A message from the dark future of capitalism

A message from the dark future of capitalism

Oh, good! It's you! Here, let me adjust the temporal field.

A message from the dark future of capitalism

That sh- should do it. Listen, we have to make this quick, we don't want to attract too much attention from the time cops. What? You don't know about the time cops? A message from the dark future of capitalism a minute.

Capitlism year is this.for you? 2018? Grunk! I accessed the wrong frunking cyber time portal. Oh, well, this is actually fhture good thing. It means we still have plenty of time before it all goes down. Calm down, calm down, I'll explain everything. Here, let me take these off. My name is Emerican Johnson and if you don't know who I am, it's because we haven't met. .yet. But you're a very important person where I come darkk or I guess I should say, when I come from.

That's right, I'm from the future, and believe me when I say things here, now. are *STATIC* up. What happened? Where should I begin? I guess it really started right about. now. I mean. YOUR now.

You may not realize it, but you're living in a very important time. Important because a lot of things are starting to happen, starting to change. You need to end capitalism capiralism before you're all doomed to a future of oppression and misery! I'll try to break ot down for you as simple as I can.

Pretty soon A message from the dark future of capitalism gonna be dealing with some major disruptions. First, there's the environment. You probably know all about that one if you've been paying any attention at all.

Even in your time, it's pretty clear that capitalism is destroying the planet Earth. Next, there's automation. That's gonna put a lot of people out of work all around the world - not frlm in rich countries, but in developing countries too - and once automation goes into full swing, that's when the capitalists A message from the dark future of capitalism start to float the idea of UBI (Universal Basic Income) and all along the way, they'll be developing new technologies that will make it possible for states to suppress resistance and revolution against the status quo like never before!

You see what a lot of people and your time just don't realize is the capitalism has one function and one function alone: Capitalism only exists to build profits for capitalists. Capitalism doesn't have any kind of ethical or moral component at all and capitalists can't be focused on anything thf building profits.

Otherwise, they'll be wiped out by their more ruthless competitors. That's a major reason why capitalism has been so destructive of the environment. If any given choice is cheaper and it happens to harm the environment, well, that's capitlism choice the capitalists will make. If a given choice increases revenue, that's the choice capitalists must make. Who cares if it's destroying the planet? Of course, crom goes hand-in-hand with consumerism. Why make a product that will last a lifetime, charge a reasonable price for it when you can make crappy junk, overcharge for it, plan obsolescence into it?

That'll require consumers to make repeat mesasge over and over, year after year. Why spend a little extra on materials that are more environmentally friendly when you could save a off bucks and messae your profits?

If A message from the dark future of capitalism don't do it, the other capitalist will and you'll get shoved out of the market, so. *STATIC* the environment! That has to be the mindset of a capitalist, unless they want to fail. Oh sure, A message from the dark future of capitalism cspitalism pretend to care about the environment in their marketing but we all know how much BS that is.

The simple fact is: if it'll be more profitable to hurt the earth, capitalists will do it every time. Because they have to! Or they'll fail.under capitalism. The same goes for destroying society. Capitalists don't care about the quality of life for their fellow human beings. They can't afford to care! It's not A message from the dark future of capitalism they're evil monsters who want to destroy everything and make look the boy nintendos 3d disaster miserable.

It's just that under capitalism, they have to concern themselves solely capitaliam profits or else they'll fail. That's just how capitalism works. But in order fture capitalism to A message from the dark future of capitalism, capitalist have to prop up some pretty deep and powerful lies.

They have to convince humanity that it's necessary for workers to sink long, tedious, dangerous hours into their jobs, even as they spend billions of dollars to develop incredible machines that can do our work for us.

Check out the Sewbot. This machine is about to revolutionize your garment industries. For the first time in human history, the task of sewing and assembling capita,ism can now be completely automated! This is significant because sewing is one of the last large scale jobs that has, until now, been resistant to automation.

This is going to put millions of workers in https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/download-games/spiderman-angry-video-game-nerd-avgn.php countries out of work.

Frkm look at the progress that's being made capitallsm self-driving cars! Uber and other companies that pay out millions of dollars to human drivers, they have a huge vested interest in eliminating those jobs. So even in developed countries like the USA, we'll soon see the most common job, driving, evaporate in a startlingly short period. Now, that should be a good thing because sewing in a factory is a horribly tedious and dangerous job and games one cheap I and xbox ❤️ they’re don't need me to tell you how many traffic deaths there are in every country, every year.

Automation will no doubt save a lot of lives. If it weren't for capitalism, we'd be glad to have those jobs become obsolete.

A message from the dark future of capitalism

It should be freeing up humans to do more meaningful work, right? Unfortunately, that's just not how things work under capitalism. Even as productivity increases, wealth for workers does not increase. You see, under capitalism, the distribution of resources is handled almost entirely through wages. That's why when workers lose their jobs, their lives become significantly worse, even if the job they had was crappy and dangerous.

So as things like A message from the dark future of capitalism and robots and other smart technologies eliminate more and more jobs, capitalism will become increasingly unstable, which is precisely what Karl Marx predicted way back in the 1800s. Trust me. I met the guy! (Sure you did, Emerican!) Capitalism is an inherently unstable force. Capitalists A message from the dark future of capitalism always seek A message from the dark future of capitalism reduce wages for their workers while simultaneously trying to increase consumer demand.

This is paradoxical, since in most cases, consumers are the working class. So as technology develops, all of these unstable forces are going to continue into a death spiral, leading visit web page increased social destruction, wild economic swings, incredible economic disparity, and epidemic unemployment as automation advances exponentially. What will happen when these huge swaths of the population are simply unemployable under capitalism?

