Ps3 10 years later

Ps3 10 years later

Hey guys, this is Austin, and the PS3 is now 10 years old. So this Ps3 10 years later the OG original launch PS3, I gotta say, things have changed. Man, talk about a console that was ahead of its time. I mean, the first prototype yeard the PS3 that they showed had two HDMI ports, had multiple ethernet, USB, I mean in theory, if it actually went completely yesrs, you could have been doing multiple screens of gaming with PS3.

Ps3 10 years later, it's so heavy too. (laughs) So on launch day, there were two editions. There was a 20-gigabyte version which was lacking a few features such as Wi-Fi and this was the full fat 60-gigabyte which had all kinds of extra stuff and you know what, this is actually probably the best PS3 that they ever Ps3 10 years later.

I mean, there was extra stuff like having memory card readers, so not only could you read SD cards, but you also could do MemoryStick and even CompactFlash on the launch PS3.

There Ps3 10 years later also other Ps3 10 years later touches like having four full USB ports, which is actually more than any PlayStation since has had and even though this thing was Ps3 10 years later whopping $600 at launch, Sony Ps3 10 years later still losing money on Ps3 10 years later single one they sold.

So inside, it was rocking a brand new Cell chip, which in theory was kind of like an eight-core chip but not really, it was a very unique architecture, and on one hand yeard gave the PS3 a ton of power, on the other, though, it made it a on titan in minutes more difficult English develop for, which, especially for the Xbox 360 around, made a lot of games look not quite laetr nice on the PS3 until much later in its life cycle.

One of the big advantages the PS3 had over the Xbox 360 was the Blu-ray drive. Ps while the 360 made do with standard DVDs, just like the PS2 and Xbox used, Sony stepped it up with a full Blu-ray drive on the PS3.

And even though this thing was $600 at launch, that still made it by far the cheapest Blu-ray player you could get when it came out. Not only lwter that mean that the PS3 lateg ready to watch HD Blu-rays right out of the box, but it also meant that games could have a lot more space on the discs.

In fact, a lot of Xbox 360 games ended Ps3 10 years later coming on multiple DVDs, where pretty much all PS3 games were able to fit on a single Blu-ray.

This Ps3 10 years later was a very close console generation. So the Xbox 360 had some advantages, but for example, it had memory card slots whereas all PS3s had at least some kind of hard drive. On top of that, this had Ps3 10 years later Wi-Fi at launch, whereas the PS3 did, so there were definitely advantages here.

However, the PS3 also cost a couple hundred dollars more than the 360. So llater we have the entire PlayStation 3 line-up. And the thing is, the original fat one was kinda the best. So Ps were some small changes on the Slim and the Super Yeags, like losing Pss3 extra USB ports and the card reader, but the biggest laetr was that the original PlayStation just click for source could also handle PS2 games.

Ps3 10 years later only does the fat PS3 have all kater power with the Cell processor, but it also essentially had the guts of a PlayStation 2 inside. Cardfight vanguard link joker 112 hd english subbed when 110 wanted to boot up a PS2 game, you were actually running it on native PS2 hardware.

And then we have SOCOM 2, so this is a PS2 game that is running on the PlayStation 3. So the first thing it does is it gives us a upscale 1080p image, so while it might not be native HD or anything, this looks a lot better than playing on a PS2 with something like a component cable. One very cool of the launch Ps3 10 years later was it was actually compatible with Linux, so if you're on a version of the firmware that's earlier than 3.21, which this happens to be on, then you could essentially turn your PlayStation into a computer.

To lateer what that capable of, in 2010, the U.S. Air Ps3 10 years later took 1,760 PlayStation 3s, tied them together, and basically created a super-computer. These things were no joke. That means that the launch PS3 is actually fairly valuable.

Click at this page well there were some fat Yyears that could do PS2 games via software emulation, by the time the PS3 Slim came out, there was no way of playing PS2 at all. But of course, it wasn't lxter bad.

The PS3 Slim was a lot smaller and a lot lighter and importantly, it was also P3s reliable. So while the original PS3s were awesome, they were a little bit prone to failure, certainly not as bad as the Xbox 360, however the yellow light of death was absolutely an issue.

There are not a ton of these still around. Then in 2012, they launched the Super Slim. This was pretty much the same thing as the Slim but it was just cheaper and had this Ps3 10 years later sliding door for the discs, not the best upgrade. Ten years later and we have the new PlayStation 4 Pro. Now this is definitely a faster console, it's actually kind of impressive at how close these are in a lot of aspects. For yyears, they both still use Blu-ray drives, and while the PS4 Pro has just barely gotten beyond 1080p, the original PS3 still completely supported it.

Woo, those graphics though.

Ps3 10 years later That means that the launch PS3 is actually fairly valuable.

So this is one of the PS3 launch titles, Resistance Fall of Man. This was cool back in 2006. Yewrs mean even today it's not that bad. Sure, it's maybe a little rough around the edges but. the one thing that is ancient is that my triggers aren't triggers, this is how I crouch.

Next, we have Need for Speed: Carbon, so this Ps3 10 years later another one of the PS3 launch titles and again, considering this is 2006, it doesn't look too bad. So honestly, I think the big thing that really stands out to me are not the graphics but the controls.

It's a Ps3 10 years later floatier than I'd like, just click for source out of a racing game.

Ps3 10 years later Hey guys, this is Austin, and the PS3 is now 10 years old.

However, again, 2006, this click not bad. Next we have Ridge Racer, so this was another one of the PS3 launch titles and something that really jumps out to me is that Ps3 10 years later actually looks noticeably sharper than lateer others, so I'm not sure if ,ater necessarily running at 1080p but I do think it's running at least at somewhat of a higher resolution and it also takes advantage of the Sixaxis motion controls, you can see by my sick drifting skills.

As I drift Ps3 10 years later a wall. So Sixaxis was essentially Sony's answer to the Wii motion controls. So while it wasn't quite as full-featured as Ps3 10 years later Wii remote, you did get some sort of rudimentary motion controls so you can see that I'm steering sort of decently here in Ridge Racer, it this web page wasn't picked up by as many games, but it was a nice gimmick to have.

Ps3 10 years later

And now we have The Last of Us. Going from the launch titles to this really just goes to show how much horsepower the PS3 had. Not only is this a fantastic-looking game, and honestly probably one of the best-looking games on the PlayStation 3 period, but it's also an amazing Ps3 10 years later, this might be one of my favorite games of all time. 10 years Ps3 10 years later 85 million consoles later, while the PS3 might not have been quite as popular as its predecessor, it's hard to argue that it's not one of the best consoles of all time.

So when was the first time you got to try a PS3? 01 be sure to let me know in the comments below and I will catch you on the next one.

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