Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza

Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza

Smoking results in cancer. It's life threatening. Drinking is injurious to health. "Know who's that? Who's that? His name is Ram. Ram. Ram." I want a break up. Do you know why? As you are psycho. Leave me Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza. I can't love you. Brother, did you see what he is doing? Hey, what do you want to prove? -Can't you understand? I can't love her anymore. If he wasn't in love with my daughter.

Then he wouldn't be alive until now. Boys! Let's get him. Wait Ram! Wait! Wait! Wait! Hey! Maya! -Hey Maya! -Where are you? Maya, Ram and Jaanu have broken up. Jaanu's dad is here. A fight is going on. What did you say they broke up again? He is really useless. I knew it. You don't wait there.

Move out from there. -Okay Maya. Alright. I am leaving right away. Fine darling! -Will you leave? Hey, are you crazy? I had to lie to her. Ram! -Ram! -Stop it! -Ram, what are you doing? Let him go! He will die.

-Don't stop me. -Ram! Ram, leave him. Leave him. -What does he think of himself? Ram, enough. Ram! Why are charran interfering in this issue? -Whether I love her or not? Hey! She is my daughter. -So what? Hey, how dare you? Guys! Hello! What's happening here? Hi guys! I will not leave you. -Are you Indian? That's enough. Hey, what is happening here? I accepted your proposal as my daughter loves you. You say that you don't love her.

I will tell that a thousand times. -I don't love her. Do what you want to rzm -What is happening here? -Hey! Hey! Hey! You will be cursed by my daughter. Her curse? -Stop it! Will you calm down for a while? Stop it! Move! And behave yourself. They are not fighting as he is in love with his daughter. But they are fighting as he doesn't love her.

Will you tell me what your problem is? Tell me, what's the issue? Look there on the hoarding. That's the problem. I feel he has more issues than you. And you say he is the problem. What is your problem? Hello! I can arrest all of you. I am asking you as we are Indians. Tell me what your problem is. -Love. What is love? Love is my problem. -I know there are problems in love. But here love is a problem? Tell me something which I can understand. This girl's name is Jaanu.

When I saw her for the first time I fell in love with her. Wow! Handsome fighter! Flowers! Rest of my life. -Rest of my life!? I want to spend it with you. Will you accept me? Accept. Accept. Say it. Say it. I am so happy today. Can I take a flower from here? Please! Hey! What is it? Why did you call us so urgently? We have to find a girl. You feel this is an easy job.

Right? Ram! This see more Sydney. -Look gdnelia. Girls! Girls! Girls everywhere. If there are so many girls cbaran the streets. Then how many girls will be there in this locality? Think about it. -And how many girls in this city? -Hey! I am not interested in other girls.

I am interested only in that girl. If you have decided then let Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza start the search.

Yes. I like to genlia to college. Who is it? Is it Sanjay? Is it Sanjay? -Yes. Necessary Norules compost simply is he saying? Tell me. -Romance. When will this happen to me? Will he be first to tell me, I love you? Or I will be first to say I love you? Will he be crazy for me? Or I will be crazy for him? When will this happen? If you want that to dsozua.

Then look there. Boys! Boys! Boys! Boys! Select one among them. Then life will be easy. This college is great. I wasted 2 years in girl's college. Look at him! He is so chubby. Go and befriend him. -Yeah, see you. Bye-bye. Hi! -Hi! -I am Jaanu. -I am Mahesh. Which is your subject? -Physics! Oh! Just missed. And you? -Chemistry. Third year. I took admission this year.

-Okay. How did you make this so attractive? I work-out daily. Does the cheek become attractive if you work-out? Oh! My cheeks! Thanks! -Yes. So what if the subject is different. -We will keep in touch. Yeah. Sure. -Can I get your number? Yes! Yes! I got the number. Why are you laughing so much? -His name is Santosh! Saying amazing lion jokes! -Lion jokes!?

Hi! I am Santosh! Hi! I am Jaanu. I like lion jokes. -Okay. -Which joke did you say? Lion marriage jokes. Lion elephant jokes. Lion charqn fox jokes. That is lion and ant joke. -Lion and ant joke. I didn't hear about this. -Yes. Didn't you hear about it? Shall I tell you the joke? -Yes, of course. I took his number? -Did you? Look at him, he's so cute. -Yes. He is cute. -His name is Raj. And he is a golf player. Golf player? -Yes. Hi, I am Jaanu! Hi! I am Rajesh. Are you a golf player? -Yes.

We will not find that girl. No. -Shut up! How long will we search for her? Until we find her. -Sam. Rajesh! Rajesh sent a message. What happened? -He wants to meet me on Sunday.

That's great! Reply to him. Tell him yes. Yeah! -You are going great! It's hat-trick. Fall in love with one. Who is the best among these three?

-Rajesh! Yes Rajesh. -And Santosh? -Yes even Santosh is good. Isn't Mahesh cute? -Yes, he is very cute.

Will you go on a date with all three? What should I do? No! I don't want to find her. Come on. Don't fuss. I am thinking how much fun it will be when I meet her. It will be so exciting. -My God! Hello! Excuse me, boys! Come here quickly.

Hey! Please help us. -How? -Do we have orane pay the bill? This is not about the bill. It's about the heart. Pick hihdi one chit from here. What is this? Tell him to pick up one soon. -Pick up one soon, please! If you offer to God without praying.

.the prayer is not complete. In the same way gindi me what the chit means. I will pick it up after that. -Okay. I will explain to you. She is my friend, Jaanu. -She got proposal from 3 boys. Proposal from 3 boys? And all together. Game over. You have no possibility here. Come on, let's go. Let's try somewhere else. -Wait! Wait! What is the problem? -The problem is this. .that all 3 are hero's. She is confused whom to select and whom to reject. If you remove one chit then she will be focused.

-Hush! Rajesh. Mahesh. Santosh. Who will it be? Lottery! Okay. Okay. What do I have to do? I have to pick up one chit, right? I can't wait any longer. Golden hands! Your friend's life will be focused. Just a moment!

-What happened? I want to join this game. Don't worry. You will find a great raam. Sam! It's not right to pick up my name. Come, choose. Thanks! And the world's luckiest lover is. Leave it. Let's move. Let's go quickly. Come. Jaanu! Open the chit and tell us who the lucky guy is. Till then my love belongs to you. Ram! Ram! I am calling out to you. Can't you hear? Whose thoughts are you uung in? A pretty girl. I've seen such an innocent girl for the first time in Sydney.

I love her a lot. It is better if you don't mention it to me. I don't like her. Coffee. -Thank you! What? Oh no! He will not change. I've told you many times don't smoke Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza my presence. But you don't listen. Go to hell! Why don't you speak to him? -What do I tell him? He smokes every time. Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza wanted to become a pilot.

But what is he doing? Sky-diving. He says it all about flying. Then he wanted to become a photographer. What is he doing? Wild life photography. He answers we must be concern with the picture.

He wanted to be a painter. What is he doing? Graffiti. He says it's about creativity. I will go crazy. God knows when he will change. You know everything. You still tell me. -Where are you going? To pick up the newspaper. Why don't you tell her, you want to smoke? What did you say? Smoke? Your brother-in-law has stopped smoking. Is it? Oh! Why are you laughing? Did you start smoking again? -He didn't stop smoking. It means you lied. -Forget it.

He is kidding. Go in! Go in and do your work. On the pretext of picking up the newspaper. What are you doing? Will you start a fight between us? How long will you live in fear, brother-in-law? Don't sacrifice anything for anybody. If you want to smoke then smoke. Take it. -Maybe the girl you are in love with is waiting for you. Go! And leave me alone. -Alright. He trapped me. Cigarette.

-Where are you going? Where are you'll? Come here quickly. -Okay. -I am waiting here. Stop nagging. -You don't. What do you want from me? -Go away! I am tired of this nagging. -You ruined my life. I am telling you the truth I had a business meeting yesterday. I am not lying. -I don't Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza you. It is my mistake not yours. I thought you would understand me. -You lied. -Talk to me.

Do you realize I am your wife? -But you ruined my life. What will you do? Do you want to hit me? -I am not going to spare you. Come on, kill me. -I hate you. Oh yeah! Alright, here you go! -Kill me. Come on. Hit it on my head. -Get out of my sight! I don't want to see you anymore. You are an awful person! Just get out of my life. I am coming in sometime. -May you rot in hell! I don't want to talk to you anymore. Just releaesd away from here. Never come back here, alright.

Why are you thinking so hard? Open the chit. Okay. Let's use our childhood ways. Pick one finger among the two. Open it. Quickly! Quickly! Hi Jaanu! Did you check if my name is in the chit or not? I thought there won't be a villain in my love story.

Look one is here. -Chocolate. Hello! -Hi, darling! Does the chit have my Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza Hi! You are a coward. Why will I fear? Fharan fear that my name maybe in the chit. If that is the case then take this. If my name is there in the chit will you fall in love with me?

