The saddest moment in watamote

The saddest moment in watamote

The saddest moment in watamote

When people talk about saddest moments in anime They will The saddest moment in watamote scenes of strong expression of emotions due to sadest event like a person dying A character realizing her The saddest moment in watamote for Ths or a group of friends saying goodbye Events that came about because of the break in the usual routine That triggers the next in their development However when watching watamote the saddest The saddest moment in watamote in saddwst series was more subtle there was no shouting no fighting Summer special monster strike the animation official 2016 english sub full hd even egregious crying it came in a situation not all that different from what we saw her in before it happened in a park with tomoko eating cup ramen and alone as she usually is Shes just there wanting to watch to shooting stars to maybe have something to remember this summer with she felt The saddest moment in watamote for saedest reason she doesn't understand why she feels this way she thinks that maybe its because summer is ending in that she's anxious of going back to school or maybe it's because she's just sitting there while watching the stars alone she asks herself why was her life been this saddesst where was the moment where she could have at least have a moment of success people say that suffering is what makes life life but why was there so much of it just for her Every step she makes seems to worsen her situation the feeling of futility when your own effort is useless against your own nature that doing nothing seems to be the best solution Tomoko talking softly to herself with replies of voiceless text When before her monologues are often exaggerated to cartoonish levels Which made it look not as saaddest as it was this moment of self-reflection came in a way familiar to most of us When alone sometimes you can't help but think about everything that you've done that led up to this point aaddest feeling that the world is unfair The feeling of regret that resurfaces The feeling of disappointment in imagining what could have been if you did this or that everything came together to portray one of the best moments in watamote, for me at least

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