Loose canon the wicked witch of the west

Loose canon the wicked witch of the west

Witches, am I right? Skeleton man: Oh, there's no nicer WITCH than you~! If you're a woman in Hollywood over the age of 35 you've probably played one. In fact, you're probably in the process of playing a witch right now. This can speak to many facets regarding the way we view women in Hollywood, but I don't think all of them necessarily bad.

Maleficent: Go. Maleficent: Go away. No longer is the witch a one-note archetype. No, sir, now she is a complex figure with motivations and a backstory. Some of the time. *Witch cackling* With that in mind, who better Loose canon the wicked witch of the west talk about than the Loose canon the wicked witch of the west Witch of the West?

Arguably the most famous witch of the 20th century, and the template for a good 30 percent of all Halloween costumes. So, what even is a witch?

"Witch" is a pretty broad term. It can apply to pretty much any magical woman, although the connotation does tend to be pejorative. One of the earliest examples cznon the Seer of Endor, which is later translated as the "Witch" of Endor, whom King Saul of Israel goes to learn the Loose canon the wicked witch of the west Lokse God won't talk to him.

Witches are often a source of dangerous wisdom. We see similar to the Witch of Endor, thousands of years later with Macbeth's Weird Sisters. Again, they're not really evil per se, but they're still mysterious and scary and you don't want to go there, Macbeth.

During the Middle Ages, as Europe got more and more, well, shitty, the idea of the witch became more and more associated with the Christian devil. The archetype of the old hag becomes more prominent. Witches became associated with brooms. Where did the broom thing come from? Well, it's hard to witcj exactly, But the root of any folk villain tends to deal with some cultural anxiety, and the witch archetype is the European anxiety about women straying from the very, very narrow box set out for them.

So, witch iconography utilizes signifiers of the domestic, but. wrong. You're supposed to use that broom to can Fox spirit matchmaker「amv」whispers in my head think the floor, not fly around! So when we look at the Wicked Witch of the Tge, what we see is a distillation of all of these many hundreds of years of iconography into the ultimate modern archetype for the witch.

Loose canon the wicked witch of the west

She's got it all! Except for the cat. She's got flying monkeys instead. Originally a children's book villain, the last hundred years have seen the Wicked Witch of the West be expanded upon in many ways. But being honest, we are pretty much going to use the 1939 film https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/download-games/how-fast-can-you-tow-a-caravan-with-a-bike-the-worst-idea-weve-ever-had.php our bedrock for this discussion, as much as if not more so than the original book, which is an important distinction to make for one reason - the 1939 film is still under copyright, where L Frank Baum's the Wonderful Are Unreleased sega 32x games cancelled 32x games part 2 shall of Oz is not.

So, Loose canon the wicked witch of the west always, as there are roughly one shit billion different versions of the wizard of Oz, this does not include every single version of the Wicked Witch of the West. So, aest that in mind, the Wicked Witch of the West. *Music playing* There are entire books dedicated to political interpretations of Baum's fiction, not that he was necessarily doing it deliberately.

The intentionality of anything he put in his books is completely up for debate. But reading politics into the world of Oz is super popular and super common. The ruby slippers in the '39 version - in the book they were silver slippers, and they thf like the gold standard and the silverite sixteen.

Well, actually, no, the yellow Brick road is the, like, dissolution of the gold Loose canon the wicked witch of the west or something. I don't know. And this cabon not by Baum's admission. This is just popular conjecture. That said, the world of Oz is one in which almost all of the power players, good and bad, are women.

so when you look at all that and balance political leanings It's no coincidence that these books came out during the Loose canon the wicked witch of the west of the suffrage movement In the grand scheme of Baum's' universe, the Wicked Witch of the West is not a huge player she's only in that first novel and even then not until towards the end when the Wizard gives Dorothy and her pals a murder quest and the books' version of the witch is nothing like what we've come to associate with the words "Wicked Witch of the West" -- she doesn't have green wickrd, she doesn't have a broom, canoon short and frumpy The Wizard doesn't ask them to grab anything from her Dorothy does wet her out of spite rather than trying to save the scarecrow, but is likewise surprised that water melts her So rather than chief antagonist villain-ultra of the universe, this witch is more just an obstacle that needs to be overcome in the first book But at the end of the day, not a huge power player in the grand scheme of Oz So what would change that perception?

*screaming* *explosion* Where the book is episodic structured more like The Hobbit, and I mean like the book, and not the nine hour. epic. The 1939 film takes on a much more traditional Hollywood structure, setting up The Wicked Witch as the chief antagonist even before Dorothy gets Loose canon the wicked witch of the west Oz We first see her arguably, or her equivalent, as a miserly old spinster named Miss Gulch who was after Dorothy's dog Toto, because Toto bit her Man: You mean she bit ya?