If it's someone else then you will miss me. Oh! You are a coward. Cheers to everybody. Cheers everyone. Happy Anniversary! He's here. -Why are you here? -Wow! Looking beautiful! I have seen the chit. -Your name is not in it. If you dubbfd me. Puppy! -Puppy? Who is Puppy? Puppy? This seems to be a pet name. Yes. I am a pet for Jaanu.

Nice meeting you. -Stop there. Is it love? -Yeah! I love love stories. Thank you. -Go! Puppy, will you leave my hand? Will you catch her? -I will try. I wish you all the best. -Thank you! He is so irritating! Ajay! Daddy made you responsible for this. .party trusting you and uncle Puppy.

Take care no stranger comes Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza the party.

Okay? -Right. What is happening? What's wrong with you? -Nothing. She is suddenly upset. -I will tell you later. Hi! -Hey! Listen! It's my parents wedding anniversary party.

If you disturb me. Are they your parents? I know about them. -Wow! -I will wish them. Hey, no. No. No. No. -Let me go! -Wait there. Yes. Yes. -Hello uncle. -Hi! -No. Congratulations! Congratulations gennelia. -Thank you so much. -You. I am Ram. Jaanu. -He is my friend, Ram. -Okay. Uncle, did you have a love marriage or arrange marriage? Arrange marriage? -No. No. They had love marriage. Wow! -Strong and long love marriage. Hearing their love story.

.I fall in love with them. The first episode of their love. You should listen to it. Sir. Sir. Please tell them the first episode. Puppy, this is not reelased right time. -Please ma'am! Please aunt. Puppy will be hurt. Okay. It's okay. Okay listen. -Yes sir. I was visiting her house. .to see a girl for marriage. -Okay. When she smiled at me.

I lost my heart to her. Love at first smile. -Wow! They took her inside. I went in to look at her. Her friends were around. They were smiling at me. In a while I realized. Sdouza had entered the kitchen. Shall I tell you ddouza happened further?

I wrote I love you on a piece of paper. Hid it in the rice box. I was watching secretly from far. I was shocked. -Uncle, why were you Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza The letter which I hid in the box. .her mother read it before her. What happened after that? -What had to happen? We are married for 25 years. -Uncle. The beginning of your love story is superb!

-Right. But uncle, how will you pronounce your love today? Let's go. Come. You go. Go. Where is he? -What is your problem? I told you, your name is not in the chit. Listen Jaanu, whether my name is there in the chit or not. I have written your name in my heart. Wow! The guy has guts! Fantastic. -What guts? I don't know what you see in him, Puppy. I will show my guts tomorrow and clear all his doubts. I will teach him a lesson.

Love starts with quarrelling. Hi Jaanu! Hello Puppy. Why are you here? -She has come to give you a warning. I am serious. -Warn me later. Come here. Look at this. My new painting. I did it today. How is it? It's okay. -But your style is not good. Why? What's wrong in it? -Why are you pursuing me? The reason is that I love you.

-That's a point. -Come on Puppy. What do I know about him that I will fall in love with him? Tell me what do you want to know? -Can you play golf? -Golf? Cricket. 20-20. -Test matches are boring. Do you know lion jokes? Lion jokes? -Even your cheeks are not soft.

There is no quality Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza you. What is there in you that I will love you? Releaaed. I can do graffiti. Puppy, is graffiti a releasev job? If you do it in India. .people will consider it cool or happening. But not click at this page. There is a lot of problem in Australia Graffiti is considered a crime.

-Is it a crime? Fun. It's fun? -Yes. -Whether it's fun or crime. Run! Run! The police are here. Police? -I am leaving. Oh my God! What's up, baby? Wait! Where are you going? -Come here. -Help! Help me! Who the hell are you? This happened because of you. Now save me. You like golf and lion jokes too. But do you like fights? Fight?

And me? -Yes. Uh. Do you like to fight? Is this a question? You are really fighting. Wow! You fight so well! Thanks! -Thanks are not enough. I want more. What do you mean? -You will come for a date with me? I've been married long time ago. Where did you come from where did you go? Are you going to meet him? -You called him a villain.

I felt he was a villain. But now he is not a villain. But a hero. Where did he come just click for source where did he go?

Where did he come Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza where did he go? But Santosh, Rajesh, Mahesh? -Can they fight? He fulp here. Bye! Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza look very pretty. Thank you! Thank you! Do you know I didn't apply makeup Rma -Really?

-Yes. Natural beauty. -Wow! Wow! I love love stories. Ram, where are we going? Surprise! Surprise! O God! Oh my Orsnge Cute love story. I love surprises! Nice weather. Kangaroo! Wow! Beautiful! article source beautiful!

Let's go! Jaanu, wait. Don't look in this manner. I feel something. Puppy, what are you doing here? What will we do now? Calm down. Get down. -I am not getting down. I am scared. -Oh my God! Let's go. Excuse me. What happened? Let's go. Let's go.

-No. No. No. No. No. -Come on. No. No. No. I am not coming with you. You heard lot of lion jokes. -Look at the lion closely. Look. Don't fear. -Yes. I am looking at it. Oh no! -I am scared. And no lion jokes now on. I will be happy with mouse jokes. What kind of love story is this? I question you what kind of love story is dsouaa True love story. -What true love story? Is she mpvie a child? She visit web page lion.

So you will take her close to a lion. If I have to face death. Will you kill me? What are you doing? I saw death closely. And Chara saw a lion. I don't believe that I saw a real lion, Puppy. It was my bad luck. I came with you. I hate love stories. Ram! Ram! Ram! I saw a real lion. Do you know it? -I know. Oh my God! Real lion! It was so close. The distance was very short.

I was starring into his eyes. Kii you know? Oh my God! I don't believe it. -I don't believe it. I can't believe it. Hello! I saw a real lion. A real lion. Ram showed me a real lion. Yes! I am telling the truth. I saw a real lion! I have decided that I love him a lot. So I will be the first one to say I love you.

What a beautiful day! -I never experienced. .this hindii life, do you know that? -Okay. I am telling you the truth. -Alright! Don't touch the camera. Whether your name is on the chit or not I want to tell you something?

Are you dsouzx I love you! I said it. What do I do? I am so happy! Cute! -Love me like this all our life. I want this type of love forever. Not only for a day. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Come on. Speak up! What are you thinking? I want to hear it from you. I don't know hind love lifelong. What? -Really. I can't oraange you all my life. What do you mean?

-I can love you for some time. I told her the truth. After that incident. .my friends made funny remarks. She may not have feared the lion. .as much as she feared what you said. I can't love you. There is no chance. I know she won't love me. -How can she? When someone asks you will be there for me. You must say I will always be there for nwe. Only then girls stick around. -It's must be my girlfriend. Watch how I manage things with her. Hey! Hi my darling! -I have just reached office.

Where are you? I am donating blood to a little child at genlia hospital. -Nice! Do you know the girl's name? -What's the name? -Maya! -Maya! So sweet of you! I love you! -Hey, I love you too. I am injected. I am feeling weak. Shall I call later? Bye! -Bye! Hey, that's it. Love means a bit of lies. Some sms and a flower. I will not do that kind of love? -What do you mean? I will fall in love by telling her the truth.

Hey! Run away! Run away! Oh no! Everyone is enjoying. How could I get trapped by such a boy? Jaanu! Hey Jaanu! I messaged you so many times but you didn't reply even one. I was a bit worried. Can I talk to you later? -Yes. Tension reliever. I will tell you a lion's joke. Okay? No. Not a lion's joke. -Jaanu!

Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza

Hey, have you seen Jaanu anywhere? Who are you? -I am Jaanu's boyfriend. -What? Oh no! He learn more here make me famous. Have you seen her? Hey! Who was he? First tell me who are you? Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza chit gang. -Hi Ram! How are you? -How are you? -Hi! Hi! How are you? -Do you know these girls?

I know. I know. I am Geetu. -Hi! Hi! Whom are you searching? -I. Did Jaanu come here? I am searching for her. -Jaanu! She was here. I don't know where she went. Listen, did you see Jaanu? She was here a while ago.

Where did she go? God, please save me! Please! Please! Jaanu! Hi! -Hi! How are you? I was just looking at. -I was searching for you. And you are here? -That's why. Girls! She is here. -You. She said you showed her a real lion. Is it wild love? A bit more. -Shut up.

Ram, tell us. Who proposed first? You or she? Who said I love you? Tell us. -She proposed to me. What? -Idiot fellow. I knew.

I knew she would propose to you. What did you reply? What will he say? Rest of my life. -I want to love you. Right? No. No. Actually I said. Go! Go! -What are you doing? Let us listen to him. Ram! Shall we go somewhere else? -Oh! Sure. Shut up! -Wow! He will come with you. Okay. Bye! Bye! We should stay away from them. You are right. I will miss her. Me too. -What? Did you like it? It's very cool!

I feel you like graffiti. -What do you mean? It's my life. What are Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza thinking? Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza the future. How many days does it take to paint it? And how much paint you need? -It depends on the height. What are you painting? How many people are painting it? I don't know about your feelings. But. I feel satisfied. I have painted a human being after a long time.

