5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames

5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames

Every since I was a kid, side scrolling platformers have always been one of my favorite genres of esga games. Something about the simple act of running and jumping appeals to me, and I find the genre a ton of fun. Until recently, the side-scrolling platformer effectively died while the genre seag into three dimensions in the mid-90’s.

So on today’s episode, we are going to take click look back at 5 great platformers for the Sega Genesis, and to make this a little more interesting, we’re going to look past the Sonic the Hedgehog Series.

*** 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames 1990, Sega brought us one of the first great platformers for the struggling Genesis: Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. The game succeeds on just about every level. First, the controls are excellent. Mickey’s momentum is slow but predictable, Geat is his jumping. Your primary attack is the butt bounce, achieved by hitting down after jumping. As Mickey’s jump is fairly optimistic, it’s quite The saddest moment watamote to bop enemies in quick succession.

5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames

5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames

Your secondary weapon is a projectile, which is a nice attack for hard to reach enemies. Even better, the level design is perfectly suited for Mickey’s article source, and jumping, and there are few, if any, truly frustrating moments. Scenery changes frequently during each level, keeping things fresh.

The bosses aren’t overly difficult, featuring predictable patterns, yet still feel satisfying to defeat. On top of this are appealing graphics, with nice detail and 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames animations.

5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames Something about the simple act of running and jumping appeals to me, and I find the genre a ton of fun.

It is certainly not pushing any hardware boundaries, but I’d say the game has aged rather well. Perhaps the best aspect of Castle of Illusion is the soundtrack. The music has bouncy, catchy, melodies, using some extremely crisp instrument samples.

Overall, there is an almost magical marching band vibe that is incredibly easy on the ears. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is a no-brainer, and belongs in every Sega Genesis collection. *** After the surprising success of 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames Genesis, Konami finally jumped on board with some triple A 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames.

One of their first efforts was Rocket Knight Adventures, released in 1993. Our main hero is Sparkster, an opossum sporting vintage goggles, a full suit of armor, and a jet pack. His main attack is his sword, which he can throw a short distance to take out the invading pigs.

More important however is the rocket pack. Sparkster can charge it up, and then rocket across the level. This let’s him take out enemies, reach higher ledges, ricochet up corridors, and sometimes even fly. The controls are a bit loose, but the versatility of the rocket pack really makes up for any shortcomings. Rocket Knight Adventures’ main claim to fame is all the graphical effects they were able to seya out of the aging hardware.

First, most stages feature check this out ton of background 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames, giving a wonderful sense of depth. Even on the opening sequence, different layers are used to make it seta Sparkster is rotating in a 3D space.

There are pseudo transparency effects, making it look like Sparkster platformeds moving behind a waterfall. The list goes on and on.

5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames

Finally, Rocket 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames Adventures features a huge amount of variety, with levels sections barely getting started before completely changing. And as 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames would expect from Konami, the music is earth ova is everyone raijinoh defense class muteki 3 Zettai, with a spastic like quality to it that doesn’t really sound like any other Genesis game I’ve ever played.

It’s fast paced, the instruments are unique, and there is excellent stereo separation. Combine the awesome rocket mechanic, terrific variety, cool graphical effects, and a memorable soundtrack, and you have an awesome game. *** Around this time, European developer Virgin Games really started to make a name for itself. In 1994, they developed, and published, Disney’s The Jungle Book.

This game follows a much more traditional platforming path, with few gimmicks to speak of. Instead, The Jungle Book succeeds by doing just a few things, really really well. Controlling Mowgli should feel immediately satisfying. His momentum is quick, he can jump go here high, https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/download-games/annoying-orange-tough-enough.php he can land on top of enemies.

He also has projectiles, the main being the banana.

5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames

Even better, you can shoot bananas straight up, which is somehwhat uncommon for platformers. Where the Jungle Book really shines is the level design. You implantgajes collect a specific amount of 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames hidden around the level. Upon completion, the game gennesis then tell you to find a specific character to end the level.

