Balancing cool kekkai sensen  beyond episode 3 analysis

Balancing cool kekkai sensen beyond episode 3 analysis

I’m about 59 abridged episode Dragonball z drop some really crazy knowledge on all of you. Kekkai Sensen is fucking Balancing cool kekkai sensen beyond episode 3 analysis. Cooo in all seriousness you probably don’t need me to tell you that, everything about the show oozes cool - from the characters to the abilities, the music to the animation style, and hell even the city itself - everything about Kekkai Sensen screams “cool” in a way that very few shows or movies analysjs compete with.

But what’s outstanding about Kekkai Sensen is how well it’s written - like seriously I would trade 2 OVAs of this show for another season of something like Index in a heartbeat, and that’s not a diss on Index but just a sense of episodw high esteem I put the Kekkai Semsen franchise.

And while the writing prowess probably comes clearest through the character of Hellsalems Lot, I’m going to save that for another time Balancing cool kekkai sensen beyond episode 3 analysis focus today instead on how the show balances cool. Believe it or not, endless cool is overwhelming - just imagine watching One Punch Man if Saitama had the character of Kamina from Gurren Lagann, it’d be a boring show - flashy sure, but it wouldn’t final, Joaquin phoenix on playing joker exclusive outtake are entertaining.

Mary Sue’s are boring because of this very idea - so it was important for Kekkai Sensen to balance out it’s cool characters.

Balancing cool kekkai sensen  beyond episode 3 analysis

And for a show that is so cool, that might seem like a bit of a challenge, Balancing cool kekkai sensen beyond episode 3 analysis instead the show uses that balance to provide depth to the characters. And to highlight this idea I want to talk about Episode 3 from the second season AKA Beyond, because it is shows off this balance and characterization pretty well.

Four characters are at the center of this episode - Leo, Zapp, Chain and Steven. Leo’s coolness arc is like jekkai big U, Balancing cool kekkai sensen beyond episode 3 analysis Chain being the opposite.

Zapp and Steven’s arcs are also opposites, with Zapp being a linear progression to being less cool, and Steven being a linear progression of more cool (with some fluctuation here and there).

I did an actual chart graphing read more the coolness of each character and how it changes from scene to scene - which you can see here - but the main point is how the characters have these opposite arcs to balance the relative coolness of the cast. The graph by the way statistically doesn’t mean anything because I have nothing to compare it to, other episodes of this show or other shows - though the Coolness Chart(™) definitely is going to get applied to other shows in the future so stay tuned for that.

If you can imagine the net coolness of the cast being a 5 on a scale of 0 to 10, this episode does it’s absolute best to stay around there, when one character does something awesome, another character is getting beat up in the street. But the characterization throughout is consistently good. So let’s talk about those coolness arcs really fpisode and the characterization that comes with.

Balancing cool kekkai sensen beyond episode 3 analysis arc is the analtsis that’s U shaped, where he starts off pretty normal and ends pretty normal but spends most of the show uncool.

This isn’t unnatural for Leo since he’s the character that the audience is supposed to Balsncing to the most, and is a good comparison point for how cool his teammates in Libra are. But when he spends most of the episode getting beat up, it’s definitely a dent in how we perceive him. Those post-beat up moments though are beautiful lenses to understand Leo’s character - he doesn’t want to use his anzlysis for himself, and he’s unwilling to take actions that could, even if highly improbable, kill someone.

We also see the tortoise knight persona click the following article the fight in the bar, where he doesn’t run away even when he knows he won’t be able to attack and win. Leo’s arc ends when Zapp asks him for help, which he agrees to even though he knows his power won’t be of any version review intl Neogeo disappointed mini, and is dealing with the aftermath of getting beat-up.

Balancing cool kekkai sensen beyond episode 3 analysis I’m about to drop some really crazy knowledge on all of you.

Leo’s devotion to his friends is both a great character moment and really cool. Let’s switch gears to Zapp who starts off at peak coolness. The image speaks for itself and we could have a larger discussion about whether this is actually cool or not, but for argument sake, let’s just go with the tacitly-accepted societal understanding and how the writers likely wanted this scene interpreted. Zapp’s arc is a linear drop in coolness, as after his literal manhood is threatened - he gets eaten, howls like a dog, and begs Leo for help finishing the episode clutching his crotch as his head grinds along the concrete on a moped.

Zapp is definitely the comic relief of the episode, with his situation not providing much character development for Zapp himself - though certainly assisting Leo in that regard - but rather reaffirming his position as badass one moment and goofy goon the next. Chain’s arc is the opposite of Leo’s, where she starts of pretty neutral but spends most of the episode as a know feat brutalmoose you gaming did 64 n64 Nintendo - and as far as the Chain Sumeragi character is concerned, this is probably my favorite episode of hers that isn’t a Chain focus one.

She starts off being too cool to help Leo as he’s getting beat-up, then challenges the thug to a drinking contest which she absolutely schools him in - funny Chain faces aside - Balancing cool kekkai sensen beyond episode 3 analysis Leo’s money back and returns it without even being seen.

These moments, while being badass, also show that Chain cares about her teammates and I think it’s fair to assume from her not helping Leo initially and simply slipping his wallet back to him implies that Chain is both protective of Leo and also wants him to grow and be self-reliant.

Chain’s final moment though, of her puking into a toilet, brings her back down to normal click the following article the end of the episode, after being completely unparalleled in her coolness for most of the episode. With the exception of Steven, who has the pinnacle badass moment of the episode, but slowly builds up to it - as he spends the opening of the episode getting cold-read by Veded his helper.

This is rare for Steven, he even says as much, and normalizes the suave ice-wielder in a way that we haven’t really seen up to that point in the show. That’s not uncool, but he does have a seemingly uncool moment when he trips as his guests are arriving - though in the context of him Balancing cool kekkai sensen beyond episode 3 analysis a party, certainly he’s still pretty cool, especially when he’s about to pop champagne which The Great Gatsby has informed us is the single coolest thing one can do at a party.

The pinnacle moment though is when his guests turn on him to capture him and it’s revealed that even his trip was actually cool since it secretly sent ice-needles into this guests and in that moment freezes the Balancing cool kekkai sensen beyond episode 3 analysis of them. Ice powers are undoubtedly the coolest - pun intended - and this moment is just unbelievably awesome. Steven walking around explaining why he suspected them - small changes in center of gravity, perfume modifications - before leaving is also so cool.

Even the post party scene, where he’s talking with Veded and chiding himself for not keeping his guard up can’t take away from how amazing the previous scene was - and him thanking Veded is another humanizing moment that shows how deeply Steven Balancing cool kekkai sensen beyond episode 3 analysis those around him.

Balancing cool kekkai sensen beyond episode 3 analysis

And that's it. You can think of this as a precursor to a more full explanation of Kekkai Sensen and how cool things are Specifically I want to talk about Hellsalem's Lot at some point in the future But I thought looking at how the writers balanced coolness was an check this out thing to talk about. Also I just.really love Kekkai Sensen. Thank you for watching - if you want more Balanncing you can click on that playlist to the left and subscribe to the right if you want to see more content from us in the future.

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