Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff

Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff

[Preparing] Hello everyone! It is all ok? Sunday morning Just doing some Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff on Zemmix Neo The first test was crap. Cause i tryed to use one hand for camera and another one for typing, and some problems of sound Finally i can record this video properly So Lets go, initializing (again) Turning on Zemmix Neo. Logotype (Zemmix in Korean, Neo) Running from SD Card 256 kilob. I mean, 256 Megabytes SD card From very old digital camera Coors dropped somewere, till i get this Zemmix This card is perfect to save all tessting prefered roms, dsks and some works of mine.

Running Dos2. lets go Lets start with some demo The very best one demo ive seen was from Band Wagon, demo named: Riyad To run this dsk file, im using a program called: Testng We just type: EP riyadh.dsk name and extention Well, i dont know really if ive done correctly, but my solution was like this: EP riyadh.dsk /b then: Click here riyadh.dsk /r Zemmix reboot's itself And goes directly to chosen dsk file.

I dont want to extend this video, so im gonna resume most of demos or dsk files Just want to xemmix this demo as short as possible So im counting on your comprehension. The idea is just to see Zemmix working some. These Band Wagon guys. Well i believe they got a good reason to stop programming demos for MSX But all the demos ive seen was wonderful Tseting have all they demos in Semmix files in many places, including my sd card. (I love their work). Well, let me do some reset Now is time some Technicolor demos I testibg Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff these I believe this technique is well known, but i, saw for the first time in 2006 Unfortunally was not used later on just remembered when i bought this zemmix, a technique that create an effect of 105 color on MSX1 and i enjoyed this technique a lot.Is Brilliant!

Perfect for presentation screens and some adventure games. An incredible color quality.

Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff

lets go then directory [Exec] Anybody who wants a copy of these files including technicolor converted screens send me a message. i can "zip" these files and send to mediafire for download. so, thats it let see a disk.

Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff

One of the last conversions i have Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff, Snatcher. running from MSX1. you gonna see an incredible color quality in this technique According to creator, it took 25 years to someone discover these 105 hidden colors Konami's Logo Screens from PC-engine So i converted these to see on MSX1.

basic opening showing some laboratory Neo Kobe city's journal we can see a picture read more snatcher "wireframe" snatcher "rendered" snatcher we can see, how amazing is the quality of conversion. The city Napoleon down there. He is very afraid of being caught I believe by snatchers or some conspiration he is always hiding, cosplaying, this guy is weird / funny Here the main character Gillian Seed Junkers headquartet entrance Mika Slayton Showing the place to Gillian During Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff video capture, is article source to see the flickering screen.

Zemmix is plugued on RBG monitor On real MSX you can see some flickering, but in acceptable quality.

Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff

Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff mean, you can see the color effect normally, even with flickering screen. well, you can see photos and converted screens normally Mika Slayton Back there is Gaudie, the Super Intelligent Computer. Videophone scene: chatting with ex-wife Videophone from Metal Gear, your little robot assistant all right, we ran from dos (basic in fact) going back to operation system well, lets watch.

Lets watch another demo woops, some confusion between basic and dos huh? More converted screens Lets see some converted screens Milla Jovovich One of most beautiful woman ive seen in my life. movies and stuff Most of films, with her as main character or not. I watched those just to see her. Very beautiful woman let me see. This image was captured and resized in paintbush (windows) very simple things and made a conversion This was very well converted Most of conversions was good, (acceptable quality) She is younger here, a teenager i guess next picture wrong typing (missing a zero) bug sometimes you can just run again Oh wait, this is bad converted.

i wont work well, i believe is fine for 105 colors demonstration So, let see some games roboooocop? im gonna fix this later. keep running Robocop converted from ZX Spectrum Zemmix Neo got 3 velocity types: The classic 3,5 Mhz then 5.something and 7.something the turbo mode My default mode is 5.5 Mhz But is can see no substantial difference You can just press F12 key to change velocity An interesting thing: The [win] keyboard works as space bar With this, you can avoid the diagonal problem, when playing shooting games like Nemesis Particulary the diagonal up left Woops, too fast!

F12. done! Got back to classic 3.5 Mhz speed this is no doubt My prefered conversion from ZX Spectrum Good speed on MSX Some people complain, but it is ok for me.

in fact, i enjoed all the Zx-Spectrum conversions and speed I dont like spectrum colors specially for me, i grew up seeying nes and master system games. You see those, and see spectrum.

is a shock Monochrome games are fine. The Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff is "colored" spectrum games. Some ugly variations of Purple, Blue and Green. Yellow. you know? A very poor color pallete just 7 Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff if i remember Cant do a miracle Color pallet doesnt help nor pallete or the another limitation only two color for go here 8x8 vertical and horizontal pixels.

Reset again My notebook, annoying noise it cant help.

Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff [Preparing] Hello everyone!

is the cooler (noisy cooler) And Zemmix sound click to see more plugged on microphone entrance Lets go then, lets go roms directory we ran before from DSK emulator We ran normal archivers from directories And now, Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff gonna use MGLOCM program to run a ROM lets go then running a quarth?

O well! A hacked rom, from Koreans, my people Zemmix Neo is running fine, the Good speed "Fine SCC (sound chip) Good FM Msx zemmix neo testing msx1 105 colors and stuff sound Chip) Most of roms, working fine Very nice surprize, this Zemmix neo.

For fans of course. Like me woops, one exceeding little square To the next game Ah! lets see the next generation games! The Click remake for example, for MSX2 That isometric game! A nice remake. MGLOCM klore2.rom KnightLore That old man He transforms into werewolf I Never know how to play this kind of article source. They could be interesting but i.

I had no patience for isometric games like this. I used to play another type of games [Im gonna finish the rest of english subtitles later.] Enjoy the rest of video, and thanks for watching.


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