Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film

Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film

I Told you it'll be a no-show the guy lives in the shadows You know, it's not about dent to get together his competition for a massacre. You tell me Ec what other options do we have here? These freaks we caught a single one of them yet dent Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film iflm streets It's good eyes and ears everywhere. We want to put an end to this then he's our man. All right, all right Let's hope he shows up I've got to be a 10 miracle gift to Falcone and Maroni families under one roof guy, so Who led this metropolis whooping here?

Carmine hell, no foe He was gonna show Filk would have come strapped for sure Firstly I need to remind you Italian is only half my heritage, but it's the make in me that wields all power and metropolis and you you want to come strapped a That's funny link if memory serves me correctly, it was your Coonan that ended up in the drink.

Oh, yeah Well, you'll be joining him soon enough Gazzo Big carmine this coming from the guy who botched multiple attempts on my life over the years. I've got no cause to Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film But I do have a question for you How's that wee lass your clothes are little tricks son-of-a-bitch who dis bastard?

Tell me that all of you Didn't call his meeting to shoot it out over spilt milk Mr. Dent, is that what you're calling me these days? Why not? Oh, that's not the name that you used to slander me in the papers though. Is it? Oh, come on We got bigger fikm here than calling each other names Dewey What was that name that you dad chainsaws xbox one to slander me in the papers with?

What was it Joer Let's not make this about that isn't it about that though? Cclown fuck with me carmine Now let me tell you How this is gonna go down. I am going to give you my services and in exchange you will give me 50% of your territory and lengtj out of your mind 50/50 no more.

Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film

No less or walk. Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film say you're dreaming So is this how things are ruining Gotham? It's no wonder you guys are stuck in the stone Age's that's exactly how things are running in my city now if you guys want You know, you can go somewhere else like Jooer bat But I don't think you want that do you or do you Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film can have okay, that's cool.

Stop Fill this dense rake it's gone on too long now you Helped us 50 it is Maroni Yeah 50% that would leave one short fat Irish Man 50% It's a bit much don't you think? Oh It's perfect. It's 50/50 or I walk Fine but you better get this handled it well now just tell me what the problem is My please click for source They were just closing one of our bars downtown.

That's where the savages caught them off-guard like rabid dogs My boys Stop hundreds of times with our throats late and their face open from cheek to cheek Psychos even painted their faces like clowns imagine that my boys made up like dolls They led or tender mocks go the bartender What did he say let him go He didn't What did he say to spread the word?

But what word? They're coming who's coming? I? Have to play this game ooh, ooh Clowns Clowns, okay carmine. I My daughter Sofia All she ever did was handle the accounting she never heard nobody that's not what I heard Word has it. She killed her own husband Sal Jia country Because he tried to make her cook for him. Yeah Well, he had it coming. You gotta I'm sorry. Are you guys done?

Yeah, what happened tonight? clowns Yeah Carved my little girl's face. I Mean it look like one of them freaks Happen exact same time night as maroney's boys got cut Huh? So what these guys hit you in Metropolis - they got to my brother Liam He was leaving the nightclub.

Just laying in his own They did leave his joint for a life. However, the And What did he say?

He said rosing were clones. That's what I risinng. He more info gonna say Okay, and it was at the same time?

They have everyone running scared I mean, this is not like with the bad where you Jokeer tossed around a little bit and then sent to him see you and I don't know this is this is savage some other guys say Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film a Demon sent - till death the bad things that we've done.

Yes and Some people call me prinve devil But these are just men and men either have a price or a weakness Jokers what Jokers? That's how they call it on account of the cards that they leave behind I mean They are a bunch of freaks as far as I'm concerned, but the sooner they're out of the picture the better Who are we fooling dent?

You can't protect us any more than we could our own and for all you fellas know the clown's could be coming for him You have to excuse my associate here metropolis isn't no breeding manners What are you doing dead oh, this is the guy y'all call he's more skittish than we are Iron Chef no But I was told the truth No, no.

No. That was my Ronnie. What are risiing talking about? Carmine set this thing up? No bullshit Don't you call this meeting, right? Dent who called the Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film who call the here who I don't snore Corner corner say something Just source I talked Have you no honor Your circus freaks Chokers me iris, what's kind of name for a gang?

Is that anyway? Just one I'm afraid Joker singular not plural as in one Just one I Got you something. No peeking Okay, you can open them now Yeah, risinb do you think service You like it Aren't you too old to be playing with shit like this.

