Rezero abridged short 2 i still love ...

Rezero abridged short 2 i still love ...

CRUSCH: Eyes up here, Subaru.

Rezero abridged short 2 i still love ... SUBARU: Oh, sorry.

SUBARU: Oh, sorry. I- uh, I just got. lost in, uh. in thought. CRUSCH: You're a popular man, Subaru. There's quite a lot of people who take interest in you. SUBARU: [stammering] Uh, y-yeah, I'm really lucky to have such great friends. They take such great care of me- [vietnam flashbacks] CRUSCH: *chuckle* Well, I'm sure not all of them are "just friends".

You must have one person who is more special than the others. SUBARU: [embarrassed] W-Well, uh. n-now that you mention it. CRUSCH: Oh Rezero abridged short 2 i still love . god, it better Dark lords writing advice be me.

SUBARU: [flustered] N-No! No, Rezfro, you're totally not my type.

Rezero abridged short 2 i still love ...

You're too. manly. CRUSCH: [TRIGGERED] Oh, really now?

Rezero abridged short 2 i still love ...

[chug chug chug] SUBARU: You're drinking kinda fast there, Crusch. CRUSCH: *sigh* Don't mind me. So, who IS this lucky Rezero abridged short 2 i still love . that's caught your eye? SUBARU: Well, they've been by my side quite a lot recently. Always so close, with their cute little face and their cute little outfit.

*Ohohohoh*, it REALLY gets me goin'. CRUSCH: Ah, so it's more fulfilling your desires than continue reading. SUBARU: lovr O-Oh, don't get me wrong- There's feelings *there*, alright.

I just. don't know how to confront them. CRUSCH: Ah, how it must feel to be in love! Don't worry, I'm sure whatever you say, Rem will definitely feel the same way. SUBARU: Who said it was Rem? [flashback] REM: You know, Subaru.

Rezero abridged short 2 i still love ... don't know how to confront them.

CRUSCH: [nervous chuckle] U-Uh, I'm sorry, I don't think we're on the same page here. Rezero abridged short 2 i still love .

are we talking about again? SUBARU: Why, Felix, of course! Rezero abridged short 2 i still love . He may look like a girl, but- He's a guy. You DO know he's a guy, right? FELIX: [offscreen] You DO know I'm a guy, right? SUBARU: [startled] F-Felix! How long have you been there for? FELIX: Long enough! Why does everyone have a fascination with my dick so much? SUBARU: Felix, I have something I want to confess to you. FELIX: I know what you're going to say.

Sorry Go here, but I don't think you truly want me for me. CRUSCH: That is correct. You're only into the aesthetic of that he has the traits and looks of a female, but he's truly a guy.

You DO know he has a DICK, right? SUBARU: A FEMININE dick! CRUSCH: [groan] FELIX: No, Subaru, you don't understand. [deep, gravelly voice] I'm a guy. (?Д?;) [VIETNAM FLASHBACKS INTENSIFIES] REM: I was under the impression that it was another woman, not someone dressed like one. SUBARU: .that counts, am I right- REM: HE HAS A DICK, SUBARU! SUBARU: [shook] W-W-W-What? FELIX: [deep voice] I am a man, Subaru. More than you can even handle. SUBARU: N-No, you're just pulling my leg here.

Everything about you is still feminine, right? FELIX: [chuckling, deep voice] There's nothing feminine about ME, Subaru. SUBARU: Please stop talking with that voice. CRUSCH: He's Rezero abridged short 2 i still love ., Subaru. He's more the man than you'll ever be. [suggestively] Plus, he can be *quite* assertive and *forceful* when it comes down to it. SUBARU: B-But. [FLASHBAAAAAACK] SUBARU: [in flashback] BUT CATBOYS, REM! CATBOOOOYS!!! FELIX: [deep, gravelly voice] No, Subaru.

Cat MAN. REM: [in flashback] Bend over. (?Д?) CRUSCH: Okay, what the fuck happened to Subaru? REM: [faux innocence] Gee, I do not know. I wonder what happened to opinion The adventure of tom sawyer bedtime story bedtimestory tv can. (what the fuck is Subaru doing in the background) PRECIOUS Subaru.

FELIX: Why the u s dropped a bomb I should run a few tests on him- REM: [TRIGGERED] BACK THE FUCK OFF, CATBOY, BEFORE I MAKE YOU CATGIRL PERSONALLY! (no seriously what the fuck is he doing though) CRUSCH: .What the fuck? (about fuckin' time.) (subbed by Fjord.)

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