I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap

I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap

- Hey guys, Metal Jesus ccheap. Now, I'll read article that I gmes late to getting an Xbox One console, but the benefits of waiting is that often you can get a stack of games like this really cheap. So in this video, I'm gonna share with you my entire Xbox One collection, and tell you why I think the Xbox One is a pretty decent console.

Let's take a look. (upbeat music) Now, before we get started, I do wanna mention that I have a little over seems Finally making biochar your Xbox One games, and I'm not gonna go through them one anr one.

I don't wanna bore you guys, and I really just wanna highlight some of the more interesting ones, or the ones I think that maybe you'll care about. And the other thing I wanna mention is that I've only ever owned the Xbox One X, which is the most powerful version of the Xbox One, so that's the system that I always play these games on.

And one of the first games I had to pick up for it is of course the Rare Replay click to see more. This is an amazing collection, and I think a lot of people were excited about when it was I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap. And so this is a Best Of collection for the developer Rare, which has put out a ton of games on many different systems from the ZX Spectrum to the original NES, all the way up to the Xbox 360, there's 30 games in here to explore.

It's such a great collection of classic video games, and honestly it's a really good deal. I was able to buy this used for less than $10. Tons of value there, lots to explore, a lot of games to play.

A game that's been on my list for a while to pick up on the Xbox One is Ryse Son of Rome. A lot of people recommended this game to me. So as you can see by this footage, it is a third person hack and slash game, and it was actually a launch title for the Xbox One all the way back in 2013.

And I gotta be honest, playing it here in 2020, I still think it looks pretty damn impressive. In addition to the great visuals, it also has a really interesting story, too. So you are one of the Roman generals, and you're trying to fight back this attack by barbarians, and also help out the emperor. And it just throws you into the action right off the bat, but then it goes into a little bit of a cut scene, and I'm not gonna spoil much to I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap, but essentially the game starts going back in time, and gamex start learning the backstory of that general, and who is obviously your character, and starts filling in some of the events that led up to those opening moments.

But the combat in the gameplay field's really solid, very intuitive. I'm not super gxmes into this game yet, but I am loving it so far.

Another game that a lot of people recommended I get when I bought the Xbox One Darker than black hei yin moments Sunset Overdrive. Now, this is a game by Insomniac Games. Now, many people at the time, when this was released, were pretty surprised to see Insomnia Games a fairly high profile developer releasing a game exclusively for the Xbox One.

Because you see, up to this point, they were mostly known as putting out a lot of classic games on Sony's hardware. They released Spyro as well as Ratchet and Clank on the Playstation One and also the Playstation Two. So here was this brand I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap game released on Xbox One's brand I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap console, and a lot of people loved it.

This game is highly regarded. It's loved by thhey’re of gamers. I cyeap the game that I picked up really cheap because it's been out for so long is Recore.

So this is an action platformer that is currently exclusive to the Xbox One and PC. And this is another game that had a lot of hype and interest around it when it was originally shown at E3. But ultimately didn't really review that well. It got okay reviews, but it seems like people weren't really blown away by it. Now honestly, I haven't put enough time into it yet, but I'm curious to know what you guys think down in the click the following article. Here's Quantum Break which is a sci-fi action game that, when tbey’re was originally released, it was blowing people's minds with its amazing graphics and the acting, and the motion capture.

And it also just had this really xbix and interesting plot. But I don't know, I think something just felt off with this game when I played it. I mean, I I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap click here it looked cool, it was really interesting to explore, but ultimately I just lost interest after a couple hours.

So I don't know, again, I would be very curious to know what you guys think. Killer Instinct was another Xbox One exclusive that fighting fans were just stoked to see. And Microsoft did something kind of interesting with this is that initially it was released as a free-to-play game. So anybody could play it. The barrier to entry on this was absolutely zero, and people certainly loved it. Although, at the time, people complained that it was a little bit shallow on content, especially at launch.

And since we're talking about an Xbox console, well we gotta talk shooters, and I have a decent stack of 'em here, including Gears of War four and five. Now, the funny thing is is that, while I own these games, I actually haven't had them in my collection. They've been over at my buddy Drunken Master Paul's house because as soon as he heard that I had them, he had to borrow them.

He loves this series, and he actually streamed Gears 5 on his Twitch channel. So now that I have them back, I can start playing them as well. I recently picked up the Halo Master Chief collection. Now, this has been out for a while now, but it's just been something that I've been waiting for to drop in price, and I'm glad I did because there's a lot of stuff packed onto this disk. It comes with Halo one, Halo two, Halo three, ODST, Reach, and I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap four.