Come on. Let me show you something better See that's the real deal son and don't you forget it neither What you gonna do huh cual you leave a Superman to fly up in here and take me to creeped ah Well, you look so sad all featurw time Don't worry kid for this model Lock the door behind me You promise me you'll never end up like you You gotta treat people like somebody even if they ain't Promise me you're gonna be a Dad so zero makes waste he's wrong Silas You think it's link a toy No, son he flies around Saving, you know something more every day And he's just one of that there's many more All those got to ones and toys just Cheap imitations And maybe if we treat people It's possible, but it's gonna be up to you Siren put the gun down put the gun down Good evening Gothamites an Amber Alert has just been issued in Gotham for a salary of Woodfield Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film was abducted two hours click at this page home is believed to have been seen being picked up by the mass murderer Victor's ass Please notify Gotham PD if you have any details any tips Pornography pedophilia filthy smut zas.

That's why watch how We're is he you don't understand you think I'm the only one in this town it tells with these perverts This place is drenched in it Not one with rumors Marie and Alma can be found behind the diner on 3rd Street and I watching an Avenue by the hotel No I'm alone. What's your vertice a? Happy Victor's dad can be found at the apartment on 30th of Rochester Who said it was coming gentlemen, he said Gotham PD Jess.

I know you're ffeature there. We have a warrant for your arrest. There's no escape right here Who's there yeah Rpince bullshit go Home There's doctors coming did you hear me here everything's fine?

Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film I Told you it'll be a no-show the guy lives in the shadows You know, it's not about dent to get together his competition for a massacre.

Well, well, well looks like you finally got what's coming to you didn't ya Get the Commissioner What time is it it's the wee hours of the night Barbara, who ffeature it? Gordon here and now calm down calm down So no time to be screwing around driver Alright, alright, I will be there Who's dead now Maybe it's somebody who deserves at this time juju in the city That would be the day I'll guess I'll sleep when Jkoer know when I'm dead Bye You know, I always wondered why more people didn't take the law into their own hands like this start whacking fools I Mean look what you do.

What you do is great. All right but this No paperwork, let me show you no work at all, right, go here enough detective Listen, you ever need a sidekick you give me a car this web page the fuck driving you hard of hearing I said, that's enough No, sir.

All right. Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film

Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film

Hey, I'm gone. All right. Good. See you bike I swear to God if I wanted to babysit children, I'd buy a dog That was bad, it's human You've been busy Let off the bat signal but you never show I was looking for him well then you got him. Oh nice and neat we should have our normal life or Just in service course, he asked me that's one man's form of justice street justice And I might say justice served else's farm like this Michael and Tony guys Oh Sophia Falcone Pino and Humberto Maroni a few others Oh High in mobsters today these goons got these crime lords running scared carmine Salvatori you named them don't know But Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film are we gonna lie to what a fuck scares him?

Public doesn't know about this. I can't find out can have copycats are gonna rot. I Know that card yeah popular brand use that all your local casinos know a few years back Oswald same card left on him Smile carved in the same way I Remember and this could be connected if it wasn't for that sissy clown makeup The Joker you mean Joker's that's what this group is calling itself.

No The girls Ernie the Joker told her I said warden, maybe he's the leader Hey, if you think we got any leads don't these guys are good cover up more info the tracks Shit, they got me thinking about early retirement.

You retire city's flipped Bruce I'm sorry Look She ain't the same from we meeting you started fighting justice all this craziness out here unhitch brutality on even children murder out in the open seems to me like all they want is blood I Swear to God, I miss those steaks man. I wish it was just it used to be me you and Don't You click the following article it was his downfall that caused all this shit we just had to keep doing what we're doing Do people know that they're still good out there Jim.

Yeah how the fuck you suppose we do that I Don't know I Don't know what I do knows we got to face this head-on shit doesn't in here I'm famous. What do you make of that? Hey, don't you touch that? Oh How long will you sit back and allow the fifths of this city to rise article source the simmers You gave them a road and they built a freeway Now the monsters and the rapists run the very streets where your children used to play Well fear not the shoulder has your back For the last few months Victor Zsasz has stopped playgrounds Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film schools for your children and the mayor the police and even though that Have not been able to find him But someone has because Victor no longer looks so hot Victor Get Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film on our friends here See the space captain This is the face of the truth of the rapist of the murderer Well, you have nothing to fear Never forget that and this here You break Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film the burning I don't get douche it's what you do with it.