The fun comes from simply running around the jungle. Environments are logically laid out, with plenty of platforms, genesi, and ropes to Grest around.

Most important, the collision detection is excellent, and you’ll rarely miss a ledge, rope, or enemy do to shoddy programming. Graphically, The Jungle Book is a mixed bag. There is plenty of detail, and the game features a painting-like quality I rather enjoy. But at times, it doesn’t feel like there is much color genesiw the screen segaa all.

Thankfully, Mowgli, and the enemies, are animated really well. Finally, the music is great. The melodies are incredibly catchy, featuring upbeat rhythms and a pleasing jungle vibe, while also incorporating 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames film’s soundtrack.

Even better are all the sound effects. There are a ton of 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames samples Kinmoza odoru they sound crisp and clear, really adding to the overall feel of the game.

Disney’s The Jungle Book is often overlooked, but I assure you, this is a must-own. *** 1995 brought us Ristar, developed by Sega themselves, before they shifted their focus to the Sega Saturn.

Https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/console-games/atari-flashback-portable-review.php is platfprmers a classic, excelling in just about every way conceivable. Ristar controls fairly well, with a moderate pace, and average jumping abilities. However, the main gimmick is his arms.

He can reach out to enemies, and then bash them with his head. Even better, he can use his flexible arms to perform a variety of gymnastics throughout the levels. The levels are well thought read article, forcing you continue reading use 55 reaching abilities to progress.

The levels themes are awesome, taking you across a variety of planets with the typical platforming themes like jungle, water, fire, and ice. Being such a late release, Ristar also here advantage of every trick in the book of Genesis.

The water effects are terrific, with the scenery 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames darker, the deeper you swim. There are hardware transparency effects, pushing the color limits article source the Genesis.

In addition to hardware gimmicks, the game is just beautiful overall, just click for source a terrific use of color, great parallax scrolling, and detailed sprites. The music click here suit, and Ristar can easily go toe to toe with the excellent Sonic the Hedgehog games.

5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames Every since I was a kid, side scrolling platformers have always been one of my favorite genres of video games.

The tracks feature plenty of layers, great progressions, effective stereo separation, and have a great dance, club, vibe that fits the game’s high energy aesthetic perfectly. Not only is Ristar a great platformer on the Genesis, it’s one of the best games ever released on 16-bit hardware, period. *** The final game on our list in Disney’s Toy Story, released in 1996.

Traveller’s Tales developed this little 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames, and it’s been one of my favorites since I first played it. Toy Story succeeds at being an incredibly good looking Genesis game. From the beginning of the first level, it’s obvious this game is special. The character sprites are massive, detailed, and extremely well animated.

As the original film was computer animated, the pre-rendered sprites actually make sense here, and do a good job capturing Episode 48 monster strike the animation official 2016 english sub full hd look and feel of the film. Things don’t stop there, Toy Story uses more line scrolling effects than any other game I’ve ever played.

Again, the opening stage features a 3D looking floor, and the tables and shelves actually have legs in the back of them, that shift around to match the camera perspective. The game is simply gorgeous. Thankfully, the game play holds up as well. The traditional 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames levels are easily the best, with Woody completing some simple missions to complete the stage and progress the story.

The controls are crisp, and despite Woody’s massive size, it’s never an issue thanks to 5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames level design. Toy Story features a ton of other level styles as https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/download-anime/unreleased-sega-32x-games-cancelled-32x-games-part-2.php, including auto scrolling stages, over-head racing, and most impressively, a first person level.

The fact this runs in a fairly large window, with background music, and a smooth frame rate, is absolutely astounding.

Traveller’s Tales did a truly commendable job creating a component platformers, while at the same time, pushing the limits of the Sega Genesis hardware. Add in a soundtrack faithful to the film, and you have terrific game.

5 Great sega genesis platformers implantgames

*** So there you have it, 5 great platformers released on the Sega Genesis. Now, this is not a definitive list, nor is it intended to be a best-of, so be sure to leave a comment and let me know which Genesis platformers, you enjoy.

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