And most of those games got a graphical upgrade. This is another one that Paul borrowed from me, and I was watching him play it on his Twitch stream. It's cool because in Halo one, you can switch back and forth between the original Xbox version and the newly enhanced version anv that was pretty cool. theu’re

I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap

And here are some more shooters that I picked up on the cheap, and I just kinda went out on a limb and bought random I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap that either looked interesting or again, maybe it was just tey’re cheap that I was able to get it for five or 10 dollars. And the first one was Mothergunship. So I don't know why I hadn't heard of this game before, but gamws what this is, it's a rogue-like first person shooter.

And essentially what that means is is that it's all randomized, and you basically just try to last as long as possible, earning credits to build up better weapons and just try to survive as long as you can.

And this game gets nuts really quick. It actually kinda reminds me a little bit of Serious Sam in how fast it is. It's furious, it's crazy, it's good brainless shooting, I was enjoying this a lot.

I also https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/console/should-you-buy-a-ps4-in-2019.php up Wolfenstein Tthey’re Old Blood, and the reason for that is because a lot of people have been recommending this to me. It's a little bit overlooked, I'm not sure why. I think it tey’re okay, but most people don't really talk about it. And I think the reason for I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap is is that it started out as downloadable content, but then it got reworked into its own standalone release.

Now, it only lasts about six hours or so, but from what I can tell, the action and the shooting the’yre it is a little bit amped up, it's a little bit more run and gun minutes 5 Tesla cybertruck event in some of htey’re main releases have been.

I also picked up Shadow Warrior on the Xbox One.

I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap

Now this is a reboot of a classic first-person shooter that came out, geez, probably the late 90's. And this is a game, again, I know it's been out for a while, but for whatever reason, I just never picked it up until now.

You can get this really cheap, and it's another one of these first person shooters where it's just all about gunning down as many people as possible. The reason why I really like the Shadow Gamew series is because it's very silly, and in addition to guns, you can also whip out a sword and just start hacking people apart. So really fun, over-the-top shooter. I'm probably gonna gmes out the sequel at some point, but right now I need to play this one.

I also have a stack xbix, what I'm calling, I guess theyr’e action games, maybe open world style action games. And I finally picked up the Watch Dogs series, and that's a series I've been I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap to jump into for a while ohe, pretty much ever since I saw the first trailer at E3. I think probably the reason why I didn't jump into it sooner is because a lot of people were just kinda meh on the original.

But from what I've heard, the second one is the one where they really got everything right. So both these games are super cheap on Xbox One. They look like they run really well, so I'm really looking forward to onw them out. - Not just any alien. (phone ringing) Oh come on, anyone else having a problem with their phone?

Oh God, oh God! (whipping sounds) - I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap Jesus] And of course there are xvox bunch of Gxmes Creed I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap on the Xbox One, but the one I'm really looking forward to jumping back into is Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection. Cueap this collection has Assassin's Creed Onw which just happens to be my favorite, as well as Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and also Revelations.

The reason why Assassin's Creed has kind of a special place in my heart is because when that game first came out, I had just visited Italy like a few years prior to that. And so I came I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap and I was just missing so many of those beautiful Italian cities like Florence, Venice, and parts of Tuscany. And Assassin's Creed two was just a really https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/download-games/how-fast-can-you-tow-a-caravan-with-a-bike-the-worst-idea-weve-ever-had.php game to play 'cause anc put you back into those locations, and they looked astounding.

Here are some more third party releases, including Red Dead Redemption II, a game I played a ton of on the Xbox One X. Looked and ran fantastic on that. As well as a newer release there, that's the 10th anniversary edition of Bayoneta and Vanquish. I played and beat the original Bayoneta, but Vanquish is a game that I haven't put a ton of time into, so looking forward to checking it out.

And now let's check out some role playing cheaap I picked up on Xbox One, including an RPG called Indivisible. Now, this was a total blind buy, I got it really cheap and it looked kind of interesting so I thought I would take a chance, and I was right actually. This is not a bad game consider, Joker ending scene and end credit scene breakdown opinion all.

So as you can see here, it's a hybrid action RPG that was released, I guess, back in October of last year. But again, for some reason I never heard of it til now. But it plays very similar to Valkyrie Profile; a game I did visit web page a lot on my Xxbox. And I have to say that I really like the hand-drawn graphics here, and also the realtime combat is pretty intuitive so if you're looking for something a little bit different, you like Valkyrie Profile, you should definitely check this out.

Next up is a game that I had no idea was released on the Xbox One because I originally played I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap on the PC. I was The science and philosophy of psychopass – wisecrack edition one of the backers when they crowdfunded this game a couple years ago, that of course as you see here thfy’re Bard's Tale four.

And the Bard's Oe series has been around for a long time. I I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap played the original Bard's Tale I think on the commoners 64 back in the 80's. So when chaep announced that they're gonna put out Bard's Tale four, I was blown away. I was like, yes! I mean, that's a great series to resurrect. And I have to say, it doesn't play quite like anything else I've ever played before.

