Graduation eve

Graduation eve

Mao's treasure collection! Jealous? Oh, nice. Acorns! A bug shell! Nice. A green and Graduation eve cicada shell! A brown cicada shell!

Graduation eve Mao's treasure collection!

An evening cicada shell! You're really good Graduation eve collecting this stuff. I have even more at home! Let me show them to you sometime! Sure, when I have the time. Graduation eve, can I eat see more cicada's shells?

Are you crazy?

Graduation eve

These aren't something Gradution can eat! How about a cup of black tea? Sure. Thank you. Would you ece for some tea too? I'll take one. Me too. It's good tea. I agree. How about a second serving? Uh. What will it be? I'm going to the bathroom. Again? Hey, could you continue reading the door properly?

It's cold outside. How many cups of tea did he drink today? He drank four cups of Earl Grey tea, two of Kandy tea, three of Nilgiri tea, and four of Keemun tea. Do you want a second serving? Where is Shinomiya-kun?

The hallway's freezing. Does this mean it'll snow? By the way, this place looks so old. I wonder how old this Graduation eve is. Graduation eve say that people up to no good always talk more than they usually do.

What? Don't tell me. Have you been peeking? As if I ever would! Perhaps you've stolen Graduation eve toilet paper? I'd never do such a thing. We'll just see Graduation eve your name is in the newspaper later! You won't. It's best for you to admit it now, okay? Hey you, just fess Graduation eve What crimes have you committed? Shinomiya-kun, have you ever committed crimes? Are you going to confess? Look, even Megumi-chan is imitating you.

Graduation eve She thinks she's being polite though.

Https:// all your fault, Graduation eve. Megu has always copied me. When I started playing volleyball, she said, "I want to play too since Onee-chan's Graruation and she tagged along!

Graduation eve

If that's the case, please stop saying weird things in front of Megumi-chan! Oh well, I got it! You've been Graduation eve the bathroom Graduation eve, right? Yes, I have. Shinomiya-kun, do you want more tea? Looks like you'll be going fve soon. Yeah. You're right. Hey. Yes? She's pretty cheeky, isn't she?

Yeah, she is.

Graduation eve

She thinks she's being polite though. Now that you mention it. What are you talking about? Are you talking about Graduation eve Uh. What is it? What is Graduation eve Speak clearly. Spit it out! Are you okay with this? You're not going to check your phone?

It's fine, since it's just Kasumi. She probably just took a picture of something and wanted to show me. Graduation eve, today. It'll English other the other another terrible if it's a call for help from her, you know. It's a picture of a cat. I see. Why do girls scream? When did I scream? I'm talking about normal girls. He's saying we aren't normal girls. What are we going to do about it?

Ah! Look, checkmate. Ah! Oh no! We're out of tea. Ah, ah! I'll make some more tea. Ah! Ah, ah. I'm sorry. I haven't screamed yet. Ah! You never reject topics for discussion, Kyoro. Really? Are you starting to Graduation eve Super Kyoro all the time?

That won't happen. As your senior, this is my final duty. I'll keep an Graduation eve on you, so be as super as you'd like. What? Ah, ah! Come on. Actually, never mind. Hey. Yes? Do you have the next volume of this? Yeah, I have it at home. I'll bring it next time. Never mind, then. I think I'm going to head home now. Shall we go home as well, Onee-chan?

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