Episode 10 monster strike the animation official english sub the fading cosmos full hd

[Episode 10] Monster Strike the Animation Official (English sub) [The Fading Cosmos] [Full HD] Mana... Episode 10 Ryoma, Heart Ablaze No! Don't come in! If you assume your true form and sacrifice yourself forever, you will be able to save humanity. If you assume your true form... Continue reading Episode 10 monster strike the animation official english sub the fading cosmos full hd

Your lie in april kaori miyazonos illness

it's been a little over two years since Your Lie in April initially aired - a series that captured the hearts of many people with it's compelling yet tragic story of finding yourself through music. A lot of people found it to be beautifully relatable and how could it not be? From it's surreal musical performances being a gateway to characters emotions and a gut wrenching tale of sorrowful love, while it's not perfect by any means having a few too many overly dramatic moments and putting focus on less than irrelevant characters, Your Lie in April is a series many won't ever forget. While there are a lot of discussion topics that can be said about the series, many of which can be found in other videos, it's easy to gloss over a small point - that being, what was Kaori Miyazano sick with? Today, Dr. Continue reading Your lie in april kaori miyazonos illness

How to ride in a pace line cycling group ride tips

- The fastest a group of cyclists can go is in riding in a pace line. It's the best way to combine your efforts to slice through the wind as fast as possible. - Now you might not call it that name. You might call it through and off or bit and bit or a chain gang perhaps. But whatever, the principles remain the same. Continue reading How to ride in a pace line cycling group ride tips

Sega cd angry video game nerd avgn

He's gonna take you back to the past To play the shitty games that suck ass He'd rather have a buffalo Take a diarrhea dump in his ear He'd rather eat the rotten asshole Of a roadkill skunk and down it with beer He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard He's the Angry Nintendo Nerd He's the Angry Atari Sega Nerd He's the Angry Video Game Nerd When you turn on your TV Make sure it's tuned to channel 3 He's got a nerdy shirt and a pocket pouch Although I've never seen him write anything down He's got a Power Glove and a filthy mouth Armed with his Zapper he will tear these games down He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard He's the Angry Nintendo Nerd He's the Angry Atari Sega Nerd He's the Angry Video Game Nerd He plays the worst games of all time Horrible abominations of mankind They make him so mad he could spit Or say cowabunga [both] Cowa-fucking-piece-of-dog-shit They rip you off and don't care one bit But this nerd, he doesn't forget it Why can't a turtle swim? Why can't I land the plane? They got a quick buck for this shitload of fuck The characters' names are wrong, why's that password so long? Why don't the weapons do anything? He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard The games suck so bad he makes up his own words He's the angriest most pissed-off gaming nerd He's the Angry Atari Amiga CD-i ColecoVision Intellivision Sega Neo Geo TurboGrafx-16 Odyssey 3DO Commodore Nintendo Nerd He's the Angry Video Game Nerd [TV] Hey! Continue reading Sega cd angry video game nerd avgn

