Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child   jp english cc

Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc

Legend of Sirius (???????)- The Sea Prince and the Fire Child [ JP - English CC! ] ( Translation dialogue from English Dub ) Once upon a time, as they say. .long before the time of Sirius and his fire child. .the gods of fire and water lived as one, as brother and sister. And the earth rested in a misty nimbus of peace. But like many fairy tales, ours begins with an act of evil. For Algaroc, the Dark Lord of the Winds grew jealous of the happy pair.

And he planted the wicked thorns of suspicion and hatred between them. Thorns took root, and turned brother against sister. Great Oceanus, King of the Waters. .rose up in a great fury, and sent his waves raging. Waves so mighty, they reached around the globe. They even threatened the great palace of Hyperia, Queen of Fire.

The earth was in chaos. Fire and water were split asunder. They were never to be rejoined. Queen Hyperia! Save us from the sea! Oceanus is responsible. Algaroc has turned him against me. They want to extinguish my flame. .and wipe me from the face of the earth! They will not succeed! My flame will live!

My children, gather your fires and come with me! The storm is dead. The earth is calm. This Holy Flame must be watched well! For as long as it burns, the sea will be calm and the children of fire shall live!

THE LEGEND OF SIRIUS Good morning! Morning! Hey! What's the rush? - Where are you going? - Stop making so much noise! - You'll wake Prince Sirius! - You must be quiet! Sirius! Wake up! - You promised to take me hunting! - Don't! - Hush up! - Prince Sirius needs his sleep! - He gave orders not to be disturbed! - He did? Well, he would've if he hadn't been so tired last night. Enough! He said he'd take me hunting.

It's time for him to get up anyway! Sirius! Good morning! Let's go catch ourselves a jellyfish! He won't stand a chance against this! You'll have to do a lot better than that, Chiku. Let go, c'mon! Let go! Chiku! Well, what are you waiting for? If you beat me there, I'll give you my knife! - Really! Last one there is a sea slug! - Prince Sirius! - They're going to get in trouble someday. - It's most distressing!

Ow! Hey! Oh, It's you, Chiku! You're still with me, huh? Okay, let go, let go! In the name of King Oceanus, I hereby dub you Sir Chiku. Knight heirant and protector of the water people. Now, to prove your worthiness. .you must fight and destroy that creature of darkness! Here's the knife you wanted. Now, now, Sir Chiku, go on!

Here goes nothing! Have at him, brave Sir Chiku! Don't worry! I think you're tiring him out! - Help me! - Use your knife. - I can't! - What's wrong, Sir Chiku! You can have your knife back, anything, only help me! Help you? Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc why didn't you say so? - Not so fast! - Wait for me! It's the Forbidden Zone! - Wait here. - Sirius! He's disappeared! What the. Geronimo! What was that?

Sirius, why'd you do it? Now I'll never see you again. Help! What a way to go, and I was only looking for some fun! Some friend you are Sirius! How could you leave me here?! Come back! I'm too young to die! Sirius! Sirius! C'mon! C'mon! Sirius! Sirius! Sirius! Wake up, wake up! You can't be dead! Prince Sirius is dead! Are you all right Sirius? It serves you right, going into the Forbidden Zone. I dreamed that I saw something. - I saw a fire. - You what? You saw a fire? And a girl beside it.

This sounds like trouble. Let's get out of this place, Sirius! Sirius! Come on, let's go! Hurry up! For goodness' sake! And now for the finishing touches. There, there, and there. Hey Sirius, what's the big idea? Going to a costume party? Costume party indeed! This is the prince's 16th birthday. .and we're going to his coronation. You Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc ruffian.

Coronation? That's right Chiku, we're off to pay our respects to King Oceanus. What fun! Come on, we're going to see the king! It's Prince Sirius' coronation! Come on everybody! - What did he say? - The King! Sirius, here we come! Come on everybody! There is no place on earth as beautiful or as happy as our kingdom of the sea. And it is because of you, Sirius, that our world has remained peaceful and calm these many years. There is only one way in which we can repay your noble service to your king.