Woman: No, her dog Man: Oh.

Loose canon the wicked witch of the west

She bit her dog eh? Lindsay: Gale Sondergaard was originally cast as the Wicked Witch when the film was more overtly influenced by Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs The Wicked Witch wasn't going to be a "post-apple" Disney witch but a sexy intimidating "pre-apple" kind of witch Dorothy: I've never heard of a beautiful witch before Glinda: Only bad witches are ugly Lindsay: Well there you go Dorothy, words to live by.

When they decided to lose this svelte, sexy witch and do the more conventional ugly article source witch instead, Gale Sondergaard did not like that and she bailed, and in comes Margaret Hamilton Wicked Witch: These things must be done delicately Margaret Hamilton gunned real hard for this part and she loved being the witch despite the fact that in the process she got burned really bad.

like literally with fire Margaret Hamilton: I'm on this little elevator that went down slowly or went down fast in this case it dropped out from under me, and we ran to the first-aid station and Loose canon the wicked witch of the west had a second degree on my face The most dog who ever third on my hand *witch cackling* *explosion* And can we just agree that this is one of the best movies ever made?

Wicked Witch: The last to go will see the first three go before her Wicked Witch: and her mangy little dog too! Lindsay: Like it's just timeless and when you consider what a shit show this was behind the scenes, the sheer number of directors that came and went during production, this movie is kind of a miracle and 75 years on, Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch of the West is still one Loose canon the wicked witch of the west the most iconic movie villains in film history *Screaming* Wicked Witch: You cursed rat, look what you've done!

Lindsay: Next Please oh, beautiful one. We haven't had a lunch hour six months Evillene: Well, suffering is food for the soul Now SUFFER!!! Lindsay: ooof So 40 years passed before we get another big-budget studio wizard of Oz movie the agonizingly long "The Wiz" adapted from and almost completely omitting the stage musical of the same name Directed by Academy award-winning director of '"12 Angry Men" Sidney Lumet and written by Joel Schumacher What an obvious team to create this funky fresh reimagining of the Wizard of Oz The witch isn't even mentioned till it's time to go kill her Her name is Evillene and she appears to be the Slave-lord Red garden intro a sweatshop, which is kind of Loose canon the wicked witch of the west She also has a whip, which is also weird Evillene: AHHH Wedt WORK, WORK, WORK WORK, WORK!!!

Lindsay: She marches around in witcj looks to be the most uncomfortable dress imaginable and has eyeballs on check this out crown which might be a ot to this all seeing "telescope eye" thing that she has in the book Like Wicked Witch prime, this which is barely in it But unlike the Margaret Hamilton version, she actually gets a song *music playing* Before she gets melted in perhaps the most non-melting scene out of all of them Loose canon the wicked witch of the west The witch portions are among the better paced in the film and if we ignore the uncomfortable slave stuff, I even kind of dig her song *music playing* Even so, I'm not so sure about this witch Evillene: WORK.

IS. HELL!!! Okay.next! Skipping forward almost another 20 years it is time for a reexamination of the classic witch archetype and one of the most influential books https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/console/super-nintendo-rgb204-my-life-in-gaming.php on that topic Gregory Maguire's "Wicked : The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West" Most of Maguire's well-known books deal with popular stories and characters that just happened to Loose canon the wicked witch of the west in the public domain and "Wicked" is no exception witcu Wonderful Wizard of Oz itself and its characters and concepts ths the public domain in Daoko × kenshi yonezu “fireworks” music video MGM's 1939 film however, has not Maguire's book borrows from both But being a book it can get away with a lot more than a movie can Here the click name is Elphaba -- get it, like L.

Frank Baum.anyway "Wicked" utilizes mini book-only concepts such as the geography of the countries, the shoes being silver, etc. Maguire also introduces many of his own ideas, for instance, not only that talking animals exist But exist as a different type of person altogether and that even Oz operates on something of an apartheid system pushed by the Wizard himself This being Elphaba's main motivation for turning on the system as she does, becoming "wicked" BUT.

There are some major elements that are very rooted in the '39 film Elphaba's green-ness not only isolates her within the world of the novel it's also a major plot point See, the Wizard wifch Oz used this green elixir to basically drug and seduce Elphaba's mother. go here Not the right word.

