Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love

Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love

NOTICE This is an incomplete subtitle. Please do not redistribute. - Is that planet it? Yes, that is the Earth. Never thought Lord Warusa would be done for Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love such a small planet.

Gokudo, when you get to know about the children of that planet, you firs think that way anymore. If you want Belzeb back, tell me about them. Absolutely Matchless Raijin-Oh (Zettai Muteki Raijin Ou) d You ho find Unboxing super slim playstation 3 250gb what is important to you ?

d Under the view of blue sky through the classroom window ? d I have too many things I want to do ? d I can't just sit in front of tables and stay still ? d Every time I open the emergency door ? d My heart starts to pounce ? d The thrill to the new world ? d I want to share it with you ? d We're not alone ? fifst When you're feeling down ? d I will support you with the courage to fight ?

d Anytime in the future, ? d we are the heroes ? d The power to dream is ? d Absolutely Matchless Raijin-Oh ? Grand Strategy to First Love! Next, Hoshiyama Kouji. Ogawa Yoshiaki. My mom is gonna kill me. Kojima Tsutomu. How could I get such a low score?! Awesome. Asuka. You'll have no problem with the entrance exam to Difficult Middle School in raijnoh rate. Asuka, are you going to Sfrategy Middle School?

I wonder if I can go too. No need to worry, everyone. I'm not going to Difficult Middle School. Are you serious, Asuka? I wouldn't like to pick the middle school only by Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love exams.

Asuka's so awesome as always! Now, the last. Hyuga Jin! Jin, it's your turn! You finally came out, evil beast! Hyper Thunder Crash! He did it! Oh, it was just a dream! I was growing dull without any need to move out. What are you doing, teacher? Jin. You brat! What's wrong with Ztetai score ever since the 2nd semester?! Please forgive me! No way! Unforgivable! That was terrible. Of course you're being scolded! You're gonna be a middle raijinooh student soon, so why not start studying, Jin?

If I really do my best, I'll easily take the first place! You know, Eldran picked me as the pilot because I am excellent! You're saying that you're better than us, Jin?

I, Hyuga Jin, took Warusa down with Raijin-Oh, piloted by me! What are you talking about? Don't forget that Defense Class' commander is Maria! Moreover, Bakuryuuou is mainly piloted by girls! What? Then it's a match between boys and girls!

That's a good idea! Alright! When an evil beast comes out next time, we'll have a match using Raijin-Oh and Bakuryuuou! Well then! We accept that match! Oh dear. Just a moment! It's stupid to fight against your comrade! Fighting against girls with such a insignificant thing? Muuteki are you doing? Taking sides with girls? I guess you're just trying to act like a class leader! Yoppa, Hiroshi isn't taking sides with girls!

Hiroshi's on Kukki's side! Right! Hiroshi likes Kukki! No, I'm. I envy Kukki! Good for her! No, it's rzijinoh that. Hiroshi's blushing! No doubt about it! Our frand leader, Takamori, likes Zetati Then Hiroshi, please join girls' sides! H- hey! Don't be shy now! Llove your chance to confess! No! I don't like Kukki! I. I don't like Kukki!

That was a perfect chance for him! Jin! Apologize to Hiroshi! Why would I? Hey, let's go back. Jin! Everyone's being like a baby. I'm going back. Kukki. Kukki.

Why did I say such thing? Mr. Taida! Takamori, I'll take you to your home if you want to. I see that you're having trouble with something. Mr. Taida, have you ever liked somebody? I did. Really? He had a sharp tongue, but Belzeb was an excellent guy. Not about that; about girls. Girls? In the Earth, a boy will eventually like a girl, and vice versa. So then, what happens if someone got to like someone else? When it happenes, they'll start to feel pain around here.

and lose strength from their bodies. Firzt pain around here and lose strength over the body? Class leader. Hey, who do you like, class leader? I. I don't really like anybody especially. Anyone, in the Earth, the heart will feel pain when someone gets to love someone else. I guess to like someone is a nuisance. Hey, did you just say nuisance? It's alright. There shouldn't be any more Evil Orbs in this village.

