Mato the new saiyan of universe 7 Dragon ball super ss part 1

for the most part they've resettled in Sector four zero three two green on planet 877. Back in March 2018 two years ago the Dragon Ball fandom once again witnessed the end of Dragon Ball revelation came in December of the same year the existence of new Saiyans who were never before identified by Wiese the first of which was Broly and the second of which was Tarble the lost brother of Vegeta and now in 2020 yet another Saiyan has been discovered a saying with a deep connection to perf Goku and his father ba Rock the ending of this first episode will leave you of many questions but before we begin this video all of the amazing Dragon Ball t-shirts and items you're shown on screen right now are from anime no Capcom and as always a special discount will be provided to you guys at the end of this video so stay tuned the story begins on a very small star where people from different planets decided to live it seems to encompass different areas of different landscapes and as we move closer into the foliage however we see a young man with a tail seemingly fighting with an enormous dinosaur he takes steps into a familiar fighting stance coming suddenly the dinosaurs left incapacitated in one fell kick the young Sain drags him away with a smile big catch today he returns back to a rural looking village where an elder woman is seen singing I'm hot your mother I brought you another big catch but er you you we're not hunting alone again what about studying that way of thinking is so old mother don't eat this then if that's how you see it then I'm gonna meet up with bass now make it delicious dinner of that Gee's motto the new same we had just been introduced to you curiously then walks off to meet his friend on his left arm however is a mysterious red cloth that seems oddly familiar his mother pauses for a moment and thinks the app will sure doesn't fall far from the tree huh meanwhile on another part of this strange new planet anime Qian has seen a cowering child is seen with an L dynamic you're healed now you can go and play Thank You mr. HAARP base mato good morning mr. HAARP good morning to you base let's train come on training aren't you tired of doing that every day I'm asking you because you're the only one I can count on don't overdo it okay don't worry see you later mr. ha motto and base travel to an area away from civilians before loud explosions suddenly heard suddenly face grandmother's tale no joy your tale after their battle base sits beside motto atop a cliff nursing his wounds how much grabbing your tail is useless huh yes it's all thanks to you you help me with my training base suddenly three spaceships come flying past a pair what is that a huge explosion is heard just now what was that thing that's a meteorite in the debris of the explosion the three space pods lay in three massive craters mater and base watch on from the cliff both alarmed and curious what was that there's something else fool I saw three objects they fell down there let's go base wait macho the space pods begin to open and three unknown figures emerge in what appears to be saying alma mater and base immediately rush towards them the device detected an unusual life-form I can tell you that this boring star was itself a much being a subordinate really is hard huh it's not easy to find a worthy star just be clear I would have joined the force if that J sky hadn't been there understood rise ooh yes you're right burrow up suddenly burrow is Scouter begin to defeat who the heck are these guys even on a boar star like this one you can find powerful beings are but they're no match for us burrow are one of them is from Namek the other is a saying from Namek a sayin the two are completely confused by the names they just mentioned it's an interesting combination but I feel like playing today come on rise ooh yes rise reaches into his pocket and takes out a pot of seeds he carefully plant some into the fertile ground and drops a strange liquid on top of them marshal looks on patiently confused what the were you doing suddenly from the ground pops a green creature a Cyberman this looks bad have fun with this odd combo Cyberman the three began to leave unwilling to waste their time however mottos more perplexed at their belly to fly he's flying come on those are reaction there let's go yes what Mazda what are they whatever is it doesn't look like we're gonna be friends ah it's coming face time you are you okay bass yes somehow suddenly the Cyberman releases a toilet acid from its head Johnson stands watching beyond butter immediately his clock protection is burned and mater screams in agony before he can even take in the situation however the Cyberman approaches him from behind they shells out mottled and in an instant motives eyes open of a glow and vanishes instantaneously as the Cyberman misses and looks around in confusion however within a blink of an eye motto emerges right behind the creature and with the same emotionless glowing eyes decide man in one fell swoop could this be the beginning of a new super saiyan or they awakening of a certain instincts base stands confused looking on at the back of motto motto are you okay did did I do this motto looks down at his hands still trembling at the power which just suddenly ran through him what is this power war face with his namekian powers eventually heals the injured arm of mutter mutter are you okay yeah thank you base that last blow was amazing though what was that overwhelming power if I were hit by something like that I wouldn't stand a chance the two then head off as fast as they can to the location of the three invaders it seems like they went to the village let's go yeah who the hell are those guys also nama can't say it what are those suddenly explosion is heard just ahead avoidable mr. 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Gmbn vs gcn from here to there mtb vs road bike challenge