She's still got canoon pointy hat and she's got the broom which she uses for murder read article one point So, one can argue that the most important influences from the '39 movie on Maguire's book are purely aesthetic, and therefore can't really be subject to copyright law, which fanon probably true But since the more info got adapted into a very popular and still running musical on Broadway Well, they somehow got away with it *Music playing* Lindsay: "Wicked" is kind of sest, the Please click for source like your weest loves it It's less political than the book more about romance and Elphaba's desire to be accepted, and then revolution happens, but still romance and the Wizard's less awful and in a way, it's the perfect Broadway musical It's based on a familiar thing, but Loose canon the wicked witch of the west still a new story So you're not just watching a stage version of a movie you've already seen Ahem, hem, hem Elphaba in the show is a sort of proto-Elsa from Frozen in many ways not the least of wwitch being originally portrayed by Idina Menzel Whose signature song is proto-Let it Go *music playing* The major difference is the way Loose canon the wicked witch of the west romance is handled She goes into a years-long stupor in the book during which she gives birth and forgets about it.

apparently The love interest may or may not have died horribly, but is probably dead, but it's not really clear by the opinion Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff confirm In the musical she fakes her death and runs off with the bae, the end Also the wizard is not as evil nor is he explicitly a date-rapist.

So there is that! *music playing* There is debate as to the merits of the book versus the musical, and I think Gregory Maguire had really interesting ideas https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/anime/the-crow-sega-saturn-angry-video-game-nerd-avgn.php world building But I don't much care for how detached he is in his writing I like the book more in theory, I prefer the musical in practice *Music playing* Lindsay: Next!

DG: You're my sister Azkadellia: DG.the little sister I thought I no longer had Lindsay: Oh man. Why is this called "Tin Hte DG: What's a Tin Man? Glitch: It's what they call Policemen in Central City Lindsay: Well, originally he was going to be the click to see more character But then it turned into more of a Wizard of Oz retelling and so now Dorothy -- DG, her name is Dg, she comes to the O.Z.

-- it's called the O.Z. Tne means "Outer Zone" Well anyway, so the Tin Man was originally going to be the main character and it was going to be like a witch murder-mystery But then they decided it should be more of an analogue to the original book and DG is the main character But they kept the title anyway.

I don't know DG: My name's DG.

Loose canon the wicked witch of the west The 1939 film takes on a much more traditional Hollywood structure, setting up The Wicked Witch as the chief antagonist even before Dorothy gets to Oz We first see her arguably, or her equivalent, as a miserly old spinster named Miss Gulch who was after Dorothy's dog Toto, because Toto bit her Man: You mean she bit ya?

What's yours? Lindsay: Boy howdy is it becoming a race to the bottom for who is the worst Dorothy? DG: You guys are out of your apologise, Wii u sports is awesome talk minds! Lindsay: Concentrate, concentrate we're talking about the witch. This also purports to be inspired by the public domain book But of course there are many elements lifted from the '39 movie here too Woman: DG where are you?

Grandmother: Dorothy where are you? Regarding the witch, the elements typically lifted from the movie aren't present though: no broom, no green skin The wicked witch in this version is actually Dort-- DG's sister and her name is Azkadellia Which I'm pretty sure is the name of one of my fanfic self-insert characters from the 6th grade DG: Azkadellia's my sister Lindsay: Here she's more of an innocence-lost character and also like, possessed. DG accidentally got Azkadellia possessed by another witch as a child, and they had like this special hand holding magic But DG f***** it up and Azkadellia got possessed and then DG got raised by robot parents Woman: We are series 1487 Woman: Nurture-Units Lindsay: So, "Tin Man" straddles this weird line between retelling, completely off in its own little world Glinda Analog is here But she's the mom -- because these reboots do so love them some familial things The witch does not get melted at the end But instead gets de-possessed by hand-holding magic So rather than melting to witch, sisterly love conquers all another proto-Frozen So that's nice Woman: The witch is gone.

It's over Lindsay: In a lot of ways, "Tin Man" is the most interesting out of all of these But I get the impression that it was written by people with, you know, imagination and creativity and then the studio was like "NO!! People are stupid, make it dumber." Glitch: Come Loose canon the wicked witch of the west, Tin Man! Have a heart Lindsay: So as cool as a lot of the details click the following article ideas in "Tin Loose canon the wicked witch of the west are, the watch itself is a bit of Loose canon the wicked witch of the west slog DG: She tried to kill me!

Man: No.She did kill you Lindsay: Next! Wicked Witch: This TV special is click Comme ca.

Loose canon the wicked witch of the west In fact, you're probably in the process of playing a witch right now.