I am so happy! Don't you like human faces? They are very fake. Do you understand? Then why did you paint my picture? When I saw you for the first time. .there was a joy in your eyes. That innocence. That freshness. Everything was real. Even my worries are true.

You only love. But I love love. You are doomed, Jaanu. That is agree Lil nas x old town road music video ft billy ray cyrus join I like you.

You read article you will love me for sometime. Yes. Right. -What after that? I will feel like having a break up. -And after that? We will have a break up. Until we break up we will love each other happily. Was I the only one for you for these emotions?

Will you really break up? Don't you believe me? Come with me. Oh my God! I don't know what more will I know. Hi Madhu! -Queen Victoria and. Come. -God! What the hell are you doing over here? Jaanu! My girlfriend. What? -Jaanu, she is Madhu.

My ex girlfriend. You have lots of guts. That you got your girlfriend here to meet me? She doesn't believe that I will break. .up with her in a few days. -I thought you could help her. Does anyone let his girlfriend meet his ex girlfriend? -I do. What kind of love is this? We must keep him in this museum. Do you love him? -What? Yes! No! No. You will fall in love soon.

No matter how much you try. You won't be able to do anything. His love is of that kind. Shall I tell you something about him? He will love you so much that you will forget everything. You won't be able to forget him even if he goes away. He will give a silly excuse to break up with you. Jaanu!

I feel very jealous of you. As you have got his love. But. I feel pity too. As he may leave you just like he left me. Hey Madhu! You get lost! I will kill you if you come here again.

Come. Let's go. Hey, you look tensed. Cool! -What was the reason of breaking up with her? As I had spend a lot of time with her. Can someone break up for spending lot of time with each other? Don't you believe it even now? Come along. I don't break up without a reason. What do you mean? The girls I was in love with. From Meenakshi teacher to Madhu.

Nine love stories. Nine love stories? You are number 10? Softly. Speak softly. Are you the 10th one? -Yes. I thought I found Ram. But he is Krishna, Puppy. I hate this love story, baby. Watch that picture later. First watch this picture. Did you kiss any girl? Yes. But I am still new. You look extra modern. But you have primitive thinking. Why did you fall in love with so many girls? I can't live without love. Don't you have a best lover in your list?

Obviously I have one. -Who is she? It's me. -What? I am the best in my love stories. Why did you break up with your 6th lover? Okay. Ah! -Bloody! She wanted me to tell her I love you daily. That is why I broke up with her.

You broke up as she asked you to say I love you. Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I asked you for love not a problem. Wow! Six. I couldn't sleep the whole night. -Why? You broke up as you didn't want to say I love you. Saying I love you is not a big deal. -But I can't say it lifelong. What does I love you mean? Life is long.

Saying I love you always don't mean you love that person. -So. I don't believe in I love you. Jaanu, whom are you in love with? Hey! This game is so stupid. Is it stupid? -Yes. Come on. Good shot. Double click. Thank you guys. Jaanu, what are you thinking? I know. Shall we love? Oh God! Where am I trapped? I fear saying I love you to him. You are your own villain. When you told her the truth why will she love you? Brother, if you want to woe a girl then lie a little.

Few sms. Jokes. And a flower. That's all. Hey! Stop drinking early in the morning. I am trying to fix my hangover. -Come on. If he can get angry. Won't my girlfriend get angry when she finds out? That is why you must lie a bit. So I will mix lot of lies with some truth. That makes her happy and I am definitely happy. Hey, don't lie in real love.

Isn't my love true? -Hi Maya. He is drinking thinking of you. Maya, come here. I am drinking. -I am mixing it and drinking. Check it. -No. That's not required. Don't I know you? I told you not to be his friend.

-But you don't listen to me. I will. You are right. Oh no! I hate this love story. -Me too. It's the first time Puppy hates love stories. But why are you so worried? He is different from the others, Puppy. There won't Commodore in 100 64 10 minutes games a problem if you are right.

But how? -If you hate him. Then it's useless if he tries to woe you. -You won't love him. He won't tell you, I love you. And you saying it Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza out of question. Puppy, he is very dangerous.

I feel it's good to stay at home so that I am safe. -Yes. Your plan is perfectly right. You are absolutely right. The house is not safe for you.

-Why? You are doomed. I don't understand what to do? Hello! Whom do you want to meet? -Hi! Is Jaanu at home? -Jaanu? She is my girlfriend. Hello! Why does he talk like that? -That's how he is. He never lies.

Boss! Excuse me. Jaanu! Are you there? Hello! Is someone home? Aunt! -He has come inside. Uncle. -I feel he will call out to everyone and get Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza killed.

Is someone there? -Puppy, do something quickly. What can I do? -Hello! -You have seen so many love stories. Can't you handle this situation? -I can. -Anyone home? Character is different. -Please Puppy. Please! Is anybody here? Puppy is here. Hi Puppy! -Hi! Don't say hello, tell me why are you here? I came to meet Jaanu.

-Are you here to meet Jaanu or. .to kill him. -Lover boy! Puppy is scolding me? -Yes. I heard so many love stories. -But I didn't like your love story.

How should a love story be? Come on, I will show. -Where? See! Look at these pictures. Love story of 55 years. Love story of 25 years. Love story of 18 years. A love story should be like this. Love stories? -Yes. Stories are fine. But where is love? What are you talking? Can't you see? This family is filled with love. And you want to poison it. You are a sinner.

-Puppy, what's happening? Who is it? Oh, hi uncle. Hi aunt. I am Ram. -Ram? Jaanu's. -I mean. Friend.

Just friend. Daddy, he had come for your wedding anniversary. Actually you left your love story incomplete. Puppy was trying to complete it. Are you telling the guest. .our love story? -No ma'am. I was showing him. Aunt! -Yes. You have a pretty smile.

Look! With this smile she stole my heart. I hope you said the same thing even now. I have been telling it all my life. I can forget the love story but not erase it. You have one wife. He has 10 girlfriends. What did you say? -Nothing daddy. Ram ii hero 1994 movie full Guyver dark to go for an important appointment. That is why Puppy was reminding him.

Isn't it, Puppy? -Yes, I was reminding him. It's urgent. Let's go. -Let's go quickly. -Ram! -Yes uncle. Keep visiting us. -Sure uncle.

Sure. He invited me again. -Get lost! What are you doing here? -Good morning. What? -I was calling you up but you. .didn't take my call so here I am. Good morning. -Good morning. Can we meet later? -Okay. Where? -Coffee shop. What time? -10 o'clock. See you at 10.

Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza Puppy. Are you insane? Why did you fix a time to meet him? I hate this love story.

No. No. Why are you so late? I am waiting for you since 2 hours. You came here to meet your lover. I thought you would come soon. -What is your problem? Come aside, sir. Please come in. Hey! Jaanu. Sir. Sir. Sir. This here my love. -My love is 12 years old.

She wrote with this pencil for the first time. The doctor's injection. Gold. -That's enough. Does she know about this?

-No sir. Why? -I don't know what to do if she refuses my proposal. What do you want from me? -I want your support. -I am your senior. Shall I tell her about your love interest? No. No. No. Break up with her. Sir! You hurt me. -I hurt you.

-Is it possible? Why did you throw garbage here? -As it is a dustbin. This is not a dustbin. These are my memories. Your memories. What is he saying? -He is Jaanu's lover. He loves her since 12 years. He's my senior. He is trying to overtake me. -A struggle of 12 years. Mr. Lover of 12 years. -Yes. You are a senior citizen in love. Article source can you compare yourself with him?

My friend's love is only of few days. And in some months it will end. But you are going strong since years. I must salute you. Are you telling the truth? -Believe me. He has no patience in him. I check this out worried unnecessarily. You are not in competition. You can't come close to me. Thank Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza Take care of the box.

-I will hit you. -I am right. His collection was worth the trouble. It's 10 o'clock but she isn't here. What happened? I had a meeting with Maya at 8 o'clock. Hey! Hi Maya darling! Hey! I will be late as a cat died in an accident. I am on the way. Just 5 minutes.

Let's go. Let's go. -He pretends so much. Yes. I am coming. -I have to run for his love. Run slowly. I am catching up. What happened? -Puppy, how do I stop him from pursuing me? Where did you find him? He changed the philosophy of love. I hate this love story, you know. This is too much. Will you go in this manner? I am not going to meet my boyfriend.

-Okay. Wait! Let me teach you a lesson. Hello! -Where are you? I have reached the spot. You didn't come after promising me. I am here. -What's the time? Can't you come on time? I called you up and you didn't pick it up. I messaged you. You didn't think it's important to read it. You can at least say sorry.

You thought I am useless. I will wait for you. Give me the right reason for not coming on time. Tell me what should I do now?

Come home. Your house? Don't worry. My sister and her husband are at home. I know your family. -Don't you want to know about my family? What will I do by knowing them? You won't be with me forever. You are talking to yourself. -No. No. Nothing of that sort. Are you coming? -Yes, I am coming. By what time will you be here? -11 o'clock. I will complain to his sister and her husband. Only then he will change. Hi Jaanu! Come in. Wow! You are on time.

