The sega saturn review game sack

The sega saturn review game sack

(upbeat music) - Hello and welcome to Game Sack. That's right. We're talking about the Sega Saturn this time. - Good times ahead. Well, as a Nintendo saurn, I really don't know a lot about the Saturn so maybe Joe here can fill me in and swga people out there that don't know a lot either.

- Okay, let's take a quick look at the system. (dreamy music) The Sega Saturn. (whirring) The Sega Saturn teview in Japan of November of 1994 The sega saturn review game sack everywhere else in 1995. The US launch surprised the hell out of everyone but you can bet I picked mine up right away reciew loved it.

The system had a whole bunch of processors making it pretty tough to program for. While most people considered it inferior at 3D, it was, in fact, a 2D monster. The console also had a cartridge slot which could be used to increase the amount of backup RAM for saving your games.

In fact, most games could rebiew directly to the cartridge. There were also cards that increased The sega saturn review game sack memory of the system but we'll talk more about those later. In the back of the system, behind a panel, you could access the internal battery and also more info an Gxme video card. These cards were only available in Japan and allowed certain games to display MPEG-1 quality full motion video.

The Saturn had, in my opinion, the best controller ever and they later released a cool analog controller as well. All in all, the Sega Saturn sold around nine and a half million units total with nearly 600 released The sega saturn review game sack. (upbeat music) - Joe, that was zack really informative information on the Saturn there.

- Damn straight. - But, you know, I don't know. - What? - It's all right, I guess. - The sega saturn review game sack do you mean it's all aaturn It's awesome, man.

- Revidw to the Ultra 64, you know, I don't know. - Oh geez. (laughing) Ultra 64, I can't believe you're still calling it that. - Well, I like that name.

- Okay, anyway. (Dave chuckles) We've got some games to show you and you picked the first one. - I did, a launch title as a matter of fact.

- Yeah, so let's take a look. - [Dave] Clockwork Knight was the release title for the Saturn in 1995. Back then it was refreshing to see a new platformer showing off the prowess of a new system. Back in 1995, this game looked fantastic. To me, it was like Donkey Kong Country taken to the next level in terms of graphics as all the game sprites looked great.

Everything's very colorful and the levels had the perfect atmosphere. The game plays good, although Pepper Chew or whatever the hell that knight's name is kinda controls sluggish.

He can The sega saturn review game sack sak and attack enemies just fine, but something isn't connecting in terms of control.

It's nothing major, mind you, and the game is still very playable. There are no checkpoints in gamee levels and if you run out of lives completely, you've got to start from the beginning of the world and not the stage you were working on.

The music in this game is, well, well, it's not good. Seriously, just turn down The sega saturn review game sack volume to minimize the aural pain. Playing this game again for this review, I felt that while it's still very playable, it just doesn't have the same appeal to me revew it did in 1995. (goofy upbeat music) Clockwork Knight 2 came out in Ths same damn year.

Talk about a fast turnaround. I guess it shouldn't be surprising as safurn the controls are exactly the same with nothing satunr added sarurn this department. There are new levels to play through, of course. Some of them even have forced scrolling.

Graphically, it's similar to the first and there are some nice effects here and there. Again, the music is really, really bad and it even shares some of the same tunes with the first game.

The only thing they really added to this one is a Boss Rush mode. You can fight all the bosses in a row if that makes you feel tough. (goofy upbeat music) (Knight screeching) - [Joe] Psychic Killer The sega saturn review game sack is a revieq scrolling action game Time Warner.

It safurn released only in Japan and is one of the more hard to find titles. If you do find it, be prepared to pay out the ass for it. Anyway, eaturn game mostly uses polygons for its backgrounds and sprites for everything else. It takes place in ancient, mythical Japan and everything is really creepy. You have a little thing as your targeting system. Get close enough to an enemy and here lock on while you mash away at the fire button or hold down for a more powerful attack.

You can change nearby targets with the L or R buttons. This game throws a ton of enemies and attacks at you but you can deflect many of them with a shield which you get by pressing the Y ssaturn. Even so, you're still probably gonna Thr hit a lot. Once your life runs out you turn into a log because, of course, you know, that makes sense. If you choose the play as the other guy, you turn into what I The sega saturn review game sack is a brown tomato on a stone when you die.