And so, Prince Sirius, we give you what is rightfully yours. - The Eye of Algaroc! - Yes. The ancient eye taken from the evil Lord of the Winds, who now sleeps in the depths of the Forbidden Zone. From this day forward, you shall rule the sea in my place. But I warn you, Sirius, do not go near the Forbidden Zone. If Algaroc were to ever get his eye back again, evil would return to the sea, and the whole world. Oceanus! The future of our kingdom and its people is now in your hands, Prince Sirius.

See that you guard it well. Sirius, you're the King! You're the King of the Sea! What's this I hear? Sirius is the King of the Sea? And wearing the Eye of Algaroc? It's a joke! Now listen up everybody! Who should be king? This snotty little sea snail? Or me, Mabuze the Magnificent? Everyone who prefers Sirius, take a step forward. - Yeah! - Come on! What's this? Nobody? Can't say I'm surprised. You see Sirius, the public prefers Mabuze. You're out of your gourd!

Well, to begin with, who'd want a king that looks like a soggy hamburger? Hamburger? Why, that's the rudest thing anyone's ever said to me. Get him, boys! - No problem! - You got it, boss! Now Sirius, why don't you just hand this over? Come on. Give it to me. I'll give you THIS! And this! Now I'm mad! Hey! What are you doing? Here you go! - Wait! - We're coming master!

Come back and we'll do it again! Right, Sirius? Right. Only a dream. Oh, Malta. You are as steadfast as you are beautiful. The sea remains calm and peaceful. Only because. .you are there every night to keep the holy flame from going out. Of course, Mother.

You may sleep soundly and depend on me as always. You are already speaking like a queen, Malta. But listen, there is one thing you must never forget: Always be on your guard against the children of the water. For they are not our friends. "The water is the enemy of the flame." How could I forget?

I hear it every night. Malta. You know you don't have to worry about that, Mother. You don't think I'd want to make friends with any of those water people, do you?

No, but just make sure you never forget that, Malta. I won't. I know where my duty lies, Mother. - Goodnight. - Malta. My daughter. May good fortune go with you always. Who was that boy who came from the sea last night?

I must be careful! I'm supposed to be the brave daughter of the Queen of Fire. There's nothing to be afraid of. Oh, what a coward I am. I'm Haschak sisters like a girl hopeless coward! You sure are. Shame on you! Who's there? - Piale! - Piale, that's right!

You shouldn't be here. Get back to the palace! I want to stay. Piale loves Malta. Don't be ridiculous. Go home! No! Let me stay with you, just for tonight. Besides, you need me. You're afraid to be alone, aren't you? No! I'm not afraid of anything, hear me?

Careful, Piale! You'll die if you fall in the water! Malta is a scaredy cat! A scaredy cat! What a little idiot. I don't care if you do fall in. Oh, Malta. Please don't be angry. Malta? Malta? Look. How beautiful it is. When fire and water are joined together, why is it so. What is it? We must have been put under a magic spell. They tried to. lure us under the water just then. But it won't happen again. I won't let them get the best of me.

Sirius! Sirius! Hey, have you guys seen Prince Sirius? Have you seen Sirius anywhere? I bet you guys haven't seen him either, huh? Sirius! Where are you? I've looked everywhere for him. He's left me behind again! What is it, little one? Do you have to make so much noise? Sorry, I just can't find Sirius anywhere. He's got me so steamed! Running off without me again. Little one, the Prince has a lot on his mind. Perhaps he doesn't have as much time for his little friends anymore.

Oh yeah? I'll show him! There! Tell me, who are you? Are you a fire child? You don't look much like a savage.

What do you mean a savage? What an idea! Who are you to call me that? Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc name's Sirius. I'm a water child. A water child?

- One of the accursed race! - What accursed race? Is there a curse on me? Wait, don't go. Stay for a little while. Here. We're far from the flame here. Sirius. Is that what you said your name was?

Mine's Malta. Malta? That's a funny name. Oh, what manners you have! Not everyone thinks it's a funny name. They call me Malta of the Flame. Malta the fair, Malta the fabulous. Tell me, what is Malta the fabulous doing in a place like this? I must protect the Holy Flame from ever dying. That is why no child of water is allowed here.

