How to use other another correctly ⭐️ english lesson

What's the difference between these two words? If you're learning English, words like this might seem a little confusing or maybe even frustrating. I'm Emma from mmmEnglish and today I'm going to explain the difference between 'other' and 'another' and show you how to use each of those words correctly. Well I'm ready to get started, are you? He lives on the other side. He lives on another side. Continue reading How to use other another correctly ⭐️ english lesson

No one understands this movie and why

Starship Troopers was a movie. I watched when I was eight years old and I thought it was a pretty cool sci-fi movie but what I didn't know was that it was one of the most misunderstood movies ever. my eight-year-old self will be completely surprised. Starship troopers a dumb space war movie Starship Troopers a brilliant satire of military propaganda Starship Troopers a movie that misunderstood the novel he was parodying and then got misunderstood for what it was parodying Starship Troopers war is stored in the balls Hello everybody it's me Lately, there's been a lot more articles talking about Starship Troopers as in the light of we got it all wrong How could we have been so blind you're all a bunch of fools, you do not understand. It was a joke Wow I'm DoiNg mY paRt I'm DoiNg mY paRt I'm DoiNg mY paRt I'm DoiNg-- your mom (Adults laughing at a 9 year old) Maybe in retrospect. It's easy to point out. Continue reading No one understands this movie and why

Dark future blood red states • ламповая игра

hello everyone today we will try A new game was sent to me by developers from her key so hopefully I hope someone of you will like it games workshop developers the name of the game is so long... I will let you read by yourself there is a whole sentence let's start video [music] Good start Dark Future:Blood Red States Here, as far as I remember, this car is we will not think long create new driver, because i was trained quite boring and uninteresting go so well here is a basic choice of name and We do not enter anything in the same way inventory, weapons, letters so a set of missions, skulls marked complexity is also nothing such a style games are pretty in retro style let's call it and the store bought sold like a crossout but on simpler single player this the main disadvantage So the game is similar to the arcade machines of the 90s only with a view not from above but in 3d as for me not my genre we call it so don't judge too much what they play fully free camera forward back we just move speeds 1 2 button is a course weapon 2 is turret there on the cockpit the third button these are bombs from behind to throw off one of most effective means of dealing with enemies and fast hints in the bottom left corner what weapon was reloaded as for me would be much better spanish just displayed constantly with indicators cool down in crossout Well, the first mission here is nothing special need to do, you just need to go from point A to point B and kill as many enemies along the way, a fairly simple mission for first job The game is made on the Unreal Engine so in principle on the schedule I would say that she is nice but gameplay itself on the fan I'm trying to do something with the mouse although in principle the mouse is not needed Artificial Intelligence it's pretty stupid here as you see it can be easily deceived and skip ahead and go to the tail Well, this is just the release and the game is still to put it mildly raw first mission, we will pass two missions because fewer spoilers want buy the game yourself and go through it don't want don't play your business received a money received a letter thanks for the money immediately make progress but we we will not do this we will immediately go to next mission so mission escort escorted let's see how much the game can be broken there is a tactical game mod that is, you turn on the game slows down and you assigning commands to something like Fallout accompanying not very I accompany him first enemies where are you? passed a quarter of the way and there are no enemies here is the first enemy which the gets under grenades, well, almost again skip ahead and finish bang and its not rear throws grenades and gas So gun course shoots exactly on the line and turn and the turret can and turn the game seems to be still ramming I did not notice does the enemy get significant from this damage but I’m not exactly taking damage. see the top view, just that same 2d The arcade version I was talking about I think that if the developers did separate 2d mode when it would be more convenient Yes I did it, I flew off the track and flew from where you can not fly away impossible as it were quite illogical, why wait pressing the button if you can immediately can teleport me to the track at the end of time, okay. the essence of the convoy as kind of pretty wrong when the car I escorting especially and not destroy but then just drive from point A to point B boom how I did it I don't know because I think it zafilil the mission fulfilled the money we received are rich so what do you think want to know about the game more you buy it, a description of the game and reference to steam in description [music] Continue reading Dark future blood red states • ламповая игра

Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best

- Dan and I made a tongue-in-cheek video where we tried to answer two commonly asked questions. Firstly, what on earth is a gravel bike? And secondly, why might you want one? - You're calling it tongue-in-cheek Si, but what I heard was more than bikes are boring. - Yes, well some of them are, aren't they? Continue reading Gravel bike vs xc mountain bike which does it all best

A more resilient simple garden

2018 was not a great season in the gardens, at least not for me here in Ireland, with the drought, numerous distractions, the fire damage, and the fact I taken on too much. All of the 7 family scale gardens suffered in a different way, but perhaps the Simple Garden did the best. Although the yield from this garden was about 75% of what it had produced the previous year, overall it was a better harvest than in the other gardens. It seems that this gardening method is more resilient to the stresses the season brought, perhaps most significantly it was a lot easier to manage during the busiest and most problematic times of season. Having completed the second growing season for this Simple Garden method that I've developed, it's starting come together and to become more refined. And I'm beginning to understanding how to better manage this significantly different gardening method. Continue reading A more resilient simple garden

Dragonball z abridged movie lord slug teamfourstar tfs

[Disclaimer read by KaiserNeko] PICCOLO: 'Alright now, hear me out: So I fire the Special Beam Cannon with one hand, right?' NAIL: 'Yeah?' PICCOLO: 'What if I used...' PICCOLO: 'What if I used...TWO hands?' NAIL: 'You mean like the Kamehameha?' PICCOLO: 'NO! NOT LIKE THE KAMEHAMEHA! THE KAMEHAMEHA DOESN'T *DRILL* THINGS!' NAIL: 'Last time I checked, neither do cannons.' PICCOLO: 'Thaaat's what makes it SPECIAL!' [Dragon makes playful noises] GOHAN: Hey, Mr. Piccolo! Look what I found - it's a dragon! NAIL: 'Who's that?' PICCOLO: 'It's just Gohan. Continue reading Dragonball z abridged movie lord slug teamfourstar tfs

Nes nintendo entertainment system chronicles of gaming

Tucked away in the of city Kyoto, a small company intent on creating traditional Japanese playing cards arose, Nintendo. Nintendo, meaning “Leave Luck to Heaven”, eventually decided to get into the Video Game market, but at the worst possible time. The Atari 2600 and a lack of quality control had completely crashed the gaming market in America. Facing insurmountable odds, and retailers who had no interest in ever carrying a video game product again, Nintendo had an uphill battle to face when they would introduce the Famicom, or Nintendo Entertainment System to America. [Intro graphic] Founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi in 1889, Nintendo sold hand crafted Karuta, or Japanese playing cards. Continue reading Nes nintendo entertainment system chronicles of gaming

Atari jaguar part 2 angry video game nerd avgn

He's gonna take you back to the past To play the shitty games that suck ass He'd rather have a buffalo Take a diarrhea dump in his ear He'd rather eat the rotten asshole Of a roadkill skunk and down it with beer He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard He's the Angry Nintendo Nerd He's the Angry Atari Sega Nerd He's the Angry Video Game Nerd All right, let's play some Jag. We've already established that the graphics weren't much of a leap for 64 bits, but graphics aren't everything. Take a look at Tempest 2000. It's an arcade-style game with a three-dimensional feel. It's really addicting and fun to play. Continue reading Atari jaguar part 2 angry video game nerd avgn