Welcome to rock bottom

Welcome to rock bottom

But sir, we need to get back to Bikini Bottom. Oh well. Where is this, SpongeBob? Rock Bottom. It sure is weird around here. Kind of different. Welcome to rock bottom the soil looks different. Would you. mind. putting me down? SpongeBob, I don't like it here. It's dark and scary. I don't wanna be here. Welcome to rock bottom wanna go home. Look, I can't even tell the bathrooms apart. Uh, that's an easy one, Patrick. Just wait for someone to come out and then you'll know.

[gasping] Maybe we should wait for one more. [groaning] I still can't read the Wellcome. I wanna go home!

Welcome to rock bottom Alright!

- Are you ready to rock, Squidward? - No. Good, 'cause we've got customers! Here, please hit me as hard as you can. Psst! Squidward. I'm working in the kitchen. [giggling] At night. Don't rlck back. Hey Squidward, Welcome to rock bottom what.

I'm chopping lettuce, at night. Look at Welcone, I'm swabbing the bathroom. At night. Ow! I've burned my hand! At night.

Night, night, night, night, night. Night, night, night, night, night. Night, night, night. N-n-n-night-night! - Night! - Will you please! Welcoem, give me a moments peace and take out the please click for source. Alright! Takin' out the trash. Takin' out the trash at n-- You mean outside? That's where Welcome to rock bottom dumpster is, yes. I don't know, Squidward. It's kind of dark out there.

But I thought you liked the night shift. You're right. For the Krusty Krab! [screaming] [panting] Piece of cake. [screaming] I wonder what's in my dark, scary-looking bathroom! Ah! Night light! Night light! Thank you! [sighing] [screaming] Another light please.

Welcome to rock bottom Oh well.

Thank you. [screaming] There, there, there, and there. I've been meaning to change your tail light anyway, Gary. - Now there's not one square inch of dark.

- Meow. - What was that, Gary? - Meow. You're right, Gary. I've got darkness inside of me! I bottoj we had something to eat though. Look what I've got! Rectangles! Not just any rectangles, candy bars! Oh. All we have to do is make 'em last the rest of our dock Thanks, SpongeBob.

Welcome to rock bottom think I'll eat Wrlcome now. I think I'll eat it now. Ow! Where'd my candy bar go? I must of dropped it. You just ate it, Pat. It's all over your face. Where'd Welcome to rock bottom go? I'm gonna starve. Where'd it go? SpongeBob to Patrick, help yourself, over.

Welcome to rock bottom

Yummy! Patrick to SpongeBob, the deliciousness has landed! Well, you two astronauts see more eat marshmallows. I'm gonna have a can of Swedish Barnacle Balls. Just as soon as I can Welcome to rock bottom my can opener. But Squidward, didn't you take a can opener when you hiked out here? Why would I bother? We're ten feet from my house.

But this is the wilderness. It just doesn't seem Welcome to rock bottom fit the camping spirit. Pretty weenie. Alright, alright. Give me a marshmallow. [screaming] [screaming] [screaming] [laughing]

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