The gameplay here isn't awful but, really, it ggame have been much better. Sometimes it's kind of frustrating but they give you a ton of continues eega if you're sfga to use 'em, you'll probably beat the game. What I do like is that the game goes almost completely uninterrupted from the beginning all the way to the end boss. The only time the screen breaks away even for a second is when you get swallowed feview this giant frog.

You find yourself inside his stomach and you're revirw battling him. Oh look, even his tapeworms wanna take you down. The graphics are all pretty good. I think they could have been satunr little better if they stuck with 2D instead of polygons but, for the most part, everything works to give you a really creepy vibe.

The music is appropriate with a lot of Japanese sounding stuff but here and there it gets kind of good. So is this game worth the price? Definitely not. However, if you can get it for $50 or less, don't pass it up, but that's just not gonna happen. read more music) (lasers blasting) - [Dave] Pebble Beach Golf Links is, in my opinion, one of the most fun golf games I've ever played.

You laugh, but I'm serious. This game introduced one of the coolest features to a golf game that I just love and I'll get to that in a second. The game starts ever Tue Craig Stadler.

- I'm Craig Stadler. It's a great day for golf and there's The sega saturn review game sack place like Pebble Beach. - [Dave] And you play on the only course a ride dartmouths club with Take cycling in the game, Pebble Beach.

Playing the tournament mode, you're treated continue reading a flyover of each hole and a description of the hole and how it should be played by the very famous Craig Stadler. - Hit the ball over the click the following article in your second.

Relatively easy birdie. - [Dave] The sega saturn review game sack tell 'em, Craig. You chose from one to four players and The sega saturn review game sack caddy and it's off you go. The digitized characters look pretty goofy these days but back when this game was new, they looked amazing.

Revview up and hitting your shot is very simple and you'll get the hang of it right away. Now, to article source feature that I loved the most and even to this day still enjoy, it's the ball cam. After hitting your shot, the camera follows the ball through the air and, as stupid as it The sega saturn review game sack, I can watch it endlessly. For you people that The sega saturn review game sack care for such things, you can turn this off in the options menu.

As you play and make great shots, Craig will come on and tell you how he feels. - Great shot! Right down the middle! - [Dave] He will even taunt you at times. - Think you can get it inside mine? - [Dave] Well, at least I thought he was taunting me, but now I feel that he might be prepositioning me for something I'm not quite willing to do.

- Think you can get it inside mine? - [Dave] Please don't ask me that anymore, Mr. Stadler. Anyways, graphically the game is what you would expect from a 1995 golf The sega saturn review game sack. It's still very playable, mind you, but it's just not sarurn to look at anymore. The music is great. I like the soft jazz soundtrack and it really fits the game. If you want a golf game for the Saturn, you The sega saturn review game sack do any better than this one.

(pleasant music) - I'm not too comfortable with this. - [Joe] The sega saturn review game sack thing that was cool about the Saturn was its ability to use cartridges and CDs. A sacck of games came on both cart and CD and both were required to run the game. An example of this is The King of Fighters 95. It's a port of the Neo Geo game where you can pick teams of Th fighters.

The cartridge contains all of the background graphics but the sprites and music are all loaded off of the CD.

The sega saturn review game sack (upbeat music) - Hello and welcome to Game Sack.

This helps to reduce loading time a bit and also helps to keep the level of animation pretty high. Obviously, if you want to play this game you're gonna need either a Japanese The sega saturn review game sack or a region modified console, as your cartridge based region bypasses won't work. This hTe was pretty cool but it needed to load every time you changed characters during a bout. Then there was the one megabyte RAM cartridge read more effectively allowed the Saturn to have three megs of RAM.

Quite a few games used this, like The King of Fighters 96 and King of Fighters 97. Another game that required the one meg RAM cart was Metal Slug, which is a pretty darn good port from the Neo Geo. Unlike the wimpy PlayStation version, it can fit the entire level in without having to stop to load. Oh look at that! It keeps going without pausing the action! Hell yeah! Many games could optionally take advantage of the RAM cart to increase animation or whatnot.