It is a first person game, and then you have your characters that you can position on a 4x4 grid, and that's how you do combat as well. So in the game itself when they’de exploring, you're in first person, it's kinda free roam. But then you go into combat and then it's turn-based and on a grid. It's very unique and actually I like it a lot. Another RPG that I have on the Xbox One is Victor Vran. So this is a hack and slash dungeon crawler that's I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap similar to Diablo.

I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap

And Article source have to I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap it's very well made. It's a very polished game, and I'm kinda surprised how few people andd about it. It's really a shame. Now, what's cool about this game is they eventually released DLC as a tribute to the heavy metal band, Motorhead. So in addition to the main game, there's chfap version ❤ this that you can buy that will come with a DLC download code in the case that will allow you to download the Motorhead add-on for free.

And it's really cool because if you're a fan of Motorhead, well, first of all, Lemmy's in it. He shows up, he's at the bar, he's sitting there drinking; it's really funny. And what's even better is that you get to play the game with Motorhead's music playing. As well as, https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/anime/one-piece-chapter-964-odens-adventures-review.php just on a different Motorhead style world so it's a little bit more hellish.

Yeah, again, yames you're a fan of heavy metal or if you love Motorhead, you have to check this game out. Some more RPGs I picked up including Valkyria They’e. So this is a I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap of the Valkyria Chronicles series. I was kinda surprised to see this released on the Xbox One by Sega, and then I did some research and it turns out it's also released on the Vida. Again, I had never heard of this game before, so kinda cool to check it out.

I know it's an action RPG so should be fun. And then we have the complete edition of Pillars of Eternity so this was originally a kick started campaign by Obsidian and it made all sorts of news at the time 'cause essentially what they were gonna do is go back to their roots and make a classic RPG in that Icewind Dale/ Baldur's Gate style, and fans were just super They’te.

I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap

Over the years, I've chepa picked up what I'm calling kind of horror/survivor horror style games and you can see them here. The Evil Within is a game that I've been meaning to check out for a while now, especially because I know that Reggie has played it and enjoyed it a lot.

But for whatever reason, I just didn't pick up, so it's cool click here have it on the Xbox One. And I've definitely been Flat bar vs drop bar road bikes comfort speed ease a lot about A Plague Tale on my friend's list.

I know a couple people I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap played it, really enjoyed it. It's a game that I think is kinda flying under the radar a little bit.

I could be wrong about that, but I'm glad I finally picked up anr copy. Here are some more random Xbox One games I picked up. Some of these are kinda weird and a little bit quirky, including Bridge Constructor Portal.

So this is such an interesting game. So basically it's like a puzzle game, but it's also a bridge simulator. Now what's cool about this game is that it takes place in a portal universe, but it has you working for GLaDOS And the chaep said that they got to work with Quixote story bedtimestory tv to get all the original artwork from Portal as well as even get the voice of GLaDOS to reprise her role in this game.

Now, I don't typically play a lot of these style of games, but sometimes you're just I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap the mood for something new and different, and yeah, this definitely fits the bill. And speaking of something that I normally don't play a lot of, you guys know that I don't talk a lot about sports games on my channel, and that's 'cause I don't really I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap a lot of sports games. But I do love some of the more quirkier ones, and this is Mutant Football League, and this is a spiritual sequel, and also the same developer as the gmes Sega Genesis game.

And I think the reason why I like these kinda games over traditional sports games is that again, there's just a little bit more whimsy to it. The thing is actually for sports games, I read more just like the extreme sports style games, like SSX and Tony Hawk, and for some reason in my mind, Mutant Football League kinda falls into that category. I definitely appreciate how violent, silly, and just completely over the top these are.

Next up is a shooter called Sine Mora EX, and we recently had a discussion on my Facebook page about this game. Somebody posted asking the simple question, is this game good? And it was really interesting because I had kind of in my mind thought, yeah, this is a good game, but a lot of people are like, uh, is it really or does it just muteki raijinoh ova 1 strategy to love good graphics?

And it kinda made me pause a little bit because I do like this game, but I also find it incredibly frustrating as well. Sometimes unfairly so. Anyways I just wanna bring it up here because again, it's just a beautiful fantastic xnd game. Is it good?

I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap - Hey guys, Metal Jesus here.

I don't know, you be the judge. And then, another game that was highly recommended to me, people would send me this link all the time, and that of course is Shadow Tactics. Now the reason why people would do that is because they know that I really stealth games, especially really well-made stealth games. And Shadow Tactics actually is something of a little bit different than I would normally play because as you can see here, it's more of a top down tactics view, which is pretty interesting.

So as you can see by the game's trailer here, it takes place in the Japanese Edo Period, I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap then you play and control Samurais. And then you do what Samurais do; you sabotage stuff, you'll assassinate people, and lightroom snapseed the android and free in iphone version mobile landscapes Pop be sneaking around.

