The pioneer laseractive review game sack

The pioneer laseractive review game sack

(Game Sack theme music) - Hello, and welcome to Game Sack.

The pioneer laseractive review game sack (Game Sack theme music) - Hello, and welcome to Game Sack.

This week we're gonna take a look at a true gaming oddity. That's right, the Pioneer LaserActive. - Wow Joe, what the hell is this? - Well, you remember games in the arcade kind of like Dragon's Lair or maybe Space Ace? - Oh hell yeah man, I loved Don Bluth's stuff. - Well, this is kind of like the home version of that. Ssack, sort of, but not really, but the games come out on giant LaserDiscs. - Oh, that's interesting, LaserDiscs. You're going to have to remind me about LaserDiscs.

- No problem. Developed by Pioneer, MCA, and Philips in the late 70s, LaserDisc was a video format originally known sac DiscoVision. It used gigantic optical discs and it could hold 30 gzme 60 minutes of sound and video per side. The pioneer laseractive review game sack The video was pure analog The pioneer laseractive review game sack, which laseeactive plenty fine for the primitive society it was made for. Movies had to be split over two or more sides and sometimes even more than two discs.

Later model LaserDisc players switched sides automatically, but there was still an interruption.

The pioneer laseractive review game sack

Eventually digital sound was added to LaserDisc and later than that 5.1 sound came in the form as Dolby Digital and DTS. The pioneer laseractive review game sack discs themselves were fairly expensive and it was a fairly niche format. As a home video format it eventually failed shortly after DVD was introduced.

Pioneer LaserDisc, it's the best show in town. - Is it really? I think that must be a crappy town then Joe. (laughs) Anyways, so the LaserActive is basically heaven for gamers who love full-motion video then, huh?

- Yeah, more or less I suppose. And now let's take a closer look at the system itself. The pioneer laseractive review game sack LaserActive comes in the gxme of the Pioneer CLD-A100 LaserDisc Player. Back when it was introduced it cost over $900, but that's not all!

In order to play LaserActive games you needed to have what's known as a PAC. There was a Sega PAC and there was an NEC PAC. These modules would plug into the slot on the LaserDisc player itself. Games compatible with the Sega PAC were called Mega LDs and games compatible with the NEC PAC were called LD-ROM2s, not exactly a catchy name.

Now these games wouldn't run unless you had the appropriate PAC plugged in and each PAC cost upwards of $600 at the time except for this karaoke PAC which as you can see cost $29 at a thrift store. These PACs were damn tough to remove, too. You really needed to pound the hTe hard. (sweet energetic electronic music) What's more is that the Sega PAC could play Sega Genesis games and even Sega CD games.

And if you wished to disassemble your Power Base Converter, yes, you can play Sega Master System games on it, too. The 32X could not be enjoyed on the LaserActive unfortunately. The NEC PAC could play TurboGrafx-16 games as well as Turbo CD games. If you wanted to play import games, well, then you needed the Japanese equivalents to each PAC.

Now what's interesting is that the video encoder quality of the LaserActive is different than a real Genesis or TurboGrafx-16's composite video output. Notice here the composite video output of my real Genesis model one.

The rainbow stripes in the waterfall as Sonic moves around. On the LaserActive the rainbows are gone and the composite video is much better quality. On a real TurboGrafx-16 notice how the background shimmers when I move up and down lasseractive rope.

On the LaserActive this doesn't happen at all. Unfortunately the LaserActive only features composite video out, so it's not perfect, but for composite video it's pretty good. And of course drive master nerd mega Sega vs system nostalgia LaserActive can also play LaserDisc movies.

It does an OK job but it won't play back Dolby Digital sound and it won't automatically flip sides for you. As a LaserDisc player, it's OK, but nothing great. - So Joe, can you take a LaserActive disk and put it in a LaserDisc player and passively watch the game that way? - Well, you know, some people say they can do that, but when I put it in my player, it just kinda spits it right back out and I can't watch anything, I don't know why. - Hm, wow, really. Anyways, do you think we see some of the actual games playing on this system?

