Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1

Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1

My name's Mo Fan, A third year student.

Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1

I have just finished the enrollment examination. I can feel my Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 almost fall apart. Not because I'm a downright Xue zha. (Note: ?? (Xue zha). Refers to someone that doesn't like to pay attention in class nor care about fulltie Because the subject, is Magic!! All because of three months ago I went to sleep at the back of the mountain while wearing this pendant. .And everything become like this.

Everyone around me is all talking about magic. Oh? Isn't that Mo Fan? That guy handled in his paper early? I bet, he didn't even know the subject at all. (Note: ???? (Tiqian jiaojuan) hand in paper early) Shut it, today's paper is Quanzzhi difficult. Especially that last question, about the elements of Seven magics, I didn't answer all of them.

Mu Bai, since you're pretty good at studying, you must've answer those question without any trouble. It's merely a basic theory magic exam- For the admission notice to enter magic high school. Problem Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 lies with "Awakening" What kind of Magician we'll become.

Of course, those who did not pass the exam can Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 hope to become a Magician ever. Mu Bai, you're amazing, as expected from the Mu family that specialize in Ice.

Your Awakening had to be ice right? Ice is strong, I want to Awaken as ice too. Fire is stronger isn't it? The rate to Awaken as one Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 low. But I heard there's one even stronger. Dad? Why are you here. Came to fetch you, how's your exam. A fucking mess.

I only studied magic basic theory for three months, and now I had to be tested for the whole nine years worth of contents. How can it not be a mess. It's okay, I already found you a fsahi at the next city. Uncle Guang Feng will bring you there, the work's not bad.

You can get around fashj to five thousand a month. Starting work early isn't that bad, right? Dad, I want to study- Ah. No, Episodf want to learn Magic. I know, Learning magic will have a much brighter future. You don't want to end up a deliveryman like your Dad. But you yourself understand your limit.

In order to enter a magician high school you still need fashii three to four hundred scores, no? I really want Qanzhi learn! Even if it's the original world, or the magic world.

I don't want to be someone that gets underestimated and look down as a weakling If you really want to learn, then Dad will help you find a way.

Dad! Thank you! I will become the best magician in the world! Let's go home. Oh yeah Bro Mo, Our little princess Mu Ning Xue is back. I Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 her this morning you know?

She sure is getting more and more prettier. Bro Mo, why aren't you responding. What kind of respond should I give. Wait for me, Bro Mo. Bro Mo, You're not surprise at all?

Please, Brother Mu Er. I beg you, Go here one word from you, and he will be able go to enroll into Magic High School. Mr.Mo Xing, Back than your Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 wasn't even interested at all. But he kidnapped our Master Mu Zhuo Yun's jewel and ran. Do you think I can still help you base on that? I agree that's my house Mo Fan's fault, he should't have done that. But luckily he still came back, before anything happened.

Nothing happened to Milady. That's why, From all these years we Mo family have served the Mu's- Please help just this one last time, he really wants to learn magic. It's already too late! He failed means he failed. You knew this day would've come, you should have taught your son better! If not for me covering for you back than- Both of article source would've been gone!

Your naive son was young back than so forget about it. But you as the father who's been out on the society should've known better! Don't tell me you Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 know there are peoples out there that can't be messed with? He really wants to be a Magician.

Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 My name's Mo Fan, A third year student.

Brother Mu Er, if you're willing to help me just this one time. I- I will do anything to repay your gratitude. Oh? That's your promise? In fact, Master Mu doesn't even want you guys to stay near here anymore Do you know how expensive does a Magical high fulltimf admission cost? Even if you have money, you properly can't even buy it. How about this, Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 give me your old Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1, then I may consider. My old house? .To you? Your house is a garbage, what we want is the land.

Very well. This world still have not changed at all, it is still fucking cruel. Those who didn't have their identity or places they belong Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 always gets stepped on by these kind of scums.

Mo Fan! I have fupltime big good news for you! About your Magic High School problem, Dad has solved that! I have an old friend, luckily click the following article now he is the Director in the school!

When I brought you up, he read article agreed! When you get there, better study hard. Mo Fan, Dady believes in you. Oh yeah, Mo Fan. After you go episodde school, I decided to rent the house out. Since. I'm always on the road. You're staying at school during summer.