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Joker ending scene and end credit scene breakdown

welcome back everyone it's Charlie this is going to be my breakdown of the Joker movie ending hopefully you've had a chance to see the movie we're doing a giveaway for tickets all you have to do to enter is just be a subscriber and leave your favorite Joker moment on the video please do use spoiler tags at least till we get through the weekend just to give everyone a chance to see the movie and if you have not seen it just blanket spoiler warning because we will be talking about everything that happens at the end of the movie most of the questions that I've seen you guys commenting on my Joker movie review video it's just a question of what is real and what is fake because the Joker is an unreliable narrator as is his mother or at least were led to believe that she's an unreliable narrator because there are a lot of questions about that picture that she carried around of her signed by Thomas Wayne with a special message so as seen some fantastic theories that you guys have had about this but really when we talk about the ending that starts when he learns that he's secretly been adopted while he's at Arkham Asylum getting his files on his mother she had previously worked for the Wayne's about 30 years ago and believed that she had a relationship with Thomas Wayne at least that's what she thinks she keeps writing him letters eventually Arthur reads one of the letters and in it she tells Thomas Wayne that Arthur is his son so Arthur believes that he's the son of Thomas Wayne but because a lot of the events in Arthur's life he made up and then you later learned things did not happen the way that he thought that they happened you're led to believe that that might be fake he's not really the son of Thomas Wayne and his mother was lying the whole time because as Thomas Wayne says she was institutionalized there are even adoption papers for Arthur inside her file we learned that the affliction that causes him to laugh the reason behind his crazy laugh is because of the head trauma he received when he was as a child so his world starts to unravel he goes suffocates his mother then begins to just completely fly off the chain starts painting himself up in Joker makeup his former friend seemingly that sold him the gun earlier in the film and then ratted him out comes to visit him because of the police to make sure that he doesn't tell them the wrong thing that will get him in trouble he winds up him before he goes on Murray Franklin's TV show in full Joker makeup lets his smaller friend go you were the only one that was nice to me so at this point you're starting to question what's real and what's fake because he climbs into a roof and a lot of people think that he actually died in the refrigerator and the rest of the movie is imagined but the reason why I don't think that's the case is because too much of the movie happens in that last 15 minutes for him to have all experienced it within his mind while he was inside a refrigerator so I think the takeaway from the refrigerator is that it's him just slowly transforming metaphorically into the Joker character like he goes into a chrysalis inside the refrigerator then he merges more the Joker than he's ever been before the basketball game music swells up as he rolls out of his apartment in full Joker costume and makeup dancing down the stairs and the montage that they put in all the trailers but the cops that have been after him the whole movie chase him into the subway he uses the clown rise up move it to stop them inadvertently starts a riot in the subway later claims that he has nothing to do with that movement and Thomas Wayne himself is also partially responsible for all these people wearing clown masks that I'll explain in a second you get the scene of him waiting in the greenroom on the Murray Franklin show that we've seen in all the trailers where he talks to Maria's assistant producer played by Marc Maron one thing when you introduce me can you introduce me as Joker sure thing bud sounds great him being on the TV show is meant to be a mirror of the dream sequence from earlier in the film it's exactly how I imagined it he says so he dances on is this wonderful introduction he's charming everyone he kisses the old lady doctor then sits down and gives his big speech about how society is just as bad as villains how the rich doesn't care about the poor there's this big class war going on during the movie no one cares about him because rich man Thomas Wayne isn't talking about him on live TV the way he was talking about the three that he earlier on the subway he freely admits to them and it's almost like he's taking this weight off of his shoulders like I'm tired of pretending that it's not funny it's funny comedy is