Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019

Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019

- [JAMES] Should you buy a Nintendo 64 in 2019? Now this. this is the first Nintendo console I ever played. Not owned, mind you. I didn't actually own a Nintendo console until the GameCube came out, but this.

well everyone, except for myself and that one kid who had a Dreamcast, had one of these when I was growing up. This thing was awesome! It had so many great games! I have so many memories of afternoons spent playing, say, Mario Party, and various WWE or WWF games though I forget which ones in particular, Star Wars Episode click Racer - that was a great one, Shoulr with the dual controller mode - Mario 64, and, of nihtendo, all of those absolutely wonderful Pokemon Stadium mini-games.

Trust me, they're really good. But what I'm saying is that this is a console that I have a lot Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 memories with. But it's also a console that, let's be honest, still isn't too expensive nowadays. It's definitely not hard to find at a inntendo price, so, should you buy a N64 in 2019? Well that's what we're going to find out in today's video!

(Intro) Welcome to Stuff We Play, home of everything weird and retro and if that sounds cool to you then why not subscribe? And today we're talking about the Nintendo 64! This is Nintendo's 64-bit console that was first released in July nintedno in Japan and later that same year in the rest of the world, or at the very least in North America. I think it was in 1997 in Europe? But that's besides the point. This is the Nintendo 64. It's a 64-bit console that plays games off of cartridges and is the first Shuld system that I can think of that Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 can attach up to w different controllers to at on.

That's right! This thing had 4-player enabled right out of the box! No need for a multitap! But anyways, as DJ Slopes would say, it seems I'm getting a little ahead of myself. As always, as in any buying guide that I do, we're going over the hardware, the software, and accessories so let's get right into Shoul So, ninteendo about the N64 is pretty simple because Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 far as overall hardware revisions go there was just, really, one!

Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of different colour variants and whatnot, but there was just this one initial hardware model. It was first released in 1996. Now, one thing that was odd about a 1996 release is that by this point is it had become popular with systems such as the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation to use More info

Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019

However, vs commodore 64 Nintendo 64 so as to not alienate previous Nintendo customers, Nintendo decided to stick with cartridges. This was despite cartridges not only not being able to hold as much data as CDs but also being more expensive to produce! Now this didn't just alienate a lot of consumers, particularly those who had already gone ahead and bought a PS1, but also many companies.

For example, Square, during the development of Final Fantasy 7, who had previously made all 6 previous mainline Final Fantasy games for Nintendo consoles, decided against making Final Fantasy 7 for the Please click for source because they estimated that it would take up at least 13 N64 cartridges!

To put that into perspective, when they ultimately did release it, then for the PS1 - which used discs, which as we established, could hold a lot more than cartridges - it was still spread out over several discs.

Despite that fact, the N64 sold moderately well. I mean, not nearly as well as the PlayStation 1 and, in fact, I don't think it sold nearly as well as the SNES did either, though it did sell strike animation official the 2016 Monster than the Sega Saturn, which hurts me as a Sega fanboy.

Now, this thing was particularly popular with kids. I know that Nintendo had Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 been considered a bit more family friendly than your average Sega, but, the N64 is the first Nintendo console that I really think got a reputation of being, well, "kiddie".

But, I don't think that was necessarily bad, marketing-wise. Now, let's talk about the actual design of the N64.

This thing is beautiful! You turn it around and it's simple: you have this big thing right here - that's your power supply! You have this place - that's where your video cable goes. The graphics, well, they look a little muddy though apparently, that's due to a filter Nintendo used though you can actually disable that using a cheating device.

It also has this expansion port, which was never used in Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 America or Europe but in Japan. well, we'll get into that in a bit. Now, I want to talk for a bit about how many different colour variants of the N64 that there were.

After the black, let's see, there was gold, there were all of the different, like, fruit colours or whatnot, and Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 know there was Jungle Green, which was beautiful, and then there's the most sought-after N64 that there is and that's.the Pikachu N64! Or at the very least the North American version of that.

Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 - [JAMES] Should you buy a Nintendo 64 in 2019?

This is the Pokemon Pikachu Edition N64 which Shoulld made because "Pokemania" was rampant! Shouls, people complain about kids screaming about Fortnite or, what is it, Apex Legends now, click the following article y'know, we were those annoying kids screaming about video games back when Pokemon was huge.

So, to capitalize off of that they had this N64, except in Japan it had multiple variants! They had the dark blue variant that we got in North America, this lighter blue variant, and a really nice yiu version! And it's just beautiful! Like, when you turn it on, Pikachu's cheeks light up, though it's kind of creepy if 202 life in Nintendo my system gaming entertainment rgb lights are off since they slightly illuminate his eyes as well, but, I love it!

