Atari flashback portable review

Atari flashback portable review

Ever since Ben Heck's original handmade Atari VCS portable in 2000, the dream of a mass-market handheld version of America's most successful classic console has seemed tantalizingly close. And there's just something about the Atari flashback portable review of holding and playing an Atari 2600 in your hand Atari flashback portable review feels exciting; after all these are some of the first video games a lot of people ever Atari flashback portable review.

Well the day is finally here - or really was here a couple of months ago, I this web page I'm a little late to this party again.

But there actually aren't that many videos out there about this thing so I figured one more probably couldn't hurt. This is the Atari flashback portable and I'm going to take a look at it right now.

Now I mentioned that this device has been out for a little while so I Atari flashback portable review want to acknowledge a couple of other people that have also been covering it in the meantime. First, if you haven't seen it already go watch John Hancock's excellent review of this same device when you're done Atari flashback portable review he's a legendary collector, he's got far more games than I do, probably more than anybody else in the world, so subscribe to his channel also if you don't - it's it's just a fun thing to watch.

Alo Flojomojo in the AtariAge forums has been keeping an up-to-date FAQ on this device and as part of that FAQ Arenafoot also from the AtariAge forums has been keeping an up-to-date file of all of the games that work with this device. So as soon as you're done here go check that out.

As is often the case this new release of a classic system is brought to you by AtGames who have also brought us countless previous Flashback home systems as well as the odd handheld including the Ultimate Portable Game Player aka Atari flashback portable review Sega Genesis Portable that I unboxed on my channel a little while back.

I bought my Flashback Portable from Amazon; it came in basically the same box as my Genesis portable player obviously updated with Atari graphics and games. There was an earlier version of this box that had Space Invaders on the front but at this point I think you're almost guaranteed to get the Frogger/Centipede box.

Apparently there were some licensing issues with Space Invaders and the game is not one of the 60 built into the handheld. Future collector's item I guess.

Atari flashback portable review And there's just something about the idea of holding and playing an Atari 2600 in your hand that feels exciting; after all these are some of the first video games a lot of people ever played.

It's a little disconcerting how AtGames includes basically no packaging at all other than the egg carton box insert which only loosely holds the system; flasshback free to flop Atair between the insert and the outer box and there's no foam or even plastic bag to protect it. Luckily mine wasn't revie or scratched at all and there's at least a screen protector.

Unlike the Genesis portable the screen protector on the Flashback portablw is fladhback and it's not obvious; you can gcn from here to mtb vs road bike even leave it on if you're really worried about scratching your screen.

Inside the box is the unit, some basic black and white instructions and a charging cable for the rechargeable battery.

The charging cable is a standard mini-usb so if you lose yours chances are you have about 50 other ones stuck in your couch cushions or ready to attack from the floor next to your Atari flashback portable review.

The unit itself is almost exactly the same as the Genesis portable just in this black and orange color scheme that looks neat up close and somehow avoids being too Halloweeny. It is the color scheme of the original Atari VCS. Interestingly it still has the same six buttons too despite the 2600 joystick only having one, but four of the others replicate the front switches on a six switch 2600 with the last button being pause instead of reset; I think that's a pretty good idea given the chance of hitting one of these by mistake.

The much stiffer start button doubles as reset and you'd really have to hit it with purpose. There are a couple of obvious differences to the continue reading Genesis and there's really no way to spin them as good ones.

For one thing the revieww is no longer removable, also the screen is Atari flashback portable review smaller and has slightly worse viewing angles. I'm not sure if this is coming through on camera but it's difficult with the flashback portable to even see the same color through both eyes - the viewing angles really rwview that small.

Atari flashback portable review so many Atari flashback portable review games have black backgrounds that are most prone to contrast shift it can be a little distracting.

Atari flashback portable review Both of mine feel slightly different; one is way too stiff in one direction and loos in the other while the second is just loose both ways but both power switches feel really cheap.

Sound is another sore point as it often is on AtGames portables. It's tinny and shrill and easy to turn up louder than the system's speaker can really handle. Atari flashback portable review low volumes it's fine but you really need headphones to hear things properly.

One thing about the 2600 is that while it didn't have very advanced sound what it did Atari flashback portable review was powerful and bassy, so it's difficult for the Flashback Portable to reproduce it properly. Atari flashback portable review Flashback Portable also suffers from the same issue the people went nuts over in my Genesis portable video - the sounds that it makes are about a full tone lower than the actual console.

Honestly I don't think this is that all noticeable in real life; in fact I flwshback seen it mentioned in other reviews. I think us real old timers are actually more forgiving of stuff retrobit controllers unboxing and 1st impressions this.

Still I was impressed with the build quality of my Genesis portable for thirty bucks and I'm still pretty impressed with the quality of the Flashback Portable for 50; no it doesn't feel premium by any Atari flashback portable review but it feels well put together, Atari flashback portable review buttons have Atari flashback portable review nice snap to them, the d-pad works well and never seems to get stuck or reflect false inputs and overall it's just really comfortable to hold and use.

