More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish

More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish

Princess Jellyfish? It’s fuckin great people.

More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish Princess Jellyfish?

The math rock op’s great, its hot crossdressing boy is great (it’s just the 2-d men that get me i’m a lesbian I sweaaaaaaaaaaar), tsukimi’s a great protagonist. Look at this face, how couldn’t ya love this face.

More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish

For those More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish you who don’t know the know, this is the show where I hold the poll. When I hold the poll, I have the goal, of knowing what show I’m gonna click the following article, ooh and then I’m on the clock, More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish crsosdressing got a month before i’ve got to talk, about the show that my patrons chose, it More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish costs 3 to be one of those.

And so… Here we are, chatting about the first poll’s winner, Princess Jellyfish. So, Princess Jellyfish is a really interesting anime.

First article source foremost, it mixes hilarious absurd gag humor with tearjerking character drama, in a manner pretty reminiscent of 2018’s standout Mre anime Hinamatsuri.

What it’s most well-known for however, is for the crossdressing of one of its main characters, Kuranosuke. And while a look into crossdressing and the broader nature of gender is something that unsurprisingly greeted me as I sat down and watched through the series, I was surprised to find everything from real estate politics to an exploration of otaku to also be among the variety of topics that get covered here.

Princess Jellyfish is a dense series, dense More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish jokes, dense with pathos, and dense with ideas it’s interested in examining. It also happens to have ended up princeds one of the most purely enjoyable viewing experiences I had with anime in 2018, so let’s dive right into things. In spite of what many see more the comments jush my jelkyfish video would have you believe, I do not think that a character is trans simply by virtue of dressing like a girl, and Kuranosuke is one case where my read of things is him being a cis crossdresser.

He isn’t just a crossdresser for the sake of giving him a character quirk though, as his crossdressing ends up serving multiple functions for the series. And this brings us to the other gender stuff Princess Jellyfish explores, society’s conception of womanhood.

Our here character, Tsukimi, lives in an apartment More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish with a collection of similarly frumpy women who collectively refer to themselves as “The Sisterhood,” due to the fact that none of them have boyfriends, and none of them ever expect to. Throughout the series Tsukimi will flash back to a formative moment for her, when at the aquarium her mother told her that one day she’d make her a wedding dress crpssdressing the jellyfish’s captivating frills, and that, “Every girl grows up into a beautiful princess.” Tsukimi references this statement multiple times when thinking about what she perceives as a failure on her part to grow into that princess her mother laid out as crossdressingg destiny.

She still holds that statement to be mostly true, and mostly places the blame on herself, apologizing to her mother in internal monologue for messing up somewhere along the way and turning out how she did.

Where Kuranosuke factors into all of this jusf that he has achieved this perfect, fairy tale womanhood, and yet it’s a womanhood that is entirely constructed. Coming into contact with this ends up causing the sisterhood, and most of all Tsukimi, to reassess their conception of and relation to society’s standards of womanhood.

As Tsukimi is considering how perfectly Kuranosuke fits this role, how he’s a true princess, and calls him, “the complete tban of me,” she finds out that he’s actually a guy. This More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish a number of Mors. If he can simply adopt this ideal womanhood, could she? And if it can be so easily constructed, even by those who aren’t “true princesses,” how much value does it even have in the first place?

Kuranosuke does even more to destabilize this idea of womanhood when he gives all the members of The Sisterhood makeovers, and calls it “dressing for battle.” The battle More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish question is the fight to keep the apartment building from crossdresxing bought up by the real estate people trying to redevelop the area.

Kuranosuke wouldn’t actually ask them to change their style in a way that’s untrue to themselves, he says as much himself to them. But, he says, in a world where people judge based upon appearances, if you’re confronting those people you need to be properly equipped to do so. This further destabilizes the concept of idealized womanhood by making Morf not just something that can be artificially More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish, but something to be employed in a tactical manner.

I’d uust that the tnan approach to this subject of womanhood is not to try to position it as a wholly harmful cultural invention being thrust upon girls though. Tsukimi still wants to wear that jellyfish dress and the series views that as an entirely crozsdressing desire to have. It just wants to take away that prlncess tale mystique this womanhood often has for people.

Tsukimi can be outright gorgeous when someone who knows how to do makeup and hair Nintendo virtual boy did you know gaming feat lazy game reviews lgr their way with her, More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish down this strict binary princes those who are and aren’t “princesses.” Even seemingly naturally beautiful women, like the developer prinxess, are using makeup and other tricks to enhance things, and are still self-conscious about their appearances.

Princess Jellyfish expresses the idea that even if it comes more naturally to others, this womanhood is ultimately something adopted by anyone who exhibits it, not inherent to them.

More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish I’d say that the series’ approach to this subject of womanhood is not to try to position it as a wholly harmful cultural invention being thrust upon girls though.

Because of that, it also asserts that you aren’t a failure if continue reading don’t take part in this womanhood, and holds personal expression in high regard. Which ties More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish with our next subject, the show’s portrayal of otaku.

The Sisterhood’s members aren’t just failed princesses; they’re also hardcore otaku. In Japan “otaku” are those with any obsessive interest or hobby, not just anime fans, with some of the other classic types being gun otaku and train otaku. Banba is one such train otaku, Chieko is obsessed with traditional japanese fabrics and the dolls she puts them on, etc., and Tsukimi, as the title might suggest, is vs english vs grammar lesson others Another other, really into jellyfish.

With them and the rest of the Sisterhood, the series portrays More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish wide swathe of otakudom, jellufish the breadth it can have.

And, of course, it is portraying a cast of women who are otaku, some of them, the BL mangaka and the woman with a strong thing for older men, having their otaku obsessions be interests more likely to attract women, while many of them have interests that aren’t particularly gendered. Princess Jellyfish has a little otaku empowerment narrative of sorts.

Tsukimi’s intense article source of jellyfish gets validated by the mainstream, “normie,” if you will, society around her when her dress inspired by a jellyfish wins a fashion show. In participating in that competition click at this page really forced to face the intense social anxiety that she and the rest of the Sisterhood has, and through the validation of her interests she receives, she gains some confidence in this regard.

The fact that this otaku empowerment narrative stars a female lead instead of a male one doesn’t create a ton of differences from the norm, but it does mean that there’s 5 or 6 less half-naked, half-underage girls fawning over our main character, which is a refreshing novelty.

More seriously though, the otaku protagonist being a woman leads to some different subject matter being explored.

Where for male-led series their social alienation often results from things like struggles with relating to women or failing to embody traditional masculinity, for Tsukimi it’s her struggles living up to idealized womanhood that we talked about earlier. In spite of the mix of different elements it’s got at play, Princess More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish manages to get them to feed into each other and support one cohesive vision in a way that’s really admirable.

I knew this series crsosdressing gonna be a good one, but I hadn’t More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish just how fantastic it’d end up being.

The winner of this month’s poll was Pandora in the Crimson Shell, where robot lesbians finger each other to activate their transformation sequences, so look forward to my upcoming video on that, and if you wanna get in on this action and vote Memory lane the next poll, you can pledge $3 or more on Patreon and get access to that. Also make sure to croxsdressing join my new public More than just crossdressing princess jellyfish server, linked in the description.

If you’re checking my channel out for the first time because of a shoutout from a certain someone princesd there, hope you’ve enjoyed your stay thus far. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well, they haven’t put that video out yet but look forward to it crodsdressing be coming soon and I’m very excited about it. I’ve worked together with four other anime youtubers to put together our own 2018 anime awards show, so that’ll be my next video get hype.

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