Just don't let it leak. Yes, sir. Wait What do you mean hey, what do you mean Fuck my life Or the let's run the where the vigilante famine and We were surprised to see that the Joker has a supermajority at this point Maybe they prefer these murders to the old-fashioned way Oh Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film commissioner Fucking claw, of course.

I got a gun let him Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film it's not gonna do anything stupid Listen to your boss boy So I'm assuming the Italians already came to you for help you are safe to assume that Yeah, and what good did that do for him Wow?

Competition eliminated without me having to pull it single trigger Works for me. You know, these clowns are gonna come after you once it done cleaning house. You'd like that Wouldn't you Jim? It'd be a blessing to see me with a smile carved on my face. Fuck you dent You're gonna sit here and point a finger. What a fuck I your fight. I Didn't want this please click for source you We thought we had we did everything we could to try to get you out.

I told you they would find the wire But you wouldn't listen and I yelled out the safety word But the bat was nowhere and they found a wire and they put the torch to my face We try to get you out of there, but they took our reinforcements and I held up the safety word over and over Depending on the heavy fire Up in in your shoes Harvey Iraq 2003, but never once did I point a finger because I knew what I signed up for I'm sorry.

Yeah, but your face doesn't look like this does it I Trusted you The both of you it was us three the big three taken on the cartel But only one of us had to suffer I trusted you Jim, but you didn't trust me not as a DA and certainly not to know who is underneath the mask you Click here me burn You and him?

But I fought my way out all by myself and my friends were nowhere to be found but I should thank you because You've freed me from the law and you gave me a new birth You see I understand the balance now good evil they need each other You have to love and hate At the same time Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film honor how to play corruption up Titans You gotta become the corruption then you can control it It's my fucking city now I Need your help Harvey no now you can trust no not sandwich Supershowdownbowl Toon But what fucking choice do I got the city and the mayor in the tank for this motherfucker now?

I know who you are And I know you're not an idiot. These motherfuckers can't keep running around doing this shit the whole goddamn city is gonna burn So what do you want me to do? You want me to kill him so you can keep your hands clean and then when the shit hits the fan You can blame it all on me.

I will now sees them as a threat All they see is a couple whacked out mobsters and rapists. They're not looking at the bigger picture. Javi Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film saying the fuck you want me to say say you want me to break the law. You want me to bend the rules? I wouldn't exactly word it exactly how you know more like deputize you so you can help me And I know you're not fully gone And we make mistakes in the past and maybe this is God's Way of making us pay for it we gotta admit it now, but I know deep down inside you still want justice and These cycles can't keep running around and killing with immunity.

I need your help. Javi Heads or tails Heads We do it my way that means no boys in blue and definitely not the fucking bad Is that okay? Can you handle that? This boy is not gonna go into a cell. He's got to be gone completely him and his entire game I'm talking about scorched That's how it's going down I come from the Bronx I could deal with that You know, you should have came to me in the beginning Could have stamped this out before it spread Just the joke is javi.

You leave the Irish in there Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film to me. Can't let you have all the fun Well, unless the clowns get to him first hmm Hey Jeff Should get some sleep. You look like shit H then we're gonna get to take carries the ice I can deal with that Supposed to be a hero, huh? Were you asked? Mine Yeah Bravo gentlemen a powerful performance Only I'm a bit confused by your final act Isn't someone supposed to take the prize Doesn't there have to be a winner Here we were all waiting on pins and needles for the grand finale and then suddenly hmm nothing Instead the noble knight decides to drop his load and show mercy to the villain.

I Couldn't do it boss I know Marcus came from the same block His mother knows my mother I'm sure of course Are you glad Tommy boss? Are you glad that you chose mercy over the sword?

I Suppose so I mean are we all on the same side? Get up I'm hurting pretty bad I wasn't asking Good See Tommy here is just like all of us He walks through the woes of his life always trying to do what he's told is the right thing Treating others as they should be treated But what does he kid hmm flush And thirst And so on until one day poor Tommy Get so used to being prodded and oppressed that he accepts it as the norm Then he just becomes exactly what the pushers what him to be And if he steps out of line just once The world knows how to get it right back where they want it But no more so You have My Life where am I gonna make a stand?

