Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground

Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground

TIM: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to Raccoon City. You got Tim and Sid from PlayStation here. SID: Hidey ho. TIM: And we're joined by Resident Evil 3 producer, Peter Fabiano. Playetation Hey, guys. TIM: Peter, thanks for joining us. PETER: Thanks for having me. TIM: So what we're gonna be doing in this video is actually comparing the original 1999 Resident Evil 3 to this gorgeous stunning upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake that you've been working on, Peter.

PETER: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words. TIM: Yeah, of course. Before we kick into the 1999 footage, just from a top level -- that's pretty gnarly -- what would you sau is the biggest changes that have happened with this remake?

PETER: Well, as you can see we have used the RE Engine for this Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground as well. And it's a fully reformed, redone from the ground up Raccoon City. So you'll see a lot more of the city here.

There are changes to the please click for source things compatison out. And I think it's gonna be something fun for everyone.

Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground TIM: Hey, everyone.

TIM: Yeah. And it's like I'm seeing some connective tissue from, you know, obviously the Resident Evil 2 Remake, absolutely Resodent, incredible horror game. So just at a core gameplay level can people kind of expect some of the same core gameplay that they loved with the Resident Evil 2 Remake in here?

PETER: Certainly, you're gonna see a lot of similarities. But at the same time as with the original Resident Evil 3, there's a bit more action-oriented design here so you'll see a little bit Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground. As evl earlier in the footage, you have the Perfect Dodge which you'll be able to utilize and play, I think which playstaton a lot more to the gameplay as well.

TIM: Cool. And then when we jump back to the 1999 version, we'll see some of the original where they actually introduce the source Turn and Dodge. PETER: The Dodge mechanic. TIM: It was a little harder to pull off back then. PETER: Here we go.

SID: Look at those graphics. TIM: Yeah. One thing that's interesting that I think click to see more see and would love to hear you talk about once we get back clmparison the 2020 version is the Resident Evil 3 Undergrounx City was a lot of narrow corridors, and it seems like this Raccoon City that Capcom's developing is much wider and fleshed out. PETER: That's right.

You'll see more open spaces. It's not an open-world game by any means, but it has more open spaces, and we wanted Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground balance it out. And you'll have some claustrophobic areas as well. So it's a really good balance of the two. TIM: Awesome. SID: Oh, I remember this scene so well. I loved this game when it first vvs out.

Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground

I was a huge Resident Evil fan. And I remember 3 distinctly -- I think we're gonna be hearing more about it -- because it did introduce some really Vegetable gardens 6 gameplay elements that hadn't seen.

Actually, here's one of them. TIM: Yeah. This is, to me as a player, this registered as really the designer saying, you're gonna want to use these barrels in the environment, which was totally new to Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground series at this point.

PETER: Everybody knows what a red barrel's about now, right? TIM: Oh, yeah. Undrground So she's lining them up, and there link go. TIM: So satisfying. And I recall, obviously, you could still hold down R1. And worth noting that this was an original PlayStation game back in 1999.

Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground

That's what we're looking at here. And you could kind of lock on to environmental traps and stuff with R2 and help you kind of select that because we didn't have the beautiful, free-aiming, over-the-shoulder camera that we have.

PETER: It's not the over-the-shoulder camera. It's a fixed camera here. SID: Zombies have a Jill sandwich there. TIM: Yeah. He's taking a bite.

Even though it was always annoying to get the ankle biters there, the animation of her kicking -- SID: Kicking their heads off. I love it. TIM: This is very satisfying. PETER: And we're back. SID: This is wild seeign this juxtaposition here. TIM: And I love this note here because it almost feels reminiscent of that classic scene from the 1999 game.

PETER: Right. And you'll see a lot more in the environments here -- right there -- a lot more vivid. We really wanted to make the city still feel alive. It's at the early state of the out of the break. And there you go. SID: That's awesome. TIM: There's more zombie variety, the shops. PETER: Neon signs. TIM: What we see here, Moon's Donuts and the crab shack. PETER: Right. TIM: All of it just -- I feel like it has more personality and is more fleshed out and vibrant.

PETER: Yeah. For sure. The city itself is almost its own character in a way. And the team had a lot of fun building out -- oh. There's another one. You'll see the environmental object that you can use to your advantage kind of stuns the zombies.

TIM: And that's brand new to More than princess jellyfish remake.

I don't think that was featured exactly that same way in the original. Really cool. Make a pit stop in a donut shop. Jill, she did work out of the Raccoon Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground Department, so the fact that she's in a donut shop. SID: She would know this place like the Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground of her hand.

PETER: We'll just go right into the stereotypes. SID: Peter, can you confirm that you can eat donuts -- nevermind. We have some new footage here. PETER: I can neither confirm nor deny. SID: Okay. TIM: So at the beginning of this video we saw Jill kind of noting that there's a substation that she needs to go get some power reactivated.

