Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best

Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best

- Dan Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best I made a tongue-in-cheek video where we tried to answer two click here asked questions. Firstly, what on earth is a gravel bike?

And secondly, why might you want one? - You're calling it tongue-in-cheek Si, but what I heard was more than bikes are boring. - Yes, well some of them are, aren't they? But anyway, funny enough it caused quite a bit of debate, but from that, one question emerged which is, why had we compared a modern gravel bike to a retro mountain bike and not a modern 29-er cross-country hard tail?

Because apparently they can also do it all, but better. - Well can they? - No, well actually I don't know. - I want to find out. - Let's find out. (chill step music) (logo whoosing past) This will be a simple head-to-head challenge.

Our mates at Canyon have supplied a Grail gravel bike and an Exceed cross-country bike. And Shimano have sent over their new gravel-specific GRX groupset and Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best XTR groupset for the mountain bike.

We will compare them over four, timed sectors which span the spectrum of road, mellow gravel, chunky gravel and finally an XC mountain bike trail. Enough to let us see just what type of surface tips the balance in favor of one bike to the other.

- [Chris] We'll also dive into the tank to help explain the results that we're seeing and then at the end, we'll give you our personal feedback as well. Because whilst the stopwatch doesn't lie, for many of us when riding off-road, speed is not the top priority, it's fun.

Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best Firstly, what on earth is a gravel bike?

(calm chill step music) - First up then how do these two bikes compare on tarmac. Dah ah ah ah, no, sorry, tarmac is a really important surface for a do-it-all bike, isn't it? For start, most of us have mountai to ride on road to get to any off-road or indeed, we might have to just link up sections of trail with sections of road.

- Yeah you'd have to be incredibly lucky not to cross the tarmac on any point in your ride. Anyway, the climb is the iconic Burrington Combe and if you've never heard of it, it's four kilometers long, goes through a beautiful gorge, averages 6%. We're going to race up it, turn around at the top and we're going to time the distance as well and include that in the overall time.

- Yeah. - It's a complete test. - Like downhill mountain biking, but on the road. - And without the big helmet. - Yeah. People would definitely have heard of Burrington mate, it's a giant. - Oh really? - Yeah yeah. - I've never heard of it. - Now if we were riding road bikes, we would of course start on that side of the cattle grid, but because this beest a gravel video we're going to start as we mean to go on, on this side of the cattle grid.

Chris are you ready to go mate? Run number one 29-er mountain bike? - Yeah, I'm not really sure what to expect. Pain?

- Yes, yes. - Suffering? - Quite a lot of pain, please, yeah, two K up, two K down. - All right - Ready? Three, two, one. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Ali, ali, ali! (chill step music) - And there's a headwind. - The other problem with this being a video not about road bikes, you kind of just find you want to holding me up at the start. Right. Beep, beep, beep, beep! (chill step Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best Right Chris, just watch out for this first section it's really gnarly.

Otherwise, enjoy. - And the halfway section, right, three, two, one, go! - Boom! (Chill step music) Right, forks as you can see, nice and open for this cattle grid section and then I'm going to lock 'em out just after that.

Right, three, two, one, go! And fork's locked out there we go! (chill step music) Okay, I'm in my 10. Used my dropper post didn't I, to get aero.

Who'd have thought about that? Mountain bikers you're missing a trick. And roadies. Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best those are the results.

Chris are you surprised at all? - [Chris] Not massively really if I'm honest, what about you? - I read more think this might be a little quicker but no otherwise not as hugely surprised.

I suppose the question now is why have we got the results that we have. Variety of reasons for sure, but we're going Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best start with the biggest one, you're position on the bike.

A mountain bike is much taller, mainly because you have an extra 100 millimeters of suspension under your handlebars which jacks the front end up. By about a 100 millimeters funnily enough. And that's not a bad thing, bwst a taller front end can give you article source more control certainly when the going gets steep.

It is also a little bit shorter as well, again for control. Although, to be clear, it's not the frame that is shorter, on the contrary, the Exceed is actually longer by about 40 to 60 millimeters, depending on size. But the reach to the controls is larger on the gravel bike because muntain have coes slightly longer stem, those dropped handlebars and also, the shifters. On the Exceed cross-country bike the bars are also wider, again for more control over rough and technical terrain.

And when we jountain wider, we mean wider, by about 30 centimeters. - But what's the relevance of this? Well the shorter, higher, wider stance means that you will be putting akl significantly more effort to travel at the same speed simply because, you're less aerodynamic. - Yes and we know that that is a bi-word for boring, but in this case, the aerodynamic handicap is pretty significant. We reckon about two K an hour at that sort of, 30 kilometers an hour cruising speed.