Mato finally learns of goku and vegeta Dragon ball super ss part 3

You're kidding me you're saying - no tale did you kind offer it it's someone else - it last time on Dragon Ball Super SS the new Saiyan discovered in universe 7 motto after witnessing the murder of his own mother traveled through space led by the power of a mysterious orange ball after first meeting ledge ik and been trying to realize the true power within him he was eventually taken to Turley's a full blooded Saiyan who once trained under logic and who for the next six months will push motto to finally fight like a real saying just as his father and his mysterious partner did before him before we begin though every shirt and hoodie and piece of merch on screen right now is from anime no Capcom and a special discount code to get a great deal will be supplied at the end of the video exclusively for you guys so stay tuned the scene begins with an outward look on the strange planet Mata was left on suddenly motto is seen dispatching of one of Turley's men with a single strike this brat man I was careless I should be less optimistic mato stares at his own hands marveling at the new power flowing within him I'm definitely getting stronger I should thank legit - that days I feel sorry for him it's our turn soon Ward of seeing his comrade gang beaten to small twins land on the field don't get in my way please stay quiet we'll teach you something new this time my meanwhile back on the planet alleged base-2 is continuing this training over here behind listen sensing key is not guesswork don't think about signs or slight movements just feel it yes back with motto the duo begin their attack Drazen gotta say we're twin brothers perhaps the idea we're not done yet so cheese the energy that's inside everyone don't force it calm down and try to pull it out slowly if you can control your key you'll be able to do various things you will learn how to fly and create key bullets just like me some say they can change their power level to zero time on that skill foot I can't do it for your promises and with those words from ledge ik back on the bow field motto seem to have vanished without a trace master where did you go up there his power level is fifteen thousand his power level is equal even higher than we turn these protocols it's impressive for a kid like him but that power Wilin I don't have to be as opponent you guys should deal with it tourneys leaves unimpressed of the power level he sends meanwhile with legend he places a feast of food before base despite namekians only needing water to survive listen if you want to gain strength you should eat a full meal to build a strong mind and body it's not to train yourself to death move well eat well rest well these are the three things you have to do stop mockingly branch frigging kid is under estimating us will show you how terrifying tourneys crusher corpse can be as all four continue to attack him all sides motto remembers the words of legend motto be strong don't forget your mother anger will make you stronger hit them with that what the only drink water now machines are really surprising their seed shits be mutter now buying the stronger few attorneys met Turley's observes from above now concerned at the power is witnessing shit what are you doing with that brats come on let's go what's Q suddenly motto lands on the ground exhausted there's no time to rest you idiots what damn why they taking so much time meanwhile backward base you sure have a bear control of your key now it's been three months already Marta how strong have you become what a guy shirts not yet suddenly a beam is fired narrowly missing one of Turley's men mr. Germany enough you shut up I'm next you'll fight me now terney throats the ground a new serve clothes take off your clothes and wear this under see immediately motto is faced by the idea of wearing the same arm as mother's killers wearing the same clothes as freezes armies well don't fuss over it think of it as a gift from a fellow sailor a ball of light brighter than motto is ever seen before forms in turnings you have to fully understand that you are a sailor that powerboard the field explode blinding water momentarily before finally leaving a bright moon like image in the sky whatos heart begins to thump as a power within him rages I don't want to turn into a monkey as well the effects of my Powerball will last three y mato once again transforms into new sorry come on show me your truth for a fter intense battle between the two motto an attorney sit beneath the large tree it seems that you are somewhat conscious when you turn into a grey aide but you are trying to hold down your power somewhere in your heart saying spying instinct doesn't work like that what you're doing it's like you're playing around are there any other sayings let's see the only sane said to be alive or the ones who work in freezers are me which means the prints of the remaining Saiyans Vegeta and his men Napa and Raddatz rumor has it that VG is brother Tabu and para gooses son bro lee are alive somewhere peregrines was a subordinate of the former King Vegeta also they say Kakarot is on earth just a few sane survived but maybe there are other hybrid strains like you out there speaking of which your mother was killed by friezes army and you want to avenge her right they said that planet Vegeta the Saiyans planet was destroyed by a meteorite what really happened is that bastard fries are destroyed he was afraid that the sames who are gaining more and more power would form in our lives and fight him I was able to survive thanks to that legend guy no no way and my father was also killed by freeze on now you get out strong the guy are trying to defeat his freezer could easy erase a planet before seriously right now he could beat you of one hand motto begins to think intensely about the feat that lays before him could he really beat someone so strong and the promise six months passed quickly take what's wrong is that all you thought what kid just died lots this is someone entertained so he does have same blood in his veins suddenly Turley's turns his head and notice alone fruit he travels inside with a smile he grabs two strange food before he can even try to ingest it however his arm is grabbed what the this is the end he lost her Li's ledge ik six months have passed the scene shifts to mato and the ship flying to his next location face looks at the now more serious mater thinking to himself he changed a lot is that really mater are you finally aware of your sane identity marta looks down at the fruit in his hand and reminisces our memories just before they left boy don't you want to come with me in wonder the universe freely destroy a star eat delicious food and get drunk with tasty alcohol don't you want to live such a fun life I can't come with you I want to defeat Frieza and if you like Frieza keep attacking people and other planets I will defeat you - that's what Zayn's are all about boy when he throws toward mato an object it's a farewell gift suddenly after ingesting the fruit motto his body composes and fills of power he stares a himself surprised at the effect of the strange food after they finally leave tourney's reflects defeat me after all Saiyans are interested Hey this planet is useless now so move on to the next one the planet will be well the closest deserve maybe I'll go and say hi to cockroach meanwhile back on ledges planet it seems that you can control your key fairly well but you're not very good at releasing it you wouldn't hurt a fly with such a weak energy wave but it's amazing motto it took me all six months to learn it and you're much stronger than before aren't you please one more time no we should take a break for now let's eat something you can't improve your fine power by combat alone yeah yes motto what will you do next if you defeat freezer after I defeat freezing I don't know if I really succeed I'll probably go home and visit mother's grave and tell her about it I understand listen motto you have a dream a dream right now you're obsessed of your revenge that's why you can't become stronger you can't move on you're still young depending on how you train you should be able to surpass me don't make freezer your ultimate goal look ahead legend do you have a dream I've lived longer than you so no I don't have any more dreams all that's left for me is to drink and die no there is one thing a dream perhaps motto you might grant me my wish after a brief time skip motto is seen on the floor barely alive with a dammit logic standing before him this is the end motto a few hours before however what's wrong logic you've been standing there since yesterday motto no training for today huh listen you should rest the Roth's is such a short time amazing motto base okay this will be your last training the last base you'll sit there don't move whatever happens don't come here yes Martha you follow me as I said this will be your last training a one-on-one fight with me we'll fight until one of us dies what what do you mean let's go what wait a minute logic after logic sudden and unwarranted attack mato stares at legit confused suddenly a large car explodes out mars 4head he screams in agony macho don't move vase is left paralyzed by the voice of ledge ik I said it before deny I'll kill you if you interfere magic listen motto what you lack is that you have no previous experience of sparing or taking someone's life your potential power level is great but you're too soft if you can't kill me you definitely won't be able to defeat freezer but still I don't want to kill you ledge ik motto I told you I have a dream and the dream I have you're the one is gonna make it come true I've never told you but in the past I tried to defeat Freeza Freeza didn't you hear about this from tourneys I fought against freezes army to save him free also I was interested in freezes real abilities so I decided to fight him I thought I was the strongest being in the whole universe until that moment as he was rising above everyone else breezes strength was infinite I was terrified by him and I fell into despair a coward I was lucky enough to run away after that I became nothing more miserable loser I had no choice I kept living quietly on this remote planet but then you showed up I may have lost a freezer but I'm quite sure I know what he's capable of and I think you're the one who's strong enough to defeat him I want to trainee so that you can beat me and then defeat Frieza that is my dream look ledge ik I I've been thinking about what to do since you told me I had a dream and to make that dream come true I can't lose motto martyr thank you the two get ready for their final fight and look I switch over one last time and if you made it this far in the video guys leave me a hashtag Turley's in the comments and let me know where you think this story will eventually head but as mentioned earlier you can find amazing Dragon Ball super t-shirts hoodies figurines and more at anime no capcom and at ridiculously low prices - and today's discount code for you guys is tourneys you thought I'd check out and get a nice additional 10% off so go ahead and use that now my latest purchase from them was actually this sweet bod up last night hoodie that only cost me about 20 bucks with Free Shipping after I applied the tourneys discount code so feel free to get the same or similar but as for those of you who want to see more of my signature style of manga videos instead I highly recommend you check out one of these two videos on the right which have over half a million views between them and not actually parts one and two to this series until next video guys Cheers Continue reading Mato finally learns of goku and vegeta Dragon ball super ss part 3