- Yeah, sure, let's take a look at The pioneer laseractive review game sack games. link techno-ish music) (electronic motor whirring) (door slamming shut) First up is Space Berserker on the Mega LD. This game is incredibly unique because it has full-motion video backgrounds and you have a crosshair to shoot your enemies pasted on top of it. Basically your main goal is to shoot the enemy shots to defend yourself.

Your secondary objective is to shoot down the enemies if you find The pioneer laseractive review game sack time. - [Dave] Wow, this seems exciting. - [Joe] You bet it is! This is what the LaserActive is all about! (dramatic video game music) (shots firing) (metallic howling echoes) Okay moving on, here we have Pyramid Patrol for the Mega LD.

It turns out there is a pyramid visit web page Mars and we have to blow it up. We don't like other planets havin' pyramids. - [Dave] Laeractive, just the thought of another planet having a pyramid pisses me off! - [Joe] That's right, we can't have that. Anyway, this game is really unique. Scak see, it has The pioneer laseractive review game sack full-motion video background and you have a crosshair on top of the video to defend yourself and to shoot enemies.

- [Dave] Wow, that sounds exciting. - [Joe] You bet it is. The pioneer laseractive review game sack is what The pioneer laseractive review game sack LaserActive is all about! (electronic sacj firing) (digital alarm beeping) Next we have the mighty Hyperion also on the Mega LD. This game is unique because it has a full-motion video background and you have a crosshair on top of that to shoot down enemies as you fly around.

- [Dave] Uh, actually Gamr think that's a spaceship, not a crosshair, Joe. - [Joe] Oh, I guess it is. It still acts and works like a crosshair pioneee. But in this game you'll need to dodge stuff and fly through an occasional ring.

The pioneer laseractive review game sack [Dave] This one sure dials the fun up to 11. - [Joe] Yeah, now THIS is what the LaserActive is all about. (dramatic electronic music) (electronic shots firing) Well, let's take a look at Vajra this time on the LD-ROM2. - [Dave] Vajra huh? This game must be all about the vag. - [Joe] Well, you better sit down Dave, 'cause Vajra is a super unique game that provides full-motion video backgrounds and gives you a crosshair to shoot things and defend yourself!

This time your goal is to defeat a giant robot in each stage. - laseractlve Hey Joe, what is that I see there? - [Joe] It's called color. This is the first LaserActive game to have colors I think. - [Dave] Well yeah, but there's no detail. - [Joe] The pioneer laseractive review game sack, you can't have both.

Still, this game Thd my favorite of the crosshair games and I really like the music. It sounds like Rayxanber II on the PC Engine CD. - Too bad there's no sound test, though. (sweet music that sounds like Rayxanber II) (explosions resound) Well Joe, those games were all right, you laserative, but definitely not worth paying $1,000 to play them though. So where is Dragon's Lair?

- Yeah, unfortunately Dragon's Lair and games like that were never released on the LaserActive. - No Dragon's Lair? - No.

The pioneer laseractive review game sack But you know, I'll always prefer the name Road Avenger.

- No Don Bluth, I am outta here, man. - No, no, no, sit and stay. I can show you a game similar to Dragon's Lair and a few other good games if you like.

- OK, OK, show 'em to me. (upbeat electronic music) (electric motor whirring) (door slams) - [Joe] This game is called Triad Stone for the Mega LD. I imagine it click originally an arcade LaserDisc-based game. Basically you follow some cartoon dude just click for source, give him power, tell him which direction to go and which direction to swing his sword.

- [Dave] So it works pretty much just like Dragon's Lair then. - [Joe] Yeah, pretty much. It's not a bad game, I just wish it would look better. - [Dave] Yeah, these games look kind of poor, even for LaserDiscs. Why is that, Joe? - [Joe] Well, that's because all of the video in LaserActive games is presented in 240p instead of 480i. This is likely because the Genesis How to playstation 3 yellow light of death repair TurboGrafx games were all in 240p and it had to overlay those graphics on top of the LaserDisc video.

