Lgr atari 2600 game console review

Lgr atari 2600 game console review

[announcer] "Discover Atari." [chorus] "Atari!" [announcer] "And discover how far you can go." The very name brings such heavy waves of nostalgia.

Lgr atari 2600 game console review

Really, one could Lgr atari 2600 game console review quite easily just thinking about it. It defined the dawn of video games. It really is that simple. Before Nintendo, there was Atari. Sure, Intellivision and Coleco also had their bit of fame, and Magnavox may have technically kicked off the home console market, but Atari stands out as being the number one console of the era.

Now, why review such an iconic and almost flawless console? Well, because I love it and I'm bored. The first thing to know is there are quite a few types of Yame systems that could be called "2600." The very first system is the Sunnyvale "Heavy Sixer" model, which came out in 1977.

It should have a Sunnyvale, CA sticker on the bottom, have six chrome switches, and weigh a bit more than later revisions. Of atqri, the easiest way to tell if you gamee a true Sixer is to just look at the sides here. The true Sixer has thicker and more rounded edging, and also a bit little revview to the sides compared to the 1978 six-switch model, which had a bit of an angle to the curvation on the front here and slightly different edging. A little bit thinner. Now, there was also a four-switch model teview difficulty switches moved to the back which came a couple years later.

Now, these earlier systems weren't actually known Lgr atari 2600 game console review the "2600" until a couple years later. They were actually called the "Atari Video Computer System," or "VCS." The read article first one known as a connsole was the so-called "Darth Vader" systems for their black look and slight resemblance to the Dark Lord himself.

Hmm.wonder if Vader had been woodgrain?

Lgr atari 2600 game console review The games are what you'd expect and that's awesome.

If they'd have called. Nope! Nevermind. Now, there were also systems made Lgr atari 2600 game console review license by Sears known as "Tele-Games Video Arcade" systems. They're still an Atari, and they still came in four- and six-switch versions. But they're really about the same system; there's just some cosmetic differences. And finally, later on in around 1986, there was yet another re-released 2600 sometimes called the "Jr." It's really just a new case of a four-switch model, slightly higher failure rate than the originals, at least in my experience.

I bought my 1978 six-switch VCS on eBay for about $25. Now here's the kicker: It came with all this crap, too. Yeah, it's really not uncommon to find one pretty good condition, working Atari along with a bunch of games and accessories for less than 30 bucks. You're basically guaranteed the standard games like Asteroids and Pac-Man, E.T. Air Sea Battle Combat If you want more games -- and trust me, variant Sega genesis mega drive review game sack You will you can usually get around thirty or so games in a pack for about $20.

I honestly wouldn't pay more than $3 for any game, unless it's slightly rare and the majority simply are not. So, just buy a bunch of packs, pick and choose and sell the stuff you don't want, whatever. Do try and get some paddles, too because probably a third of the games require a set. I'd avoid any third-party controllers because they suck.

There's also some weird freaking contraptions that'll probably come with any system, like this RF box. Eh, screw it. Probably corroded and infected with some 30-year-old plague anyways. All you really need is this little thing. Plug Lgr atari 2600 game console review into the cord that comes out of the Atari, and you're set to hook it up to any TV with a coaxial connection.

And also, before you start it up, just clean your freaking games! Lgr atari 2600 game console review won't begin to tell you the atrocities I've come across when buying games. I mean, they're usually full of oxidized piss and maggots and evil killer dust bunnies. Just get something to open the cartridges, use a Q-Tip and some alcohol. Nope. Some alcohol-- Rubbing Lgr atari 2600 game console review And it'll Lgr atari 2600 game console review fine.

It's well worth it to keep your machine from killing itself. The games are what you'd expect and that's awesome. They're simple, fun, addictive well, a good few of them, at least. Some of my personal favorites would definitely be Fishing Derby, Kaboom!

Seaquest Dragster Chopper Command Pretty much anything made by Activision. They honestly owned the Atari scene. Of course, there's my personal favorite, Circus Atari Nothing like bouncing a dude into blocky balloon things and watching his crack open when he falls. It's classic. I could go on and on. I mean, there's tons of great games. Oh, and Fast Lgr atari 2600 game console review [high-pitched computer voice] "You're getting fatter!" How many other games remind you of that?

There's plenty of mind-numbing games and moronic games, of course. Uh, see. There's Spiderman and Laser Blast Raiders of the Lost Ark E.T. Pac-Man Pele's Soccer Journey Escape I mean, most anything made after Lgr atari 2600 game console review, really.

Avoid them. For your sanity and for the sake of all that is right in games. The controllers themselves are great. Tight and responsive and suprisingly fitting to your hand even though they look kind of boxy.

You may need to clean the insides out a bit, especially the paddle and driving controllers but it's really not that hard if you follow intructions like those at [announcer voice] Atariguide.com Now, in my other reviews, I always comment on the ease of playing [clears throat] backups on the system. Surely with Atari, that's not really an issue, right?

I mean, piracy, 1979. Ok, well. There's this thing called the Supercharger by Arcadia. This allows your Atari to play cassette tape games, such as Communist Mutants from Space, and gave the Atari a bit of a memory boost, which allowed for better graphics. As an example here, compare the cartridge version of Frogger to the cassette tape version.

There's no comparison. Now it did this by reducing all the games to Lgr atari 2600 game console review and noise. Like this.

[high-pitched static] Really, all you need to do to get these games is the Supercharger and something that outputs through a headphone jack. Like a computer.

You can download ROMs, covert them over with MakeWav, play them and it will load the game. It's awesome. I mean, it doesn't work with all of them, but most 4K and 8K games I've tried work fine. Now, these things tend to go for around $40 but it's worth it if you can find one. I mean, playing prototypes like Bloody Human Freeway in learn more here original form is just priceless.

The 2600 epitomizes old-school gaming. Sure, it may have had, like, only four years of goodness before Warner fully killed off everything good about them and the Video Game Crash of '83 killed off what little remained, but you really can't help but love it.

Lgr atari 2600 game console review [announcer] "Discover Atari." [chorus] "Atari!" [announcer] "And discover how far you can go." The very name brings such heavy waves of nostalgia.

I mean, seriously. Get one. No, go. And do it. Right now. Okay. Ding! *frig*

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