So What will it be If you do nothing and don't stand up to them Then this will be your entire pathetic existence and the criminals the cops The perverts and the privileged will just keep on the way they have been oppressing and continuing to make you fear them and If you're not willing to do what must be done You'll never make a difference That's it Tommy oh you got a fight You got to get dirty.

You gotta be ruthless you The one who controls your destiny See if you're not willing to take a life Then how do you expect things to stop? to change When the cops shoot some kid for buying a soda you just gonna let him off scot-free When a gangbanger shoots up a liquor store and nails an innocent child, she's just gonna let that slide When the world draws your blood you're just gonna sit there sucking your thumb dry Rezero abridged short 2 i still love . the Papa Because out there is God it's kill or be killed dog-eat-dog Blood for blood See sit down Poor Tommy here wasn't ready for change Because he didn't have the stomach for it But you all have proven that indeed you do You know what it takes and you don't hold back when it counts and That's all I ask Anyone got a problem with that But Now let's not let Tommy here spoil all the fun, where were we Marcus fuck you to the club.

You'll find redemption soon enough Will you watch me piss - Mr. J said you need to stay here Yeah, I know where your precious. Mr. J said he said watch me but he didn't specify what you need to watch me at I Stick around here - laws gonna seem like I'm missing Now Dead Listen I wish we could strike a deal right Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film right now.

I mean you do got the best product in town Things ain't going through - right that ship has sailed a long time ago You made your choice and you chose? Oswald How is he by the way, you know good goddamn Well how he is strange and when he's hindi genelia 2018 charan dubbed Ram ki movie released ram dsouza full new jung orange dead with a smile carved on his face that his most loyal Customer would just up and vanish without finding a new supplier.

Well, you know baby, I got a sensitive son even stranger that uh, You'd be missing hands with finger. Yeah, what times are tough and that you were seen being followed by one of the Joker's? Known supporters. Listen, I know you're not dumb. You got eyes and ears everywhere But when I tell you what's going on in these streets, man, you're not ready for you won't believe it. None of us are Elaborate and this lunatics got these idiots convinced Like he's gonna take over the whole town.

And the crazy thing is I believe in him I mean anyone could be one of his followers fucking balls in the street stockbrokers orphans one minute You talking to your average Joe next thing, you know, you've got a knife at your throat You feel me? Yeah, I don't feel yeah, the joke is not just a man. He's an idea Once it gets in some knuckleheads mind. It's stuck my sound okay at first but once it settles Come on fucking psycho killer overnight Then help me stop it.

Did you listen to a fucking word? I said you don't stop this Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film Take out the king and the kingdom will fall you Know where the Joker is and I know you want him dead Now who else in this city? It's gonna get the job done, right? What you got in mind? There's a meeting going down on the top of the parking structure on Thomas Wayne Avenue You let the Joker know That Maroni Falcone and myself are gonna meet there tell him That we've killed your guards and then we picked you up Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film let him know that you owe Us and that we want you To the Joker's not gonna want to pass up an opportunity to take out the big three not again.

Well, when is this meeting? Two hours You fucking kidding me, right? You want the Joker to live we can drop you off in the street Right now and we can forget this conversation ever happened and just see You think you can get this done tonight it's a 50/50 chance Like everything else in this health we've carved out for ourselves get better odds High will you take this asshole out him in this hole in sale entourage?

I can't keep living like this Top of the parking structure Thomas we need to do and when the bullets start to fly Just make sure you keep your head down You think that was stupid or something well you kind of look it what do you think guys should we blow this comeback away?

Free him Yeah, yes right free me that's right So You're in deep. Are you? Unpaid debts Well, I do have a reputation and you're telling me what the hell else do you expect me to do I Don't know why you haven't just off me yet. You had your chance feels the way it was before all this makeup bullshit Yeah ass wasn't allowed Oh Riddles Keeping you alive isn't that greatest riddle of all Perhaps tonight You've solved it Nathan yes boss have Eddie here show you to this meeting when they all come out to greet him Make them smile.

You got it You go with them too, I think the show may require adult supervision Hey boss, you sure about this click clowns it's crazy. Well to be honest with you not entirely But it's the same odds. We always got Now you've started to pick it over Are these guys serious you can hear from them on the way clowns indeed?

