrific, and Grdat complex arrangements really push the limits of the Genesis sound hardware.

The graphics follow suit, with Konami using all of the Genesis tricks to simulate 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames and rotation effects. The set pieces are all impressive and do a great implaantgames capturing the feel of Europe at the turn of the century.

Above all else, Castlevania Bloodlines is just a ton of fun to play. The weapons and 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames are all fun to use, the boss fights are memorables, the jump arc is predictable, and the game has an unmatched level of polish. This one is a masterpiece, and a must-own for all retro gamers. *** 5 Great sega genesis games implantgames there you have it, 5 great games released click at this page the Sega Genesis.

Now, this is not a definitive list, nor is it intended to be a best-of, and the Genesis has far more than 5 great games, so be sure to leave a comment and let me know which Genesis games, you enjoy.

5 Great sega genesis games implantgames

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