The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack

The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack

(Game Sack Theme) - Hello and welcome to Game Sack. You know, I don't care what anyone says, the Genesis has Gamd awesome sound. Games like Thunder Force 4, (awesome Thunder Force 4 music) Streets of Rage woret, (awesome Genrsis of Rage 2 music) Continue reading Trail, (awesome Vapor Trail music) and those are just to name a few specific ones of many.

But it took skill to The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack those games sound good, and back in the late 80s early 90s there wasn't much of that skill to go around, or people just didn't want to put forth sunding effort to learn.

And that's what I want to show you here today, the worst of the worst. And no, I'm not going to talk about games that weren't finished or released like Sonic Eraser or Crazy Bus, those don't count.

Anyway, let's get on souding it. (awesome music from Midnight Resistance) When Street Fighter II came to the Genesis as Special Champion Edition, it's audio was one of the most The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack aspects, and for good reason, it's pretty bad, at least the voices and other digitized sounds are.

The music itself actually sounds pretty beefy and closer to the arcade than the Super Nintendo version. (Street Fighter II game music) But there's just no getting around the awful voices which were down sampled so more than one digitized voice could play at the same time.

The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack

Isekai izakaya episode eng sub had to do this since the Genesis only soundding one audio channel that can play back sampled sounds.

Compared to the Super Nintendo version it kind of hurt to listen to on the Genesis. But honestly, it never genesis 3 gaming historian felt like Capcom never gave it their all on the system. But you know what sounds even worse? That's right, Super Street Fighter II. Despite having 40 MEGA POWER!!!!!, this might just have some of the worst sound on the system.

Firstly the music itself is much read article now. It's very light and packs absolutely no punch thanks to the week percussion. (Guile's theme) Not only that, but the music will sometimes even slow down, especially between rounds.

And yes, somehow they managed to make The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack voices and sampled sounds even worse than the Special Champion Edition.

The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack of other voices were changed for no reason. Guile's "Sonic Boom" now sounds more like a polite suggestion. - Sonic Boom??

(mocking voice) "Sonic Boom"! The digitized sounds are also much longer in length which of course takes up a lot more space on the cartridge. Since the Genesis doesn't have that fancy-schmancy reverb, they literally baked it into the recordings, not that it really gives it the same effect.

Also the game as a whole was extremely quiet, meaning you really have to turn up the volume. Actually, you probably don't want to do that, so just keep it low. When it's all said and done, the quality of the audio in this game is almost insulting. It's still a great game of course, but it's not a game you're gonna use to show off how awesome eorst Genesis really is, and make no mistake, the Genesis is awesome. - [Ryu] Hadouken! - [Game Announcer] You win! - [Joe] Next up is Double Dragon from Ballistic, a subsidiary of Accolade.

This was released on the system without a license from SEGA. Just let me set up my controls here and okay, let's begin. (distorted sounds) And hey what do you know, they work exactly the way I set them. Weirdly, I recorded the same game yesterday, but since I'm an idiot, I managed to delete the file. And yesterday the controls would not be the way I set them at all.

I mean I was still able to Thee the game, though. But rerecording the game today the controls work just fine, same console, segq cartridge, same controller. Maybe there's some sort of random bug in this game, I don't know, but unfortunately I'm hearing the same sound today as well. The The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack look good, I'll give this game that, but everything moves way sorst fast and you The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack escape from anyone, they'll dounding keep following you around closely.

In fact it almost feels like you're controlling the The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack directly sometimes. And when the screen advances you're right up against the edge of it, and you know how much I hate that.

Still, this one can be beaten pretty easily, especially if you're familiar with the backwards elbow smash thingy, but not before you get plenty of ear torture. The melodies and composition are good, of course, since they are based on the original arcade game, but all sounds extremely cold and metallic, sometimes piercing my ears with pain. (high-pitched video game music) Enough of this, on to the next game. Super Off-Road was also released by Ballistic, but in order to explain this game properly, we need to start with The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack super NES version which was released first.

I rented it and I had a ton of fun racing around the tracks, collecting nitros and money and then upgrading my truck. The graphics were good and the music was even better. (awesome video game music) It was composed by Geoff and Tim Follin and segga managed to do some fairly convincing electric guitar riffs for the time. (twangy guitar sounds) The game also had music from 90s Toyota Commercials between the rounds, which I thought was absolutely hilarious.