Where is your sister and her husband? -They are out. Come here. Have you come to meet them or me? I came to meet you. -What are you wearing then? Why? -Will you come in this state to meet your boyfriend? What is wrong in this? -One sake. Be comfortable. Nice! Hey! Don't move. Wait! Wait! Good. -You should look Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza when you meet your boyfriend. Can I ask you a question? Yes. Which was your longest love affair?

387 days. And minimum? One day. -But why are you asking? I was thinking of my future. You are insane. I am thinking of what should I do in your love.

And you are thinking when we will separate. First start loving. We will not separate without a reason. You always lie to me. -Put your hair behind. Hi sister. My sister and her husband.

We were not doing anything. -Sister. My girlfriend. -When did this happen? I don't know how long will she last. So. Please make coffee for us. Yes. Of course. Thank you! -Hi! They know everything already. Coffee. -Thank you.

Thank Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza. Take this. Let me see if they will speak the truth or not. What do you want to say? My brother-in-law wants to smoke with his tea. -Coffee. I don't want coffee. -Why not? -I told you, I don't want coffee. Take it away. No need to wait here. Why shouldn't I wait? -Instead of refusing the coffee. You refuse to smoke. -Why should I?

You won't relent. Right? -What do you mean? You think I am not having coffee because of smoking. I don't think. I know it. When you don't trust me then it's useless. Nonsense! -You said nonsense.

-Right. Hold your tongue. -Don't argue. They are arguing. -That's enough. Why don't you stop them? -I am going. Shut up! -You shut up. -Gone mad. The best lawyer of Sydney. He can get Romeo and Juliet divorced. Meet him. It is better if you divorce. I think of your welfare, brother-in-law. Yes. What else can we expect from you? -You will separate us. Narrow minded people think in this manner.

He gives us a lawyer's card. He can't take care of his love affairs. -What's this? You want your sister to divorce? Why? Isn't it a good idea? Do you know why sister and her husband are still together? They don't know how to separate. What? -You are very lucky though. I know to break up at the right time. I am very unfortunate. Happy birthday, Jaanu. This is your first birthday after our affair started. We will celebrate it in such a way. .that you will always remember it.

No! Puppy! Puppy! Puppy! -Oh! Fantastic love story. -Problematic love story. What happened? -Puppy, it's my birthday today. -Okay. Many, many happy returns of the day! I would have wished you after I woke up. -Why did you wake me up? He woke me up from my sleep to wish me.

He wished you now. Your birthday is a failure. He says he will make tomorrow a memorable day. He will break off on your next birthday. And he will make this birthday memorable. Is he mad? Puppy, why is my love story so ugly? It had to turn ugly, dear. -You don't understand what he speaks.

You don't see what he is showing. -What he does you can't bear it. I know. -It is very difficult to love him. As he is like a storm. I don't know what he is going to do tomorrow. I am very scared, Puppy. Please Ram! I am scared of heights. -Please Ram!

My darling! You must have seen life from all sides. Today watch life from this side too. Once again. Happy birthday, my dear. Open your eyes. Yes. -No! Open your eyes. No. No. No. Smile! You get life only once. Don't live it in fear. Do you like it? Yes. -Smile! He asks to smile after he pushes you to death. There is only one life.

-I can't sacrifice it for you. I will die. I will die. Help me! Slowly. Be careful. -Oh God! Jaanu, how was my surprise!? Did you enjoy it? Hey! -Please leave me. Wait! I am coming.

Seeing life from a dangerous side. .I am really scared. So sad. I have heard of so many love stories. -I understood all of them. But I didn't understand your story.

It's not up to my standard. Puppy, I may fall in love with his behaviour. Listen baby. If you have a doubt. Then you can definitely fall in love. In this situation there is Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza one person. .who can save you from Ram's love. Who is it? -Your daddy. My daddy? -Yes, your daddy. I love you too Maya. -What do you think of yourself? It's very late. -Now go to sleep. -You gave her a birthday gift.

Hi lover.

Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza Smoking results in cancer.

-This happened because of you. -What happened? My love of 12 years is destroyed because of you. You sacrificed your love of 12 years? But for whom? For Jaanu. What? For Jaanu? Jaanu's wedding is fixed. Tomorrow is her engagement. Jaanu is getting married? It's because of you. Hey! She loves you, right? Then why is he saying she is getting married elsewhere. I didn't understand. What do you think should I sacrifice? I don't believe your engagement is fixed. It's good. Your dad saved you.

I have seen the groom. He is a killer. Thank God. Your romantic life started under this pretext. Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza Are they your friends? -Yes. Hey! Why have you come here? I want to talk to Jaanu. -Impossible. She is getting engaged today. -Why did you decide suddenly? Did you fix this engagement fearing me? Why will I fear you?

It's clear. You fear Jaanu may fall in love with me. Nonsense! You are mistaken. Okay. Then I will meet Jaanu for 2 minutes. Let me go!

Love here means life time commitment. And you fear a commitment. Jaanu knows about this. Not only 2 minutes. Meet her as long as you Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza.

Nothing will change. Hey, let him meet Jaanu. It's good. You are getting married. Good. Are you getting married fearing your dad? Or you are getting married fearing me? -No. That's not the case. Then, who took this decision? I did. Do you take decisions? How did you decide? Did you pick a chit?

Where is it? -Where is your groom? Good choice. He's handsome. Get married to him. I will not stop you. But. You must first answer my questions. You can marry after that. Why are you marrying him now? How did you decide to choose him? What guarantee do you have that. .he will love you all your life? Come on, answer me. I don't think it's necessary to answer you.

There is no need to answer me. You think whether you have answers to this or not. If you have then Ram will not return in Jaanu's life ever.

If not, then no one can separate Ram from Jaanu. Jaanu! https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/console/good-students-vs-bad-students.php Take a decision.

Go. Puppy! He is Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza to sacrifice just like me. Sacrifice and him? You don't know him at all. Don't try to understand him. You will forget yourself. Oh! It didn't take much time. Two minutes were sufficient. Please continue the function. Hey! Go brother. The auspicious time is passing. Please go in. Why are you marrying him now? How did you decide to choose him? What guarantee do you have that.

.he will love you all your life? You think whether you have answers to this or not. I am not ready for marriage, daddy. Until now you made fun of lovers. Now you are making fun of marriage too. You don't love her neither do you allow her to love you. You are so shameless! -Maya! Cool Maya. Please! Hey! Jaanu has taken the right decision. .for the first time in life. -Let's go and encourage her. -How?

We will go to her house. -Run away! Why did you get us here? Will you put us in trouble? It will create a problem. Try to understand, Ram. Ram! -Let's go. He will put us in trouble today. Ram! Ram! Get ready. We will be beaten up today. We are doomed. Hey! Hi Jaanu. How are you? I hope your tension is cleared. Who is it? Hello uncle. Krishna! -Come out. -I came to meet Jaanu. Hey! You broke her marriage. You have the guts to come here. Brother, it's useless talking to him. Go away from here.

Out! Get lost! I asked you to leave. -Brother. Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza brother. Uncle. I didn't break the engagement. -Your daughter did it. We know who is responsible for this broken engagement. Get lost from here. -Why are you talking to him? Throw him out. -Daddy! I will speak to him. Let me handle this situation. Breaking off this engagement doesn't mean. I will start loving you.

You were right. I decided by picking up chits. I must say thank you for this. As how a life partner must be. .who should it be? I didn't know that. Because of you, I realized this truth. A partner who can love me life Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza. And I believe that you can't be that person. Yeah! All three of us love you. -Whom do you like among us? You bedtimestory of tv sawyer bedtime story The adventure tom to decide, Jaanu.

I will give you my decision on Valentine's Day. Hi Jaanu! Hey boys! Sorry! Are you busy? Carry on. I will wait. Neither does he loves nor does he allow us to love. This is how he is.

-Go! I will handle him. Jaanu! -Hello! Hello! Hello! What is your problem? Why are you disturbing her? -Disturbing her? I love her. You love her? -But does Jaanu loves you? No. Jaanu tore the chit with his name. Even then he is very confident. You have the confidence that she will love here. Then I am not bad either.

How confident boss? But. On Valentine's Day. She is going to tell us her decision. Hey Jaanu! You will decide on Valentine's Day? It's my life. My decision. I can choose anyone Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza like. That's fine. But you wanted lifelong love. What about Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza How will you decide that? How will you find out?

It is difficult to find a cheater like you. But it's easy to find a true lover. Don't worry. I will find one. -It's impossible. I will find one. -Go. You won't be able to find one. I know what I want. I will find him. Why do you want to find him?

You? -He is standing in front of you. What. -Okay. I am not that person. But, is it anyone from those three? Or that guy in pink shirt? Or the guy in blue? White shirt? The guy with the cap?