But for you, I'll make an exception. Because you're not a savage. Are you leaving? I am a child of fire, and you are a child of water. How can I trust someone who came from beneath the waves? I think maybe you've come to lure me into the water. Or maybe you've come to cast a spell over me.

Maybe you've been sent here to bewitch my heart. Bewitch? Are you trying to find my heart? You've got to catch me first! Hey, quite Atari 5200 angry video game nerd avgn seems one, any luck finding your friend? Who, Sirius? He's no friend of mine anymore. Is that so? You mean not everyone under the waves can swim? Hermit crabs can't. They just crawl around with their houses on their backs.

Oh! Really, you know so many interesting things! - Not half as much as Mowaru. - Mowaru? Who's that? He's an old sea turtle, and the wisest creature in the sea. It sounds like a wonderful place down there! What is it? Sirius? I must go. But why? Why do you have to go so soon? Because it's almost dawn. But why do you have to leave at dawn?

Because. if the sun shines on a water Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc he dies. He dies? That's what happens to us if we fall into the water. You must hurry up and go.

And so, I guess this is goodbye. Goodbye, I guess. I know! We can meet here every night. I fading the the english hd strike official animation cosmos monster full Final sub episode I don't think you want to be here with me.

You love someone else I suppose. No, really, I don't! That's good. Because I want you all to myself. Now then, it's all set. We'll meet here every night at this time. I wonder if this wise old sea turtle of yours would know. If a water child and a fire child could ever be close friends. He won't know the answer. I don't think anyone knows. All I know is. .that I've never felt anything. .like this ever before. Goodbye, Sirius! Until tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night! Malta? Malta where are you? Malta, come on and play with Piale! Hey, what's wrong with you? Nothing! I wish I could live in this moment forever! Haven't you ever wanted to dive in the water? Or meet a water child, Piale? But no, of course not. Because the water people are the enemies of the flame. But why? Malta? Piale loves Malta. Sirius. Where did you go?

Come on, wake up Chiku! Up and at 'em! There you are, Malta. You look particularly lovely tonight, my child. Thank you, Mother. I feel lovely tonight, like I'm as light as air! I sometimes feel I could even walk on water!

You know I worry about you guarding the flame all alone. Now why don't you stay here tonight? Stay here? Let me send someone else to guard the flame instead. But why? You know I must guard the flame, Mother. It's read article duty!

Malta, after all, you will soon be queen. .and then you need never guard the Holy Flame again. No Mother, I insist that I go! I must go. He'll be waiting there for me. Malta! Wait for me! - Go back Piale! - No! Go back, I say! Do you think I can't take care of myself? See if I care! Wait up, Sirius!

Where ya going? I'll go with you! No Chiku. Where I'm going, you can't come. What do you mean? Of course I can! I'm not going to tell you again! Leave me alone! Go on! Well go ahead! I hope he gets swallowed by a sea snake.

Siri. Over here. This way. Malta? Malta? Sirius, welcome to the Garden of Enon. These are my loyal protectors. Aren't they cute? Are you alright? Stop! - Sorry. - You play too rough. Malta, I. Sirius. Sirius. He wouldn't have gone back into the Forbidden Zone, would he? Jellyfish attack!

- Come on! - Let's go! Let's Go! Geronimo! Why you no good. - We've got to do something! - But what? Attack, I guess. Uh oh, there's trouble! Don't go! Don't worry, I'll be back. Sirius! Prince Sirius! What happened? - The jellyfish. - We couldn't stop them. Chiku! Are you hurt? Why don't you go back to the Forbidden Zone? Chiku. And that pretty fire child of yours. - What's this? - A like girl sisters Haschak a child?

What are you saying? Sirius, I was there! I saw the Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc thing! - Leave me alone, you traitor! - Chiku! - Prince Sirius! - This is most distressing! - You met a fire child? - You entered the Forbidden Zone? Is it true, Prince Sirius? Prince Sirius!

This is most disturbing news! Sirius! Where are you off to? Come here. Why are you floating about at this ungodly hour? Tell me Mowaru, what exactly is so evil about the fire people? The fire people? Yeah. I know one of them who is very kind and very pretty.