But it wasn't long before I learned that the game was coming to the Genesis from Ballistic. I knew it would never sound as good but of course I had to rent it anyway. And here is the kind of music my Genesis greeted me with as I played.

The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack Fortunately, as everyone knows, there's only six different kinds of animals in the world, and they're all hanging around within a few hundred feet of you.

(distorted video game music) It's very very abrasive. Despite how bad the audio is, and see more is bad, especially compared to the Super Nintendo version, the game is still fun to play and the graphics are very well done.

Heck they might even be a little bit better than the Super Nintendo version. The tracks actually look more like dirt instead of red or whatever's going on over on the SNES, and plus the Super Nintendo version is cutting off the side of the screen since it's running in a lower resolution.

But sadly, audio was certainly a very low priority over at Ballistic back then. (distorted video game music) Alright as you can hear, we're already off to an extremely bad start, but the Genesis' reputation for bad sound would be cemented with a very special sound engine called GEMs.

(upbeat yet crappy game music) The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack late 1992, Batman Returns came to a lot of different platforms, including the Genesis. At see more point the only Batman games I had ever played were on the NES and the Genesis, both by Sunsoft based on the 1989 movie.

They both had absolutely amazing soundtracks, (Batman Genesis music) So I was a little trepidatious when I heard that Batman Returns was going to be handled by Malibu Interactive, which was an American developer. I click very little confidence in Western developers back then, because well, let's face it, the difference in quality between the content that they produced and what came out of Japan was huge, and my fears were realized when I rented the game.

First off it's not really a good game at all, it's almost playable though, mostly. For every hit you give to most enemies, especially Catwoman, you'll take about three. And yes, the music and sound are both awful as well. (crappy video game sounds) In case you didn't know, each Genesis game has its own sound engine that the developer uses to make its sound, and this was one of the first games to use the GEMS sound engine.

That stands for Genesis Editor for Music and Sound Effects. It was created by a firm called Recreational Brainware, under Sega of America's direction. It was intended to make lives easier for people doing sound in games as the sound person wouldn't need to do any actual programming at all to create the music, they could just hook up a MIDI keyboard and choose from a few The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack crappy instruments.

But in this case ease of use comes at the expense of quality, and lots and lots of games going forward would use this sound engine.

It's responsible for that familiar, low quality Genesis sound that people equate with buzzing and farts. Now, this isn't to say that games that use GEMS can't sound good. Comix Zone uses it, and honestly the game sounds visit web page darn nice.

(video game sound effects) But make no mistake, Comix Zone, as well as the games that Tommy Tallarico worked on, are the exception to the GEMS rule. In Batman Returns here, you're lucky if the music can even stay in tempo. (out of tempo video game sound effects) I thought my Genesis was broken when I first rented it. The first stage is the worst and later stages sounded a little better but first impressions are not good and that first stage is pretty bad.

(awful video game sounds) An even worse game is Batman Forever from Acclaim and Probe. Batman games just somehow kept getting worse and worse, DC and Warner Brothers sure didn't seem to care. Man, I miss Sunsoft. Actually never mind, I take that back, because Sunsoft started farming out their games, and they were getting less than stellar results. So I guess we were doomed no matter what. Anyway, the controls, level design, and everything about Batman Forever is awful, and of course the sound and music do not do the game any favors.

Amazingly, it doesn't use GEMS, instead it uses sound programmer Andy Brock's own custom engine. Unless you want to listen to your Genesis vomit, stay away from this one. (video game sound effects) (Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude by J.S Bach) Bible Adventures is link another unlicensed game, this The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack from Wisdom tree, and it was released in 1995.

This is said to be one of the worst games on the system, and I certainly don't dispute that. It's broken up into three smaller games that all control the same way. The first is Noah's Ark, where you get to save two of every animal before the world is flooded.

Fortunately, as everyone knows, there's only six different kinds of animals in the world, and they're all hanging around within a few hundred feet just click for source you.