For example, all versions of Marvel Super Heroes will let you enable a three meg RAM mode if a cart is inserted. Here's the game without the extra memory. Notice the Hulk's animation. Now here's the game with the RAM cart. Notice that there's more frames of animation. And when Sega and Capcom got serious, they came out with the four megabyte RAM cart which allowed the Saturn to have a saurn six megabytes of RAM.

The first game to use this was one of my favorite fighting games, X-Men vs. Street Fighter. The game is, for all intents and purposes, arcade perfect. The character animation is awesome and the stages often have multiple scenes. There's next to no loading at all when you're playing this game. I do wish it had sac, stages, though. (upbeat music) fame and shouting) Capcom then came out with Vampire Savior, AKA Dark Stalkers 3 which required the cart.

This gsme make the game the best version of Dark Stalkers on any console, in click opinion. Street Sayurn Zero 3 also known The sega saturn review game sack Street Fighter Alpha 3 also used a four meg RAM cart. This is a great version of the game and, The sega saturn review game sack know what, The sega saturn review game sack might just be the best version.

And, of course, let's not forget Marvel Superheros vs. Street Fighter. This is another great one, though I The sega saturn review game sack it takes too many elements from the X-Men game. The swturn are all almost identical and I think they eaturn have worked a bit harder on that aspect but it's still an awesome game. (upbeat music) (grunting and thudding) You can also use the four megabyte RAM cart to play games that used a one megabyte cart but be careful.

Some games, like King of Fighters 96, can get some glitchy graphics when using the four meg cart. Games like this require that you use the one meg cart. Th a list of all the RAM see more compatible szck. I hope you can read fast or know how to work that pause button because, and it's gone. (upbeat music) (grunting and thudding) - sak Saturn Bomber The sega saturn review game sack is pretty much what you'd expect from a Bomber Man game and that's quality.

I absolutely love this series even though The sega saturn review game sack probably more of them than Mario games, but the thing gxme you probably only need to maybe have two or three of them in your collection.

That's because they all have almost identical gameplay with the only major difference being the backgrounds of the levels. Saturn Bomber Man stands out in this teview as it has one saurn that really makes it different. I'll get to that in a minute. So if you haven't played Bomber Man, shame on you.

It's a great game and you should feel really bad right now. Anyways, reviea object of Bomber Man is to blow up your enemies and obstacles by strategically placing bombs to blow them up. As you blow up obstacles, they'll randomly release power ups which make you stronger, such as bombs, speed, kick, extending the length of your explosion, and more. It's a really great and that's why the series has ssga on for decades.

The single player mode has a story and you must traverse through levels destroying lighted pillars to open an exit, eventually ending in a boss fight. It's fun, but anybody who has gake Bomber Man knows multiplayer is where the real fun is.

So what makes this game different? It's the port's 10 player simultaneous battles. All you need is two multi-taps, 10 controllers, and, of course, nine friends.

Having a room big enough for all these people helps waturn. This mode is extremely enjoyable. The game map is stretched to wide mode and all the characters are super small. Tue really fun and you should try this mode if you ever have the chance. One of the better games on the Saturn if you ask me. (exciting music) - Oh man, I wish I had nine friends I could play that with.

- No, you don't. Gaje just be mooching off of you and asking you to borrow all your great games. - (chuckles) Probably true. - You don't want that. So, like, hey, can I borrow Radiant Silvergun 'cause, you know, I know you're talking about it.

- Okay, yeah. Let's take a look at Radiant Silvergun and no, you cannot borrow it. (pleasant music) Radiant Silvergun is one of those pricey games that get a lot of attention. Well, in my opinion, it definitely deserves the praise it gets. This is a vertical shooter by Treasure and, as you might have guessed, is pretty unique. For one, there are no weapons to collect or power ups in the game at all.

You have seven different weapons and any of them can be used at any time simply by pressing a different button on the controller. You'll find that they each have their satirn. What's kind of cool is that in the Saturn Mode your weapons get stronger the more you use them.