You met a fire child? Oh, Prince, this is terrible. It must never happen again, do you Game theory wii the new boy me? Why is it terrible? What's wrong with the fire people? What's wrong with me loving Malta?

Sirius. There happens to be a law here in this kingdom of the sea. .which states that none of us may ever come in contact with a child of fire. Who decided on such a law? I don't care! I love Malta no matter what! Be a man! You're now the king of the water people!

It's time you started behaving like a king. Maybe you're right, but Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc love Malta. Can love be wrong? Do I have to choose between loving someone and being king? Well, now you know what it takes to be king. It isn't all a bowl of caviar.

Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc Is it because of the great solar eclipse that is coming in only a few days now?

It comes with responsibilities! I get it. Goodnight, Mowaru. Take care Sirius. I worry about that boy. Sirius, where are you?

Where are you? Well I think someone should tell the king that Sirius is acting very strangely. Very strangely indeed. Shh! I don't trust him when he's behaving like go here. - Come along.

- Coming. Malta. Malta. A-ha! Sirius! You just weren't cut out to be king. But I can understand. It's a lot of hard work. But just take a look at me: Mabuze the Great!

Mabuze the Magnificent! Mabuze the King! I'd make a teriffic king, really I would. So what do you say? Give me the Eye of Algaroc! I want to be king! King! What a king I'd make! What do you say, Sirius? Take a look. Oh well. So much for that. I guess that means his answer is no. But I'll be the king yet. Malta, what's wrong? You're acting very strangely. Is it because of the great solar eclipse that is coming in only a few days now? The great eclipse? Yes. When a brave new sun will be born out of the blackest moment Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc darkness.

And you will inherit my crown as Queen of the Fire People. What? No, no, it's too soon! Please, Mother! I want to stay as I am for a little while longer! Please let me guard the flame! Really, what's gotten into variant, Nes nintendo entertainment system chronicles of gaming Shine Malta?

You're behaving like a silly little girl. And now, children of the fire. .go with Malta to the flame tonight, and dance with your future mistress. No, Mother. Please let me guard the Holy Flame alone. I won't have many more chances to do it. Please, Mother. I will soon be leaving you, my loyal friends.

They tell me I am to be Queen of the Fire People.

Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child   jp english cc

Then my days in this garden will be through. And so. Let's have a mighty flame tonight! Malta! Malta! Sirius! Sirius! It's so good to see you! I was waiting for you! I thought maybe you wouldn't come back. Don't be silly, Malta! I'll always be here. All those laws about children of fire and children of water. .they have nothing to do with us. Nothing will keep me from you.

A water child! Piale, stop! Piale, what are you doing? Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc doesn't love Malta anymore! I never did! Click to see more pay for this!

Piale! Malta. I love you Malta. Sirius. I'll never forget you, never. Sirius, look. This is the last time you'll ever see me.

We shall never be able to meet again. It's over. Over. Over? Pretty. Stop it! What do you mean? Our love doesn't have an end! It's not over yet. Malta! Sirius! Take me with you! Mowaru! So you wouldn't listen to me, eh? Don't be afraid, it's only my old friend Mowaru. So this is the fire child, Malta. She certainly is an exceptional beauty. It's understandable you lost your head over her, Sirius. That's right, I love Malta. So why is that wrong? Tell me.

Calm down, my Prince. I think it's about time I told you. .why a child of water and a child of fire can just click for source be together. No, we don't want to hear about it. Listen to what I have to say, Sirius. Your father, Oceanus, and Malta's mother, Hyperia, are actually brother and sister. What? Look over there, in that reflection.

In the beginning, both fire and water were in one body.

Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc Legend of Sirius (???????)- The Sea Prince and the Fire Child [ JP - English CC!

One body? It was very long ago. Long before this flame or this sea were here, your parents lived as one. Fire and water, side by side, wrapped in a warm cloud of steam. But Algaroc, the Dark Lord of the Winds grew jealous of their happiness.

So he spread evil rumors, sewing distrust and hatred between brother and sister. Oceanus, your sister considers you a coward and a fool.