A look at the virtual boy nintendos 3d disaster

Man, the Virtual Boy must’ve been the most amazing thing ever, since all these memes are praising it. If only I had a chance to play it for myself and be a witness to the Virtual Boy’s indescribable greatness… I actually own one of these. The Virtual Boy is a pretty infamous part of Nintendo history. What was going to be the company’s first ambitious foray into 3D gaming ended up being a rushed commercial disaster of a product and their lowest selling console to date. The numerous factors that led to the Virtual Boy’s demise are pretty well-known at this point. Continue reading A look at the virtual boy nintendos 3d disaster

The japanese sony playstation 2 psx dvr a flawed masterpiece review softmod usb hdd games

Sony has always been an innovative company. For more than 20 years, they have been leaders in the console industry. By the time, the PlayStation launched in the USA, in 1996. It had already sold a one million units in Japan. And as we know, the PlayStation 2 is still the highest-selling console of all-time. Continue reading The japanese sony playstation 2 psx dvr a flawed masterpiece review softmod usb hdd games

Mr osomatsu fan parody episode 1 space zambonie

nipple hardening news everyone Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu Jyushimatsu, Todomatsu! Our show is finally being dubbed into English... eventually but for now some Schmucks are doing it instead! They're gonna chop up our adventures and tell slightly different stories! Oh no it's gonna be garbage isn't it... Who knows the first episodes already on YouTube! Continue reading Mr osomatsu fan parody episode 1 space zambonie