And you actually have the same task in the 1999 version, which that's what she's on her way to do here. SID: Oh, nice shot. TIM: You get the twofers. SID: I tell ya, people don't always appreciate what they have these days. This is what gaming was growing up. And this was state of the art. And it's still a blast. PETER: It looked great for its time. SID: Absolutely. It was terrific.

There were more zombies on screen at the same time. I remember that was a big thing about this game. There's that precious Red Herb. TIM: Yeah. SID: Tim, what are you doing? TIM: The potency of your -- you know, I was feeling pretty confident when we recorded. Yeah. Worth noting this is all pre-captured gameplay that we're looking over here. But speaking of crafting herbs, Resident Evil 3, one thing that really stood out to me Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground the gun powder and the reloading tool.

We're seeing some gunpowder there. You could craft your own ammo which ended up kind of becoming -- here and there it would come and go with the series.

But, Pete, was this the first time in the series? PETER: Well, you had it in RE2, the reimagining of RE2. So it returns here. TIM: Yeah. It's so cool to see Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground full circle because Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground remember it in Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2.

PETER: Right, right. TIM: And I'm excited with the remake to go back and see where that kind of came from. SID: It's great because you have to make choices. You decide which ammo types do I want to make. What's more important? What's more valuable? Had not been seen in the series before this game. And I remember it was a bit controversial back at the time in this particular game from 1999. But now I actually prefer it. I love being able to craft ammo. PETER: Cool. TIM: It's such a precious commodity, so.

And, yeah, at this point in the original, Jill has to turn the power back on to parts of the city. And this was an interesting part of the original game, which was I think -- were these called live events?

PETER: Yeah. The Live Selection. SID: Oh, yeah. I forgot about this. PETER: So then you could make this choice.

TIM: Yeah. And in this case -- SID: Fry 'em. -- chose to increase the electrical output, which is kind of an interesting -- PETER: Get the environmental attack there. SID: Yeah. PETER: Kind of. TIM: Now you can do it more organically. And if I'm understanding right, those aren't in the remake?

PETER: What isn't? TIM: The Live Selections? PETER: That is correct. This time Lily c a t jap dub eng sub we wanted to tell one consistent story. The director really wanted to tell Jill's story as she goes through and makes her way. TIM: Something that's cool is that it's not a one-to-one remake across the board because this is the substation or sort of where you're trying to turn the power on -- PETER: That's right.

Https:// -- as it appears in the remake, right?

PETER: Yes. That's correct. I think it's important, and I can't say that enough, we wanted to make it feel fresh but familiar. So you'll see a lot of new things for players of the original.

And there's plenty of stuff for newcomers alike. TIM: Uh-oh. PETER: And there you go. TIM: Yeah. PETER: So these are the Drain Deimos, right?

TIM: Yeah. And these guys look pretty faithful to the way they appeared in the original and just very fast and skittering and, yeah, like good -- shotgun is definitely a good tool for them.

PETER: Yeah. Definitely you want to take care of them quick. TIM: Yeah. But, yeah. One thing I feel like Capcom and your team is just incredible at with remakes is delivering on the core of what made the gameplay and the story and the characters great and changing enough that it makes it feel fresh not just for newcomers, but also if you played the original, what's great about horror, right, is the unexpected. PETER: That's right. So it's great that you say that. Something we definitely want to keep true to think, Broken summary of attack on titan season 1 {parody} essence of the originals, but we want to make it feel fresh as well.

So if you were familiar with some of the original stuff, you'll find some changes here. TIM: Yeah. SID: There's the big boy. TIM: That's, of course, in the original game, the 1999 original, it was called Resident Evil 3, Nemesis. So it wouldn't be anything without -- PETER: Our buddy. TIM: Our buddy, Nemesis. PETER: That's right. TIM: So I went and got some footage of a battle, some random street encounter because he'd dog you throughout the game.

And he's doing the same again in this remake, right, Pete? PETER: That's right. The original call him the Pursuer, right? And in this one he follows the same path.

He's out for Jill and whatever remaining S.T.A.R.S. members are out there. TIM: Yeah. And, you know, here his strategy appears to be sort of a lot of running, punching. He's got these tentacles that he can ensnare you with. And obviously he Asoiaf dance of the dragons history of westeros series to end them.

What can you say about how Nemesis has been Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground and changed from an esthetic to even an AI level? PETER: Well, first and foremost, esthetically you'll see that we were able to use current graphics to make him look please click for source -- there's our buddy.

SID: That's so cool. PETER: -- even more imposing. You've got this hulking menace chasing you. TIM: He looks even bigger now. SID: He's huge. PETER: He's to Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground. So, yeah, you'll notice here he's got his tentacles, and he's gonna be chasing you all throughout as soon as you see him.

You can stand and fight if that's what you choose, but I suggest you run and get out of his way because he's very nimble. He's very fast in this one. TIM: Is running generally the preferred strategy? PETER: I want players to play the way they feel is best for them. But, you know, running is one strategy. You can try to take him down if you like though. TIM: And one of the last times that we talked with you, Pete, we were kind of checking out Tyrant -- that's a new move I believe -- from the Resident Evil 2 Remake.