So the video portion of these games were at half the resolution of normal LaserDisc video. - [Dave] Well that sucks. - [Joe] I know! (grunts) (beeping) (water roaring) (beeps) (sliding) (beeps) (beeps) - [Fighter] This web page (hissing) (beeps) (grunts) - [Joe] Here's one of my favorite full-motion video games in the world, Road Avenger on the Mega LD, but here it's called Road Blaster or Road Prosecutor depending on which region of the Sega PAC you have plugged in.

But you know, I'll always prefer the name Road Avenger. Anyway, the video in this game looks great, although it's only half of the resolution of the arcade if even that.

It looks much better than the Sega CD version of the game. The pioneer laseractive review game sack this game is just too tough. You must react incredibly The pioneer laseractive review game sack to the on-screen prompts or you will die. Also this game keeps mirroring the video back and forth randomly for no reason whatsoever, I hate that. And the sound kinda sucks, too. Really, it's nowhere near as good as the Sega CD version in any way The pioneer laseractive review game sack maybe the video quality where it's definitely better.

Still, it's pretty fun, though. (tires skidding) (flicks lighter) (laughs) (beeping) (yelling) (beeps) (beeps) (beeps) (tires skidding) The pioneer laseractive review game sack crunching under boulder) Here's my favorite game for the LaserActive, J.

B. Harold Manhattan Requiem for the TurboGrafx PAC. Long-time viewers will remember how much I love J. B. Harold Murder Club in the TurboGrafx-16 episode and this game is a sequel to that.

Anyway, one of the characters from the original Murder Club has died and two other people with nearly identical names also died, what's more is that they have all been ruled suicides by jumping out of windows.

- [Dave] Maybe they should change the name of their club to Suicide Club. - [Joe] It's up to you to crack the case. You'll meet plenty of characters. (easy listening jazz music) - [Dave] Oh crap, that's Morgan Freeman!

- [Joe] Every line of dialogue is voiced. And as usual, they went to the Game Sack school of voice acting, take a listen. - [Roberto] My name is Roberto Bansietti. - [Man In Tie] You say you're a detective form Liberty Town, huh? So Mr. Harold, what do you want with me? - [Morgan Freeman] It looks like an aspirin or something. - [Man In Tie] I still cannot believe Sarah killed herself.

Can you understand how it feels to be a father who has lost his daughter? - [Man In Gray Suit] If that's all, please go home. - [Man In Tie] Sorry, I don't like Italians.

- [Morgan Freeman] I agree there's something suspicious about that suicide. - [Man In Tie] I don't The pioneer laseractive review game sack to talk to that kind. - [Joe] I got hooked on this game, and of course I've solved the mystery and I've completed the game.

I do recommend you turn the voices and animations off 'cause that makes the game much snappier. If you turn all this stuff off you can complete the game in a little bit less than eight hours.

If you leave all that on, it'll probably take you about 70 or 80 hours. You can also get this game on your iPhone or iPod for $1. It now has cartoon characters and most of the test has been directly copied over, even the typos.

There are no voices, though. (easy listening music) Once again, this is my favorite game for the LaserActive. There's another J.B. Harold game called Blue Chicago Blues or some crap like that and it has a bunch more full-motion video, but I haven't seen it and I haven't played it, so I can only guess that it's The pioneer laseractive review game sack pretty good. - [Woman] Without hesitation I'd-- - [Woman] What is your name?

I see, Mr. Harold. - OK Joe, those games weren't too The pioneer laseractive review game sack really. Is there anything else cool on this system? - Well, you know, I don't know about cool. There's a lot of edutainment stuff and some other random stuff. Let's take a look. (Dave groans) (energetic electronic music) (electric motor whirring) English dub rokka no yuusha 01 the strongest man in the world slams shut) Let's look at the rest of the games I have for the TurboGrafx PAC first.

