Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown

Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown

Welcome to the breakdown where we breakdown all the messed-up shit! My name is Spooky And today we are looking at Tetsuo: The Iron Man! Y?all been asking for this for a long time and it's here! Now Tetsuo is kind of like Eraserhead. Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto, it's hectic, its mann, its all over the place. At the same time, it's one of the kind of movies you just really should watch for yourself.

Tetsuo Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown Iron Man is all about some metal first nintendo The who takes revenge upon a random salaryman by turning him into a metal abomination. So you know what we do.

We sit down and watch what happens! So, if Tettsuo wanna see what happens, including all the messed-up parts, stay tuned for the breakdown! Somebody is just walking around! Strolling around without a care visturbing the world.

He's got something in his pocket that he wants to stick inside himself! He goes in his apartment and its full of pictures of NBA players. Sounds like a fan of the west when it comes to culture. Anyway, the thing he wanted to stick inside himself is a metal rod!

This is because this man is the metal fetishist! I'll probably lron call him MF before I ruin the entire Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown over messing up. He bandaged it up but soon the whole wound is infested with larvae!

Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown freaks out and runs outside screaming! Now that's a question. We already know he likes metal but why did he decide to run out. For help? This mn is so dead! Perfect social breakdowh. Anyway, MF runs into the street and gets ran over by a car! But him and the car sound like they are having sex! It seems as time freezes for a bit and jazz music plays.

One point of irony is how he gets supposedly gets killed by machinery even though he has a big mna for it all the time. Next, we see the salaryman. He is the person who ran over MF and sometime after it, he is fazed by random daydreams where he is surrounded by metal and machinery and inside factories.

Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown His girlfriend is over there with him.

Once he snaps out of it we see he's just shaving. Shaving with a clean piece of metal stuck in his cheek! Just touching it makes blood splatter everywhere! I wonder where that came from? Next, we see him on the phone with his girlfriend.

They both just repeat hello to each other. This is right before he goes to work at some place. We've seen a lot of crazy salarymen over the years.

The breakdiwn phone call has the girlfriend talking about a hit and run. A recent hit and run. Visit web page don't think the film wants you to know the driver yet but it's probably obvious by now. Sometimes he breakrown daydreams about sex with his click the following article. His Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown must be on the gutter disturbjng on his way to work!

He sits right next to a lady who scoots right the fuck over, I don't blame her. Tetso, Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown gets really compelled to look at the floor, where a metal organ is sitting steaming.

Inside the metal organ is like a miniature Breakdonw. Her poking it turns her into a Metal Zombie. Basically, a weak version of MF. Vicious and stiff as she adapts to her new appendage. The salaryman gets up to run from the metal geek! All through the subway is where their little chase is. I quite like her design here. In a way kind of reminds me of a metal clicker.

Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown

I know she isn't blind but still. He hides in a bathroom Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown there aint no hiding from a machine. Somehow when she has him in Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown grasps, he breaks free and zooms to some random workshop. It is filmed in a way to make you think that somehow the salaryman glided there like Flash or something.

Pretty cool sound effects too. I like cyber stuff. She follows him to some random workshop and has him cornered. See I think the Metal Fetishist who is controlling her soon takes over her to the point where she morphs into him. Right before harming the Salaryman, his arm bucks up as if metal is extending. As if he activated One for All. His strength increases 100x and he completely breaks the Metal Zombie in half!

Soon after he has some violent reactions again because of his growing transformation. One that has took over his arm and ankle temporarily. In fact, looks like his ankles actually are propellers!

I Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown he was gliding.Reminds me of Lida from My Hero. Anyway, the salaryman soon daydreams about his Colin hates his new bike again!

This time however, she is dancing all sexually with a big metal thing that is probably Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown a strap on dildo. And of course, the salaryman is bent over like that waiting for something. You can pretty much guess that she plunges the metal thing inside of her boyfriend, unrealistically so. But then he wakes up. Looks like it was a nightmare, or maybe a dream he wants to happen.

His girlfriend is over there with him. Soon they have sex again, stroking, until they seem to just stop short like he was hurting her or something. I think it was just an intermission because then he quickly cooks something to feed to her. Every time she takes a bite, or does anything with her mouth, it is accompanied with some kind of metallic sound. This is one of the Japanese films in which sex and food is mixed together. Soon though his transformation starts again! He grew a drill Penis!

Shocked and scared he hides in a closet! The girlfriend tries telling him to open the door because she won't be scared! She pries the motherfucker open and he hides in the corner.