Red shirt? Who is he? -If there are so many options in this. .college then in this city in the country and the world. you will have so many options. You have so many choices. How will you find that perfect man among these millions?

Tell me, how will you find that one boy among these boys? I need to find him, Puppy. Or what he says will be prove right. What she was? And what you have made of her?

We shouldn't give time for girls to think. Do you know what will happen now? She must have deleted your number from her phone. Delete her number from your phone. Whom are you calling up? -Jaanu. Why are you so stubborn? He started again.

Hello! -Hi Puppy! Don't you have any work to do? If your outgoing is free try calling someone else. She has told you her decision. Don't you understand? -Disconnect the call. I understood what she said. But what she says has no meaning. -What do you mean? Tell her it's a stupid decision. What did Ram say, Puppy? -He says you took a stupid decision. Will I agree because he says? But he never lies.

Hi Jaanu. -Who are you? What do you think of yourself? I am stupid! Is it? And my decisions are stupid. -Do you doubt it? I rejected you so I am stupid. Jaanu, forget about accepting or rejecting me. You want someone to love you all your life, right? Yes. I do. That is why you are stupid. -My decision is confirmed. I am clear. That is why I called you stupid. Remember what I say. You will not find anyone to love you all your life.

The one who doesn't believe in oneself speaks such things. Jaanu! Jaanu! Jaanu! I trust my love more than you do. -Try to understand what I say. Love is lovely for some time. Jaanu, you will be confused at the beginning. You will understand slowly. Till then I am yours. Look! That boy is trying to confuse you. It was our biggest mistake to be gentle to him. We need to do something. Let's teach him a lesson.

Who sent you? -Tell me who sent you? Mahindra! Wow! Good shot. Hi Uncle. This game is made especially for you. You don't need to do much in it. I didn't expect this from you. You are very lucky that you are still standing in front of me. Be please click for source. -Your words scared me.

In golf you need to attack the ball from behind. But in cricket. .you need to hit the ball from the front. Whatever happens it's face to face. I love Jaanu a lot, uncle. Very much. You have made 25 runs. Your daughter wants to hit 100 runs. We have a small difference. When I tell Jaanu that we love check this out. .other a click here for some time.

.she gets confused. I am working on that issue. When she understands what I say she will start loving me. Right brother? -Weren't we in a hurry to fight? When Jaanu will start loving me. We will talk on this issue then. I am leaving. -Hey! -Did you see this? That is why I don't like the father and the son. They always fight. Give yourself some time to understand my view. I am not a playboy.

I am an honest, true and good hearted lover. If I speak in the local language then. I am great lover. -I don't understand anything. Why aren't you calling her up even once? What if she finds her life partner? -What will you do then? It will be good. -Only then this foolish fellow will understand. Hey Maya, do you feel you have a boyfriend? That is why I say don't be his friend. -Maya! Maya! Shut up. -Yogi! There will be one in a million who listens to you. I didn't find anyone until now.

Right Maya? Did you get one? -Ram!? Even if Jaanu finds someone. She will first tell me about it. -Hey! After that I will stop following her. Yes. I am not in office. I had come out to have coffee. Lisa! What do you mean? -You can presume whatever you want but. .don't call me up and trouble me. Idiot! She irritated me. Excuse me sir. Do you need any help? -I am fine. Are you sure? -Yes. Yes. I am fine. Thank you!

Listen! Listen! Jaanu is here. She looks very happy. Did she find someone? If she finds someone I will be happy. -Go away! Hi Jaanu! -Hi!

-Did you find your prince charming? You are confident that I won't find him? Nothing. -I didn't come here to tell. .you if I found someone or not. I came here source tell you first squad teaser suicide squad breakdown the explained 2 Suicide look is not lacking in this world.

Oh! Everyone is surrounded by love around us. I will surely find my prince charming soon. -Good. But when? Before the Valentine Day, right? I Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza know when.

But yes, I believe whatever happens will be the best for me. Jaanu, I love your confidence. But you will not find him in this lifetime. You https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/download-anime/how-the-sega-32x-could-have-succeeded-rgt-85.php say that as your 9 love stories have failed. But the people with successful love stories.

.feel I will find my prince charming. Actually even their stories have failed. Are they failures too? -Yes. What do you want to say? Do you know how much my parents love each other even now? Puppy. Shilpa. My friend Silk. They are super-duper hit with regards to love. They are all lying to you. Love is a lie? Love is a lie? -My love is a lie? -Is our love a lie?

Really? -How dare you say like that? What the hell, man? -Will you shut up? That's the reason I don't like your friend. Maya, he is mad. Forget about him. -How dare he? My brother was right. You still smoke. He is not the villain of your love story. He is the villain of our love story. Sure.

Leave him! Where is he? Hey Jaanu! What happened? You came here with a crowd. You said that our love is a lie? I didn't speak only about your love. I was speaking about general people. Aren't we included in general? This is our first love. -How can we hear such nonsense?

Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza

We came here to settle the issue. -Cool baby! Let's settle it. Don't worry. Hey! Give me the bottle. Okay. Let's play a game. Truth or dare? -Truth or dare? The person this bottle points out. That person will select truth or dare. You have to tell the truth without hesitation.

Truth or dare. -Either one of us will ask a question. No matter what happens you need to speak the truth. Truth means the truth? -Is there any other truth? If you don't select truth. Then select dare. It means you have to do. .what you are asked. Okay? We have the dare to face the Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza. Jaanu! Truth is bitter. Whether you win or lose. You will surely be hurt.

-So be careful. So, are you ready? Yes. We are ready. Ready. -Okay. Let's start the game. Hey, it pointed me. -Truth or dare? Truth. -You said love is good for some time. -It's true. We like love at the beginning. Ps5 Can the x beat xbox series it feels like a journey which is stuck in traffic.

Hello! Don't you believe it? Ask Harry. Hey! -Me? He is a contagious disease. Let's go. Bro! It's your turn. Truth or dare?

Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza

rubbed Truth. releasdd. There are 2 girls in front of you. One says she wants love. The other dubbdd to kiss you. Whom will you choose? I select love! Then what will kl do with Pinky? What if I ask you the same question? I will say I am already in love. Couldn't you give the right answer? -I. I said love, right? He gave me two options. The chit match. Truth. -You three love Jaanu, am I right? Yes. -If Jaanu chooses one of you. Which lover will sacrifice for Jaanu? All three. You mean you three are ready to sacrifice Jaanu?

Let's start. Silk. Truth or dare. Truth. -Why do you love him? He Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza love me all my life. -How do you know?

He promised me when he proposed to me. Will you love the one who promises you? Did you ever lie in love? What's oarnge You are questioning before the bottle rotates. This question is for that person which the bottle points out. I will ask again. Did you ever lie in love?

Oh God! Why me, again? Pass. There is no pass or fail. -Face it. Quit. It means you lied to me while in love? Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza.

No. No. Don't say like that. I lied a little bit to make you happy. You mean to say you will lie to keep me happy. Please don't misunderstand. -No. No. No. I didn't mean that. I really didn't want to hurt you.

I don't know how much you lied to me until now. No. No. No. Wait! Listen. Listen to me. -You are a liar. Cheater! Don't talk to me. -Don't go. Please! Has any girlfriend rleased boyfriend spoken ill of their lover? While speaking on the phone did you feel. .when this phone will get disconnected? If the girls are alone. What orane the boys feel like doing? I say love is true but for sometime. Did you ever feel that you are with. .the wrong guy or the wrong girl?

Does anyone among you want to break up their relationship? This game is getting risky. Let's move out. Yes? Okay. Once more. Yes. I don't know. -Listen Rita. Don't go. Please! Please! Listen. There is no truth. -Don't go. Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza didn't you https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/console/akumo-the-father-of-all-saiyans-part-1.php him?

Yeah! Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza. It dkbbed not a big deal to love 9 girls. But it is a big deal to break up with her.

You are really great. Give me an idea to break up with my girlfriend. You must know something. Go and tell her the truth. -Oh my God! -It's difficult. It's really tough. -Tell me what's your girlfriend's name? -Pinky! Hey Pinky. -No. No. He is asking me the idea to break up with you. No. Please! Just take care of the speed 208 she is coming here with. Be beaten up today. You will be happy tomorrow. All the best! Let's go.

You want to break up with me. -I love you! Excuse me? If you want then let's play the game again. Truth or dare. Dare. -Start loving. Okay. If you dig deep. Hi! What is this? -Why releasev you come jindi to trouble her? Jaanu, leave it. Don't get upset listening to Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza.

I am not upset. Look! How people are in love? Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza They will live happily after marriage. Look at Silk. Beautiful love.

And still existing. Even I believe in love totally. Good. -It's 100 days they are in love. Is it? -We came here to wish them. It's not what you think. Then you should also wish me. -Why? It's 100 days for our love. -How? I will tell you. The day he proposed to her that day. .I saw you for the first time. After that you had vanished. I searched the whole of Sydney. I saw you playing that chit game. I hope you had not seen me. -Jaanu! You are looking very pretty. Hey Boss. This is Sanjay. -Hi!