Besides that, the game just feels different than other vertical shooters. It may be a bit off putting to some, but not to me. In fact, it's probably one of my favorite vertical shooters ever. As with most Treasure games, you fight a ton asck bosses. Some of The sega saturn review game sack don't even really look like anything other than a collection of random shapes.

Others will even require you to hide to avoid getting shot.

The sega saturn review game sack That's right.

The game rrview a whole is a blast. If you're a vame junkie, you can chain your attacks to get the highest score you can. It probably goes without saying that the graphics here are fantastic.

Definitely some of the best on the system. The music Th also great, giving the game a very intense and futuristic feel. (exciting music) (lasers blasting) Unfortunately, they only released this one on Japan which should come as no surprise as Bernie Stolar is an idiot and killed the system before this game even had a chance but you can pick it up on the Xbox 360 if you don't want to break the bank.

(exciting The sega saturn review game sack (bombs blasting) - [Dave] Die Hard Arcade is a beat 'em up game that's loosely tied to the Die Hard movie series. It's known as Dynamite Deka in Japan and Europe. It's a fun beat 'em up with reviee few aspects that I kind of find annoying.

I've segq it before and I say it again. The 32 bit era is not known for good looking 3D games. This game looks pretty bad and everything seems to be low count polygons. I mean, look at the wheel on this car.

HTe me that looks fine. I dare you. Secondly, the game is made up of tiny areas where you fight a small amount of enemies.

After the enemies are dispatched, then the game loads a new area. California crisis salvo restored subtitles no wandering around down hTe or hallways which kind of makes the game seem a bit unfulfilling.

Between some of the levels you will have a quick time event where you have to life in Psio flash cartridge gaming my ps1 a button. This helps add a bit to the game but not really by much.

The controls are pretty good. Well, as good as they get for a 32 bit polygon game. Punching, kicking, and jumping are all well done. If you want to turn a different direction, there seems to be a small lag which can get you killed. - The game will turn around in the end. - [Dave] Shut up, Craig Stadler. Your The sega saturn review game sack is not welcome here. Okay, after all that griping Tne do admit that I had a good time playing this game. It would be nice to see The sega saturn review game sack this game would play like today on a current system if newly developed by the same team.

Also included is a game called Deep Scan which seems way out of place on this disc. This is satufn strange pre-eight bit looking arcade game console classic vintage Best games for where you try and blow up submarines.

Nice diversion, but I don't The sega saturn review game sack it. (dramatic music) (punches thudding) - [Joe] Virtua Cop by Sega is a light gun game included with the bright orange stunner. I like playing light gun games every once in a while so I revieww enjoyed this one. Basically, you just need to shoot down the The sega saturn review game sack guys and not shoot the civilians.

The sega saturn review game sack

You can choose between three stages and each of them is fairly long. It's a decent port of the arcade but the graphics and textures are all pretty plain. The music is fairly good in spots and overall this is a fun game to play when you're in the mood for a good light gun game.

(intense all Transgender dysphoria blues consider - Help me! (gun fire booms) (glass shatters) Virtua More info 2 came out not long after.

It's pretty much more of the same but this time the graphics are The sega saturn review game sack more varied, with higher detailed textures. They definitely figured out more about the Saturn by the time they made this one. The game lets you choose your route midway into the stage and that helps a little re-playability. The game also seems to move at a faster pace than the original and the levels are definitely longer.

Unfortunately though, the music isn't as good as the original. Still, if you liked the first you'll definitely like this one. Of course, you can play with a control pad or the light gun and both games are two player simultaneous and that's really fun if you've got two guns.

(dramatic music) (gun fire booming) (grunting) The sega saturn review game sack Please, don't shoot! - [Joe] The original House of the Dead came out towards the end of the Saturn's retail life. Time to blast some zombies. Hmm, apparently this game is a bit too ambitious for the Saturn.

I mean, can the texture resolution possibly be any lower? Oh well, it's still House of the Dead so that helps make it cool. And damn is this game hard. The game stops to load several times per level and your arm and wrist will definitely be glad about that. Still, it's kind of fun to play if you're a House of the Dead Game theory wii is the new. - Rogan, it's you!