This one game with the Turbo PAC and it's called Quiz Econosaurus. It's a The pioneer laseractive review game sack of crap, but maybe it'll help children save the world some day. (upbeat video game music) (buzzer blares) Next is Angel Mate, a game where you play strip poker with Asian ladies. I have no idea what I'm doing in this game and I've not seem one bit of nakedness.

- [Dave] I might like this one. Let me take a crack at it, Joe. Yeah, I'm gonna need some tissue and privacy, please. (upbeat video game music) (menu beeping) (sad video game music) - [Joe] OK, now on to the rest of the games for the Sega PAC.

This is 3D The pioneer laseractive review game sack, which offers 3D images. I was almost able to play this one for a minute and 1/2 before shutting it off. I can't figure out how to control the menu. It seems really glitchy. (romantic instrumental music) This is I Will: The Story Of London.

You have some weird English Doc Brown-type of guy whining about something. - Oh. - Well I've been working on it for 30 years, I finally succeeded and now it's gone. (groans) - [Joe] Then you drive around and look at things and I have absolutely no idea what's going on here at all. - [Dave] Yeah, what's the point? Next game please.

- Https:// are we gonna do now at the International Clean Air Conference?

Everybody's waiting to see it. What can I do? I'm so old now. Who is gonna help me find the Alpha Ozone for me? - [Joe] This is Rocket Coaster, which actually lets you speed up and slow down the video depending on the speed of your vehicle. It works OK. Your goal is to basically stay on the track. Sound exciting? Well, it isn't. (energetic video game music) (motor roaring) (vehicle scrapes wall) (vehicle scrapes wall) Here is Virtual Cameraman.

I guess you get to take pictures of naked girls here. You can select from several below-average looking Japanese girls. Basically you ask them questions and depending on The pioneer laseractive review game sack you answer them they may let you take pictures of them. I have absolutely no idea what they're asking. I have no clue how I'm responding due to all of the moon language here, so I have yet to see a naked girl.

(rejecting you in Japanese) (sad music) A sequel called Virtual Cameraman 2 came out, believe it or not. It's more of the same, just with three girls this time and they look slightly video nerd jaguar game Atari 1 part avgn angry, I suppose. - [Dave] The pioneer laseractive review game sack Konichiwa, ladies.

- [Joe] Somehow I was actually able to take some pictures in this one, but I never saw any nakedness. - [Dave] Yeah, I think I'd keeping trying again and again if I owned this one.

I'm gonna get my money's worth. (speaking in Japanese) - [Joe] The Great Pyramid lets you learn all about the pyramids of Egypt. - [Dave] What the hell is this, the CD-I? I am so sick of this educational crap. Game systems should have games.

- [Joe] Well at least these pyramids on Earth and not Mars. - [Dave] Ooh, now I'm getting worked up again! These pyramids are for humans only!

- [Narrator] Construction began with the side sloping at 54 degrees, but at a height of 50 meters the slope was reduced to 43 degrees. - Wow Joe, that is just one weird-ass piece of technology. - Yes, it is. - Did we see every game for the system, though? - Well no, there are some games like Time Gal which are crazy rare and they're extremely hard to come by and very expensive, and I can't show that.

There are some others that I don't have either, so. - Huh, Time Gal, huh?

The pioneer laseractive review game sack

- Yeah. - All right, well, you know what? Next time I'm at the thrift store I'm gonna keep an eye out for it. - Oh, thanks. Anyway, that's the Pioneer LaserActive for you. We hope you found it interesting and we'll see you next week. (sweet-ass music arranged from Final Fantasy 3) (hands clap on disc) (hands clap on disc) (disc clatters) - Wow, nice dack. Hey, at least these LaserActive disks are big enough to encourage some physical activity.

- The pioneer laseractive review game sack, when we use 'em like this every game is a two-player game. (claps hands) - Hey, this is Ths Gal this web page the way. You actually do own it I guess.

(LaserDisc slaps Joe)

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