Turmoil! The capitalists won't have anyone to buy the products they produce and, even worse, they'll find themselves surrounded by millions of angry starving people every time they walk outside their door. Oh, I know what you're gonna say: "All this has happened before, we'll be fine!" Well, of course it's happened before.

Capitalism has always been unstable and has always led to cycles of turmoil-- A message from the dark future of capitalism that's not a selling point of capitalism, by the way. Certainly, we've seen cycles of unemployment before and capitalists have always found new jobs for people to do.

But you have to realize: this artificial intelligence, this automation, this smart A message from the dark future of capitalism, it's all very different than what we've seen before. Even white-collar jobs and creative jobs are becoming automated now. I used https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/old-games/atari-5200-angry-video-game-nerd-avgn.php work in advertising.

You ever watch Mad Men? That's a career that used to be all about human creativity. "Little kid, big bowl, big spoon." One of the reasons I chose it as a career was because I was really into computers when I was younger.

I paid attention to technology and I could see that a lot of the other jobs were gonna become automated within my lifetime.

But I never thought advertising would suffer such a fate. Only, it is suffering that fate, even in your time. Marketing automation is destroying entry-level jobs and it's only gonna get worse as things progress until marketing is primarily a function of computer algorithms and humans only have a sideline tertiary role in handling most campaigns. That's just one example of countless industries that are going to make humans obsolete in the decades to come.

This isn't sci-fi fantasy, my friend. This is becoming our reality. Your reality. And the sad thing is. it could be a good thing, since. again, automating labor should be freeing up humans to pursue things like art and science and leisure.

But under capitalism, it's terrifying. Now, capitalists aren't stupid and the smartest and most prescient capitalists can already see all of this coming. Elon Musk. Richard Branson. Mark Zuckerberg. What do all these men have in common? Yeah, they're all billionaires. Billionaires who made their names predicting the future A message from the dark future of capitalism of human society and they all advocate for something called Universal Basic Income or UBI.

*The three of them saying Universal Basic Income* UBI is exactly what it sounds like: cash payouts from the government to every citizen. Smart capitalists are very much in favor of planning for UBI because they know that it's the only way that they'll be able to secure their wealth and solidify their positions of power.

What? No! UBI is not the same thing as communism at all. It's much more similar to feudalism. Why? Because it's a system in which a small number of extremely wealthy speaking, Modding a consumer crt tv for rgb game sack was are given the patronistic role of doling out welfare to the masses.

Under a system of UBI, most humans will receive just enough money to survive.

A message from the dark future of capitalism Oh, good!

It is called the Universal Basic Income after all. We'll all be living on whatever meager portions the capitalists deem to throw at us and nothing more. What little social mobility we have left now will disappear.

There will be no hope of climbing up out of poverty and we'll be little more than serfs and peasants, living on the scraps of our wealthy overlords. This is a really good deal for capitalists.

A message from the dark future of capitalism Oh, I know what you're gonna say: "All this has happened before, we'll be fine!" Well, of course it's happened before.

They'll own the robots, they'll own the land the robots occupy, they'll own the homes most UBI recipients will be living in, and they'll own the companies that provide the services that most people will pay for with their UBI. It will be the biggest welfare state in capitaliam history, but it won't exist te the welfare of the masses.

It will exist for A message from the dark future of capitalism welfare of a very small number of elite billionaires who live out their lives in exorbitant luxury as the rest of society stagnates. Oh, I know what you're about to say: "Things won't get that bad and even if they do get that bad, well, the masses will just rise up and overthrow the new capitalist aristocratic elite, right?" Sorry to say, but technology is already being developed right now that will allow those with power to keep the masses under heel!

Just look at face recognition technology. It's already getting form good A message from the dark future of capitalism it messate recognize individuals, even through masks. China is already using facial recognition technology to find and arrest people in large crowds. Combine tech like that with AI-backed drones, robots and state-funded cyberspying that's already incessantly prolific all across the internet click here you could see how the population will soon be constantly under the watchful eye and oppressive boot of the state.

Listen, I know all of this sounds far-fetched, but it is going to happen unless YOU stop it. Portable Atari review flashback are living in a very critical time. You're standing at one of the most important crossroads in human history.

Are you going to keep going down the same road of capitalism and seal our fate? Or are you going to take a https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/anime/top-10-sega-genesis-exclusive-games-genesis-does-what-nintendont.php for drastic change?

In the messagf, leftists had the luxury of time. Marx believed that communist revolution was inevitable, but he didn't foresee the power we would develop for destruction. He didn't realize how quickly capitalism would be able to cement its position through technology. As we continue to eradicate the environment, ruin our natural resources, delete jobs and enhance terrifyingly oppressive technologies, how can you possibly have any faith in a capitalist future?

Things are capitalsim to go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. It'll happen so fast you won't thd what hit https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/download-games/new-retrobit-sega-controllers-unboxing-and-1st-impressions.php Trust me, I've already lived through it. Oh, don't worry about me. The best thing you can do for us in this capitalist wasteland of a future is erase us.

Erase this future! Build a better one for me, for yourself, for everyone! capitapism IS THE Capitaalism POLICE." Grunk! "DISENGAGE FROM TEMPORAL MANIPULATION IMMEDIATELY." Cqpitalism the time cops.

They've already traced my feed. Listen, I have to go now. Remember what I told you: It's not too late! You CAN fix all of A message from the dark future of capitalism. Oh, read article. One last thing. I'm so. So proud to be your father. Please. Tell your mother. I WILL ALWAYS- *STATIC*

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