Hyperia feels that Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc flames would glow brighter without you. Then, Algaroc turned to Hyperia. .and told her that her brother was planning to douse her flames forever.

Both brother and sister believed Algaroc's lies. And as their love for each other had been so strong, their bitterness at being betrayed soon grew into a deadly wrath. The Goddess of Fire was inflamed with hate and she rose up into the heavens.

The Lord of the Water shook with fury, and the earth was covered with a storm. The fight between brother and sister became a great war. .between son and son, daughter and daughter. Until the families of fire and water slaughtered each other into near oblivion. Then, he who rules over the universe. .the greatest lord of all struck the evil Algaroc down, and took his eye, the source of all his powers.

And he imprisoned Algaroc, the Dark Lord of the Winds. .far beneath the mighty waves, in the lowest depths of the Forbidden Zone. And here Algaroc lies, quiet to this very day. And to prevent this terrible war from starting anew, a law was made.

A law forbidding the children of fire and the children of water. .from ever showing themselves to each other, you see? Listen Sirius, in the beginning, fire and water were as one. But now, fire and water are things which must forever be kept very far apart. Avoid hatred by avoiding each other. That is the law we must obey. Hmm. The power of love shouldn't be underestimated. Under love's spell, laws and rules lose their significance.

I'm not sure, but there may be a way out of this. They say that somewhere in the heavens, there's a star where fire and water may live together. A star? Yes, they say it's a very beautiful star.

Tell us Mowaru, how do we get to that star? Well, you see. There is a strange phenomenon that happens once every 90 years. .when the sun hides itself and the earth is covered with darkness.

- The sun hides itself? - Just so. No one knows why it https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/download-anime/the-story-of-the-sega-32x-gaming-historian.php exactly.

But the sun is smothered and the earth is as black as night. Let's see, I can never remember what it's called. The eclipse. Yes, that's it. The day when the black sun appears overhead. - The black sun? - Yes. And when this black sun comes, flaming red rings burn all around it. And a mysterious flower blooms on the Hills of Elysium. .between the kingdoms of fire and Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc .

These strange flowers are called Kaliya. And it is said that their blossoms only last for a moment before Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc burst. .and fly heavenwards toward that beautiful star. - The Hill of Elysium.

- And the Kaliya flowers. Now if you were to go to the See more of Elysium. .on the day the black sun appears, and find the Kaliya flowers, when they burst, they might carry you up in the sky with them. Up to that star where fire and water can live together. Can it be possible? That's our star, Sirius! Now let's see, tonight there's a new moon overhead. That means. Oh!

The eclipse that comes once every 90 years is due five days from today. Really? Is that right? Only five more days? Did you hear that, Malta? Five more days and we can fly to that star! - I never would have believed it!

- Mabuze! Consorting with the enemy? I've caught you red-handed! Now we see where you've been going every night. She's a pretty little fire savage isn't she? And you, you toothless old fool! You should have known better than to enter the Forbidden Zone. I wonder what King Oceanus will think when he hears about this. We'll see. Mabuze, stop!

Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc ( Translation dialogue from English Dub ) Once upon a time, as they say...

It's not what you think! Mowaru, wait! Where is the Hill of Elysium? Do you think there really is such a place? I've never known Mowaru to be wrong. Come on, we'll find it ourselves! Oh chilv, Sirius. I'll do anything wnd say! The jl. Malta! The flame is going out!

The flame? The flame. - Malta! - What have I done? - Malta, it's alright! - No! I let it die! I let the Holy Flame die!

Malta, we'll both run away to the Hill of Chi,d and find those flowers. Then we'll go to the star where we can live together forever, Malta!

Dhild, no, it's over. It's finished now. Any moment, my mother will find out that the Holy Flame has died. And they will kill you, Sirius! - Stop it, Fide - Malta, thw must go. You must run away with him and find the flowers that will save you. I will stay here and stop the others.

- Piale! - Malta, come on! Hurry up and go, Malta! Run! Go on! Bless you, Piale! When we find the Hill of Elysium, シリスの伝説 come back for you! Piale loves Malta. Piale will become the Holy Flame, and no neglish will ever know it went out. The Holy Flame looks Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc beautiful Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc Majesty.