It does feel similar to other cheap Chinese knockoff handhelds in some ways but if you do think of it that reviee it's probably the best cheap Chinese handheld you'll ever use. The one real build criticism I have of both AtGames handhelds I own is the power switch which feels like it's going to break reviee from the first use. Both of mine feel slightly different; portaboe is way too stiff in one direction and loos in the other while the second is just loose both ways but both power switches feel really cheap.

The games included with the Flashback Portable have a pretty nice mix of stuff and I like the look of the menu a lot with the original box art. It's kind of annoying to navigate at first because I want it to be a fully directional menu but instead of moving to the next column when you right or left it goes to the next page.

I've done this about a hundred times. The sound it makes as you're scrolling through Atari flashback portable review does get a little grating to be honest.

Atari flashback portable review

By the way you'll probably be tempted to play Frogger first as it is featured on the box and if you do you may have a little senior moment as you try to remember if this is what 2600 Frogger really looked like.

In fact this is what 2600 Frogger really looked like. The version that comes with the system was specifically for the Flashback hardware; it's interesting to see what the hardware can really do and it's very close to the arcade version but it is missing the music and that's a big part of this game.

Obviously not every game Atari's check this out for is represented here but you can add your own via SD card. Like the Genesis portable the Atari portable's not a Atari flashback portable review percent compatible so some games just don't work but a huge number do.

I always want to say "billions and billions" but Ahari truth it's more like hundreds - still a lot of games. And unlike the Genesis portable which has minor problems with portxble lot of games the Flashback Portable seems to either run a game or it doesn't. Whatever it does run runs pretty much perfectly but then the Flashback Portable is emulating a much simpler system.

Now control is sometimes an issue specifically in paddle control games. The Atari 2600 came with both joysticks and paddles and even some of Atari flashback portable review see more built into the Flashback Portable Atari flashback portable review paddles on the original system.

There's no good way to a paddle on a d-pad; the flashback portable seems to try by just making your on-screen avatar move really fast.

But games like Circus Atari and Breakout Atari flashback portable review basically impossible to play on this thing. Atagi games play fine of course, possibly even better with a d-pad, though it's really down to personal preference.

Atari flashback portable review

The 2600 joystick was an eight-way digital stick though so a d-pad is a perfect facsimile There's a composite output port if you want to play games on a TV and you can just use a regular 3.5 millimeter to RCA audio cable for this - which is handy because it means i can show you Atari flashback portable review direct Atari flashback portable review between games on the Flashback Portable and those same games running on an original I'll add the disclaimer that i'm using my 7800 for the original games rather than my four switch 2600 due to a misplaced power adapter and the 7800 have a reputation for worse video output.

That said the Flashback Portable is just using a different type of output than either the 2600 or 7800 and it should theoreticallybe better.

Atari flashback portable review

Ayari In some ways it clearly is though I don't like the weird chroma crosstalk that looks like static dot crawl. Also you can definitely hear the difference in tone and pitch in these comparisons. Now I've heard click at this page people complain that AtGames doesn't include an hdmi output on these handheld and I agree that would be nice but I think it's a little unrealistic at this price.

Of course the question is always would you pay ten or twenty dollars more for that and I'm sure the answer is yes for a lot revie people - it might Atari flashback portable review be yes for me Atari flashback portable review don't know - but every manufacturer has to make decisions about what price point's ultimately the most profitable and fifty dollars is obviously just where AtGames thinks the sweet spot is.

I don't begrudge them for that. So do Atari flashback portable review recommend the Atari Flashback Portable? Well, heck Atari flashback portable review I do if you're already into the Atari 2600.

Idon't really recommend every kid in America go out and buy one of these - the games on the Atari 2600 don't always hold up.

I feel like the system at this point - and this may be a little controversial - but it is kind of held together with the glue of nostalgia. So you need to be feeling that for the system - you have to have experience with it, you have to know the games, know what they're like. If you do then having a portable version of it like this is just something you've probably been waiting for all your life and now here it is.

That said, for me a lot of the appeal of the Atari 2600 is tactile - it's the look of the wood grain, Atari flashback portable review heavy weight of the system, the feel of a cartridge or controller in your hand - that old-school nostalgic feeling you get from all of that and you're not going to porttable that from a handheld.

So for me I'm probably still going to play most of time on the Atar consoles but it is an amazing thing to finally have it in handheld form and in a good handheld form. Atari flashback portable review not perfect but it is an amazing little system and I definitely recommend anyone who's already into the Atari 2600 go out and buy one today.

That's about it for now - I hope you've enjoyed this review of the Atari Flashback Portable; if you did don't forget to like this video, subscribe if you don't already and I will see you next time.

Bye bye.

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