The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths

The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths

Moneta: So. . You're Remus Lupin. I barely recognized you from your school photo. Remus: Maybe I didn't want to be recognized. Why am I being detained? Moneta: A simple precaution against werewolves. I'm sure you understand. Remus: Heaven forbid you talk The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths freat like a human being! Moneta: My name is Moneta Radford. I'm with the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. Relatio. You are right. We need to set prejudice aside.

. and help each other. Please. I need to piece together all of the events that transpired. Will you help me? Remus: Alright.

What wwizarding I article source Moneta: Did James Potter go with you to Sirius's flat? Remus: No. I think he went home to see his parents. Moneta: And why did you stay at Sirius's flat. . for only one night?

Remus: I. . I, uh. . It was a full moon so. . I had to get a safe distance away from town. Moneta: And did you make it?

The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths

Remus: No one was hurt during my transformation. Moneta: Yes. No one was hurt. The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths is why you'll be able to walk out link here. What concerns me.

. is where you went. I went to be with people like me. . so that something like this would never happen again. Moneta: Where? Remus: I am sure they're not even there anymore. Credits: Broad Strokes Productions presents. . The Great Wizarding War Written by Justin Zagri and Garrett Schweighauser Directed by Justin Zagri Produced by Mick Ignis Chapter Five Crossing Paths Woman: Well.

Did my part. Hello? Remus: Hello. Woman: Who might you be? Remus: Is this the werewolf commune? Woman: No, this is the bustling city of Jamestown. . and I'm the mayor. What do you want? Remus: Well, Mrs. Mayor. . I need a place to stay. Woman: You can stay at any of our four star establishments! You can have that patch of dirt there. . or the pond down the street a couple of blocks.

Remus: Um. . Do I need to pay anything? Woman: What do you think this is? Ah, still recovering. Aren't we all? Well, those shabby clothes won't do. . whoever you stole them from.

I'll get the mister. There's a cabin over the hill for newcomers. We've fresh jumpers and trousers. I'll fix you something to eat as well. Remus: Thanks. Woman: The rest of us are still coming in. We have a policy to keep nice and spread out come full moon. Remus: Good policy. Come on. You'll fit right in. You prefer your meat cooked or raw? Philips: Well, Miss Evans. . color me impressed! You've answered the challenges of this place quite well.

Lily: Thank you, Mr. Philips. Philips: Do you think you can see yourself making a career of this? Because it's more than just high scores on your N.E.W.T.'s. Lily: I think so. Philips: Might be difficult. You can't let anything cloud your judgment. Your job is to save lives. Lily: What's The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths Philips: Let's see. Healer: Make way! Make a hole! Healer 2: We've over two dozen coming in!

I need new beds set up down this hall right here! We need to be ready for burns and splinters! Philips: We're off to work. Are you ready? Lily: Yes. Philips: Get prepped. You'll find me at the new beds. Lily: Got it. Excuse me! Pardon. . Just need to get through. . Make a hole! Coming through! Make way! Philips: This one's priority. He's got lacerations and head trauma. These two can wait. This one is too far gone. Can you take lacerations, here, to room three. . and clean them up? Lily: Right away.

You two! I need your help! Nurse 1: W-w-we need to help Healer in charge Philips! Lily: I need you two to suspend his bleeding. . while I mend his wounds now or he's going to die. Nurse 2: But Healer Philips. . Lily: Now! Nurse 2: Right. Lily: Get his jacket off. Nurse 2: What is it? Nurse 1: The Dark Mark! He's got it! Nurse 2: Oh my God! Nurse 1: I'm not treating him! Lily: We have to help everyone who comes in here. We can detain him when we heal his wounds. Nurse 1: No!

Nurse 1: No! You're on your own! Lily: And you? Death Eater: Please. Please help me. Nurse 2: I'll. . I'll suspend the bleeding. Lily: Good. Almost got it. Find me an Auror. Nurse 2: Right. Lily: There we are. Death Eater: Thank you. Thank you so much. Lily: Just. . Lie still. Philips: Evans I need you out here. Lily: Sir, I can't quite yet. The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths Evans!

Peter: Mom why do I have to be with you for this? You know what you need. Mrs. Pettigrew: Maybe because I like your company, sweetness. Besides. . we're going to have to dress far more warmly. And we need to get you measured. You've click the following article so much weight! Peter: Mom! I don't see why we're moving to Greenland!

W-why can't we move somewhere warmer at least? Mrs. Pettigrew: Because no one lives in Greenland No one of consequence anyways. The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths it is quite far from this dreadful war. Peter: So is. . New Zealand! Mrs. Pettigrew: We can't afford New Zealand! Besides. . I'm not going to live next to a bloody penal colony. Ah! Here we are. Let's go inside and get you measured up.

They have some excellent fur coats. Sirius: I already paid my tab in full for the next three months! I can drink however I like. . and you can't kick me- You'll hear about this from the The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths Apricot!

Mrs. Pettigrew: Let's go, sweetness. Peter: One sec mom. Mrs. Pettirew: Peter! Peter: O-one sec! Padfoot? Sirius: You! Peter: Oh, no, um. . Sirius: I oughta beat you senseless.

