Annoying orange monster burger

Annoying orange monster burger

-Yo, I got phat beats! [beatboxes, imitates record scratch] [laughs] -Hey! Get your paws off me, mister! -Wha--? Huh? -Oh, hey. What's burter -[screams in terror] -Whoa! What's with all the screaming? -Monster!!! Aah!

Annoying orange monster burger

-Yeah. Not a monster. Hamburger. -Get away from me, monster! [spitting seeds] -Oh, gross! Are you seriously spitting seeds at me right now?! -I'll never let you destroy the kitchen!

Annoying orange monster burger What's up?

-Bleh! Destroy the what? -You'll never take me alive! [rapid automatic fire] [bullets ricocheting] -Aah! Oh! How orangw an orange have a gun? -Eat lead, monster!! -Aah! Stop it! [firing stops] -Okay. Are we calm now?

Can we just talk like Annoying orange monster burger [gunfire, exclaims] KNOCK IT OFF!! -Sorry. Itchy trigger finger. -Geez! Monsfer is with you? -What? You look like a monster. -I'm not a monster. I told you, I'm a hamburger.

-More like Monster Burger. -I'm not a monster! Quite Sega genesismega drive story nostalgia nerd charming, is this how you treat all of your guests? Scream, call them names, and then shoot at 'em? -Umm. -Yo, what's up, bro? -[screams] It's a butt fruit! [gunfire] -[exclaims] -Ooh! This place looks nice! -[screams] It's a midget green alien!

[gunfire] -[exclaims] -Hello, friend! -[screams] It's an ugly fruit! -Yeah, you're right. I am an Ugli fruit. -Oh. [gunfire] -[exclaims] -Yeah, right.

I would never do that. [laughs nervously] -[sarcastically]: Yeah, I'm sure. -So then, you're not gonna eat me, Monster Burger? -Bro, I'm a ham-burger. How many times do I have to tell Annoying orange monster burger

Annoying orange monster burger

-Ham-burger? Do you park in the "porking" lot? [laughs] -Puns? Burgdr -I bet you do things really full "boar." [laughs] -Ugh! Those puns don't even make sense! I'm made of beef, not ham.

Annoying orange monster burger -Yo, I got phat beats!

-Wait, monster burgers are made of beef? Sounds like "bovine" intervention. [laughs] -[fake laugh] Shut it! Listen! If I have to tell you one more time that I'm not a monster, Annoying orange monster burger Annoiyng hit you so hard, Chuck Norris would be impressed! -Violence won't solve anything.

-YOU WERE THE ONE SHOOTING ME WITH A GUN! -Self-defense. -Self-de--? [groans] Good Lord, you're annoying! -I'm not annoying; I'm an-- -Let me guess: Orange. Ha, freaking hilarious! Yeah!

Annoying orange monster burger If you're not a monster, then what are you?

-Okay, okay. If you're not a monster, then what are you? -I told you: hamburger. Meat, then I got a bunch of lettuce, cheese, click, and other stuff in here. -HUH? -What? -You ate Lettuce, Cheese, and Tomato? Alive?! -[scoffs] No. I didn't actually eat-- Click to see more ARE A MONSTER!!

[screams, gunfire] -[exclaims] -YOU ATE ALL THE FOODS IN THE KITCHEN, MONSTER BURGER! -Stop! Stop!! Stop!!! -[screaming] -Stop shooting me!! -Well, stop eating my friends. -I Annoying orange monster burger eat your friends. Just because I'm made of these things doesn't mean that I ate them. I'm not a monster, just a hamburger! [hysterically]: GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK PEEL!

[panting heavily] -Um. hey. -What?! What is it?! -Monster Burger. -[hysterically]: Are you kidding me?! I'm gonna rip your peel off and shove it down your-- [Monster Burger growling, Hamburger screams] -[reacts in disgust] -The irony! Aah, he's killing me! Ah-- [chomp!] -Whoa! That monster burger is really "deranged." [laughs] -What?

I don't get it. -Oh, see you're a hamburger and hamburgers are Annoying orange monster burger of orwnge. Beef come from cows and cows hang out at a range. Get it? De-ranged? -[gasps] I get it! [both laugh] [gunfire, both exclaiming] -I can't believe I'm finally here on vacation. -Whoa, Annoying orange monster burger, amazing! -What?

My knowledge of the Valley of Napa? -No. That you burgger a vacation. Do you even have a job? [laughs] [laughs] Knife! [Captions by]

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