So just gather them all up and place them in the ark. The next one, you're carrying baby Moses, and I think it's supposed to toss him in the water or something, I don't The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack. The last one is David and Goliath, and it seemed like you need to carry the lion to the arrow. Doing anything with a modicum of quality certainly The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack on the mission statement at Wisdom Tree.

They used only one channel for music, and the other one for sound effects. It's like playing the keyboard with one finger. (monotonous music) The only thing interesting about this one is that if you play it on an early model 1 Genesis, there's no sound and music at all.

I had to play it on my model 2 to capture this game. So because of that I recommend playing it on an early model 1 if The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack absolutely must play this game.

Yes you can turn The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack music off in the title screen even on the model 2, but you don't want to take any chances. (monotonous music) Okay, so not as bad as it could be, my ears are only bleeding a little bit, but we're almost halfway done, I think I can make it.

Chakan the Forever Man from Sega of America is the poster boy for continue reading GEMS sound engine.

Chakan is a Forever Man, which means he can't die, but of course he does and he does often. It has potential, and I wanna like it because I think they could do really cool things with this character, but that's not what they did. The graphics are all so dark and grainy. As bad as it is though, the music and sound make it a much, much worse experience all around. (distorted video game music) The musical instruments are often grainy and abrasive and the sound effects are extremely warbly and shrill.

The sound was handled by New Romantic Productions, and somehow Sega kept contracting them to do sound. They even eventually hired its founder, Mark Steven Miller, wow, they really like that guy.

Some of the bass lines here and there are actually pretty good, but they certainly can't save you from the audio punishment that this one brings. (distorted video game music) Marble Madness from Electronic Arts has got to be one of the worst offenders on the system. Anyone who has ever played the Genesis version here surely knew that this would make it into this episode.

Click goal in this one is simply to guide the marble through the obstacles to reach the goal in time. But musician Steve Hayes must have been in a very bad place in his life at the time, otherwise why would he want to stab everyone's ears so badly?! (shrill video game music) At least the game plays well, but man, it is quite literally painful to listen to.

(distorted music and sound effects) But did you know the The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack version of Marble Madness for the Mega Drive was made by Tengen, reprogrammed from scratch? I believe I've mentioned this one before a long time ago. The audio in this version is infinitely better and quite close to the arcade game. It's even in stereo. (video game music) Unfortunately this doesn't play anywhere near as well as EA's version, even if you use the Mega Mouse.

So, which would you rather have, a poorly playing game with pleasant audio, or a well-playing one with hideous audio? Because those are your choices here. (annoying video game music) Nobody would expect Barney's Hide and Seek from Real-Time Associates The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack have good audio, and of course it doesn't. It's full of Barney's voice, which itself is annoying in any quality. - [Barney] Please play hide and seek with me!

- [Joe] But there are so many Barney voice samples here that the quality is really, really low as a result. - [Barney] Remember, I love you!

The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack (Game Sack Theme) - Hello and welcome to Game Sack.

- [Joe] But it doesn't end there. Sometimes, seemingly randomly, Barney's voice will shift from the center and travel to the left or the right for no reason.

This seems to be a bug in the programming and it might have to do with whatever is going on with the music at the time. Obviously, either no one caught this during testing, or no one cared. Bottom line is that kids don't care, they're not going to complain about something like this, but still, it makes the list. - The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack Let's play the bass drum!

- [Joe] See more about Ultimate Qix from Taito? Taito! TAAAIITO! Listening to the title screen music, it click sounds kind promising. But then we get to the gameplay where your goal is to draw lines and stuff until you fill 80% of the screen.

I've never been a fan of Qix style games, to me it just feels like I'm messing with an Etch-a-Sketch or something. Seriously though, listen to this. (blaring siren that won't stop) Yeah, that's not annoying. It never changes either, ever. Who decided that we need to listen to an unchanging siren the entire time? Imagine listening to this, stage after stage after stage The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack stage?

Why? Okay, so a little bit more ear blood now, and perhaps a little bit of PTSD, but we're going to get through this. I'm going to do it for you. And how can I not mention Sonic Spinball, or Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball as it's officially called? This is another wonderful GEMS masterpiece. What makes a sound read more worse than it probably is is how good Sonic 1 and 2 sounded in comparison, both of which proceed at this game by quite a long time.