subjective he claims that he didn't them to start a movement he's not political I'm not trying to start any kind of thing I them because they were terrible then he calls out Murray Franklin for being just as terrible and he has his iconic line what do you get when you cross a mentally deranged loner with a society that treats him like crap you get what you freaking deserve then Robert De Niro's character Murray Franklin on live TV remember this is taking place in the late 70s early 80s so there was no time to they built into the broadcast system everybody that was watching Marie Franklin saw that happen the clown movement that's happening in the streets during the last 15 minutes of the movie just boils over everyone just riding everywhere in the streets their fires cars turned over the Joker throws all this gasoline on that fire with his presentation he looks into the camera and starts speaking just as the station cuts him off then things get really subjective this is where you're really getting inside his head as he's being driven away in the back of a cop car you're meant to believe that he was arrested by the police and he maybe gave himself up he's smiling as they're driving through all the riots but then a couple of his admirers wearing clown masks crash an ambulance into the cop car that has him freeing him then he wakes up on the hood of the cop car starts dancing basking in the adulation of all these rioting people wearing clown masks and draws the iconic Joker smile on his face with his own all this happening while Martha and Thomas Wayne are walking out of the Excalibur theater getting their Batman origin story where they're down by one of Joker's admirers wearing a clown mask we'll call him Joe Chill for the purposes of this video just for continuities sake he says you get what you deserve guns them down and Bruce Wayne is standing there over their dead bodies very iconic Batman moment a lot of people wondered if this was gonna happen because we saw this shot in one of the trailers this is where it starts to throw you for a bit of a loop when it comes to false narration what's real what's fake because the camera cuts to him inside Arkham Asylum in this white cell being interviewed by a psychiatrist he starts laughing and when the woman asks him what the joke is he calmly replies you wouldn't get it as the camera cuts back to Bruce Wayne standing near his parents dead bodies in the alleyway he starts singing a song and then the camera cuts again to him walking down the hallway leaving footprints of behind him on the white floor dancing his way out so because they're always revealing things that weren't happening the way they seemed that they were happening a lot of this is happening in Joker's mind you're meant to wonder what's real in this final scene and what's fake here's what was real and here's what's fake remember the Joker is always imagining things in his head like he imagines himself on Murray Franklin show when he's watching it at the beginning of the film I think everything is real he really did Murray Franklin on live TV he did surrender to the police but then they took him straight to Arkham in the scene of him dancing on the cop hood is probably him just imagining that him inside the Arkham cell that's real but when he's walking away leaving the footprints of blood that's meant to imply that he that woman the psychiatrist he was talking to and in the process of escaping Arkham Asylum this kind of explains why there's such a quick seeming time jump from him dancing on the cop car hood to appearing in the Arkham cell is that the dancing did not happen that's all in his head but I do think that Joe Chill Thomas and Martha Wayne giving Batman his origin story that was real so I know there's gonna be a ton of theories after this weekend about them doing a new Batman film with Joaquin Phoenix's Joker something completely different outside the DC Universe the reason why I'm not so sure that that's gonna happen is because of the new Matt Reeves Batman trilogy Warner Brothers probably isn't gonna greenlight a couple different versions of live-action Batman at the same time based on the age of young Bruce Wayne here you could say that this is close to being Ben Affleck's Batman because Ben Affleck is playing a late 40-something Batman during his Batman movies but a lot of people have wondered what the joke he was referring to was when he tells the psychiatrist you wouldn't understand the joke I think that was a reference to him finally being lauded as a hero at least in his mind despite all the terrible things that he did the past few weeks like I'm the hero and Thomas Wayne is the villain the added level of irony the Thomas Wayne was partially responsible for his own death because he called all these deranged people clowns that's why they were