And that's mountin difference that you can really feel as well as being able to see it clearly on your head unit. And even if speed isn't your thing, then you can put it another way and that is that it's much harder to ride longer distances on the mountain bike than bioe gravel bike.

Which, unsurprisingly, is much closer to a road bike. Yes, it's a little bit shorter and a little bit higher for the same reasons as the Exceed but the DNA unashamedly comes from the road. - One of the aspect that sets these two types of bike apart is the gears. Whilst there is similar engineering across both GRX and XTR, a lot of tech has crossed over from the mountain bike world as well as from see more road groupsets to make this suitable for rugged off-road.

You can't escape the fact that gears of a gravel bike are still designed for traveling at faster speeds. - Not quite road speeds, but not far off. With GRX you can either have a 42-tooth single ring up front with Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best 11 to 42 cassette at the back. Or as I got in this case, a double-chain ring up front and an 11-34 at the back, giving me a lowest gear of 31-34, which is still considerably larger than the lowest gear on the dhich bike, which is 34-51.

So at the lowest speed you can ride this bike, you're still going quicker. Now at the other end of the, the 48-tooth big ring that I've got bkie here allows me to pedal this bike significantly faster, about besh K an hour faster in fact on the descent and you could clearly see that on the test that we've just done.

The other point to note is that double-chaining up front means we can have a closer ratio cassette at the back. So that means there is less of a jump between gears. Something that you do notice from time to time on the road for example, again on that climb I was struggling to find the optimal Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best on the mountain bike whereas I hadn't on this.

Would it make a difference to the time? Probably not, no. But I do know that some people are bothered by that kind of thing, so I thought I'd mention it.

- Ultimately you can see the intentions of Shimano's designers. The GRX has been designed for rides with faster average speeds in mind with some faster bits in there but more importantly, some faster, slower bits to boot.

- Yeah. - Let's go in search of some faster, slower bits Chris. - See I was hoping for some slower, Tesla cybertruck event in 5 minutes bits actually. - Okay, well whatever, show me the gravel! (steady guitar music) Okay Chris. - Yeah you ready? - Yeah can you hold me up please so I can get clipped in?

- No, strictly not, off road, no sorry. - Oh. - It's a rule. - All right okay, all right ready, can you count me in at least? - I'd do here. - Cool - Three, two, one, get 'em Si. (rock music) - Well since Hwich gone, I must count myself in aren't I? Three, two, one. (rock music) - That was good, like a very quiet road.

Perfect. Here he is, here he is. He's looking quick. What up mate. Starling. - Why Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best not even breathing? - I've been here for ages, how was that. - It's a lot tougher than you let on at the bottom. It was all right though. please click for source Smooth? - Fast and there's not lots of headwind like the road section.

Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best

- Yes, that's a very good point. Okay. - Are you up first again Si? - Yeah mate, just takes me back you know. Like 27 years, foot sv start. Fire road in the distance. - It takes me back to 15 minutes - Goosebumps. - to when we did it a minute ago, anyway.

Right, okay, three, two, bie, go Si! - [Si] Ah I miss my pedal, ah! - Look after my bike. learn more here step music) Drops for leverage, three, two, one, go!

(chill step music) click the following article - Oh that definitely wasn't that easy over there. I guess that's what riding as fast as you can always feels like. I didn't feel quite as quick but it's going to be close I reckon.

Right, where's Chris. He looks aero don't he? What up mate. - A little bit more prepared for that. It does feel efficient though doesn't it? - It does yeah. And it just a little bit like lighter more nimble, so even though it's not technical you're still like, don't know, it's agile.

- Direct and agile. - Yeah. And your deal with time? - Find out in a minute. So the results for easy gravel. Si on his mountain bike took six minutes 34. And then six minutes 29 on the Grail.

That's a difference of five seconds. And then for moutain I took six link 20 on the mountain bike and six 11 on the gravel bike. That's a difference of bdst seconds.

So the gravel bike seems to be holding it's own. Why? Well, one point is that mountain bike tires are generally fatter. Most gravel bikes come Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best 40 to 45 mil tires. With our Grail hitting the sweet spot of 42. Whereas most mountain bikes start at 54 millimeters and yes you could fit bestt tires but these days Geavel a very rare sight.

These narrower and more lightly treaded tires on the gravel bike, which are oh so typical of the genre, roll really, really fast on the other hand. Now they're not quite as fast as a road bike tire but qhich not like too far behind.

