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Current Accounts - Compare Personal Current Account Offers
Current accounts are a popular type of bank account used by many UK consumers in order to have their salary paid into the bank, to pay bills, and to manage their finances.

Current accounts are available to customers with a decent credit rating – those with a very bad credit rating may find that a basic bank account is their only option. Current accounts offer a range of benefits, and these days you can also get premium current accounts that charge a small monthly fee but offer a range of additional benefits to account holders.

If you are working and you earn an income, a current account is a convenient way to get your wages paid in and to access a range of services. You can pay your bills via your current account, you can set up direct debits and standing orders, you can transfer money, and you can make purchases using your cheque book or debit card. You can also, of course, withdraw cash from your current account either through the branch or using your debit card at a cash point.

With current accounts you will receive a cheque book, debit card, and often an overdraft – this will depend on your credit rating and your income. Some banks require a minimum amount of money to be deposited into the account each month in order to avoid being charged an account fee.

With most banks you can manage your current account online as well as by phone and at the branch, and this is perfect for those with busy lifestyles that may need to access their accounts outside of banking opening hours.

With a current account you do receive interest, but this is normally not a very high rate of interest. The Interest that is paid on current accounts can vary from one bank to another, and if you are not happy with your rate of interest or other aspect of your existing current account you can switch and change to another current account with a different bank. This could enable you to enjoy a better interest rate on your deposits, as well as better service.

If you wish to compare different personal bank accounts from a variety of banks, or if you are looking to switch your current account, you can do this with ease and convenience online. You will find a choice of current accounts available from leading banks, offering an array of valuable benefits and facilities for accountholders to enjoy.

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