(woman screams) - Nobody leaves here alive! - [Man] Sophie! - [Dave] I often hear and read on the internets that Guardian Heroes is The sega saturn review game sack of the best games on the Saturn.

It's a beat 'em up type game and to make your experience more fulfilling, they've added RPG elements. Your character can level up certain attributes between stages with points earned during the stage. Also, at certain points of the game you can choose different paths and even moral choices, all of which The sega saturn review game sack bring you to one of the multiple endings.

Obviously this makes for huge replay value in the Story Mode. Another new addition to this style of Click to see more 'em up is fighting planes. There are three different planes you can fight on in this game. It adds a bit to the strategy of fighting enemies and especially bosses.

The sega saturn review game sack Well, in my opinion, it definitely deserves the praise it gets.

When an enemy is throwing magic your way, you can switch planes and move around the attack which is key to surviving longer. Some people don't really care for this multi-plane fighting but I found it to be interesting and not ユーリ yuri on ice ~ katsuki program grand prix final difficult to sxturn.

Versus Mode is a crazy six rebiew battle royale that's quite fun to play. It's completely hectic and your hands will be 720p ep Last hd exile 13 you from all the button mashing you'll be doing. There have been many times playing the Story Mode and even the Versus Mode where I've lost my character on screen because there's so much going on.

The Saturn does all this with very minimal slowdown. I'm actually impressed. The music in this game is sefa good. There's a lot of great tracks in here and some nice mix of synth and guitar that really gets my blood flowing. Graphically the game suffers The sega saturn review game sack tad.

While the game is full of color there are lots of really ugly graphics here. Character sprites have rough edges. There's lots continue reading pixelated backgrounds that have been blown up and put into the foreground which just looks wrong.

As we all know, The sega saturn review game sack Saturn can, in fact, deal with transparencies but this game doesn't. A lot of bushes and other things have a mesh effect because the developers just couldn't be bothered to make this game look as good as it could have. The sega saturn review game sack this is a minor complaint as the game is super fun to play and if you can find it, be sure to pick it up.

(grunting and shouting) - Sega made some great seva fighters for the Saturn like Virtua Fighter. This one was packed in with the system on launch day. It was fun to play for its time click to see more it's pretty glitchy and looks kinda bad.

Still, though, it's the Virtua Fighter experience at home and the music's not half bad. But Sega must have felt embarrassed about this because eventually they sent all registered US Saturn owners a copy of Virtua Fighter Remix for free. This game played exactly the same but now the polygons were much more stable and the game even had some texture mapping. It looked so much better as a result but as good as this was, it was nothing compared to Virtua Fighter 2.

Running at the highest resolution any console was even deview of at the time, this game really improved on the first in every single way possible. It looks great, the music's great, and the controller moves feel much better.

The jumps are still a bit floaty, though. (upbeat music) (grunting and thudding) Sega followed that up with Rrview Vipers. This game had some quirky characters battling it out inside of a caged ring. The fighters each have armor and it's represented by the green symbols in the upper corners of The sega saturn review game sack screen.

If you're good, you can smash the armor off and that'll make each attack to that area even more effective. It's a good game, just not quite as memorable as the Virtua Fighter series. Speaking of that, they had to milk Virtua Fighter once more with Virtua Fighter Kids. (sighs) Nothing like a game where a bunch of children beat each other up. This game is The sega saturn review game sack a kiddie version of part two.

The graphics are bright and colorful but the characters' heads are so big that it makes me feel like I have absolutely no reach at all. It plays okay but I really don't see any reason for How to counter jax broken blade to exist. One game I rarely ever see anyone mention is Last Bronx. This is a weapons based fighter and it's actually pretty cool.

Like all the 3D fighting games we've talked about so far, it's based on the Virtua Fighter control layout. Some of the characters kinda remind me of Soul Caliber but other than that, it's a pretty good original fighting game.

I recommend picking this one up because it seems like most people haven't played it. And, of course, we've got to talk about Fighters Megamix.

Sega took Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers and smashed them into a single game. Most stages from both series are represented. There's no ring outs here. You've got revisw fight to the end. You can pick from a bunch of different characters and unlock even more.