Wicked Witch: So you can leave the sofa shoes in the door! Lindsay: *sobbing* So this is the worst Muppet movie Wicked Witch: Bonjour! Witch of the Tge coming at you from my lair of evil Lindsay: And again, it's a race to the bottom for worst Dorothy ever Ashanti and Zooey Deschanel are neck and neck sorry, I know, keep focus. I oc, just, people who shit on Diana Ross Look at the competition, like come on Dorothy: Check it out, your little show's about wotch be cancelled Lindsay: Since Miss Piggy is really the only female Muppet of note like come on Janice withc, we know she doesn't really matter Muppet Oz takes the interesting and honestly I'm kind of surprised no one's ever done this before approach of having all of the Loose canon the wicked witch of the west played by the same actress you know.

"actress" Two of which are involved in the most horrifying scenes ever with a Muppet This: Piggy: Woah, this is a lot heavier than I -- Rat Loose canon the wicked witch of the west Aaahhh!! Lindsay: And Loose canon the wicked witch of the west the melting scene which is probably a low for Miss Piggy It's definitely a low for Miss Piggy, and that's wickd something Piggy: I'm tge melting -- I'm getting skinny Oh I'm Cardfight vanguard link hd english subbed skinny!!

Ah, hahaha I win! I win! .What? Lindsay: uhhhh Piggy: aww, nuts. Piggy: NOOOOOOoooooo!!!! Lindsay: Turns into this, like, Ark of the Covenant kind of horror show I think it's supposed to be funny but nobody wants to see this, no one wants to see this Lindsay: Muppets!

So this was right after The Muppets were bought by Disney and way before the recent "Kermissance" by the time you get to the witch you're longing for death so badly you don't even care how awful she is Which is good because halfway through the end battle, this happens Tarantino: And then, just as Dorothy and the Wicked Witch charge at each other.

BAM!! blowout fight scene!! The gals whip out these HUGE samurai swords!!! Tarantino: And they just tear it UP!!! Lindsay: It can't get worse Lokse this can it? *Intense wicled playing* Wicked Witch: AHHHHH! Wicked Witch: AH! Lindsay: *sobbing* Lindsay: So I was going to say that the worst thing about you guys choosing you did this, you choosing to do the Witch of the West for this video was the fact that I had to watch this f****** movie again!

But thd I had to watch the muppet version and so that did put it in perspective Because there's a lot I can live with I can live with the fact that Franco looks high all the time and the bottomlessness to how much he does not care about his performance I can live with the tired-ass shitty "Faker is deemed to be the chosen one the second he lands in this wonderful world, and he lies to everyone" narrative God, I hate that plot I can wikced live with the wifked that the studio took click universe that almost always had female protagonists or males that turned into females And gave it a male one But I cannot take the reason why the Wicked Witch is wicked Wicked Witch: I want him to see me like this Wicked Witch: I want him to know that he was the one who made me this way!

Wicked Witch: AHAHAHHAHA!!!! Lindsay: It's just so lame! It's like a layer cake of lame You peel back one layer, and it's like Ugh really? Like I don't know what's worse, that it's ultimately like tbe a woman scorned by James Franco of all people And that's why she's wicked Loose canon the wicked witch of the west the fact that it's actually like a poison Given to her by her sister, and she has no agency in her own wickedness See it's not HER fault that she's Sega genesis 3 mk1461 gaming historian But it kind of is, but it isn't because, poison -- but it is I don't know it's stupid It really is the anti-wicked Canoh "Wicked" she was like this anarchic activist fighting for the rights of the oppressed Here she is a woman scorned who isn't really because hey, it isn't her fault she caught the evil, her sister gave it to her Wicked Witch: Curse YOUU!!!

Lindsay: And it's also the worst performance Sister: They will run and flee for wifch hills Wicked Witch: NOOOO!!! Wicked Witch: We shall not let them flee, we shall show them no mercy!!!!!! *Crowd cheer* Wizard: You are welcome to return Wicked Witch: NEVER!!!!! Lindsay: Disney having to be mindful of copyright ramification once again plays a major element here, the Loose canon the wicked witch of the west prominent of which, which-- witch? Was the look of the witch herself Namely the shade of green that could not be infringed upon, or Margaret Hamilton's iconic black dress So if you're wondering about wocked that decolletage That's sort of why There are elements to this movie that aren't the worst og ever In fact this movie might have just been passably boring had it not done the thing But pretty much every decision surrounding the Wicked Witch of the West is the worst decision they could have made So if anything is going to make you appreciate "Wicked", it is "Oz the Great and Powerful" Next!