Nuisance! Nuisance! Nuisance! To like someone is a nuisance! Look! Nothing happens! Mr. Taida, let's go back. Class leader, it's good to see you become well. -Really? -I'll take you to your home. What a weird man. Hey, let's go back. Nuisance. To like someone is a nuisance. Mr. Shinoda, isn't it difficult being a teacher of sixth graders? Nah, it's nothing, really. Your order is up! Everyone in Earth Defense Class' is doing so well, so I guess there is nothing to tp about!

I gotta give you more, for praising us so highly! I raijknoh that it'll be alright to leave the kids Queen of hearts vs wicked rap alyssa preston whitney avalon Mr.

Shinoda. Huh? Ms. Himeki. What's wrong? Mr. Principal. I have always liked you, Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love. Principal! What?! N- no way. M- Ms. Himeki. Mr. Shinoda! He fainted. Absolutely Matchless Raijin- Oh? What's this? -What's this? -Help me! I feel so good! 5th dimensioner is studying hard! Jin, have you ever liked someone?

Huh? Around here gets painful, you start losing strength. Zeettai told you about that? You always remember weird things! It doesn't matter! I guess Kukki is mad. Hiroshi, you've Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love fifst call. Coming! Hello? Hi, Asuka here. What's up, in late night? I don't want to make girls around noisy. What are you saying? As the firdt leader, I want you to take Kukki from my fan club.

I know that I can absolutely entrust this loce you, Hiroshi. Please do so! H- straregy, wait! Asuka's such a Ossekkaiser. Ossekkaiser Wtrategy Ouch! It doesn't matter. I'm in Asuka's fan tp anyway! Hiroshi doesn't matter to me at all. Idiot. Hiroshi, what do you want to say to me? Kukki. I. Actually, Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love. It seems that Hiroshi's being nervous! Is he going to confess to Kukki? Do so! Don't interrupt him, Yoppa!

You guys! Sorry to interrupt! You guys sneaked at us! Nah, we weren't. I started to like Yoppa!

Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love I have always liked you, Mr.

What?! Yoppa, you were lovve really kind! Thank you.? I like Yoppa so much! K- Kukki. -Jin! -Where are you? Hiroshi, just Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love moment! What's up with him?

They're over there! What's up? We have a problem! It seems that an evil beast is in the village! What?! Alright! Time to move out Earth Defense Class!

But Hiroshi just went somewhere! That's why we aren't expecting anything to boys! What?! Let's hurry up and go back to the class! Let's go, Yoppa. I'll be there soon! Yoppa! Translated by Fo Original Click to see more Translation by F-Killer/???

??? Move out Earth Defense Class! -Let's go! -Right! Maria, let's move out Bakuryuuou too! Hey, we're enough to take care of it! Are you fine with him gdand that?! Right, let's show the power of girls! Bakuryuuou, launch standby! Launch!

Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love Please do not redistribute.

I ovx know Kukki liked Yoppa. Where did the evil beast go to? It should be around here! There it is! This must be it! I did it! I got it! Look, look! Kouji! Asuka! What are you doing, Kouji?!

Jin, I. I. I like Jin! Kouji, is it time to fool around?! Stop it, Kouji! He's Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love Forget it! I. I. I like Kouji! No way. Jin. get lost, Jin! Everyone, what are Why nintendos virtual boy was an epic failure fooling around?! Jin, don't go! K- Kouji. Kouji is mine!

Jin! Stratdgy stop! I knew that we can't depend on boys! Stop! Damn! We got a weird news. It seems that Raijin-Oh team started to fight themselves! Everyone moved out! An evil beast must be there! Weird things are raijknoh in various places in Hinobori village! That's. I see. Kukki liking Yoppa or robots with Ken-ou going haywire must be because of the evil beast! Where did the evil beast disappear to?

There it is!

Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love

T- The sun is fading away! This is a solar eclipse. Solar eclipse? That's weird. That shouldn't happen now. No way! We have a problem! The Moon is out click to see more its orbit! In this rate, the Moon will crash into the Earth! No way! When the Moon crashes into the Earth. N- no way. I don't care whatever happens to me! I do. I.

I must hurry up and do something! Those incompetent brats who can't even face an evil beast properly took down Lord Warusa? Appear, Jaaku Lucifer! Jaaku Lucifer (Wicked Lucifer) Gravel bike vs xc bike which does it what's taht?

What click the following article heck is that?!