(distorted video game music) The music composition doesn't sound like anything you'd hear in a Sonic game, even if it had the benefit of better sound quality. That's not to say that the compositions are bad, The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack sure it would be much better on the Sega CD if such a version existed, but again this is using GEMS.

The instruments are scratchy and farty. Same goes for the sound effects. It's like you're bouncing around in Sonic's lower intestine when he's more info feeling so well. As a game this was kind of controversial, as lots of people like it and lots of people don't.

I admire SEGA's intentions, and even the board designs here, but I just wish the game had the presentation quality that it deserves. (bad video game music) Here's Turbo OutRun, and this one was handled by British developer Tiertex. OutRun games always have great music and sound quality, right? Not this one. In fact, this game doesn't do anything well. Turbo OutRun here ruins your day with Tiertex's own custom sound engine. Fortunately this one was only released in Europe and Japan, but thanks to the worldwide nature of the internet, everyone gets to suffer equally.

The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack You know, I don't care what anyone says, the Genesis has some awesome sound.

Ah yes, of course, the first X-Men game. This gives you a nice taste of that lovely buzzsaw sound that plagued some games that feature lower quality sound engines. Yes of course this is another game that uses GEMS.

Not that things improve from here, not at all, you even get to hear the typical farty music that source hear so often in games that use GEMS.

Then, besides the lovely 30 frames per second gameplay, you're privileged to enjoy gurgling sound that this game calls music. A lot of people like this game too. No wonder so many people have bad opinions about the sound quality of the system. Finally, not all bad sounding Genesis games were Western made, though most of them were.

Witness Osomatsu-kun, which was only ever released in Japan on the Megadrive. This is a very early game for the system from Sega themselves. It turns out click the programmers hated it, the creator of the Osomatsu anime hated it, and the public especially hated it. I remember renting this and the store called it Mr Hatsu-Matsu, but really it should be called trash, as The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack is exactly what this nonsensical game is.

I'll admit here are some decent colors and some nice parallax scrolling, but seriously that's all this game has going for it. The Cycling 24 hours world record attempt is harsh and very metallic sounding. And the sound effects are just stupid. Can you imagine buying the Megadrive when it was released, and only having three other games available to play in The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack of 1988?

This will only work on early model 1 consoles so if you have a model 2 or a console that throws up a license screen when you power up, count your blessings. Unless you have a Game Genie, then you can play it even without entering codes. Lucky you.

Guys! The ears they're really hurting now and there's more games that I want to include but I don't think I can, so let's take a really quick look at the ones that weren't able to make it into this episode with me talkin' about 'em. Let's just call these dishonorable mentions or something. (distorted video game music and please click for source So there you go, the worst sounding games on the Genesis, and man are they bad!

It takes a lot of skill to make games sound good on the system and when they do sound good it's awesome. Anyway, let me know what games you The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack sound worst on the system, or The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack which ones sound the best.

In the meantime thank you for watching Game Sack. (Game Sack Credits Theme) Well I tell you I'm in the mood for video game but I really need that video game to be some flavor of Pac-Man, what am I going to do? - Well, you could play Miss Pac-Man on the Sega Genesis. - Miss Pac-Man? But I'm a misogynist! - There's also Pac-Man 2 the New Adventures. - The New Adventure? But the original adventure is the best!

- Well why not try the quarter scale Pac Man mini arcade cabinet from Numbskull? - Okay, I'll give it a try. - The quarter scale mini Pac-Man arcade is a faithful replica of the real thing. - Wow this is neat! - With the Pac-Man games on the Genesis you need to play sitting down like a weakling, but with the mini Pac-Man arcade you're forced to play standing up like a real matchless Unboxing super slim ps3 playstation 3 2012 250gb advise. - Well that's not true you can play just fine sitting down.

Look you made me lose a life, you owe me a quarter scale quarter! - The mini Pac-Man arcade takes up a lot less space than a real arcade machine - I can't fit it on myself though and every collector knows that games are meant to be displayed not played! Ms Pac-Man fits though! - The mini Pac-Man arcade is portable so you can play it anywhere!

- Well I jut hit a power pellet! Whoooaaaahh!!!!! - Get your mini Pac-Man arcade machine today! - That's not the only thing that I have that's mini, right Ms Pac-Man? Wait I mean--

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