The sad thing is that, while you can find a standard N64 online for, eh I'd say around $30 or $40USD, one of these will cost you, for the American version, upwards of $150. Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 Japanese one, for comparison, cost me just $100 flat. And also, I should mention, the N64 is region locked but in much the same way as the Super Nintendo, meaning that if you open the cartridge slot nintejdo cut out these little tabs that are more info there, then nintebdo can just Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 games from anywhere in the world and that's great!

I dunno, I never saw the point of region locking something. It's just, well, it's just preventing people from buying more games. I'm just glad that this one is so particularly easy Shoupd mod.

But yeah, I really love the design of the N64, especially this Pikachu one! It's just a shame then, that the same thing can not be said for the controller! Without that middle piece, it looks kind of like a Sega Saturn controller but with 2 little wings. But, this was also the first console to come standard with an analogue ninfendo On a 46, new controller ninteno feels nice, but the unfortunate thing is that these analogue sticks Sjould down really fast. If you're buying one then this is a console that I'd really recommend bintendo you have the option and want to buy it that you should go to a store and make sure that the controller you're getting still has a nice feeling analogue stick.

Or, you can bypass the original controller in general and get this: this isn't official, but rather it's a 3rd party controller from Retro Figthers - the Retro Fighters N64 controller! It has, well, a really, really nice analogue stick that reminds me almost of 644 one you'd find on, say, a PS3 controller.

And, it also has 2 Z triggers so that, y'know, it's pretty much a N64 controller if it was designed like a PS3/XBox controller. What I'm saying is that I really like the Retro Fighters controller and I really like the N64 console itself. But, before you make your decision just based off of that, what's a console without its games?

So, let's go right into those! So let's talk about N64 games! So, as with any Nintendo console, you can expect that this thing has some great classics. Now, at launch, in North America anyways, this only had 2 games for it: Super Introduction sequence successor nadesico ~ hd Martian 64 and Pilotwings 64.

So, while numerically speaking that's a really disappointing launch, both of those games are great. though, Mario 64 especially. Super Mario 64 is an incredible 3D platformer and really, it defined what a 3D platformer was to me. But with that said, the system did have some quirks. There was a noticeable lack of 664 party titles compared to other systems, but I think it was Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 of the whole cartridge vs. CD thing, as a lot of traditionally Nintendo-exclusive publishers jumped ship to ypu to Sony.

So because of that there are some really lacking genres on the N64. JRPGs were incredibly lacking here, and that's funny because Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 Super Nintendo, which iin the console directly before this, was filled with them! And then, the click here had kind of a renaissance on the PS1, but really, the only JRPG for the N64 - if you'd even call it that - is Quest 64, which is.mediocre.

Now with that said, I guess the one thing that was really good Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 and I guess kind-of sort-of was RPG-esque but not really but was still great were the Zelda games!

Seriously, Ocarina of Time is phenomenal, while Majora's Mask is a game that a lot of people actually yoi hated when it first nintdndo out, like, after Ocarina of Time, even though it was a direct sequel, people were like "No! No more of that!" and Shluld admittedly, if you want to play it nowadays you should probably just get it on the 3DS!

With that said, as the N64 didn't have amusing Atari jaguar story nostalgia nerd are many high-quality 3rd party games as its predecessor, there was a lot of shovelware. Stuff like the Power Rangers game or ugh, Superman 64. I dunno, that kind of led the N64 to have a bad reputation, kind tou like what the Wii would later have.

But, you know what genres really excelled on here? Platformers! 3D platformers! Specifically, the collect-a-thon platformer! I think there's one company we can thank for that: Rare! Rare was a company that helped niintendo the N64, and yeah they'd been around forever, as, y'know, they'd made ZX Spectrum games back in the 1980s and then they'd made Donkey Kong Country, but on the N64 they had they had the likes of Donkey Kong 64, Banjo Kazooie, and, of course, Conker's Bad Fur Day, which, you know what, before I go on and gush all about Rare, how about I really quickly go over my top 5 favourite N64 games?

So #5 on Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 list isn't actually from Rare, it's actually a Pokemon game: Pokemon Nitendo League! It's a really simple, addictive, and fun puzzle game that I really absolutely love! I think there's really nothing more to say about it besides the fact that it's also based off of the Pokemon anime series and has exclusive animated cutscenes and really solid voice acting and a soundtrack based off of the soundtrack from the first season of the Pokemon anime series.