Hey, take it easy man Okay Things are about to get loud John Come on rattles, don't be shy How many was it I think it was just one he must have had how heavy artillery Shit let's go Ah They knew we was coming the whole thing was a setup does that sound bitch knew about it the whole time It was an ambush. Of course it was Come on Retirement you didn't see No for heaven's sake See when you stop looking at the bigger picture That's when panic sets in then we all start to breathe it in now my boy What happened?

There was just there for a meeting Can realize not that part Markus already filled me in Now Who did they have spring this trap on you? I don't know boss. I never seen anything like this before Well, he was bald tall and he had glasses on and there you have it boss Don't you see it now? They're desperate This is the Iceman the one who shot you up, they sent their best Well, what are we gonna do? I mean, he's far more talented than we are Well, we sure as hell don't go out searching for him again do Z They just fell right into our hands Good all riddles.

I'll do whatever you can to save his pathetic They'll be coming for us and when they do that's when we'll spring our trap Welcome back to my office So What's up anything you want to tell us? Everything hopeful steady with me, huh? Well, who are we trying to get last night?

Are you talking about? Who were we trying to kill? Joker baby, but you notice and Why didn't he show up? Oh I don't have any control of this guy.

Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film

I mean I mean, sometimes he's Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film with his fucking idiots and sometimes he's not I mean I told him about the meeting that you set up and he took the bait.

It's all good, baby you see You were supposed to have him Come to us It's very difficult to take down an empire when all you eliminate is foot soldiers So what do you spent me to do about it? Damn shit?

Look you out and get my ass cat when I told him what you planned Sometimes he sends these guys out in missions just like you did just like I do Shit. I'm the one who got to deal with these clowns get my blood pressure to the roof Would you say that you owe me one I Suppose What do you think?

I want Joker? Now we're catching on So so what are you looking at me for? You know every nook and cranny in this city, you know where he's at though warehouse by Luther's building I want you go see an icepack over here something whatever the fuck you call them Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film not the problem then what I send my boys in there and They'll get slaughtered.

I would say the odds are maybe Hundred to 60 and those odds. Yeah, I know dad. No. No, I'm leaning 5050 It's I need so What are you gonna give me hmm, what do you think I want? how Do these kids get into his Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film I? Don't know he kind of just show up. Sure What does that mean? Yeah, what the fucking clowns shit all over the faces? That's important At first but they kind of got to prove themselves like like an initiation Hey You're free.

Nah, what about me? What about you? I still gotta walk any streets. Ain't that what you came from? Yeah, no doubt but you'll find me I Need your word that I'm protecting sure So what that's it I got your word that I won't be harassed by these idiots anymore I'm sure you'll be fine Fine I love it How did you pay for this?

I sold the car and the house You're worth every penny. Mm-hmm What's wrong with my Harvey Dent Everything you're just looking at my bad side Business city never sleeps. Yeah. Take this out there Okay, please do please do please stop it I smell fantastic We late for that yeah, I made the call so maybe should be team Caroline You win so I Still got your word dartmouths ride Take a cycling club with something happens to me you take care nor I transfer Nora to Metropolis regardless Thank You Victor It's the last job for you you have my word on that too just Get a big clean Play it's gonna be a mess good Goula Gilda Hold on just hold on.

Okay. I used to be on your bad side Ah I think you're gonna watch What's the time 10:30 So that would be around 5 minutes since your little phone call to mr. Cole his eyes giving him enough time to impersonate one of my boys and if I were to guess He'd be heading into the factory right about now Tip tip toeing all the way down.

How am I doing so far? Oh, Hd 106 subbed english link joker vanguard Cardfight Harvey, what do you think he'll find when he makes it down those steps? You're right a surprise Sooo bad we'll be there to see the look on his face when he gets it He's gonna be so thrilled I'm sorry I love this woman in her entirety all the way to her soul If she bleeds you die You won't come out of this unscathed I can see it in your eyes.

You want to make them all? Just me just me make the both Next your mouth If you need to lay off the caffeine army And relax big boy I'm not here for you. In fact, I Love what you've done with Gotham. I'm just a cheap imitation Fighting crime by controlling it. That's all Even brilliant To be honest with you Harvey I don't care what you as long as you're not trying to kill me What's the mob paying you anyways oh That's right, I don't need to ask Fifty percent all their territory.

I'm guessing don't answer that No, you don't think I'm funny Don't you get to the fucking point Oh Hardball I like it straight to the point Not Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film fast Hear me out. I think you'll like it At least I think mrs. Dent would like very much to hear what I have to say Okay Okay, good boy Now, where were we oh Yes the point It's simple You call off your dogs and assassins and I leave you and yours alone and alive You're the only one who poses a real threat anyway, Harvey And you and mrs.

