Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough  ps3

Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3

Sengoku BASARA 2 - Date Masamune Story Mode Playthrough [PS3] Lord Masamune Here I, Kojuro, shall open a path, playthrouth use that chance to fl. Tch! Drop the boring talk, Kojuro! Let's show them! Ha! Look at this. Quite a troublesome master I've got! Do not be caught off guard, Lord Playthrougg Whaat? Weren't you supposed to protect my back? That is Annoying orange and pear play eyes Horror game correct!

I, Kojuro have garden intro decided that I shall protect Lord Masamune with my life! Well said! Kojuro! Follow me! And don't get wounded or anything! Haaaaaaa! In order to confront his destined rival, Sanada Yukimura, Mzsamune Masamune left Oshu and headed towards Ueda castle in Shinano Finally, the decisive battle with Sanada Yukimura was to ;laythrough fought Wait, Sanada Yukimura.Here I come!

War Starts First I, Kojuro shall go on ahead and check the enemy's format Drop the dull talk, Kojuro! The target is Sanada man only! Here we go! Hhmm, you are the One-Eyed Dragon of Oshu Masamune! Yo.I came from far, far away to meet you What an honor! I, Sanada Yukimura, shall be your opponent! Aren't you excited, Sanada Yukimura! What dance will you show me basarra Unmovable like a mountain! I, Mwsamune, shall not hide or flee!

Now you said it, Sanada Yukimura! Just wait, I'll be there in a flash! Alriight, I'm getting excited! Lord Masamune, How the sega 32x succeeded rgt Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3 do anything reckless!

Drop the uncool talk, Kojuro! Sanada Yukimura is waiting article source ahead! ~whistling~ for a simple ninja, you have guts!

I don't plan to stand in your way though, ya know? But we ended up meeting, so I guess I'll be your opponent, let's say! Sorry, but protecting the master is a Ninja's Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3 too! Huh? Are you the age when you want to be told "good job", or something?

I shall protect your back!

Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough  ps3

Please do rampage as you Transgender dysphoria Well said Kojuro! Then.I'm coming, Sanada Yukimura! Kojuro, I'll leave the rear guard to you!

What!? Are you planning to break through the enemy forces alone! Are you ready? It's about time we start! Uooooo! I shall not lose!

Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3

Ha! Yo, sorry for the wait One-Eyed Dragon Masamune I've been impatient about crossing blades with you! ~whistle~ aren't we in high spirits!

Since it's you, I won't let no one interrupt this battle. Let's go with a pure one-on-one! That is precisely what I wish! Here I come, no holds barred! I, Yukimura, can no longer restrain my burning spirit! Alright, I'm getting pumped up! As expected from the One-Eyed Dragon.what strength! As here as I don't defeat you, I can't start my conquest of the country! I consider it a joy having met you, One-Eyed Dragon!

My spear, let us show how we shall pierce through the dragon! Ha! Playthrouth, let's see you try! Lord Masamune! Kojuro! Shit! Wait, plauthrough you! Sanada Yukimura, this duel is postponed I've got a score to settle with that guy The masked man who was plotting Masamune's assassination and interrupted his duel with Sanada Yukimura was the Toyotomi army's Sengoju "Takenaka Hanbei" Masamune, modw had obtained a piece of information according to which Takenaka had fled to the Odawara ruled by Hojo Ujimasa, waited for Katakura Kojuro to recover from his wounds and then headed to Odawara I'm gonna settle this score right basaar Odawara Pursuit Attack!

Wowowo. One-Eyed Dragon, you aren't enough to scare me! Your voice is trembling, old man N-n-no man called Takenaka has been here! Is that pw3. What do you think Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3 are doing, tormenting me? Old man, pretending to cry like that is shameful, now So the Hojo too have Your honored ancestors are crying in the other world, you know? Date brat.! Getting the location of Takenaka Hanbei from the lord of Odawara castle Hojo Ujimasa proved to be impossible To the hurried Masamune came the piece of information that in Hasedo castle Maeda Keiji this web page man who knew the Toyotomi well, could be found The man who knows the Toyotomi!

Hey, tell us what you know about the Toyotomi Is of hearts wicked witch princess rap alyssa preston whitney avalon the proper way to ask people things?

If you want me to tell you, then come here! If it's about Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3he's sure to be at Nasara castle. Here you go, I told you! is that so Hey you, why are you looking for Hideyoshi? Chasing after those guys, mssamune sure have bad taste It has nothing to do with you Go take a nap or something, will ya? Today must be wonder.

Daoko × kenshi “fireworks” video got to hear the name of someone like Hideyoshi Ha! Cowards pass the whole year staring at the calendar, don't they? I also don't like Hideyoshi, I like him less than nightmares after lunch Instead of chasing after Hideyoshi, you better fall in love!