Peter: Padfoot! I am sorry! The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths panicked! I didn't know how else to not get. . killed! I didn't- I didn't mean it! Sirius: If I cold speak properly. . I would cast a panic type of spell on you. . so you couldn't think straight ever again! They'd put you in a box!

Peter: Have you seen James? Sirius: Not since he went to do something about you! Not for weeks. What, did you stab him in the back again? Peter: What about Remus? I-Is he alright? Sirius: Do you actually care?! Peter: Yes! Yes, I do! Bloody hell!

What, did the The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths seven years mean. . nothing?! Sirius: That's big talk coming from a rat. Peter: Look! I'm trying to make up for all this. Please, Sirius! Please. Sirius: You really want to make up for all this? Peter: Yes!

Sirius: Then help me find Remus. Peter: He gone somewhere? Sirius: Yeah! And I don't know where. But he said he's gone to be with his people. Peter: You think he means o-other werewolves? Sirius: I suppose. Peter: Whatever I can do to help. . Mrs. Pettigrew: Sweetness! Peter: One minute.

Peter: Mom I-I'm sorry but. . I have to go. Mrs. Pettigrew: Go where? We made plans today! Peter: I know. . but. . Peter: I have to help my friend. Mrs. Pettigrew: Your friend? The drunk one? Peter: Yes, the drunk one. I've got to go. Mrs. Pettigrew: But what about the fitting?! Peter: We'll do it another day mom!

I-I promise! I'll be home later. Mrs. Pettigrew: Sweetness? Get back here! Peter! Lucius: Lines! Line up! We're ready, Luthor. Luthor: At your The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths, Mr.

Malfoy. Lucius: Now per Luthor's instruction. . we have some brushing up to do for our next raid. Bellatrix: Uh, you have some brushing up to do. Rodolphus: Woman!

Bellatrix: I have a name! Rodolphus: Well The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths too tired for that many syllables. Lucius: First thing we are going to do.

. is make sure you are all competent with the basics. We will go through each spell, hex and curse. . and we will make sure you are all proficient.

Bellatrix: Come on! This isn't necessary! Rodolphus: We did all this in school. Luthor: If you paid attention we wouldn't be reviewing, would we?

Now. . follow Lucius's instructions. Lucius: Wands at the ready. Targets on the wall. Each of you pick one. We'll start with stupefy. On three. One. . Two. . Three! Death Eaters: Stupefy! Lucius: Goyle, Amicus, you and you stay. The rest to the back. You four again. Death Eaters: Stupefy! Lucius: Proclaim the spell louder with. . feeling! Death Eaters: Stupefy! Lucius: Is there a problem. . Severus? Snape: No. Lucius: Oh. . do share it with the rest of us.

Snape: Yelling doesn't do anything. They're not bothering to aim with their eyes. They're just. . pointing their wands and hoping it hits the target. Lucius: You. . think I don't notice that?! Luthor: Would you care to demonstrate, Severus? Lucius: Luthor I, uh. . Luthor: Give him a chance.

Https:// And silently as well. Very well done. Luthor: Did you see what he did? Death Eaters: -mumbling- Luthor: Well. Let's see you all try. Death Eaters: Stupefy! Snape: Aim with your eyes! Focus your wand where your eyes are looking!

Point your wands. Now. . concentrate on the target. Focus on it. Imagine the wand is your eyes. Now! Death Eaters: Stupefy! Luthor: Excellent! Now. . I think to speed things along. . we will watch Severus. . perform the next spell we need. . and the rest of you will follow. Lucius: I think I can do. . fine on my own, Luthor. Luthor: You were in charge of the last raid, Lucius. . and it nearly failed. You will review with the of them.

Now. . Next, bombarda. Severus? Luthor: Excellent! But for the rest of us. . let's repeat verbally. We'll eventually get to your level. TV Reporter: Military authorities in Salisbury say that. . Mr. Evans: Did you hear about May Day? Mrs. Evans: No. No, I didn't. Mr. Evans: It's been made a bank holiday. Mrs. Evans: Oh, that'll be nice. Mrs. Evans: Get a day off.


The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths You're Remus Lupin.

click here Evans: Oh, hello dear. Day at the wizard hospital go well? Lily: Yeah. It crossibg fine. Mr. Evans: You've The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths in quite a few hours. You enjoying it? Lily: I have, haven't I? It's messy work. Today especially. Mrs. Evans: Not too dangerous, I hope? Chpter No. . Not. . Not too bad. Mr. Evans: But you didn't answer my question.

Lily: Hm? Mr. Evans: Are you enjoying it? Lily: Yeah. Yeah, I think I am. Mrs. Evans: We're very proud of you.

Lily: Thanks mom. Is. . Petunia here? Mrs. Evans: No, she's out with her boyfriend. Mr. Evans: Oh bloody. . ! I'll never get used to that! Mrs. Evans: Oh! It's a barn owl. They're my favorite. Lily: Is that the evening Prophet? Mrs. Evans: Breat. . Mr. Evans: Dinner is just about ready. Lily: Oh my God. . Mrs. Evans: What is it dear?

The great wizarding war chapter 5 crossing paths Peter: He gone somewhere?

Lily: That. . Lily: That man. . Mr. Evans: Suspected Death Eater. . Snide, escapes hospital. Kills. . Healer Philips and two others. Mrs. Evans: My goodness. I hope this didn't grewt while you were there! Lily: No, but. . I saved him!

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