wearing clown masks to begin with then the meta aspect of both the Joker in Thomas Wayne inevitably creating their own worst villain so for Thomas Wayne he was creating that Joe Chill person wearing the clown mask that wound up killing him but the more meta aspect is as the Joker was inadvertently indirectly creating the Batman by doing all this - so that's why he's saying that the psychiatrist would not understand it because it's such a complex but beautiful meta joke Joaquin Phoenix was actually asked in an interview recently what his character would do if he were suddenly confronted with someone dressed up like a bat flying around Gotham fighting crime and his answer was is that his character the Joker would be incredibly happy at the site he would laugh genuinely ironically happy but delighted by how his nihilistic view of the world was seemingly confirmed by this crazy person dressing up like a bat or someone that he thought was just as crazy as him that gets into more joke Easter eggs you're one bad day away from being me the Joker trying to tell Batman that they're the exact same person a lot of you are also asking about the picture of Joker's mother signed by Thomas Wayne with a really intimate message on it making it seem like maybe she was telling the truth about her relationship with Thomas Wayne is if maybe there's a small chance that Arthur could be Thomas Wayne's son but I think that's mostly just to throw you for a bit of a loop I do think that she had mental problems I do think that she imagined her relationship with Thomas Wayne and even if he was maybe kind of amorous with her they probably never had a child together Arthur really is adopted because can you imagine what comic book fandom would do if they tried to say that the Joker was Thomas Wayne's son the only version of the Joker that his Thomas Wayne's son is the Batman who laughs and they have not done him in the movies yet so just remember that parts of those final 15 minutes of the movie the ending are fake and imagined in his head some of them are real if there's any other big questions that you have about the ending of the movie though just let me know in the comments below but this does give you a point of origin for this version of Batman whatever you want him to look like Todd Phillips made it seem like they're not planning on doing any sequels but Joaquin Phoenix might be lured back if the film makes enough money they might find a way to get him back in a couple years but I think it's more likely that they would just do other DC Black Label films with other Batman villains like a really hardcore r-rated film about the Riddler that would be amazing but the Riddler is going to be a character during Matt Reeves Batman films so if you have any other big questions about plot points in the movie or the ending just let me know in the comments and I'll try to address that in my other Easter egg videos this weekend congratulations carbo you're the giveaway winner from my last big DC video please email me on the about page of my channel so I can get your details everybody click here for my Joker movie review and click here for that brand new flash season 6 crisis on Infinite Earths trailer thank you so much for watching everybody put on a happy face I'll see you guys tonight Continue reading Joker ending scene and end credit scene breakdown

The first nintendo

- In 1977, a certain toy manufacturer in Japan made their first entry into the home game console market. That company was Nintendo, and that system was the Color TV-Game 6. (TV commercial speaking Japanese) (upbeat music) Now Nintendo was actually a much older company than a lot of people realize. They actually had their start in the late 1800s as a card game manufacturer, and over the years, they have had a very large number of different businesses under their belt, from owning a taxicab company, to making a line of instant rice, to even owning a TV station, and most of these businesses didn't really pan out, but they finally hit their stride in the '60s with toy manufacturing. Now with toys, they got really big at first, with this little extendable arm thing, and then a really good line of light guns, but things really changed in the '70s when they started seeing the boom of video games. Continue reading The first nintendo

Hyperscan angry video game nerd avgn

Looks like we're in for a treat today! The HyperScan by Mattel The same company that made the Intellivision and the Power Glove. They also made every toy from He-Man to Barbie. LJN made toys...hmm Let's see how this piece of shit holds up. It was released in 2006. It's hard to believe a specimen like this would exist at a time when Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii were the current gaming consoles. Continue reading Hyperscan angry video game nerd avgn