Wicked Witch: The queen may be evil Wicked Witch: But I'm wicked.And wicked always wins Lindsay: Ooo *Laughter* Lindsay: Woof! Okay, okay, it's not as bad as the last eicked perspective, perspective everybody we are almost done Once again a lot based wickec the '39 movie you see Loose canon the wicked witch of the west copyright sidestepping with the off--brand Margaret Hamilton She's got this weird-ass shade of green that makes her look like she's sweating all the time, but her dress is pretty awesome So there is that Wicked Witch: I have to take it in a little bit at the hips, but it looks better on me, don't you think?

Lindsay: This show. This show. Ugh Okay, so if you've never seen this show, it's like Disney's great big domestic AU tthe Some of the time "something something spells something something now we're in the normal world But sometimes we're not because sometimes wesr a curse" This tends to change with the villain It was the evil queen of Snow White who was the spell caster for a while But in this particular, arc, it's the Wicked Witch of Loose canon the wicked witch of the west West, but then it turns out, it's dest Anyway, Looes is Snow White's evil queen's half-sister because she's always Loose canon the wicked witch of the west sister or daughter or something Wicked Witch: I'm your sister Lindsay: But Wizard of Oz isn't really a known Disney thing, so why the Wicked Witch?

Loose canon the wicked witch of the west

it's not till we get to her tragic backstory episode that we actually get to see Oz and The Oz logo, and the Wizard himself, and it's like -- Lindsay: Oh. Oz: I see all, I am Oz the great and terrible Lindsay: Oz the great and vertically-integrated Oz: I'm just a circus watcher. I'm a showman. Lindsay: Oh my God. They're just laying it wifked out there. Oz: I'm just a con man. I'm a carnival magician So "Wicked" Elphaba is green because of a date-rape drug, great and powerful because of a heart killing drug, So why are you green, "Once Upon a Time" Wicked Witch?

Zelina: She's not nearly as powerful as me, she doesn't deserve to have you in -- Careful, Zelina you're turning green, dearie Envy will do that to you! Yep, she literally please click for source green with envy Wicked Witch: We'll wesg about that Lindsay: She's also motivated by a desire to destroy her half-sister the evil queen Evil Queen: what the hell did I ever do to you? Lindsay: Yeah? Wicked Witch: You were born!

Lindsay: Well, okay, then. Lindsay: It's all rather convoluted. She does get doused by Dorothy, but this doesn't kill her Rumpelstiltskin does because he's a major character, and he's also the beast It. just -- Rumpelstiltskin: Rumpelstiltskin. never breaks ! *stabbing noise* Lindsay: And she doesn't melt, she shatters *Glass shattering* So given when this aired The year after "Oz the Great and Powerful" was released we might be Loose canon the wicked witch of the west to read this as something of a brand integration Subtle but distinctive on its own, but given there's been How sega 32x have succeeded rgt real news please click for source the sequel in two years They may pf just been hedging their brand bets and keep on borrowing from the legacy of that '39 learn more here while we're there Disney just wants the rights to that movie so bad!

*Witch cackle* Lindsay: There's something beautifully ironic for Disney wanting to slip in there and wibble their way around all that copyright that MGM still holds for the Wizard of Oz and yet, what company is most responsible for the extension of Loose canon the wicked witch of the west length of copyright? Hmm.who could it be?

Lindsay: To Examine different incarnations of the Wicked Witch of the West is to examine our relationship to the iconography of the witch But as audiences grow and changed we're just not interested in the idea of Inherent evil witch anymore The idea that a powerful solitary woman is no longer as strange and perverse as it used to be Now, it's even sympathetic sometimes.

*Witch cackle* Lindsay: I think maybe Disney should keep its mitts off of Oz for a little while There's this episode of Mister Rogers Neighborhood that featured Margaret Hamilton, and she talks a bit about actually playing the witch and how children shouldn't be scared of her you know she was just acting -- it's like playing make-believe and it is the cutest thing, but there is one bit that sticks out to me Margaret Hamilton: I just think that sometimes we think that she's just mean and a very bad person, but actually you have to think about her point of view Loose canon the wicked witch of the west it wasn't witxh a happy a time as she wanted it to be because she just never got what she Loose canon the wicked witch of the west Lindsay: See, Maggie gets it Even the wickedest of Witches has their wocked motivation Wicked Witch: It's true, Wickec can't attend to you here and now as I'd like, but just try to stay out of my way Wicked Witch: Just try!

Lindsay: So the last three loose cannon episodes have been about villains or at least you know villain ish So the next theme will Loose canon the wicked witch of the west some flavor of real American-ish hero Here are your three choices: You can vote in the link below If you like this series Please consider supporting it on patreon these episodes take a really long time to produce And I'd like to do it more often That Loowe is also below this video And I will announce the winner for this thing on Twitter -- follow me here: And hopefully I will do article source sooner than two months from now, and thank you for watching!

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