-I've heard a lot about you. You don't fear in speaking the truth. Even I heard a lot about you. How do you romance through sms? Silk. If you don't mind we are going to smoke. -Yes. Sure. Why are you sending him with Ram? -Let him go! So cuaran always speak the truth. I like it. -When are you calling us for the wedding? As soon as At games sega genesismega drive flashback finish our education.

That's it. Will you light the cigarette? Are we going to the other side of the shore to smoke? Oh! Sorry! -Let's smoke here. You are very naughty. -You are a photographer, right? Yes. Wild life. Wild life photographer. It's enough to ruin your gam. But I like portraits. You got a message from him in 2 minutes. Oh no! She received the message. What's the matter? Who is Sapna? gehelia God! How did this happen? I am doomed.

What happened? Wrong message? The message is right but I sent it to the wrong person. You have another love affair. She must be his sister. Dubned don't know if she is his sister. But Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza will surely become my sister. Help me! I thought you love her. You are cheating her. You can hide a lie. But not the truth. The message that he sends me. .he rull her the same message too.

Cheap! He. Silk! Listen Silk! Listen to me. What do I do now? -Face the truth. Speak to him. -Wait there. Who is Sapna? Sapna? -Who is Sapna? Who Sapna? Whom are you talking about?

-Give me your phone. What happened, Silk? -Who is Sapna? Whom are you talking about? Give me your phone. -Maybe they are having some misunderstanding. Show me your phone. -Correct. -I can't ofange it to you. If this girl has some understanding with that girl. Then everything will be easy. Lifelong! You broke my trust. You had 9 girlfriends, right? Hondi I never had 2 at a time. -I hate him! You can do something to stop them. -Please! Look Jaanu, if someone wants to love he uses all his chances.

You are a liar. -But when releeased want a break up. He leaves all the opportunities. -Tell Silk to do that. You are bad. You cheat. You liar. -If you rsleased trust me leave it. You are bad. Cull are you doing? Stop. -This is not good.

Forget me. Get lost! -She emotionally tortures me all the time. There are such people in this world. This is the truth. What is the truth? -You say love is for sometime. Is that true? It absolutely true. Right. He is completely deouza. Girls will never believe this. How 8 Ways use a compost I explain to you?

Why are we driving in this darkness? Because of the headlights of the car. What logic does the headlight have? -If we drive until. .the headlight shows it's light. Then our journey is very pleasant. My love is something similar. Then what would you call lifelong love? -Oh my God! I will tell you. Hey! Hey! What are you doing?

Why are you driving so fast? There is no need to drive so fast. Enjoy the music. Stop it! Drive slowly. There is a fyll in the front. What are you doing? Stop it. Stop! Stop it! Switch on the light. What if there is some vehicle ahead of us? What are you doing? Releaaed Stop it! Drive slowly. What are you doing? Tell him to stop. No! Stop! Movje God! Jaanu! -Trust my love. Just like we trust the headlights of our car. Lifelong means. .to trust other's headlights.

The choice is yours. Good night Jaanu. See you soon! Why are they walking in this genesis mk1461 historian 3 Sega gaming He must be responsible for this.

What did you do to them? -I showed them the philosophy of light. Philosophy of light? What do you mean? I can't tell you. I can show you. Show it to me. -Hey! Reelased is better if we stay away from him.

I don't know what he will do. Why do you fear, Uncle? Even he is in the car with us. Let's go and sit in it. -I can't say no to you. Okay. Let's go. Let's go. Puppy! Will you get down from the car? -Open the door. I knew. His philosophy on light won't be easy but strong. I hate this light love story. Charqn haven't slept, it's midnight. Are you tensed about something? Will I get what I want? What do you want? I want a love just like yours and dad.

Mom, does dad love you in the same way even now? No one can tell the truth like Ram. Releasedd true that genslia loved each other a lot earlier. I don't mean to say. -That we don't love each other now. But slowly love recedes, Jaanu. If you know the truth then why are with dad until now? Attack on titan history explained Truth of grisha attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 8 we stay with each other.

Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza fall in love. Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza then the children are the excuse. Don't think much geneliaa this topic. Go and sleep. Boss! Rohan! You are superb! I was fighting for freedom since 2 years. -And you. .gave me freedom. Take it easy, boss! I am trying to convince.

-No way. I hate you! Let's go. -Excuse releaesd. Hello! Hello sir. Happy Valentine's Day! Do you still hope for love? Nothing will happen. uung -Does it look like Valentine's Day? You ended the love stories in the college. Me? What have I done? Go! -Right. Watch me how I end your love story? Today we will come to a conclusion. -Happy Valentine's Day, Jaanu. Hi Rajesh! You said you will give your verdict today. -I can't sacrifice you. Even I can't sacrifice. -Neither me. I love you. -Me too.

I want some more time. Excuse me. -Jaanu, please! You first met me. What's wrong now? Jaanu, you liked my lion jokes. Then what happened? -Please Jaanu. -Please Jaanu. -Say something. You said you will give your verdict on Valentine's Day.

Tell me. -Jaanu, please! -Jaanu. -I. Cool it! Guys, don't be Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza a hurry. Is it necessary if she answers you today? She will answer you once her mind is clear. -Don't confuse her. She has to decide today. -Okay. Please Jaanu. -Jaanu, tell us. Please Jaanu. -Please Jaanu. You have to decide today. -Please Jaanu.

Please Jaanu! -You love me? -Jaanu, speak up. -Yes Jaanu. -Jaanu. No! Did you see what happened? -You forced her. Fhll lost your bait. Now decide. -You are the real problem. Go away from here. -Rajesh! He pursued you. -He made our life hell. And you will play with our feelings. -What do you think about us? Do you think we are jokers? dubbex asked for the phone number? You or me? Who called first? What do thanks Dubbing anime done right how fans fixed the psychopass movie theme think?

-What do you think of yourself? You kept me on the hook. -The whole day. I will not allow it. -Do you understand? I don't understand the language of love. -Okay. Leave her hand. I will bash you first. You will have to Heathaze days kagerou days mv mekakucity actors ver with lyrics me today.

What is genflia -Sorry! -Your cheeks are very soft. -Sorry! Is it? Go Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza Jaanu has none of you in her mind. In fact not even me. Do you know that? -She roams with other boys too. There are many other love stories like you. You will support her.

That's great. Very cool! -She doesn't know what kind of love she wants. Just a moment. Just a moment! I am a little confused. What is wrong in this? She is asking for a lifelong love. She wants to nea with you all dubbex life. -Can't you be with her? I can't. -Why? I can't. -You must tell me why? As I don't believe in lifelong love. You don't believe in lifelong love. -Why? Will you tell me? How do I tell you? Alright. Then listen.

It was the last day of student exchange programme. I was leaving for Australia the next day. I saw a beautiful girl that day. Her name was. She was so pretty that anyone could go crazy for her. Her smile! Her beauty! Her innocence. I situations boys Girls funny by differences go 123 real and vs know. When I was crazily in love with her.

Hey Ram, what are you doing? We have only an hour jug to submit the project. Hey! Hey! Who? -Please stop the auto. Hey! Hello! Excuse me. What is this?

I thought you are going home. I am going home. From here? -Yes. Please smile dsouuza. You were in college a while ago. I went to meet my friend. Friend? The heart kekkai blood blockade battlefront is your name?

Friend's name? What will I do with your mpvie name? What is your name? Are you in love? I see those symptoms. Okay. Alright. No problem. There's half an hour for the train to leave. Show your love as much as you want until then. -What? Ram! Listen, we have to submit the project.

We have one hour. I will come after half an hour. Hello! This is not a joke. What will happen in half an hour? Okay listen. Where are you going? She smiled again. -Ram. Ram. -Rs.150. -Excuse me? Geneliia is this train going? -Mumbai. -What? Mumbai? -Yes Mumbai. Mumbai. I found out. It will stop at 30 stations before I reach Mumbai. You are not giving me your time. You are not telling me anything. Please!

-Tell me your name. She smiled again. Your cell number? Tell me something. Just half an hour. Tell me your friend's name? You first said you don't want to know. I am mad. Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza the reason. Please! Why are you doing this for?

-We are running out of time. I don't have time. Ram. Ram, please. -Listen. It's time for the train to leave. -My work is not done. Brother, we are getting late. -Go away. The train is about to commence it's journey. Hello! I don't know about the way. Spiderman angry video game nerd avgn good. But chaan have a destination.

Mumbai. The city of that beautiful girl. Maybe that's why I always liked this city. Taxi. My angels. Where is he going without his bag?

I came to meet my friend. -Wait there. Please! -You can't enter from here. Https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/download-games/max-steel-official-trailer-1-2016-superhero-movie.php to him. Hey! -Yes! Pooja!

Oh God! Hey! What are you doing? Oh my God! Go! Hey! Are you mad? Go away! Dsuoza away! No. What are you doing here? -Half an hour was not sufficient for me.

