Annoying orange tough enough

Annoying orange tough enough

halelelelelellelelelelel. Bored-bored-bored-bored-bored, bored-bored. Aah! Whoa! Hey! Hey, Pineapple, hey! -I'm not a pineapple. I don't even look like a pineapple. -You look like a Annoying orange tough enough who stuck his tongue Annoying orange tough enough a light socket. [laughs] -I'm a Durian, but you can just call me "spike." -Durham? -Durian. -Dorian? -[enunciating]: Durian. -[gasps] DeLorean?

Yay! Let's go back to the future! [laughs] -DURIAN! Continue reading an exotic flavor of fruit. I'm not a time-traveling car! -Okay, okay. Point taken.

Annoying orange tough enough Bored-bored-bored-bored-bored, bored-bored.

[laughs] -You think your words are gonna hurt me, pal? I got news for ya. they Annoying orange tough enough. -Yeah, you do look pretty thick-skinned. [laughs] -Actually, I am. Durians are super-thick-skinned. Super-tough! -Really? How tough are you? -Well, I don't like to brag, but you know how people say they're tough as nails? -Yeah? -[echoing]: Annoyin nails wish they were as tough as me!

Annoying orange tough enough

8bit xe game system xegs review teardown repair and compact flash disk upgrade -I have a side job cutting diamonds, with my face! -Wow! -Ford originally wanted their slogan to be built Durian tough, but I sued them because their trucks aren't!

-Whoa! That is tough! -Go ahead. Spit a Annoying orange tough enough at Annoying orange tough enough. -Really? -Yeah. -Um. I don't think you want me to do that. -Do it! -Okay. [hacks, Annoyimg [poing!] -Didn't even feel it. -Whoa! [spits] [poing!] -Ha, is there a draft in here or what? -[spitting continuously] [poing! poing! poing! poing!] -Ha! That barely tickles my face. -Whoa! Hey, what's the toughest thing you've ever Annoging -That's a tough question, just the way I like 'em.

It's hard to say, since I've been toughin' for so long. Once I told Bruce Willis I didn't like his shirt. Another time, I beat Clint Eastwood in a staring contest. This other time, I-- -Ooh-ooh! One time, I motorboated so long that I passed out. -Um. okay. That's not really tough, per se, but. -I'll prove it right now! [inhales, fluttering lips] -Yeah, I don't doubt you actually did that.

You don't have to prove it. [fluttering continues] Are you Annoying orange tough enough I wasn't asking for a demonstration! Stop it!

Ugh, for crying out loud! I believe you can motorboat for so long that you pass out, okay? -[sputters down, snores] -Finally, some peace and quiet. -[wakes up] Whoa! -What? -I had a scary dream. -What was it about? -I don't Annoynig you want Annkying know.

-What? You think it's gonna scare me? -Oh. I don't Annoying orange tough enough. -Come on, tell me. What was it about? A dragon? A really scary clown? Global warming? What? -Nah. It was about. Knife! [whack!] -What? This? Pfft! I don't even feel it. -Whoa! I guess that makes you a "numb-skull." [laughs] Annoying orange tough enough, come on, what is this? Amateur night? [chuckles] -Whoa! Are you okay?

I don't mean to pry, but he does. -The more, the merrier. Come on, I'll take you both on! Whoo! -Geez. and they say I'm thick.

[laughs] Eww. -What? Is that all you got, chump? -Hey! Hey, Spike! -What?! -Ax! [crunch!] -Dang it!! Ahhhh.

Annoying orange tough enough It was about...

doesn't even hurt! -Well, that's gonna be one tough "ax" to follow. [laughs] -Ugh!! -Whoa! -That. kind of. tickles? -Whoa, Annoykng. You really know how to pick 'em. [laughs] Oh! -Orange, don't forget. .don't forget how tough I was. [groans in agony] -What? Are you gonna split? [laughs] -[groaning, cracking] -[groans in disgust] -Ahh! Poor Spike.

Geez, your really cracked check this out up.

[laughs] Ewwww. -Hey, audience. It's me, Daneboe-- Oh, no. It's not! It's Annoyihg Turner! Dane's in my head making me talk! Annoying orange tough enough

Annoying orange tough enough halelelelelellelelelelel...

Get out of my head! Get. whoo, he's out. Phew, I felt smarter there for a second. Back to Annoying orange tough enough now. I suppose I'm gonna tell you to check out the sneak peek of the Annoying Orange TV show on Cartoon Network on May 28th, which is a Monday, click 8:30 PM/7:30 central. Do and you Annoyin see me do some acting stuff and maybe even some dancing stuff.

It's probably gonna be the best thing to ever have happened to television, so you don't want to miss it, and neither do I and neither does my orsnge or Dane's mom. Nobody's mom, or their Annoying orange tough enough.

Toby out. Huh! [Captioned by]

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