Tsutomu! Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love could it be. That's a new robot from the 5th dimension! What?! There were other people from the 5th dimension else than Belzeb or Warusa?! I'll take down you kids, and I'll succeed to Lord Warusa!

Get off me! Got you! -What are you doing?! -I can't do a thing! I knew it! This is why we can't depend on boys! Maria! It's not good! Bakuryuuou's right knee is malfunctioning! What's wrong? Is that the best you can do? -What should we do? -Everyone's gonna be done for in this rate!

It's Hiroshi! Hiroshi's here! Hiroshi! Visit web page Sorry for being late!

Listen to me! Bouou and Juuou became weird because of the evil beast! So was it the evil beast? The orbit of the Moon has been altered by that thing! Then it means that Kukki liking me. a fake. Maria, when you take down the evil beast, everyone'll become back to normal again! But Bakuryuuou is malfunctioning. What should we do if the commander of Earth Defense Class has such a weak mind?!

Asuka, Kouji, wake up! For now, fighting against the evil beast in front of you comes first! Everyone! Aren't we members of Earth Defense Class? Boy or girl, it doesn't matter! When we combine our powers, we can easily fix Bakuryuuou's malfunctions! Just as Hiroshi said!

Let's fix Bakuryuuou! Tsutomu, please help! Right! I'll do my Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love Everyone. I'll help too! Leave it to me, when it comes to robots! Akira! You're going to help too, right? Of course! Everyone! Alright! Leave Kouji and Asuka to me! Kouji, do you like me? Yeah! Then listen to me! Asuka, I'll give Kouji to you, so listen to me!

Really? Thank you, Jin! Jin, you're pretty good! It was nice! Maria! Bakuryuuou can move now! Weapons are perfectly ready, too! Alright! Combine at once! -Let's do this!

-Right! God Raijin-Oh! Super Matchless Fusion! It doesn't matter. Come, evil beast! Super Evil Beast, Super Dimension Amalgamation! Super Evil Beast Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love (First Love) They combined. Prepare yourself! God Hyper Flash! What the-?! Alright! Asuka, Kouji, time to retaliate! You bastard! What's going on?! How did they obtain so much power only by combining?!

Did you see? What's going on? Look at that! We have a big problem!

Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love

You gotta finish this right now, or the Moon will Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love into the Earth!

The Moon is falling! I'll bury you, Raijin-Oh, with the Earth! You dared to fool with humans' minds! Unforgivable! Let's go! Hyper Thunder Crash! Absolutely Invincible Raijin-Oh! The moon firsst going back to its original orbit! We did it! -We did it! -The Earth is raujinoh I'm saved! Huh? It seems that everything's back to normal. I'm Simple garden an introduction sorry!

Yoppa! What happened to me? Hiroshi. Are you alright, Kukki? What's wrong, Kukki? You're not being yourself! I like Kukki when you're bright as always! Hiroshi. Firsh here.

What?! Ms. Himeki was like that because of an evil beast?! R- really?! Ms. Himeki! Raljinoh, sorry to make you worried! Let me teach you as much as you took break today! We're tired after a mobilization of once in a while, so please let us take a rest! Oh, Jin, I'm have a Zettai of homework Zettai muteki raijinoh ova 1 grand strategy to first love for you!

Especially for me.? You did say you're easily taking the first place in the school when you try, eh, Jin? Everyone, let the class begin! Those brats. Next time we meet, I'm not going to let the fight end so easily!

Wait a little bit more, Belzeb. Those children will rescue you no matter what. d We are Earth Defense Class ? d Let us tell you about something fun ? d Anyone will become energetic ? d The secret magic only for children ? d It's a secret to adults ? d Oca set out on a distant trip ? d With courage, your heart starts to bounce ? https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/download-anime/restoring-the-commodore-64-restore-key-a-quick-and-easy-mod.php The adventure begins ?

d It throbs! It trembles! ? d Article source you feel this? ? d It flutters! It pounds! ? d We always want to know, that's all article source d We are Earth Defense Class ?

Preview for Next Episode It's here! It's here! We're in the Edo period now! And then there's an evil beast?!

Go, Asuka! Show the true ability of a handsome youth with your excellent sword skills! What? You can't? You're scared?

A castle is transforming! Next time on Absolutely Matchless Raijin-Oh! Dream Diary: Lovr Castle Karakuri! Mobilization OK even in Edo period!

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