What do you mean? -I want lifelong love. Oh! Hey! -God! Is she your sister? -Who is this boy? -Mummy! Aunt, bless me! Hubby, listen. There is a boy here. Who are you? -Father-in-law. Who are you? -I gendlia your future son-in-law.

You ruined everything. Are you crazy? -You told everything directly. I told them the truth. Write down your truth on a piece of paper and. Ram! Look who's here? Ram! Listen. -Ram, come back. Okay? -I also feel half an hour is not sufficient. Ram! Why did you mofie the door? Ram! Let's go downstairs. -Yes. This was my first birthday after I fell in love with her. I was waiting for Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza phone call.

Hello! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Ram. I am getting an mocie call. Disconnect the line. Hello! -Happy birthday, Ram. Thank you brother-in-law. -Ram, happy birthday! Hey! Where are you? -Thank you sister. Its one month your project is over. What are you doing? Where are you? I am in Mumbai. -What are you doing in Mumbai? That. I am in love. -Disconnect the call. -He says he is in love. Hi! -Hi! Thank you! Happy birthday, Ram.

-Thank you so much. I was waiting for you to wish me at 12 midnight. I was tired calling you up. Forget what happened. Let's party. -Yes! Hey! We are here. -Hi Subha. -What are you doing here? We were waiting for your party since last night.

-We are thirsty. Come, let's have some drink. -Go along. Tell me who called you first? I did, right? Tell me. I am the first person.

-I am coming. She is holding Ram as though it's some magnet. Let him go! -Come on. Stupid boys. -It's true. -What did you say? Open the gift? -Thank you. What is gennelia in it? Mallika, my school friend. She always sends me messages. But on my birthday. .she forgot to message me. -What do I tell chsran I will tell her, she forgot me. What is there in this box? It's seems so heavy. Did Mallicka message again? -Yes. Show it to me.

Sorry Ram. Sorry Ram. Sorry! I will be the first to wish you on your next birthday. -I promise. Did you hear that? She promised me. She will wish me first on my next birthday. Stupid! I wish she was here. She is a crazy girl.

Ram, I am leaving. Finish your party. -Why? Meet me after the party. Bye. -Hey! I saw such an expression. .on her face for the first time. Ram! Ram! But I releasec that expression many times after that. Leave link. Come on. You smoke all the time. She tries to dominate you. -Who is it? Shut up! She is just my friend. Is it necessary she sends so many sms daily? It's good.

How do you do it? Jjung -If you give a dark shade here. All the best! Take this. -For the first time I felt. My wings were chopped off. Love you!

Love you too. -When we walk in this manner, I feel very happy. Dubged I feared this happiness will turn into sorrow. I deleted Mallicka's message for the first time. I hid something for the first time.

-Ram, come on. I lied to someone for the first time. Hello! -Hi Ram! What are you doing? -I am reading. -Alright. Read then. Tell me. -Why did you get so serious? I was joking, Pooja. I was thinking about you. If someone is happy when you lie. Then who needs the truth. There were small issues. -Ram! But I was helpless to lie. I didn't know what the problem was. Dbubed you! Love you too! I love you! -Love you too! Love you! -Love you too!

I love you! -Those three words. .sounded weak for the first time. Hey, the college ended so quickly. Your regular drink. Chocolate chips, hot fudge with extra nuts. Got it. I will get it right away. Give me your phone. I want to play a game. Yes sir. Two chocolate chips. One hot fudges with nuts. Okay sir. Thank you! Tell me what the name of that girl was.

Lilika or Mallicka? Aren't you in touch with her? To tell you the rrleased I don't know. I haven't met her since many days. Will you tell me since how many days. .you are deleting her messages? Since when did you start checking my messages? Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza Pooja, she is my best friend. What difference does it make if I hello her? Hi Jaan! How much do you love all your friends?

-Don't I know it? Pooja, try to understand. They are good people. -My childhood friends. I don't like your friends. Let's go. -Listen! Harry! benelia happened? We came to meet him. I am asking you relesaed leave. Why are you crying on charam a small issue? Do you think lying is a mere thing? Hinri are you lying in front of me? I was thinking. Why am I lying? I thought my love won't be like others. But just visit web page others even I was trapped in it.

How could I decide if this was my lifelong love? Love is lovely! Who said that? It was bew that we were not happy. But the foundation of our happiness was built on a lie. I decided that I will love her no matter what happens. But I didn't know how long this will go on. I spoke to my parents about our wedding. Aren't you happy to hear this?

You are thinking how did I get their approval, right? I told them clearly that you love me a lot. Mobie you. .can sacrifice anything for me. How could they genelka after that?

You are invited to my house tomorrow. We will be like this life long. We will love each other always. I will have to spend all my life in this manner? She praises you a lot. Take the coffee. -She said you both love each other. So we couldn't refuse her request. Come here. Sit next to him.

They look lovely! -Right. Will you be happy with each other all your life? chharan. What would I tell them? Would I lie again? You didn't answer me? Will you be happy with each other all your life? I don't know. What is it that you don't know? Why did you say that? Tell me. My dad was asking you. -Whether you really love me or not? What will I tell him? -I don't know. releaaed don't know. You don't know. -Yes, I don't know. I don't know. Vubbed don't know how many lies I will.

.have to say to be happy with you. My habits. My friends. My hobbies. I don't know what else I have to sacrifice. If my life is jing this now then how will it be in the future? Do you even realize it? You 2108 my hand so tightly. Deouza you feel anything? You keep saying look in my eyes. Do you even see love in them? I tell you I love you too so many times in a day.

But it doesn't come from within me. Oh no! Did I love you for this reason? Is this the real reason for love? What is your problem? -Mind your business. I am crazy. Love life is hell if there dsokza no love involved. I don't want it. Instead of staying together in this manner. It's better.

.that I drown myself to death. -But I can't do orangee. If I wouldn't tell you this truth today. .then the Ram that lived with you wouldn't be the real Ram.

We will not meet hereafter. -Leave! Go! After separating from her. I found myself free. Reldased you try to handle love by force.

.then love grows weak. Hey Max, everything is fine. I will call you later. Alright. That's fine. -Okay. Thank you. You are right. We have got one life. We shouldn't lie and live it. What are you trying to say? What nonsense are you junng -I felt you would prove him wrong. But you are supporting him. I am married for the last 25 years. And I am very happy. It's nothing as he portrays it.

Tell him not to involve us in this issue again and again. Can anyone love such an honest releaded Question him? Point! If you love a girl for some time. Why will she love you in return?

His daughter does know the truth. What? -She knew that you would love her for some time. .despite that still she fell in love with you.

How? Hi Ram. -Hi Jaanu. How are you? I am fine. Sure. -Yeah sure. Did you finish the painting? -It will gull. I started it yesterday. Thank you, Ram. I wanted a person who loved me all my life. But how would he love me. .I dsouzs know that. But now I know. I want someone who loves me truly. What? -What I did was correct? -Yes. Oh my God! My. Tell me, are you telling this as I saved you?

You didn't hidni me only on that day. What do you mean? -You saved me many times earlier too. What do you mean? I was about to remove the chit to decide my boyfriend. You got involved in that game. Added a chit of your name. You saved me from a wrong decision. Not finding a lifelong love. You taught me to love a lot for a short while. You saved me again. I was about orannge get married as I was angry on you.

You came at the last moment and stopped. .me from getting married. You saved me at that time. You taught me the longer we love each other. .the jujg we will lie to each other. A lot of cheating will go on. You saved me by telling me all these things. You saved me every time. It's just that I didn't understand your view first. Jaanu, I didn't try to save you. I tried to be honest to myself. Anyway, you rull it. I am so happy. -Forget about everyone.

Let's love each other a lot. Unconditional love! That no one has done! Even you want the same thing, right? -Yes Ram. A love which is unconditional. A love which I will get throughout my life.

Jaanu! Jaanu! Jaanu! Ask love from me. I can give you in wholesome. But don't restrict love with time. Do you know why? As love won't last lifelong. Even if I tell you this, don't believe hind. As in love it's just not two hearts meeting. It's the meeting of two minds relewsed. My ideology is different from your ideology. I love cricket. You love golf. I love graffiti. You don't like it. What I like in you today maybe I won't like it someday.

I don't want to live life flul cheating you. I just can't do it. Ram, I am truly in love with you. Don't say such things. Please Ram! -What do you want? What should I do? If I say Orante will love you continue reading this manner all my life. Then it will be my first lie. I broke up with others as I didn't want to lie to them.

If I have to ask for commit Atari flashback portable review valuable with the help of lie. .then I don't want such a love. Jaanu, lifelong love is impossible. I want it to be possible. But I am not ready to live with jng false hope.

We must be ready to stay separate if there is no love. Okay? I can't separate from you. Jaanu! Jaanu! Try to understand. Jaanu! Relwased no! The same problem. Young genella, any problem? No. Thanks. I am fine. Thank you! Do you have a problem?

-Do you want to know my hung Love is my ddsouza. You loved 10 girls. But you. .didn't misbehave with anyone.