She hugs him saying don't leave me alone! Nothing shocks me she says.Well we can see his face turning into that Iron form and his drill starts up.

Turns out she was shocked! She knocks him down and grabs a pan from the kitchen to burn it on his face, but he has quite the control over his metal abilities. She stabs him in the leg when he almost pierces her with his metal drill. He gets a little too excited and I think he was planning on doing something disgusting with the drill.

until she stabbed him in the neck. And of course, she is licking and kissing all over him. Just of course. Now when he awakens, he finds her dead.blood spraying everywhere because she placed herself Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown the drill. Suicide because she didn't want to be alone.

Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown Welcome to the breakdown where we breakdown all the messed-up shit!

Well he is still alive and is about 80 percent done with his Iron Man transformation. Elsewhere, click at this page Metal Learn more here awakens.

Seems like he had metal implanted in his brain at one point to satisfy the fetish or create it. The Iron Man is now completely transformed and has Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown his deceased friend a little shrine.

I think he's tonguing her down and maybe filled her with oil. Don't know why of course. Regardless soon he gets a phone call from MF. He threatens him as if he saw what the salaryman did last summer! Really its because the salaryman ran over the MF in the beginning. The girlfriend was with him. You know what they did? They disposed of his body in the woods, and then had sex on a tree when they knew he is watching!

Probably thought he was going to die! Kind of reminds me of that movie Crash that I should probably do. Anyway, MF propels himself all the way to the Iron Man's flat. The closer he gets, metal of all sorts is destroyed and manipulated.

He's like metalized everything, even the Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown.

Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown

Somehow, he uses metal energy to remotely take over the dead girlfriends corpse. He soon completely dissolves her body just to reach his actual form. He completely overpowers his creation and makes him see the world through his eyes. A world completely turned into a ball of metal, where metal reigns over everything! Not going to lie this would make an interesting villain! Just click at this page literally trying to change nature Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown destroy us all.

Soon the two metal freaks get into a chase all around the empty town. The MF aint all fine and dandy though. Looks as if he is plagued by some vision reminding him of being beaten by some hobo when Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown was a boy.

Looks like the vision was too much to bear, and the Iron Man takes advantage and hides in a warehouse! You can't really hide too long from this though! This being with complete control over metal. He seems to cause a wide reaction that makes the Iron Man turn into a huge grotesque metal blob.

MF forms some kind of flamethrower attachment, but that isn't going to do anything against this metal blob! The Iron Man completely envelops him and even sticks a gigantic drill throughout him!

Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown

Yes, I'm quite confused too.The MF struggles to break apart from the Iron Man, but he won't let him! This would probably https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/games/review-64-psychic-school-wars.php a cool anime adaption! MF and the Iron Man are now connected in more ways than one and soon begin to share the same thoughts and goals!

They morph into a huge weaponized metal object Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown a tank and begin to speed around the city. The movie ends as they both digress that they want to destroy this world and turn it into a big metal ball!

Well I wonder who can really stop them! Sounds like a job for the Revengers! So now that we got through this film, lets talk about the most disturbing moment and most enjoyed moment in that SPOOKY STUFF, cue the Gohan! So that was a pretty crazy film to be able to watch. It runs a little over an hour long and despite being low budget I think it does want it aims for well. Now I'm not very analytical on this channel as I would just rather do simple recaps, but y'all know Cinema Nippon!

Yall know Cinema Nippon, they make excellent reviews and analysis on many kinds of Japanese films! If you're very interested in learning more about this film and also what this film and its scenes could mean behind the frames, please check out Cinema Nippon's awesome video on Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown and they have plenty videos on other films that you would be interested in.

The Link to the video Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown in the description. So let's get right into it. The most disturbing moment for me is kind of hard to pick. This movie didn't really pick at me or anything like that. Just for tradition I'll say that in reality, the whole sex on a tree thing after running somebody over is kind of extreme. You could also say the whole suicide on a drill thing is disturbing as well. The most enjoyed moment is possibly for me the scenes where MF was exhibiting control.

Either through the Zombie Lady or even when he was chasing Iron Man all around and manipulating things around him. I'm a pretty big superhero fan so anything that could potentially be a cool villain idea gets me going. And that's it!

Tetsuo the iron man 1989 disturbing breakdown Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto, it's hectic, its nuts, its all over the place.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. You can check out this movie on YouTube for free! And either way if you would like to talk about this film beyond just any synopsis, check out Cinema Nippon mqn their cool video on it, and even their channel in general!

Thanks for watching, SPOOKY OUT!

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