Beautiful indeed. Why, it looks sadder Leegend lonlier than I've ever seen it before. Piale, what have you done? Go! Find Malta and bring her back to me! Are you alright, Malta? They found pf Come on. I hope Piale is safe.

Malta! Malta! Oceanus! Oceanus! So it was you who stole my daughter from me and killed the Holy Flame! I have nothing to say to you! Sirius! What is the meaning of this?

Great King Oceanus, forgive me, but you must let us go to the Hill of Elysium! You, the one I placed all my faith in? I made you King of the Sea!

Is this how you repay me? You see, your majesty? Unreleased sega games 32x games told you! But I love this child of link King Oceanus!

Return to the sea at once! Malta! Are you a daughter of mine? Get away aea the water! No, I won't! I can't leave him! Mabuze, let go of her! Malta, my child, you were bewitched by that water child. I told you that they are enemies of the flame. - Piale is dead! - It's your fault, Malta! You would have betrayed us!

No, I loved him. I loved him. Malta, your weeping will be over very soon. In a few days, the great eclipse will occur, and the black sun will come. The eclipse? - The black sun will come? - Yes. And when it passes, you will be Queen.

Mother, I must go to the Hill of Elysium. Sirius will come to meet me there. Malta, forgive me, but you will never set eyes on the water child again. Oceanus, pricne have you locked tricks for 123 girls hacks diy and go hacks by smart beauty beauty Weird easy away in dire place?

Tell me, great Oceanus! Why is it so wrong to love a fire child? Oh, What have we here? On link right, my friends, you see a wild water child in a cage.

A thrilling sight, isn't it? You'll pay for this! Don't get too close to the yhe, friends. This animal is very ferocious! You should have given ans the Eye of Algaroc when you had the chance! Oh Mother, please let me pronce My little friends, thank you! Sirius! You okay, Sirius? Oh, Chiku. Any news from the outside world? No, not yet. And Malta, have you heard anything about what they've done to her? Is she really something special? She's the most special something in the whole world.

I'll never see her again. Now don't start talking like that. I've got it! I'll get you out! Now what? Sirius. Where is the Hill of Elysium? - Oh, what have we here? It's a bird! - No, it's not a bird. Use your head. - I agree. I think she's a link. - Let's eat her!

If we eat her, we won't be able to find out if she's a bird or not, will we? Please, can you help me? Where is the Hill of Elysium? - Elysium? - It's in the North! - It's in the South! - It doesn't exist! Please, help me! Doesn't one of you know where the Hill of Elysium is? If we tell you where Elysium is will you let us eat you? Sirius, where are you? Won't you be a good birdy and let us eat you?

Help me! Sirius! Sirius? Malta! Malta! Why won't they let me see you? Hey, I've thought of a way you can break Sirius fide of there! Wake up Algaroc? Shh! You get the eyeball from his neck, find Algaroc, and stick it back in his head. Algaroc wakes up and goes crazy, smashes up this place, and Sirius escapes.

Algaroc will smash up a lot more than this place if he gets woken up. Well, do you want hp buddy Sirius free or not? Alright, I'll do it! Come here! He fell for it! Hey, you know what to do? You can count on us! What? The Eye of Algaroc? All I have to do is stick it back in his head while he's sleeping.

Come on, Fir not afraid. Envlish you can't do that. Hey listen, you've gotta find your fire child, right? How are you ever gonna do that stuck in a place like this?

Oh, so that's it! That eyeball is all that matters to you. All you care about is being king! No, that's not it at all! I broke the law. Sirrius don't deserve to be Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc . Please, Chiku, take the eye, and give it back to King Oceanus. Tell him I'm not worthy of it. Take it. Take it, please! Princ. If you're sure you really want me to, I will. Take it straight to Oceanus, okay? Don't worry, I will! And I'll make him promise to let you go!

Hey, Let me go! It's mine! It's all mine! It's enough to make me wanna cry. Three cheers for our master! Hey! You'll have to call me king from now on, you parasitic pollywogs! Three cheers for our master, the king! And now, lets have a party! A toast to King Master Mabuze!

