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The Pros And Cons Of A Business Credit Card
There are hundreds of business credit cards from banks and other business service providers. In fact, there are so many that it can be difficult to choose the right one.  Here's a guide to what you should look at when choosing a business credit card and what to avoid to make sure your business stays financially healthy.

Business Card Advantages

One of the main advantages of a business credit card is that it can be used to manage cash flow. Business owners and their employees can use business credit cards to pay for goods or services that require immediate payment. At the same time, they can benefit from an interest holiday of up to 56 days before the money is deducted from their business accounts. Deferring payments in this way can be very useful for business owners.

Another key advantage benefits both employers and employees. When employees travel on business they often have to pay for hotels, car hire, flights, meals and business entertaining. In many cases, this comes out of their pocket and they have to wait to be reimbursed. Using a business credit card means that employees can charge these business expenses straight to the business without waiting for reimbursement. This keeps their personal finances healthy.

Saving Accounting Time

For employers, this practice has another advantage. Hours and hours of accounting time (and business money) can be spent on sorting out employees' expenses. This workload is much reduced with a business credit card. While businesses may choose to have the backup of having employees submit expense reports, the business credit card statement may be enough. Each month, business owners get a statement that itemises all transactions on the business account, regardless of which employee made them. Some business accounts offer advanced reporting features that will help with VAT calculations.

Business Card Disadvantages

Despite these advantages, there are a couple of major disadvantages to business credit cards. For example, if an employee accidentally or deliberately reveals card details, there could be expensive transactions on the account. Even if the employee has committed a fraud, the business may still be liable. Such situations can also take a long time to sort out.

The other potential issue is the same for business credit card holders as it is for personal credit card holders. Money spent on a credit card is actually debt. With preferential interest rates and long interest free periods, business owners will need to make sure that they don't get into a cycle of debt. This could seriously damage the long term financial health of their business.

Other Business Finance Options

For this reason, it is also worth considering other financing options for the business. A business debit card, for example, keeps tight control of access to the account. In addition, business owners cannot spend more than they have in the account, unless they have agreed an overdraft facility. A business loan is another option worth serious consideration. Whichever option business owners go for, it is essential to manage finances prudently and avoid getting into long term debt.

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