How much of that, the reaction to Tyrant, and how he was implemented in RE2 Remake do you feel like influenced how Nemesis Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground PETER: Well, when the director saw what they had done in RE2 with Tyrant, he was like, wait a minute.

He's kind of getting to Nemesis levels here. We took that in Stride. Of course, some of the stuff we took from 2. But Nemesis is his own brand of fear, terror. And, yeah, I think that will come out when you play. TIM: We'll see more of him too. Here we have Jill in one of her earlier encounters with Carlos who is from the -- I think it's the Umbrella Countermeasure Service? PETER: That's right. Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. TIM: And he's had similar to Jill.

Can you talk about how your team updated the characters both from a visual -- PETER: One thing that was important to us was that Carlos appeared to be a partner to Jill. We wanted him to feel like someone that she could rely on. And with the updates to Jill's visuals, with the original she needed to stand out in the environment and the graphics of that day. But with this game it's very photorealistic. We use some photogrammetry.

So we wanted her to fit in those environments and feel believable. And we think she's still the Jill that everyone knows and loves. You'll see a lot of that coming out with the voice acting and the performances. I think she looks great. The team loves the way she came out, Carlos too.

TIM: Yeah. They really are faithful to the spirit of what they were like in the original while just feeling a little more -- I'm a sucker for the original PlayStation games voice acting. Very of its era. But this just updates it really, really nicely. SID: Ah. PETER: I think we still managed to keep an essence of the time as well. It's the 90s, right? SID: These guys. TIM: Yeah. These were like an iteration of the Hunter enemy that was with the series from the very beginning but kind of a different take on them, right?

PETER: Right. SID: More agile. I remember fighting these guys. These are Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground my most dreaded enemies in all of Resident Evil.

PETER: Yeah. They're tough. TIM: They could one-shot you. SID: Yup. TIM: You know, I was, purposefully I'll say, playing a little sloppily here and admittedly on easy mode. I really wanted to get this stuff. PETER: This is all you? TIM: This is all me. You can blame me. SID: Oh, look at this. PETER: There you go. SID: Wow. That's awesome. They look more froggy in this one.

TIM: Yeah. I think it was the Hunter Beta or something like that.

Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground

PETER: That's right, yeah. You would have seen one of those in the trailer, right? TIM: Yeah, yeah, a little tease. And I think the location in the remake where Jill is here is a little bit different but some familiar threats here. PETER: She's in the sewers here. Playstatoon, look at our buddy. SID: What is this? PETER: This is our buddy, Hunter Gamma. TIM: Yeah. Oh, sorry, Hunter Gamma. They are the big Gr anime review comic party guys.

I said beta before. SID: That is freakish. TIM: Look at that. What is happening there? SID: Oh man. Yeah. You're definitely dead. TIM: Had to make a comparison. And this is gonna the final comparison that we make between a more focused boss battle between Nemesis that shows him having a weapon and discarding it and kind of what he does in battle.

SID: I remember this fight very well actually. This was a tough one. TIM: Really tough. So what would you say, Pete, are some of the biggest changes from Nemesis' battle tactics that we can see in the remake?

PETER: I think you saw it earlier, but clearly he has that big leap this web page he can make. Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground, you know, we have given him a variety of weapons as well that he can use at his disposal. And I think you have something coming up here.

TIM: Yeah. And it was a big deal that he had a rocket launcher. Paystation felt like it was kind of symbolic because most Resident Evil games ended with you wielding a rocket Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground, and here the main enemy just has one on him.

And then this is a brand new toy for Nemesis here. PETER: That's right. He's got a flamethrower. So fun times. TIM: It looks like Jill's combating that with her own grenade rounds. He looks so cool. PETER: Thank you. TIM: Oh, man. And I just love also how classic this boss battle is with the -- I want to, of course, shoot the glowing orange bits.

But, yeah, just this environment. And we were talking before about how to my knowledge, I obviously haven't played the remake all the way here, I don't recognize this area from the original. So there's just a lot of fresh stuff in there. PETER: That's right. One of the ynderground that please click for source need to look at is pacing. So as we're building the game out, and there's a lot of iteration, it just made sense for us to put a boss battle here.

It just felt right. And we were like, okay, now's the right time. So we game him a flamethrower, and you get a big boss battle at the top of this construction site. SID: This is epic. This is super cool. TIM: So cool. PETER: And he's got a playstaation Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground moves playstayion too.

TIM: Yeah. It just totally changes see more his game.

SID: You beat him. You finally got him. PETER: Did ya? Did ya though? TIM: Well, Pete, before we wrap up, anything else you wanted to mention about the remake here?

PETER: Well, we just hope that people get to pick it up and play and go here it. We put a lot of work into making playstatuon something special. And we think that there's something special there for everybody. TIM: Awesome. And it will be out on April 3rd on PlayStation 4. So thanks everybody for watching. PETER: Yeah.

Thanks a lot for having me. SID: Looking great. PETER: Thank you.

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