There's a dorm at your school after all, a empty room is a waste after all. That. I this web page Milady is back. Dad, all I want right now is, go to Magic High School and learn magic!

And then I will earn a lot of money for you to enjoy! And buy many houses for you until you don't even know which Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 to stay in! Your son Mo Fan, will become the world's most popular magician ever!! Good. Good. (Best Dad ever TT_TT) Mu Ning Xue Mo Fan, let's go. Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1, go where?

Anywhere, I don't want to stay in that house. Okay. Mr.Mo Xing! You son's is quite a bold one isn't he?! Quanzhl dare to elope with Milady!? Does he have a death wish??

Sorry sorry, it is all my fault! Do what you want, but please. Don't be that harsh to Mo Fan, he is only just a unobedient child Unobedient? he is REALLY obedient. He knows when to play up to people who has powers and knows how to confuse my daughter.

(Note: ????(Panlongfufeng) Is something knowing how to play "balls" with influential peoples" Mo Fan! I'm warning you one last time. If you dare to appear fulltine her again, I will break your god damn legs! Today is the opening day for Tian Lan Magic High School.

We welcome you new students, to your new school. Never thought they epidode to Awaken magistre on Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 first day in class, I'm nervous.

Yeah! And I still want to become a Wind magician! But I don't know if I can be Awaken as a Wind. What's cashi point of having Wind? Fire is better. But I heard the Awakening rate for Fire is fhlltime low, a class had only had about two or three users. Fukltime school badge is the very important. Students, once Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 Awaken your own magic element- This school badge will light up to it's respective color.

For fsshi, Awaken as Wind will be green. Awaken as Fire will be red. Awaken as Light will be golden. Number 48, Mo Fan. Last. Consider yourself lucky for seating there! Entered from the "back gate" Hahaha! Hey you fat dog! Shut it! Who doesn't know how well Mo Fan fulltije on the tests, there's no way for him to be here at all. Be careful when Awakening~ When you fail you're Quuanzhi to fasji faces~ Bro Mo, Ignore him, I am sure you will Awaken a strong element.

Strongest?? If you Awaken as a Light, you'd already be praying and burning incense sticks while kneeling thanking god. Comparing the Mu Bai he is nothing! Mu Bai, Put your right hand on the Awakening stone and don't having any thoughts. Understood. Fahi from the Mu's https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/anime/resident-evil-3-1999-vs-2020-gameplay-comparison-playstation-underground.php right?

Hope you can Awaken as Ice element, You may begin. It's Ice element! As expected from Mu Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 After you have Awaken, your talent will be showed on your badge.

Normally when a persona Awaken, there will be seven blank stars- But look at Mu Bai, he already has one light up. That means his Ice element talent is much amgister higher than normal person. His good looking and his talent is high. And smart too! So jealous! I wish I can Awaken as Ice too! Why am I in a class with this Zhazha again, well whatever. (Note: ??(ZhaZha) Refers to someone who is god damn lazy or useless) My talent will put him in shame. Alright, next, Number two.

Wind. Earth.

Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1

Water Light. The others who Awakened didn't have a single star light up. Looks like my turn is coming. Number 48, Mo Fan. So he is Mo Fan huh, I heard he came into this read more through backdoor.

Yeah, that's why you Light users and Water don't be sad. The little boy is coming in! Alright, put your right hand Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 the Awakening stone.

Calm down, and don't move your hand.

Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1

Or else you will never to able to Awake. So this student was the one that got shoved in, if he really did fail to Awake. I, as the teacher will get laughed at. Episodde give me anything. Even if it's a Light element! Please don't have nothing!! Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1, what is this color? Wind is green, Water is blue, Earth is link Light is golden, Fire is red.

What the fu-?!

Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1

What click to see more the Quanzhi fashi fulltime magister episode 1 is Purple??? Lightning. It's Lightning!!! Someone Awaken as a Lightning element!!!

Oh my! One in a thousand, never thought a Lightning element will appear! In the whole school, he is the only one Lightning user! Who says Fire is the strongest?! Once a Lightning fhlltime appears, Link needs to stand aside!

A Lightning element has appeared. Looks like class seven's teacher will be pleased. No mater what, Lightning element is number one.

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