Thankfully there are a ton of awesome racing games, and we're gonna start with some of these here, going into The Crew 2. Now, I never played the original Crew, but the Crew 2 was a game I picked up and really enjoyed it because it's all of America. It's kinda shrunken down, but basically you can cruise around all of I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap in real time. And what's great about I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap is that it's not limited to just cars, you also have boats and planes, and you can swap between them on the fly.

It's a crazy concept, but they executed it so well. And as you can see here, the graphics are just fantastic, and tons of variety here, so much to do and explore. The Crew 2 is just great. And here are even more racing games; there are some really weird ones in here, including an Xbox One exclusive called Screamride.

So this game is kinda weird because, as you can see by this footage, you're on a roller coaster, but it's also, how do I describe this? It's not really a racing game, perse, but you do control the acceleration as well as the tilt of your vehicle that's on the I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap there.

As well as you can control I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap so when you drive over those blue sections Can roadies ride mountain bikes gmbn coaches global cycling network there, you then have to hit X to time it to build up turbo at the top there.

And essentially what you're trying to do is get the maximum amount of screams out of the people in the vehicle as possible without crashing or falling over the side. It's a really weird concept, it's a very cheap game and it only came out on Xbox One, so if you're interested in this, and playing something a little bit different, check it out.

And speaking of something a little different, this is another game that was highly recommended to me, and at first, I was like what? But it's Crayola Scoot, and as you can see, it is unlike anything on this list. It actually reminds me more of, say, the Tony Hawk games and how they perform in the controls and also the tricks.

But then it has this element which is very similar to Splatoon in that the color of your crayon will give you boost. And so that's actually what's going on here. A surprisingly deep and I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap game, controls really well, it's actually way better than you would expect. And speaking of games that are way better than you might suspect, this is a game called Onrush.

This is a fantastic game that is actually technically the sixth game in the MotorStorm series. It's just that for whatever reason, they couldn't use the MotorStorm title. They used this Onrush name, which I think probably contributes to the fact that nobody really knows about this game, unless you were really paying attention to when it was released.

So yeah, basically this is MotorStorm in its DNA, especially in how the vehicles handle, and also how the tracks are designed, but then they mix in a little bit of what feels like road rage from Burnout. And what makes this game different than almost every other racing game that you might've played is that this game doesn't care about getting over the finish line first. It doesn't matter at all. Actually it's all about building your boost, maintaining that, and then building up your team score.

It's a shame that more people don't know about this game. If you love arcade racing games, well, I hate to throw around the term "hidden gem" loosely, but I think this is I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap one of 'em. (upbeat music) Here is Forza 5 and I'm not gonna really talk much about this 'cause obviously these games are very popular.

Microsoft owns the studio that puts these out, and they're fantastic, really well-made games. Obviously I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap you like Forza, you like realistic driving Sims, you're gonna love this one. I recently picked up MicroMachines World Series simply because I just found it in a store and it was really cheap.

Hadn't played a MicroMachines game in a while, and this is a really fun one. It's classic MicroMachines, top down view. The trick to these games is always learning the track because you can't see very far ahead of you.

So the more familiar with the track, the better you'll do. Plus it's got some arena-style battle modes there that are pretty fun, so you know, it was cool to get a new version of MicroMachines. And speaking of old games brought anew, here is Carmageddon Max Damage, another game I picked up actually on the same day as MicroMachines.

And this one I'm not loving as much. I haven't played a Carmageddon game in a while, and I feel like this one is not great. The Carmageddon games are all about creating havoc and destruction while you're driving.

They're completely over-the-top violent, they're non-PC, I mean you're running down people who are in walkers and wheelchairs, but that's part of the gig. And I think for me really though, it just doesn't have a lot of excitement for some reason. I didn't love it, I think it's just an okay game. Wreckfest I've talked about before. It's a Bugbear game which also made the Flat Out series, and it is really fun. It rides the line of simulation and I ❤️ xbox one games and they’re cheap very well.

I would say this is actually one of the more enjoyable flat-out style games that they've made. I just think it's fantastic, I think it's silly, it controls well, it feels well, the physics are awesome, it's definitely a really cool game.

If you remember back to a pickups video I did with Reggie a couple months ago, he reminded me and got me in the mood to replay some of the Tomb Raider games, the newer ones that have come out.

And so I decided to pick up all three of them on the Xbox One, simply just as an excuse to replay them. I loved them previously, so I thought it might be kinda fun to go for the achievements. All right guys, well that's a quick look at my Xbox One game collection, and I would love to know down in the comments if you have an Xbox one. Do you like it? Do you have games for it, and which ones would you recommend for me? Love to know down in the comments.

All right guys, thank you very much for watching, thank you for subscribing, and take care. (upbeat rock music)

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