One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review

One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review

Man, if I had known that this chapter would wake me up like that, I could have skipped making coffee. But it tastes great anyway, so no harm done. chapted

One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review

But in all seriousness: What a damn amazing chapter was that? Is it just me, or is it almost too easy to forget that we actually already have another protagonist for this story? Oden?s flashback keeps getting better and better. And you just know that once he is betrayed by Orochi and Kaido, it will be just the more impactful for all of us. There were just so many great details here in this chapter, but what somehow impacted me the most is young Roger.

Him looking just like Model rocket battle 2 dude perfect somehow really hit me right in the feels. Apart from that, not only did we check this out One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review witness Oden leaving his country, but click my mind Oda as good as confirmed that the Whitebeard pirates will be coming to Wano to help at Elegant yokai apartment point.

I hope you guys got the same heartwarming vibe from this chapter as I did. There is a lot to unpack, so grab yourself some Coffee or Tea or even water and let?s jump right into it. Roll the intro. A quick side note: Is it just me or does it feel like that with every chapter that this flashback gets better and better, the cover story click to see more more and more confusing?

Well whatever. Chapter 964 of One Piece is out. And this week there is literally nothing I have to complain about. Oden somehow gets more and more just click for source every chapter. We got some great focus on the retainers in this chapter. Whitebeard and his crew feel immediately familiar. And somehow, Oda never needs more than a panel or two to stuff loads of characterization into Roger and his crew.

This chapter is a clear 10/10 for me. It says a lot, when I am still grinning like an idiot 10 minutes after I read a chapter. As always, I am curious about your thoughts on One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review chapter So scroll down and tell me what you think about this chapter.

Also, if you enjoy this type of review, consider giving me a thumbs up and hitting that subscribe button for more content. We start off back in Kuri, where Oden?s desire to set out to sea has ignited anew, once the Whitebeard pirates had arrived on their shores. While we don?t get a continuation of the fight between Oden and Whitebeard, we can already see how close Oden and his retainers have gotten with the Whitebeard pirates. Which I guess was to be expected. Once again, Oden has cooked up an enormous pot of Oden for everyone and is trying to convince Newgate to take him out to sea with him.

I like how Oda sets One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review Oden as such a thematic element of his story. Not only is it a representation of Oden himself, who is boiling with energy and heartwarming himself, but it also serves as a quite gloomy reminder that Oden was boiled alive in the end. The next great detail in this chapter is the additional characterization that Oda gives to young Whitebeard.

Obviously, we see more of his sense of kindness and family in this chapter. One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review

One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review Man, if I had known that this chapter would wake me up like that, I could have skipped making coffee.

But we already were aware of that. What I think it is much revies interesting to see however, is how sharp his mind is. He immediately understands that someone One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review Oden?s strength and personality is a born leader and not a learn more here. And he also recognizes the trouble it would cause if they took the shogun?s son with them against Adventure law.

Whitebeard clearly has learned from his experience with Ohe Rock?s pirates and understands the risk of having too many leaders on the same ship. As a result, Kin’emon and Whitebeard come to the sdventures to refuse One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review wish to leave Wano. And Kin’emon casually fist bumping a Yonko has just catapulted him in the top 10 most badass moments in One Piece.

No questions asked. A quite interesting moment occurs between young Nekomamushi, Inuarashi and Marco. Yes, seeing the three together is really cute, but what I think is even more interesting is their conversation.

Because, despite Oda?s massive worldbuilding, we don?t have a very good idea of how the Odena Piece world in general looks like and how big it is.

Marco oden confirms to us that 20.000 islands would be a vast underestimate. This gives us an idea of how vast the story world of One Piece truly is. What Odfns is clearly setting up here, is the close relationship between the and the whitebeard pirates. And I think at this point it is fair to speculate, that if the remainders of the Whitebeard pirates will appear again in the story, it will be in Wano.

Then of course, the inevitable revieew and Oden clings himself to the leaving ship piec the Whitebeard pirates. And Izo, as well oiece Nekomamushi and Inuarashi were just as well aware of that fact as we were and managed to join their Daimyo. Whitebeard then gives More info the chance to prove himself by being pulled behind the ship for chhapter days.

My gawd. Now not only is this a crazy feat in general, this is also the New World we?re talking about here. Oden of course, being the monster, he is, manages to stay on for almost three days. Though even he is heavily swollen up after all of this. However just minutes before he reaches his goal, he somehow hears a woman being in trouble on a nearby island. And that woman is no one else than a young Toki. And damn is there One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review lot to unpack here.

First of all, I don?t think we have to argue weather Toki is see more Hiyori?s mother. Now of course this is also fuel for the theory that Komurasaki is actually Toki. And Hiyori is someone else, like Tama.

And I?m not gonna dispute this One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review. It?s just really hard to tell at One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review point. They look insanely similar. Secondly, it immediately becomes clear that Toki is also originally from Wano. Her outfit and general demeaner clearly show us that she was born there. Thirdly, we learn that Toki was born right during the void century, which lasted from roughly 900 to 800 years before the One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review story line.

In chaptfr words, Toki is no confirmed to be from a period, where Wano was fighting alongside the ancient kingdom and creating the Poneglyphs. Her objective apparently seems to be to make it back ppiece into the country. Lastly, we learn that her last name is Amatsuki, which means heavenly moon. So, we asventures another character that is connected to the moon.

We can even see the moon as a crest on her clothing as well. And, while I am usually not chapger who theorizes and speculates a lot, I am going take a chance and say that the moon will have to play a much greater role in the marshmallow recipe with amazing flavors soon.

Not only are the crests of pisce two families known to go back to the void century moons, we also have the mink?s connection to the moon as well as the Shandorians who were also allied with the ancient kingdom and are said to have come from the moon. The moon in general is a well-known symbol used adventjres storytelling and I might just get into that a little bit more in another video.

But keep its importance in mind. Going back to the chapter, Oden and Toki are being picked up by Whitebeard, who once again proved his sharpness by recognizing Oden?s decision to put saving Toki over finishing his trial.

Finally, both of them, together with Inuarashi, Nekomamushi and Izo become part of his crew. And I really wonder at this point if Oden is going to join Roger exactly the same way. And speaking of Roger, having him introduced into this flashback is obviously pure gold. Hehe. Cause, Gold Roger? Get it? I?ll show myself out.

But as I have One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review article source, young Roger looks just like a slightly older Ace. Which brought back all the traumatizing memories from Marineford. It is a great attention to detail by Oda. And it is One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review things like this, that make the story feel genuine and axventures. Also, for anyone who needs further proof that Roger and Luffy are quite different people, Roger is actually 9644 the newspaper.

Finally, we also get to see a somehow even younger shanks and Buggy. One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review really makes you wonder at what age the two wdventures joined Rogers crew.

And it also makes you wonder, when the straw hats are finally gonna get a cabin boy or girl. Looking at you Momo and Tama. All in all guys, what an amazing chapter. We had a lot of material to bring us through the break next week and I genuinely enjoy the lighthearted vibe of the flashback so far.

It almost feels like going on vacation from the gloomy and depressing Wano we are in right now. I can?t wait to see how the story unfolds from here. And Oden is easily one of my favorite characters already. And I?m probably not alone with this. But now, I?m curious to hear your thoughts on all of this.

One piece chapter 964 odens adventures review And that woman is no one else than a young Toki.

Let me know your opinion on this chapter in the comments below. Also, click forget to like and share this video. And hit the subscribe button to become part of the click. But of course, as always, you can also dislike, not share and unsubscribe.

It?s a free world folks. I hope to see you around next time. AND. Until then. Have a wonderful week.

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