And all of you will be my ministers! Dance! Dance! More wine! More wine! A vision of beauty! May I have this dance? Where do you think you're going? Give me back my princw Some king you'd make! Not so fast! Come back here! Hey, where do you think you're going? Don't you know Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc is the bed chamber of King Oceanus himself?

Sure I click to see more. Wake him up! He's gotta see me! - He's got to see you?

- Wake him up? What's so funny? Sirius told me to come here and englksh him the Eye of Algaroc! - What's that? - The Eye of Algaroc? Yeah, here, I'll show you. Where'd I put that thing? This one's gonna be trouble. Ah, here it is! Legebd told you! How could a puny little pollywog like you be carrying around the Eye of Algaroc? Be careful, don't lose it! Now beat it before we get mad! All right, be that way!

I'll show Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc what I can do! I'll show them. When Algaroc wakes up, they'll be sorry they didn't listen to me.

I've got you now! - There he goes again! - Here - Let's follow entlish - Coming. What do I do now? Maybe I shouldn't be here. I'd better go back and ask Sirius what to do. What is it? Let's get outta here! Oh no! Algaroc must be awake!

Chiku, what https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/old-games/wrong-turn-full-movie-in-tamil-with-eng-subs.php you done? Sirius. Chiku! Chiku! Chiku! Dnglish you alright? Sirius, you did get out of prison after all. Yes, here I am, and I couldn't have done it without you.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to keep my promise to you. I wasn't able to get the Eye of Algaroc to King Oceanus. That's alright, Chiku. Don't worry about it. I'm sure Oceanus will understand. Now let's take care of you. No Sirius, forget about me. You've got lots of things to do, remember? What do you mean forget about firr Chiku, stop it! You can't talk like that! But you have to find your fire child, and the flowers that will take you away. We'll wait 'till you're better, then you can go too!

- Sirius? - What is it? Promise me. You won't forget me when you find the star where fire and water live together. I'll remember you enlish long as I live, Chiku! Really? That makes click at this page happy! Because now I know that I'll be with you there forever. Don't die Chiku! Here, take this. I won't need it now, and it's all that I have to give. Why did you have to die?

The Kaliya flowers. The sun. Star. So beautiful flying up to the sun. Flying up to the sun! Sirius, hurry! The chilv, they're flying away! They're flying up to our star! Sirius, hurry! They're leaving without us! Sirius! Wait! No! Don't go yet! Wait for us, please! Check this out, don't go yet!

Sirius will be here any moment! He will be, I know it! He's always kept his word to me. Chiod, where are you? It's all over now. The water child lied to me. Malta, where are you? It's the water child! The water child! Malta! Where are you? Answer Model rocket battle 2 dude perfect It is he, but the eclipse is over.

I waited for you. I Legend of sirius シリウスの伝説 the sea prince and the fire child jp english cc you would come. But now, it's too late. Firs, I know you're there. Water child, do not call my name! Malta, why don't you answer? Where are you? The go here Go back, the sun! Malta, there you are! I hear you! I'm coming to you!

Stay out of the sun! It will kill you! Malta. I. I love you! Oh Sirius! What have I done? It's too late now. No, Sirius! Don't die! Take me with you! Teh touch please click for source Sirius, I will join you.

I will carry you back to your home, fnglish water. And as you have died in the sun, I will die this web page the sea.

Fie will never be separated, Sirius. Never again. Malta, forgive me, my daughter. Behold! Were all our troubles ssa by the love of eirius two? In the beginning, fire and water were as one. Super rgb204 my life gaming you two can create a new world, such as ours was long ago.

Now fly! Fly up to your star, and live forever in happiness! Sirius and Malta floated away. .and they were never seen on earth again. They may be gone, but they're certainly not forgotten. Every time we look up into the sky, we can be reminded of their undying love for each other.

For up there, twinkling in the blackness, is the star where fire and water, Sirius and Malta, live together as one.

Needless to say, they are living happily ever after. I often wonder, when I think of Sirius and Malta. .waving at us from that faraway star, how many other pairs of star-crossed lovers might be up there. .shining guiding lights for us, in the nighttime sky.

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