Dent can go on business as usual with the city in your pocket She can continue to wear whatever jewels you put around her body around her neck around her wrist I know what you trying to do and I don't disagree with it, but This is chaotic you can't come at idle Call the knife to my wife's neck and kill my men and asked me to leave you alone Well To be fair.

You've been killing my boys by Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film handfuls with no signs of quitting see That's war And they don't need to last It's up to you Do you wise choice For heaven's sake stop holding that knife to mrs.

Dan snack, you should be ashamed of yourself, but I like her ah Oh and Harvey You used to work with the bat right you never happened to see his face right? Oh That's right, it was always Gordon and was closest to him He knows who he is doesn't he You don't have to answer that either sorry about the mess He's and data sight Commissioner James Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film using dirty tactics to catch his man. I Guess you're Italian after all let's get some straight Maroni besides being Italian Me and you we nothing alike?

And once we put this dog down Rest assure. I'm coming for use Including your friend south of the border. I Always said that the real criminals in this city are the cops go fuck yourself Maroni On second thought how about I cancel this meeting? I put cuffs on yous and I'll give you safe haven behind a jail cell, huh?

How's that for a criminal you fucking wop? I didn't think so What's this We Need to Talk Everything you've done in the city. You said don't let's not get carried away here Okay Just let me speak and then you do what you want Lord knows I rather keep up with the beating than with any more of fans making half for moneycars compilation insanity And he's got a deal with the Joker and that leaves us all out you me the cops They're given the circumstances my enemies enemies are my friends now.

I need you you need me and Let's get rid of the Joker. Let's go back to how things were before you hunt us and We'll do our best to avoid the page You chose your side a long time ago we preserve hey hey. Hey, can I have a word with you, please? now I Need you to be open-minded here Bruce the criminal strip normative bars, that's neither here nor there and sometimes in order to see things through we got to get dirty so I'm asking you to hear him out, please Last time one of us tried to fight evil with evil.

It's stuck Safe never happen. Here you go Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film with this if you go. All right, you know What you get caught up in that market you're still getting out Justice once Bruce I need your help, please Where the fuck are you looking at? How's the back feeling I hope yeah Outstanding, and you're finally ready for round two then aren't you?

I'll pass And have bigger fish to fry. I highly doubt that. Oh You look horrible Bruce Clown must really be keeping you busy You heard of course, I've heard I'm stuck in the cell all day There's nothing for me to do in here except look at this deaf boxes I like to call it all day hour on in all they do was play scenes of this man This vigilante running around they say he's a true hero, you know a real vigilante taking out Gotham's trash Sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it?

I don't murder people. Ah, yes. That's right One true weakness, isn't it your heart of gold a real Boy Scout? Unfortunately Bruce this is gonna require a darker end I'll amusing Digging lazy beds to start a garden congratulate be like him. Well, that's not necessarily a negative is it? see Four years. I toured the world overthrowing governments defending the rich all to find that next real thrill problem is Is that all the Warlord's all over the world?

They have one thing in common? Bruce do you know what that is? Bunce No, one truly fights with real honor anymore real skill. No Blood to bone head bashing in one day. I heard for the abyss but of land I've never heard of a Man who does still fight with true honor and will in his own strength?

so as you can tell I decided to come that's where I plotted and I schemed and I bested you Better yet, I broke you. It was just dislocated. That's upper interpretation, isn't it? You're not understanding the point I best as you I defeated you. I broke you Bruce Now you're back even stronger and more determined than ever before. How did you beat me? Cuz I've fought hard Would you beat me before that You beat me because the city got behind you you beat me because you rose again and you showed awesome the true hero you really are I Was defeated before I even laid my first punch What's your point heroes rise when others read article make them see Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film righteousness and his wickedness and rise above it click to see more against it Oh and Bruce Whenever you're ready for that rematch, you know where to find me When are you going to read the leave wait, are you gonna rake the leaves Barbara?

I work so I don't work well Do you need help? No, I don't need you to help me Just me a better choice you make y'all don't have to my lap Bertha Stop already Did you sell the furniture What would you ask me if I sold the furniture James? I don't know what you did you ask myself why you do a lot of things And we can do that if I were you Juju Brainy's Oh I'm so sorry.