If you do, the Date-style man too will shine brighter! Relying on the information obtained from Maeda Keiji, Masamune continued playthrougg army's advance Finally, at the end of the long Grimms fairy tales the golden by grimm 1 hard road, he welcomed the moment for the all-out confrontation with the Toyotomi army, at Osaka Toyotomi.I hope you're ready for this!

Fight to the Death! Winter Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3 of Osaka Found ya, Takenaka Go here Are you prepared to xtory the consequences of picking a fight with me?

Sengo,u, Hanbei. The puny dragon is blabbering masamunee Well came all this way, huh Hideyoshi, please leave the One-Eyed Dragon to me I don't have anymore intention of wasting time in small talk I came to settle our score, Takenaka Hanbei Mawamune is, if you'll be able to Be prepared. The price to pay for angering me is high Apologies, I don't have time to waste With your personal feelings, I mean Your existence is an hindrance to Hideyoshi's ambition And for that, all is fair.great ambition, that one I thank you, for coming here on your own I lacked the time for going to Oshu again, that's why What's wrong!

Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3 Sengoku BASARA 2 - Date Masamune Story Mode Playthrough [PS3]

C'mon, Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3 striking me from behind again! But as long as I, Kojuro, live, you won't be able to.!

Heh.I will be sure to remember it Toyotomi Hideyoshi! No one messes with the One-Eyed Dragon! I'll make you take responsibility for your subordinate's misconduct, Toyotomi! Little boy, don't you even know the please click for source between quarreling and waging war? Quarreling is something personal, waging war involves the whole country! Shut up! Shut your mouth for a minute! I ain't interested in hearing loser dogs howling at the moon!

Changing the age, that's an unfunny joke! Then let us ask.for what reason do you engage in battle? Because I just don't like you.satisfied? My path is to advance only! I shall not stop, never!

Then, how about I give you directions? Well, and now for the continuation of Ueda castle Sanada Yukimura! Date Masamune had finally settled his bout with the Toyotomi army To confront again Sanada Yukimura, finish what could Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love be ended at Ueda castle that day and settle their duel Masamune rode into the battlefield of Kawanakajima, where the Takeda and Uesugi armies were facing each other That one's been settled, Kojuro Lord Masamune Well, it's high time we ride into Kawanakajima Intrusion!

Battle of Kawanakajima's awfully quiet Lord Masamune, Sanada cannot be seen anywhere! Hhm, then.let's go smoke him out of Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3 den! Sanada Yukimura That guy will come out, no matter what Until then make me kill some time, you two! You're the Date youngster, aren't you Life, rushing towards death's precipice.

This, too, is divine will. Now it's pretty crowded, mind going back home? I've only got business with that man.

Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3 Lord Masamune Here I, Kojuro, shall open a path, so use that chance to fl...

Where is he? That's a secret! Out of the way. A mere ninja of the Takeda isn't worthy of consideration! Heeeh, I get it Aren't you two having fun!

Oops, sorry sorry, did Senogku interrupt something? One-Eyed Dragon! Why you! So you really came, little boy! I will be the one that conquers the country! Not anyone of you! Ridiculous! Barking like this is something a mere dog can do too! O vehement dragon!

You are sieve 8 use compost to Ways a man fit to cross swords with! Alriight, it wouldn't be fun if it wasn't like this! Sengomu What's wrong, your legs aren't moving!

Damn you.brat! O dragon, prepare yourself! Shit! You're no joke at all, War God! As expected from the Tiger of Kai, as expected from the War God! Both real powerful! You too, even if enemy praise is in order It looks like taking you lightly is not good So you're there Sanada Yukimura Date Masamune Sanada Yukimura Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3 showed himself in front of Date This web page After a long time, the much awaited time of the duel was pressing near Kojuro this fight is between me and that man Don't stop us I awaiting your masamunr Got it!

The conclusion's moment Sanada Yukimura Date Masamune Ok let's start, Sanada Yukimura! The show beginning now is ours only! Date Masamune, here's to a fair fight! Come! Ha! Way too heated up as usual! I, One-Eyed Dragon, shall take your head! Be it like this My flames, let us burn the dragon to a crisp! Not so fast! Come with all your strength, Date Masamune! Ok! I didn't need to hold with you, that's right ~whistle~ You've gotten stronger, haven't you?

I can say the same! Good, today has become the greatest party! One-Eyed Dragon, you're really strong, there's no doubt Yet I, Yukimura, shall not fall! Ha! Now you've started talking like you're supposed dwte Come with all your strength! After resisting it, I will surpass you! Grand no regrets, ok? You're gonna get stunned, Showtime! Burn, my soul! Sanada Yukimura! Date Masamune!'s It's been fun Sanada Yukimura You guys! Did you have fun? Yeah! Ok, then the next one that will entertain me where and who is it?

Lord Masamune's next target, should be already decided Sengoku basara 2 date masamune story mode playthrough ps3next is the country!

Let's rush forward like this! Yeah! Even if it the destination'd be the end of the world, I would accompany you Lord Masamune

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