The dark future of sonic the hedgehog old man sonic part 1

Find any work today, husband? Sonic: Nah. Ain't no work for a broken down, canonical character like me. Afraid we might be in a bit of trouble with the rent this month Don't you fret hon, we'll figure something out. We always do. Sonic: About to find out I suspect, here comes impreg Greg and his gang of pregnant fellers Well look if it ain't the slowest thing alive. Continue reading The dark future of sonic the hedgehog old man sonic part 1

How fast can you tow a caravan with a bike the worst idea weve ever had ...

(yawns) - Morning all. Right, in this video we're going to see how quickly we can pull this caravan with a bicycle. (upbeat music) Okay, we're off. (grunt) Man that's hard. - [Narrator] Mark Beaumont is perhaps best known for his epic feats of cycling ultra endurance, most notably cycling around the world in just 78 days, but today he'll be taking on the heaviest, and shortest of his bikepacking adventures to date. The fastest speed on a bike ever, while pulling a 700 kilo caravan. Continue reading How fast can you tow a caravan with a bike the worst idea weve ever had ...

How to playstation 3 yellow light of death repair

Hi I'm mj with ifixit and today I'm going to show one of the most common fixes to the playstation 3 ylod problem using the ylod repair kit. The kit addresses what we found to be the most common reason for getting the ylod in a playstation, and that is that the solder on the inside doesn't handle changes in temperature very well. So after an extended gaming session. Or just as the console starts to age, the solder inside becomes brittle and starts to crack, and that disrupts the connection. This video is just an overview so as your repairing your playstation you wanna make sure to follow the step-by-step instructions in the repair guide on our site. As far as tools are concerned the kit comes with everything that you are going to need. Continue reading How to playstation 3 yellow light of death repair

Dr slump gameplay 18

Chapter six: Ridiculously Crazy Space Trip "Hehehe~d I'm gonna build an amazing engine and then I'll build a spaceship..." "And then I'll go for a trip to outer space with Midori~d" "Guu, guu..." "What did you say!? Turbo is nowhere to be found!?" "I, I'm sorry... I just looked away for a moment and he was gone." "Arale, please help us find him!!" "Ah, Arale!! This is terrible. Turbo has gone missing!!" "Hoyo?" "I was absorbed on my research and when I looked he was gone." "Please help us find him!!" "Okaay." "Ooh, another one!! I'm finding loads of them today!! Continue reading Dr slump gameplay 18

Yuri on ice the real people behind the show 34

welcome to the third and the final installment of Yuri On Ice and the real people behind the show anime vs reality by WTF japan it has been quite a while since the last episode of season one aired it's not hard to say this anime has changed a lot of lives in the CrunchRoll anime awards 2016 Yuri On Ice have claimed the categorical award of best couple best boy best animation most heartwarming as well as best opening and best ending this anime has brought a lot of spotlights to the sports of figure skating in this last episode which highlights the great figure skating athletes that this anime had saluted first we have yuri and yulia they're both nicked named the Russian fairy RoSha No YouSei fake and this name is even on Yuri Plisetsky's profile character specs both of them are very accomplished junior world champions and have similar fashion sense and are both cat people you might have heard already Evgeni Plushenko one of the most decorated male figure skaters like the Michael Phelps of the figure skating world he was significant in this anime because he was the prototype of Viktor Nikiforov but did you know that his haircut was also significant and his costume as well the costume actually appeared the thai athlete Pitchit's dream. did you know that yuzuru Hanyu was quite a fanboy of Evgeni Plushenko at one point he even had the same haircut as his idol. the Russian Yuri also had a similar haircut as he appeared in the anime with his coach we have also found out more about the japanese Yuri turns out there is a japanese athlete who cries frequently on national television and dress as an omelet in a skating show could he be a prototype of the Japanese Yuri as well? in case you ever wonder where do those drunk cute dance-off pictures of the Japanese Yuri come look no further here are Daisuke Takahashi one of the most decorated Japanese figure skaters drunk party pictures how can we not talk about Viktor as well as you know john cameron mitchell was Kubo sensei's hot handsome guy prototypes for viktor nikiforov you also know that fans notice they have the same heart shaped mouth? Yuri On Ice was done with a professional touch. Kenji Miyamoto is a real-life Japanese choreographer for figures getting athletes who have won Olympic medals professional blading anime even the sports reporter is a real japanese national TV reporter (sports commentator) . Continue reading Yuri on ice the real people behind the show 34

Ellen welcomes worldrenowned artistic cyclist viola brand

You're here on such a good day. The other day, my producer showed me an incredible video on Instagram, of one of the coolest performances I've seen. I could try to describe it, but I would rather you just see it for yourself. From Stuttgart, Germany, please welcome Viola Brand. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC - DUA LIPA, "DON'T START NOW"] (SINGING) Did a full 180, crazy, thinking about the way I was. Did the heartbreak change me? Continue reading Ellen welcomes worldrenowned artistic cyclist viola brand

Eating colored food Klunatik compilation asmr eating sounds no talk

Welcome to Klunatik`s official COMPILATIONS channel! Here we will upload compilations and give more background information about the making of these videos. Check our MAIN channel for our latest videos: YOUTUBE.COM/KLUNATIK For the coloring of the chicken we used blue spray paint We had to paint the chicken blue after every bite so it looks like its blue on the inside We kept the bones white because it looked esthetically better because of the contrast The broccoli was hard to paint, it took 6 layers of spray paint for it to be blue, normal paint didt attach very well You can even see the broccoli is still a bit green in the video It was hard to clean Charlie after filming ; ) We create almost all the soundeffects ourselves We spray painted Charlie black for this video It took a long bath for Charlie to get clean after filming :p We started our Klunatik channel on May 2014. We wanted to make funny weird and surreal videos in first person perspective. We came up with the name klunatik because it refers to Lunatic: a person who is considered as mentally ill, foolish, unpredictable, or crazy. Continue reading Eating colored food Klunatik compilation asmr eating sounds no talk

On gender performativity in vandread sidonia no kishi

Oh the good old days of the early 2000’s when the internet was just starting to grow and we ate bad CGI for breakfast. Or so I would say if we weren’t still eating bad CGI almost two decades later, the only difference is that we now give a fuck and complain about it. Although I have to say, at least before it seemed they used 3D animation more responsibly, maybe even with a defined purpose. I mean, as I remember it, when you saw 3D animation in the early days, you mostly saw it in specific situations in the show. For example, in Vandread, one of the shows we are gonna talk about today, 3D animation was reserved for the segments that contained mecha battling in outer space. Continue reading On gender performativity in vandread sidonia no kishi