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The importance of keeping your credit clean
Over the years more and more of us have become reliant on credit for the things that we need in life, whether it is a new home or a new car or whether it is to fund a wedding, and education, or even a luxury holiday.

Most of us would be lost without our credit cards, and the majority of us take the ability to be able to open a current account for granted. Yet, if you find yourself facing severe credit problems you could find all of these things impossible, leaving you to deal with a very bleak and difficult financial future.

This is why it is so important to keep your credit in good shape. Those with good credit can enjoy a far easier financial future, with access to a choice of financial services and products from a wide choice of lenders. People with good credit can get the best interest rates, making it more affordable to take out finance. Whether you are looking for a mortgage, a personal loan, a secured loan, a credit card, a store card, or any other type of finance you will find that having good credit can make a huge difference to the amount you pay on your borrowing – and whether you are even eligible to get the credit that you need.

Your credit can be affected in a number of ways. Firstly, it is important to remember that having no credit rating can be as bad as having a poor credit rating, as it means that lenders have no way of knowing whether you are going to be a viable risk when it comes to taking out finance. Therefore, it is important to kick start your credit as early on as possible. One thing that has a major effect on your credit rating is your repayment habits – those that pay their bills and debts on time, regularly, and for at least the amounts requested will enjoy a good credit rating and access to some great deals on finance.

If, however, you make regular late repayments on your financial commitments, or worse still you default on your financial obligations, you will find that your credit rating rapidly declines, and this is where you will start experiencing problems. Those with poor credit will find that their access to finance is greatly reduced, and many lenders will not take risks on those with damaged credit, particularly in the current economic climate. Those with very bad credit may find that they cannot get any form of unsecured finance, and will have to rely on credit that is secured against their homes – even then the interest rates charged are likely to be very high.

There are other factors that can adversely affect your credit, such as fraudulent activity, out of date information, or mistakes on your credit file. This is why it is advisable to order a copy of your credit report on a regular basis and checking through the information on the file. You may find that there are mistakes and inaccuracies that could having an adverse effect on your credit, out of date information that needs to be updated, or even suspicious transactions that could result in your credit rating taking a knock. If you pick up on anything like this you should contact the credit reporting agency as early on as possible to get it rectified.

You should also bear in mind that a log is made on your credit file each time you apply for finance, and the more rejected finance applications that are logged onto your file the more your credit rating will suffer. Therefore if you are turned down for finance you should resist the temptation to keep on making applications. Instead, try and find out what may have affected the lender's decision by going through your credit report, and wait at least three months before you make another application.

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