How to counter jax broken blade

How to counter jax broken blade

-Go Yasuo please. No, my Yasuo is sucks man. Nice Where's my emote?

How to counter jax broken blade -Go Yasuo please.

I got scammed :( I'm last pick. I can counter. How to counter Jax? You can pick Poppy. You can pick Jayce. Akali GP Lissandra Please man. I don't want to play against this Against Jax, you can go Doran's Blade. Because he can't poke you. -You don't like to play Jayce in solo queue?

No and I don't like to play against Jayce in solo queue. Just Jayce is. I don't know I just don't like to play it because. you get ganked once but you know, you know you every time I would play Jayce in solo ot I would win my lane and I can also Like take tower like ten minutes, but it's just you need to play well with your jungler to use Jayce most effective. Right? And you just can't do that in solo queue. Unless you do it with a jungler. because you need to win lane with Jayce to be useful or You can at least It's your strongest point you're laning phase and if the How to counter jax broken blade generally ganks How to counter jax broken blade because you're playing too aggressive then just blows He has double MR.

If he goes Wit's End and Malmortius and I'm not playing the game Just in case Hkw guys know. I saw that some people doing in EU.

How to counter jax broken blade

It's really annoying Nice. I hope he doesn't have MR. If he has MR now. He has Doran's Shield. Oh wow.

Man. I just need to stay until Cutlass After cpunter no fucking Cutlass. Hello? Oh my god, I almost survived. I'm almost survived. I had check this out so.

How to counter jax broken blade I can just do that I mean it's still ok. Still fine Oh wow.

How to counter jax broken blade

I think he's dead now. Alright no way He needs to fucking push his lane now and his jungler is most likely bot side. I hope at least. It's might be hard Oh my god. I'm inting. What the fuck man!

How to counter jax broken blade

He fucking pinged it. I'm just source blind. -You How to counter jax broken blade escape there.

Yeah, maybe At least I can got a kill. My CS is pretty bad this game. Oh wow. He fucking ulted. What the fuck was that So stupid. He used flash too, right? Thanks at least Gone TP. He's gonna win.

Every time I don't have W, he's winning. Ohh, what? He fucking ulted? Oh my god. Holy shit. I don't know what I'm doing man. I played it very differently on my head. I was very confused. We should go mid and fucking just take the tower.

How to counter jax broken blade Oh wow.

Distance be decent on Akali Maybe with conquer. Yeah, I don't think so How to counter jax broken blade I don't know Zhonya's Hourglass is very important for Akali. To be stronger plays and you have a lot of healing anyway Ahh, whatever. It's time for a quick run here Nice. Fucking. He just fucking flashed. This game counteer so maniacal again. Maybe I could get tower but they could be here.

Yeah. Oh wow. Oh wow dude. You How to counter jax broken blade really want me huh? Oh my god these items. I need Void now. Can we do it? Max fucking move. I'm getting the nutty flying please click for source. That's not nutty.

Nice. Yeah Did you? What the fuck They have not TP so. Can we push more? I just. Whatever. Think I'm gonna *scream at background* Holy fuck, this damage. Ezreal is balanced. Nope, because he's not ADC. Well I'm playing Akali so. I can't really talk about balance. Contributor: Batuhan ALPEREN

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