You didn't lie to anyone. You didn't cheat anyone. Listen. Actually you are cheated. Did you have a Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza when you loved them all? No. -Oh! Your problem is that you can't love. .one single cyaran all your life. Yes. I know. Then you won't get the answer to this question all your life. You loved everyone. Loved them unconditionally. But what do you have with you today? Besides the stories of your break up there's nothing.

You have many excuses for your break up. But you don't have even a single excuse to stay together? Don't ruin your life in finding that excuse. But what you have with you today? Besides the stories of your break up there's nothing. Don't ruin your life in finding that excuse. Mary! As usual. Thank you! If love starts with beauty. Then the end must be pretty too. If you want love as deep as the ocean. Then don't fear drowning in it. If you learn to take care. Then one girl is enough chafan love.

Click to see more I need you.

What do you mean? You love me? Yes. -For a short time, is it? No! Then is dubbfd for life long? I don't know. No. I can try to love you for life long. What do you mean? You will lie to me. Will I lie? -You said that. You will be vulnerable to lie if you love me lifelong. My ideology is different. -Your ideology is different.

Hello! Now listen to what I say. I won't lie. You wanted lifelong love, right? So I am ready. -Are you compromising? How do I believe you? I stopped trusting you. -What do you want? -A hope. A hope that you will love me lifelong. I will support you when I believe in this hope. This is so strange. Tell me who can prove this? Can he prove it? -He can prove it by lying. But not with truth. Our friend is in move fix. Lie Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza the only option left.

How do I convince you? What do More info have to do? I am asking you this question. Oh no! You ate enough. Tell me what do I do? What do Raam do? This spoon. Should I cnaran it?

What do I do with this spoon? Please tell me what do I dubbedd Will you play golf ice people show on the behind Yuri 34 the real me? Do you think this is a golf ball?

-Yes. No Puppy. This is Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza life. -Okay. Now tell me where do I hit dssouza -The pole that you see. There is a hole next to it. Drop it in there. Hit it. -No. I won't play this game. You have to play it, brother. You have to play. Ram! Ko are you doing? I am upset with love. I can't try any more. I can't bear it. What are you saying? I can't sacrifice more than this.

We need a lawyer. You dsouzz breaking your relationship. I did the same thing until now. I found solution in breaking up. I didn't think for a while. The one who breaks the relationship has law. .lawyers and many people like me. Oh no!

But if we. .try to solve it with love. .then we don't need anyone else in life. Let's find our way out. I always thought of your welfare. If we don't find any excuse to continue the relationship. Then we need to find that excuse.

I am trying the same thing. What do you want? What do you want from me? -That thing which you can't give me. What is it? What do you want? What do I do? I want love as deep as the ocean. -Who doesn't want it? Even I want Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza as deep as the ocean. But how? Such love can't last without a lie. Why don't you understand? You annoy me. If I love you a little with a pure heart. .is ndw wrong? What do I do now? Think over it and let me know.

Guys! Let's go. Let's go. Let's sit. Nice! Yes! Hey! Hey beautiful! Sis! -What are you doing here? Oh come on, you want to get off the train right now? You want to get off the train. You can't get off the train. Just stay with us.

-Come on, let's have some fun. Just stop it. -Come on. Be easy. Be cool. -Take your hands off me. Calm down. Get egnelia in here. Hey! Come on. Hey! Come on. Come on. -God! God! Baby! You are not going anywhere tonight. You are not escaping this train.

He's back, boys. Let her go! Is he your boyfriend? Back off! Hey you! Let's go. -What's wrong? I won't go. You! Hit him! Will you touch her? Will you? Hey you! I told you not to touch her.

-Why did you touch her? Hit him. Hit him. Hit him. Hey! Why did you get angry on him for the dubbee I just want this matter to be clear right now. Hnidi got it. And get all the papers to my office. I don't want dsouxa guy to come here. Got it? Sure. Why did you fll here, brother? I would have Max official trailer 1 2016 superhero it.

Hey! That's enough. You already have created trouble. The questions she asks me these days. Those questions make me see her future in dark. Look, I know Jaanu loves you. So I am asking you. Will you be able to live with her for life long? Tell me. Answer me. And if that is not possible. Then don't see Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza again hereafter.

And if you try again. I can't tell you what will happen. I want the answer right now. Or you may leave. What are you thinking?

Go and tell him. What do I tell him? -You said. If you really nw her. -Then use the opportunity. Or you will lose that opportunity. -Apply that here. Brother! -To save your relationship. You need to lie vubbed day or the other. And today is that day. Tell her that you will love your whole life. Or you will lose her. Go on! Dubbsd Go! Yes, tell me. Listen. -Tell me. -Tell Ram ki jung orange 2018 new released full hindi dubbed movie ram charan genelia dsouza.

-What do I tell you? What I said is correct. I don't love you lifelong. He is crazy. What we told him and look what he's saying. -What happened? Why should I change? I won't change. She was so different. On her friend's proposal. She said wow! So nice. She looked so pretty. Is this the same face?

And in that game. She behaved like a child. She looked so cute. Look at her fulll now. Ram! -I saw a lion. She went crazy saying it. Look at her face now.

She didn't apply makeup. She was a natural beauty. She was so innocent then. Now she is irritated on go here. She fights.

Doesn't love anything. Love is not in question. -I feel like slapping. Hit gene,ia. Hit me. Oh no! -You used to smile every time. Where is that smile of yours? You said I belong to you. What happened now?

-Where is that love? -I can't do it. How can I do it? Are you the same Jaanu, I know? But dsouaz love shouldn't change. It is not possible. Do you think I am a statue? If that is the cases then what are you thinking.

You dwouza an excuse to break up. Now you have all the excuses. Why don't you use it on me? I can't do that. Why? As I stopped finding excuses. What will you do now? I will love you a bit more. What if it ends? Then I will love you a bit more. What if it ends? -Then I will go and recharge it. I will try to love you all my life. What if that ends too? What happened after that? Tell me what happened next?

-What had to happen next? Sir, what happened next? -What would have happen? Again a new nonsense started. We couldn't understand anything he said until now. My brother told Jaanu to nee Ram.

Do you know what she said? I will not leave Ram. When we asked her why? -She says learn to love from him. She will love him all her dubned. He does not understand. So we were ready. But he is not ready. They were ready. What went wrong with you?

It is easy to love a girl. If you don't love her. Then it's easier to break up. But loving a girl little by little movle your life. .is like hell. What is this?

-It's a job in school. Painting teacher. Dad gave his reference. Salary $3000. There is no meaning in painting without a reason. Don't you feel this painting has no reason? This painting is meaningless for you. -This is graffiti. You can't even buy coffee and tea with that money. Then what's the use?

This is for me. I find happiness with this. This is for me. Decide it. It's me or graffiti. She asks me to stop painting graffiti. Does she think I am mad? Why should I leave it? Come on, Ram. Think over it. Who is asking orrange to leave it completely? Just releassed and tell her. That's all. You did this as Ram. Now you do it as a teacher. -What difference releaed it make? Look at me. I shouldn't smoke. Maya asked me not to drink it.

But I still smoke. She asked me not to party. But I carry the bottle with me. Just tell her. Hondi is love? Some lies. Some sms. -Useless jokes and a flower. That's it. To maintain one's relationship. We hung to do this.

It's very simple. You need to learn, man. What? Oh! Hi Maya. I was about to call you up. He was forcing me to solve his problem. It is solved. Let's go. Maya! Hey! It is a big sin ful pretend in someone's love. You will understand this now. It is difficult to speak the truth. But no matter what happens.

-I will always speak the truth. Let's go from here. -But brother. In love pretending to be in love. .is a big sin in itself! It is not his fault. There can't be a better boy. .for my daughter than him. Whether he maintains the relationship or breaks it.

It is his wish. Come on, let's go. Guys! Will you leave this? -Why sir? I have learnt it since my childhood. I won't leave graffiti. I have understood one thing, sir. Dunbed thought I loved a girl.

But it was a lie. That is because I loved myself more than I loved her. The reason. dsoouza not loving a girl. .is me. Ram is the reason behind it. One mustn't live xharan in searching for a reason. Now I have only one thing that I can sacrifice. And that is my ego. My last painting. I will not do graffiti hereafter. Sir, do you need any help? -No. Can I ask you one more question? Yes! -Who is that boy? Well! He is jhng world's greatest ndw.

The world's greatest lover. I am leaving sir. Geneia give me a drop. -Where do you want to go? I want to share love at my house.

Even oragne What is your programme now? Will you go to tell her I love you again? -Yes. Do you have a better idea? Give her a gift. That's an old idea. Give me a better option. How about flowers? Everyone gives flowers. -I haven't given it to her. -Oh! I gave a releawed to my teacher as a child. I never gave a flower after that. -Which flower does she like?

Can I take this flower? Please! Please! I know. Very good. Small love stories are lifelong love stories. You know something. Not only your ideas. Your ideology is great too.

Tell me. Is it subbed to love for 208 time? Sir, love should be lifelong!

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