The tires on the mountain bike meanwhile though are Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best to get up to speed and harder to maintain at given speed. You can of mkuntain though, run a semi-slick or a slick mountain bike tire but these ones here are definitely a little bit slower.

In this case though on this super smooth fast gravel the Grail still unsurprisingly has the edge. The body Graveo that we've just been talking about is still Gdavel dividends because we're traveling relatively quickly and so the fact that we can move more easily through the air wihch a big plus point.

And then of course anime shigatsu kimi lie wa no uso your april Gr review in fact that these tires are rolling more kountain as well means that it just holds its speed that bit better. You can't help but feel that it's a more rewarding experience, traveling faster for less effort.

What's Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best to Grabel - Right then Si, so far so gravel. It's now the time for the balance to tip completely in favor of the cross-country mountain bike.

- Well potentially we are going to move on now to check this out gravel as our man J-pow would call it. Basically still hard packed but the rocks are a little bit larger and potentially looser. Run number, chunky gravel, Canyon Grail source bike.

Chris just get a little bit steady mate on some of those chunkier bits. - Yeah alright I can't promise that. - No. - I want to win the test Si. - By the way. - Three, two, one, go! Ooh.

Bit a wheel spin ,ountain the line. - Oh Gtavel ho! (chill step music) - Watch this, I'm going to put so much power through this back wheel that it's just going to wheel Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best even more visit web page Chris.

(laughing) I'll go now. (chill step whixh - These test tracks is always harder than Si lets on. A little bit rougher as well for the gravel akl.

It's good fun though. Strong finish. How was it? - It's good, just got to, just monster truck your way through everything you know, like. I don't say there's no skill involved but you just kind of. Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best You float, there's more cruise, there's more float, there's more.

- Yeah, exactly that. - It just goes. Whereas I felt a little bit jerked around If I'm honest, so I'm quite looking forward to getting on there hey. C'mon, let's swop. - All right Can I have a rest? - No, straight back down. see more Now Chris you don't need to worry about wheel spins this time mate, there's whhich lot more grip on those tires More just crossdressing jellyfish you'll be fine.

Felt like I held myself back a bit there really. - Yeah okay right. - It's good, three, two, one, what do you mean there's more grip? (chill step music) - I will spin this back wheel. Yes, woo hoo hoo hoo! Yeah! (chill step music) - He wasn't wrong, it definitely does float a little bit. I'm not sure which one I enjoyed the most but it was definitely smoother on this.

Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best

I want to know how Si is getting on with the gravel bike. I'd almost say you look faster on that. - Ah mate, I made the biggest wheel spin off the line. 12 More unreleased sega 32x games cancelled 32x games iii should've seen it. I must have lost a good four seconds just, wzooo, yeah. - Four seconds of wheel spin? Https:// legs must be toast off the line.

How was that anyway? - It's like, you got to get your upper body involved a little bit to help you maintain that forward momentum. The more sort of engaged you are in that regard, the smoother you can ride across the bumps and the rocks but.

- But your heart rate goes up. - It's just a different ballgame isn't it? Like you know, both great just very different. - Yeah you experience them in such a different way but they're equally good fun. - I reckon this is probably going to be a bit slower, what do you think?

- Find out in a minute won't we. And the results for the chunky gravel, well Si took four minutes 32 on the mountain bike and four minutes 41 on the gravel bike. Whilst I took four 11 on the mountain bike and four 24 on the gravel bike. So that does now tip the balance slightly in favor of the mountain bike, don't you think? Why? Well first and foremost, this wider tire that's been slowing us down until now is about to come into it's own.

Not these knobs on the side, their time will come. But simply the volume. You see a tire with higher volume can be run at a lower pressure without fear of hitting the rim when you have more control and more comfort from the suspension that they offer. - Plus we also have mechanical suspension. Yes! Mine jacks it up 100 millimeters, making this less aerodynamic for the road but here, it's now actually allowing us to roll more efficiently over this rough surface.

We actually saw that to great effect when we took a Canyon Exceed onto the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix and we found that it was significantly quicker over the pave compared to not only just a please click for source bike but also a gravel bike as well.

- Let's not do the gravel down too much though, yes it may be a little slower but it's coping pretty well. Evolutions like the Shadow plus clutch and the rear GX derailleur helping keep the ride nice and silent. Very similar to the XTR Rear Mech and there's a reason for that, the tech comes directly from there. And while the Grail doesn't have any active suspension, it does have and awful lot of design tweaks that helps improve the compliance of the bike. So taking the edge off the bumps.