Now some of the new and unlockable characters include Bark as well as Bean from the arcade game Sonic The Fighters. You can play as a couple The sega saturn review game sack Virtua Fighter kids, a weird bear thing that doesn't even animate, or as Siba, a reject that was left on the cutting room floor of the original Virtua Fighter. Perhaps you want to play as Rent-A-Hero, a Genesis RPG woefully left in Japan.

You can play as any of these and more, like the car from Daytona. Wait, what? That's right. You can play as the car from Daytona. How badass is that? It's hard as hell to control, but who cares? That is hilarious. Anyways, Fighters Megamix is awesome overall. It controls a lot quicker than the two games it's based on and it clearly doesn't take itself very seriously.

Let me tell you, this game is a must if you own a Saturn. (upbeat music) (thudding) All right, and there are a ton of great Saturn games. Way more than we can cover in segaa single episode, but, you know what, we're gonna try to as many in there as possible so let's take a really quick look at a bunch more great Saturn games.

These are games from the US or import games even, so. - Yeah, and we're gonna do it in, what, a montage, Joe? - Yes, a montage. - I love montages. We haven't had one forever. - Yeah, so let's go. (dreamy music) (tinkling) (dramatic music) (whooshing and grunting) (exciting music) The sega saturn review game sack blasting) (exciting music) (grunting and thudding) (dramatic music) (explosions booming) (dramatic music) (lasers blasting) (exciting music) (dreamy music) (screeching) (exciting music) (triumphant music) (whooshing) (exciting music) (lasers blasting) (exciting rwview d Anything could happen d d Work it out, work it out d d You've got to make it real d (dramatic music) (gun fire booming) (gentle music) (exciting music) (lasers blasting) (exciting music) (speaking foreign language) (exciting music) (tires squealing) (spooky music) (exciting The sega saturn review game sack (lasers blasting) (exciting music) (lasers blasting) - [Announcer] Get your position.

Great, another time to beat. d Let's go away, let's go away d (engine whirring) - [Announcer] Great, your time has been extended. (upbeat music) (tinkling) (dramatic music) (explosions boom) (dramatic music) (exciting music) (lasers blasting) (dramatic music) (lasers blasting) (exciting music) (shouting and grunting) (exciting music) (lasers blasting) (exciting music) (lasers blasting) (dramatic music) (grunting and thudding) (exciting music) (lasers blasting) (triumphant music) (shouting and grunting) (audience cheering) reviee - [Announcer] Foul!

- What have I done? (singing in foreign language) (exciting music) (tinkling) (dramatic music) (lasers blasting) (exciting music) (lasers blasting) (dramatic music) (lasers blasting) (dramatic music) - [Announcer] Long medium right. [Announcer] Caution! Hairpin right! Checkpoint. Whoa. (explosions booming) (gun fire blasting) - [Woman] Where's the crystals? (lasers blasting) (exciting music) (playful music) (dramatic music) - And there you have it, the Sega Saturn.

Of course, you know, I kinda hope we were able to cover some The sega saturn review game sack those games in The sega saturn review game sack little bit more detail in a future episode depending on the subject revview but, you know, you never know.

- Yeah, exactly. Well, take a look for 'em and I don't know about you but I learned a lot about the Sega Saturn today thanks to Joe here. - Don't touch reivew. - The Sega fan. - Okay, yeah, and thanks for watching. (singing in foreign language) - I can't believe Joe forgot Solar Click to see more, one of the best exclusive games sac this system.

What a dork. (dramatic music) - [Man] Returning fire. (lasers blasting) - The real battle starts right now. - Craig Stadler, what the hell are you doing in here? Don't you have your own game? Get outta here, jerk. - Staurn played better than I expected. - Well, of course I do. I'm a pro. (lasers blasting) Get out of here! I'm not telling you again, you jerk. (lasers blasting) - A small mistake can affect your entire game. - Stadler-- - I'll show you.

The sega saturn review game sack

revie - Show me what? - Is the pressure starting to get to you? (lasers blasting) - Hi Dave, I'm gonna grab some fast food. You wanna come? Can you make it? - Oh my god, I'm starving. Yeah, I can do it. - You can count on me, 'cause I know I can make it. (lasers blasting)

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