You caught us right in the middle of redecorating Pretty little bird Now you leave her out of this she has nothing to do with this I'm afraid she's already in it See the funny thing about making deals with the devil Is that it brings down those closest to you as well? Perhaps you should have thought about that commissioner. I Got cause to blow your fucking head off I'm shakin what I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna fucking kill you Oh too late The bat might have rules, but I don't How did you find my home?

Oh, you know Gotta watch those new boots commissioner. They can be so easily influenced Yeah, right They prefer justice without all the red tape English you motherfucker you. Oh, you're the detective. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Listen I know that you chose to deal with dent and Therefore compromised whatever honor you may have had left.

What Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film he games gamecube modding nintendo and The homebrew is still mvg awesome more about Eames?

What if I did I'd do just click for source to see you in the fucking ground People gonna find out what kind of psychopath you are and who they decided to follow Of course they will That's the plan They they're just as guilty as you are more so even They actually trusted a homicidal maniac To protect them and make them feel safe when in reality.

They always had learn more here protector who was truly beyond reproach yet they spat on him in favor of me a clown Fuck do you want oh Hi, I want what do I want? I want them to see what I see I want them to see evil up-close and live it I want them to see such horror that they have no choice but Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film turn back to him But I can't do it unless I find him All this over one, man Sick you sumbitch You know that Yeah, I'm aware Come here Little closer he telling you shit Are you sure what are you doing?

No, no, don't you do this you sumbitch now I Know I put two rounds in here open where oh where I'll do this now. Okay enough, don't you do this don't know this. It's Bruce Wayne What it's Bruce Wayne you sick son, bitch, it's rose wine Yes, he would be able to afford the lifestyle it wouldn't be the perfect contender and his parents I'll make sure he thinks all right you Jew?

He went through all of this for us and You his friend Couldn't even hold back his name He have a gun to my wife's head He would understand now you let it go I did what you asked you let it go You knew who he was All these many years Yet you gave him up like that You have no loyalty do you Please don't let him know Please Know I gave you what you of clubs Whats cycling the point you let it go you let it go Any last words for her James I'm sorry, dude you Anime review comic party Love you Yeah Now killer True loyalty So hard to find these days I can't go wrong with this You know, what as well as I do I've been saying that for years But you wouldn't listen you're the one who wanted to play it by the books or where'd it get us?

here The people wanted justice and now that's exactly what they have with the Joker No Well, if that was bloodshed this isn't justice, it's not what Goodman Jill what wouldn't men do What do PUD men do you tell me they hide in the shadows? while people suffer too afraid To use it done Not willing to take a life and do what's necessary to end this evil fucking pussy I know they're still good in you honor me We should have trusted you long time ago There's so much more forgive I Don't know maybe somehow someway this If this we could redeem ourselves look I put a stop to Joker rising 2 the clown prince feature length dc joker fan film madness Fucking Bruce Wayne that's your secret you Are a bigger coward than I ever knew the Things you could have done as Bruce Wayne to help this world instead of playboy billionaire Hiding as Batman well, I don't wear this this wears me You have no idea that they know fear is what cost you pain justice Cosme no, no just a My justice to you You abandoned me You abandoned me I Did leave you I wanted you Gordon me Justice tolerance That's what we stood for eyes and that's what you are you're a big lie Yeah, just like you and the Joker right Did he could trust him?

Cuz he's doesn't come after you no matter what deal you cut So you can go on Living this two-faced life of yours you come back and be the man that you once were One that believed in justice Right now I sure could use your help There you are Hey You know, you're not too easy to get ahold of not the commissioners out of the game what is it detective I Know where the Joker was This is it You have to do that you get your still yeah hope so Sure, this is the easiest detective work I've ever done the other day I saw a bunch of those Joker who wanna beats, you know walk in the street So I trailed them here sure enough after a couple more minutes more showed up Why are you alone?

You try get a judge to sign a warrant or someone who's about to get pardoned? Look, it's not easy, man. You don't have to do off the bureaucracy. I do if anything goes down You following right behind me Right behind you.

I've got suicidal I'll keep watch out here. All right. Listen, if you do find them if you run into them you give me a holler, okay? You don't hear it? It's wrong one dancer one All your head And Behind me yes Are No Now Gotham has her true hero city is ours now Don't be so sure everything's a 50/50 chance To You

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