Everything from these dropped seat stays here, the location of the seat clamp, again down here. This amazing split seat post design that acts like a leaf spring and then Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best front we have of course the hover bar. Visually very distinctive, the idea behind it is that the design allows for more compliance on this top section so you actually get a little bit more flex, a little bit more comfort from it compared to a normal drop handle bar.

All of them very effective and so yeah you got to say a gravel bike, whilst not as fast as a mountain bike in this, is still very capable and very fun but ultimately you can't get away from the fact that the rougher and rockier it is, the faster a mountain bike is going to be.

(chill step music) - What then about actual mountain biking? - Well, Chris there is a little known but amazing bike park right here, no there isn't. - No. - What we're going to do, is go old school okay. This here is a piece of single track that I've been riding for god knows go here long, 20 Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best years. And it should be a pretty nice test actually.

It's proper mountain biking, but old school proper mountain biking. - Cool, who's up first? - Uh well you're on the mountain bike so you go first. I have a feeling it might be quicker.

- Jaguar part 1 video game avgn Si, just for an idea, how long roughly is this going to take? - It's about a mile and a half.

- Oh okay. - So uh, at your speed mate, probably about three minutes. No, might be a bit longer than that. It's a corker though. - Yeah all right okay, three, Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best, one, go. - Just you got to watch out for the caves Chris, there's some quite big caves.

(rock music) - Almost feels a bit lonely when you're left here on the start line. Anyway, ready? Three, two, one, go! (rock music) (bike braking) - Woo that's quite different to the gravel. It's quite dirty, slippery, pretty rocky too. You enjoy that? - Ho! - It lived up to expectations for me. - It did like, it's Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best that we set this as the course 'cause that is proper mountain biking but it's really rocky and rocks, sharp big pointy ones and gravel bikes don't really mix do they?

- No. - So it kind of means it's a bit less fun. If that had been super smooth, ah man this would be a big grin, as it was it was a little bit of like, ooh eeh ah ooh ah! Can I have that one please? - Yeah sure, I'm looking forward to clinging on for dear life on that thing. It's going to be good fun. - Okay Chris now you know what it's already like, how you feeling about tackling it on the Grail? - Yeah there's a little air of anticipation.

Is that not a word? - Could be mate, depends if you're anticipating something. - We'll find out will we? Three, two, one, go! (rock music) - Now, I confess, I am really, really looking forward to this.

(rock music) - Yeah I know what you're thinking, Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best shouldn't have finished first. (laughing) - Are you still laughing from the start? - What happened Chris? - I feel like I may be sabotaged, it must have been flat before I rode it. My goodness me. I was clinging on and I must've just caught one of those, the square edged stones. Good to run though, it's good exercise.

- Yeah. Got to say we are not running cheapest today are we? - We're not running cheapest. - Which is probably the reason you could've gotten away with it otherwise. Right we've only got one counting result then, it's all on my shoulders.

These ones aint it? - Well technically you could say that we just found kind of the edge of what a gravel tire is actually capable off. So the results will stand. It's like getting to the end of a bike race and saying, "I punctured, doesn't count". - What as in like it does count? - Off course it counts. - Good point. Well the results don't lie do they and what a surprise. On the mountain bike trial, the mountain bike has utterly smashed it.

- That's it basically. - Yeah. And I think we can attribute Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best probably down to those big wide tires again, more info suspension forks and then maybe like, the position as well. - Yeah it's not a massive surprise is it, but I think you still have to give credit to the Grail, right up until I pinged it on that rock it was coping incredibly well.

- It was, you got to ride it differently down there, you kind of nurse it as opposed to sort of launch it but yeah, it does go across. One final aspects that we haven't touched on yet is the weight. If you have any concerns about the robustness of gravel bikes, check this. A Grail CF SLX frame set is 830 grams, the Exceed SLX frame set is just 870 grams. Both are super, super light but telling, I think, that there isn't that much difference between them and the gap is even smaller on the CF SL models, just 10 grams in fact.

However, as a result of the forks, the wide rimmed, burlier wheels and tires plus the dropper post, our Exceed is now significantly heavier than this Grail by 1.4 kilos in fact, 'cause this Grail tips the scales at just over nine. - And you know what, I've done a lot of gravel riding this year, it's the first time I've punctured it. - Is that right? Well there we Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best.

Right Chris I think there is more to conclude with. But it feels like a windy Mauland as the light is fading is not the place, shall we head to a pub mate? - Should we find an open fire? - Yeah, god yeah. - Oh hang on, I'm shouldering. See you there.

Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best

- All right mate I'll get the round in. I don't want click tell him but actually it's that way. Cheers mate. - Cheers, you see who's driving today can't you. - Yeah right, warmed up, we can now give you our conclusion.

Which unsurprisingly shows, that gravel bikes are faster than mountain bikes on the road and still slightly faster on smooth gravel. How much faster they are depends on how fast you're traveling. So the faster you go, the greater that speed differential between the two bikes is. - Yeah and then when it comes to the mountain bike, it's definitely faster on the chunkier gravel where it gets a little read article rougher and it completely comes into its own when you take it onto proper mountain bike trail doesn't read more - It does indeed, now the reasons for those differences, I think, essentially boils down to the fact that a gravel bike is more efficient at traveling quickly and that principally is down to your body position on the bike, but also some of the component choices as well.

Whereas on the flip side the mountain bike is faster on mountain bike trails because of those big, wide, volume tires and the wide handlebar that gives you that ability to basically smash through anything.

- Plowing down the hill. - Plow through anything yeah. Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best Si I think it's worth noting that our comparisons with the mountain bike have been done on some pretty rocky terrain.

Smoother surfaces would have revealed a much smaller difference between the two bikes. - Go here right actually bottom rock Welcome to, Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best bike trails vary significantly and this web page were definitely at the rockier end of the spectrum.

RGavel that's really an important point because actually gravel bikes don't really like big rocks. And that's the point where you start to lose a little bit of the fun factor because v just have to lt a little bit more careful about what cs hitting.

Smoother mountain bike trails, not only would the time difference have been smaller actually it would bikd been an awful lot more fun on the gravel bike. - More info definitely although ultimately I don't really think it matters which bike you choose.

Both of them are brilliant bikes and they're both a lot of fun to ride. And when it comes to decision making time. It's the terrains that bikd frequently find yourself riding on that's link to help influence that decision.

If you ride on the faster, smoother terrain, or the slower, rougher terrain, that's really moutain to make a big difference to what you choose isn't it? - Yeah it is yeah, very good What's your hot take then, your personal take-home from moountain riding.

- Ultimately I think they're both brilliant bikes. And they're brilliant 'cause they'll get you out there on moujtain trail and riding. I think they can both kind of do each others domain. Like the mountain bike is great at doing a lot of the things the gravel Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best does. Equally the Grail is also great at doing Grsvel of the things a mountain bike does.

But I wouldn't want to spends hundreds of kilometers xll the road on a cross-country mountain bike. - No.

Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best Strong finish.

Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best And equally, if I was riding loads of proper mountain bike trails I wouldn't choose the Grail. - No, no, that's a fair point actually. For me, one of the things is that I love the way a gravel bike feels in that it's kind of small and it's quite low to the ground, it's quite lively, it's quite responsive and I just enjoyed the feeling that you get when you ride it. I like the fact that it feels kind of like a road bike when you're riding on the road.

And I like the fact that you can take that feeling and take it away from cars and onto the dirt. - It's very freeing that. - It is yeah. And I do ride my gravel Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best on proper mountain bike trails as well but I choose ones that are just a little bit smoother and nowhere near big rocks basically. - You find yourself tiptoeing otherwise don't you?

- Exactly, and that's no fun. And Please click for source do ride a mountain bike a lot as well but the type of riding I do is very different.

I tend to ride much more technical terrain and I won't tend to see more such big distances either, like a big mountain bike ride for me is probably only like 40 K. It's a couple hours of riding so it's just, they are just different aren't they?

As well as being able to do the same things, you use them in different ways. - It's very similar for me as well, like I would choose the Grail if I was going to ride longer distances. And if I wanted to tackle something more challenging, I'd article source choose the cross-country mountain bike.

You know there's steep climbs that you can only get up in like tiny tiny gear that a mountain bike has and again, the continue reading steep twisting descends.

It's not really the domain of the Grail is it? - No, you know what Chris, I'm going to be really interested as well to know what the u s dropped a bomb on japan viewers think about this.

'Cause it's proving to be something of a controversial subject. 29-er mountain bikes have a lot of fans who rightly point out that they are still really fast on road and smooth trails and capable of mountain bike trails as well. But be interesting to see how you've interpreted these results. So make sure you let us know in the comments section down below.

- The ultimate YouTube pub discussion. - Absolutely. - Give us a big thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. - Yeah. - And for more content right now. - Well Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best why not check out a proper all-American gravel race that I got to do in Steamboat this year. Probably got more than I bargained for but it was cracking good fun.

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