How joker should have ended

How joker should have ended

Awe Dang! WaaaAAaaaAAAAAAaaaaAAAGH You wanna know.

How joker should have ended

How I got down joier stairs? mmmm from falling? How joker should have ended falling! HA HA HA HAHAHAHAhaha ow Help! Hahaha! Stupid clown! What are you gonna do now? They took my sign! somebody stop them! Hey! Https:// guy needs our help!

Waaaagh! Oh! It's adults! Let's get out of here! Here you go! Wow! Thanks so much! No problem!

How joker should have ended How I got down these stairs?

We gotta look out for one another. You know? You How joker should have ended let this garbage get to ya! (laughter) HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. (crying) Have you ever heard of the Murray Franklin Show? (crying) I'm gonna be on it tonight. You can go, Gary. You were always nice to me Hello? Police? I want to report a murder! And I actually know where the killer is gonna be tonight! Please welcome. Joker! Agh! Get on the ground! You're under arrest! Freeze dirtbag! She's claiming he's my son, Martha!

She's clearly crazy! and. Lying! We can't let that kind of scandal go public! I don't care if she's lying or not. That boy needs our help. And How joker should have ended can How joker should have ended it to him! I know. You're right. You're always right! Welcome to your new home. Arthur (giggles) So our parents were killed.

and that's when How joker should have ended vowed to share an endless crusade, as the crime fighting Sega genesis clone with, Wisecracker! And his trusty sidekick, Bat Boy! How joker should have ended HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Hey what's up? I'm Bat Boy. Okay something has gone wrong. This feels REALLY weird. (cheering) (sigh) Well I could use a drink!

That's hilarious! hahahahaha! So that's how I became a super villain with a massive clown army! Super villain? I wouldn't go that far. Yeah. I don't think see more of that was real, bub.

What? Yes! I think you made it all up! Are you calling me an unreliable narrator? Yes! I'm insulted! Why would you say a thing like that! I was invited on tv. I stopped the host can 5 True scary hospital worker horror stories real night shift nurse scary stories those nobody stopped me. even though I just confessed to murder!

That started a riot, which caused Tomas Wayne, who may or may not be my biological father, To also get shot in the alley out back! Why does that sound so unbelievable? Because you are delusional! Because your girlfriend wasn't real! Because you didn't have any master plan! Yeah! That's not a super villain! That's just super dark and depressing! Well every has to have a beginning you know!

Maybe I'm just getting started! Maybe I'll go through multiple forms! And right now I'm just learning as I go! (laughter) Stop laughing! I'm the one who laughs! HAHAAHAHAHA!

How joker should have ended Arthur (giggles) So our parents were killed...

Someday I'll prove my super villain-ness! You'll see! Next time you see me I'll prove it! Who knows! Next time I might How joker should have ended look like a totally different person! Maybe I'll look like Jack! You don't know! Everybody loves Jack. No matter what I'll just keep changing! You'll see! I'll be relevant for decades! And you guys will just be stuck in the eighties!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What a loon! Yeah no kidding! I hope he does not How joker should have ended a regular here!

I kind of liked him! Get your fingers out of my mouth! why? Because I'm Batman! AAAAGH!

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