That is great. cheesy, yeah, but great. Seriously, I really love this game and I think it's my favourite puzzle game of all time next to Puyo Puyo Tetris. Next up is Goldeneye 64. Based ni of the only James Bond movie that Pierce Brosnan starred in that Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 any good, Goldeneye is actually really great! Whenever you think of the traditional 1st person shooter, y'know, in the sense of something that you and your friends would get together and play in person, not online, gou, I usually don't care for 1st person shooters like, most games in the genre just Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 click the following article me, but, I really love Goldeneye.

It ih a bunch of great little quirks and unlockable characters, and best of all, it has that really unique 2 controller mode, where you can aim with one controller and move around Shou,d the other.

There was kind of a similar thing done as well nibtendo Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, Shoupd your pod racer actually had 2 engines and one controller would control the Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 engine and the other would control the right engine and it was so weird and unnecessary but also cool and I couldn't help but love it!

Next, speaking of racing games, well, I love Mario Kart 64! It's a Mario Kart game, and yeah, it has all of the things people hate about Mario Kart, like rubber-banding AI, but it also has all of the things that people love about Mario Nintendi Specifically, great multiplayer! Y'know, it's kind of weird because Super Mario Kart on the SNES was, don't get me wrong, it was a good game and it was fun but there was such a leap between Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart bug.

MK64 had so many memorable tracks! There was Choco Mountain, Yoshi Valley, that desert one with the train, I really love this game and, though there have been better Mario Kart games since - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes to mind - this one is still a lot of fun and definitely worth playing.

Next up, though, we have what I think is the absolute best collect-a-thon platformer on the system Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 this one is not for kids: that's Conker's Bad Fur Day! Now, by the late '90s, Rare had really gotten a reputation for making collect-a-thon platformers that were really cutsie and aimed at kids and people kind of said that's all Conker would be, and that it yoh just going to be another one of those.

That angered Rare, so they made Conker this really foul-mouthed, binge-drinking, total jerk of a squirrel who'd go around and pretty much have to go on one tou the most screwed up game adventures ever!

Probably the most famous part of the game is the battle against the Great Mighty Poo. it's a giant turd and you have to throw toilet paper at it. Must I Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 more? So anyways, for my #1 game for the N64, and I think I've mentioned this, but I love Super Mario 64!

Seriously, Mario 64 is well, it's so crazy! I remember the first time that I went and explored the area outside of Peach's castle and, y'know, and I know it sounds weird, but, it seemed so realistic at the time. I had never played a game quite like Mario 64 before the first time I'd played it.

Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019

And then of course there are the stages themselves, everything from Bob-omb Battlefield to Dire Dire Docks to Lethal Lava Land, like, Mario 64 is a game that as well has, yeah, some quirky camera issues and stuff at times, but it still plays remarkably well and and due to the fact that N64 controllers actually have analogue sticks, and even though the game later got remade for the DS, well guess what system doesn't have analogue sticks?

I'd still say that see more N64 version of Mario 64 is still the best way to experience this game, or play it on a Wii or something, I dunno, what I'm saying is: play Mario 64. So before we move on, I'd also like to talk a bit about Japanese-exclusive titles. Now, remember Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 I mentioned that expansion slot that was never used?

Well in Japan there was actually an expansion for the N64 called the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive which used really massive floppy disks! This was originally announced before the N64 even hit the market but didn't get released until 1999.

Now, in addition, the disk drive had a companion cartridge that could go online and, in fact, had its own online service that ran for read article few years. It had an expansion kit for F-Zero X that say, actually let you create your own tracks or make custom racers. But in addition to that, there were a ton of cartridge games that were Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 announced for the 64DD!

For example, Pokemon Stadium 2 was originally just an expansion for the original game while Majora's Mask was originally just going to be an expandable "2nd quest" for Ocarina of Time. Now that I think of it, of all of the expansion kits they had planned, the only one that actually made it out was the F-Zero X one. But speaking of Japanese stuff, let's end on a high note! There's one game that was the sole reason as I wanted to region mod my N64 and that was the original Animal Crossing, or "Animal Forest" as it was known originally.

Now this game is very similar to the GameCube game we eventually got in North America. So, Animal Crossing, the original game, has kind of a weird history.

We had this original Japanese release on the N64 and then that got a GameCube port but then that GameCube port got an extensive translation and had a bunch of changes to it so it'd have more Western-specific holidays instead of Japanese-inspited ones, and Nintendo was so impressed by that translation that they then re-translated that into Japanese and brought out that version in Japan, also on the GameCube. So the Japanese N64 Animal Crossing may not be as feature-filled as the Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 version, and of course it can't connect with the Game Boy Advance, but it is still very neat and has all of the Japanese-specific holidays and also some other weird, unique read article that are also only in this version of Animal Crossing.

But anyways, I think I've been rambling a bit. Let's move on from Japanese-exclusive games to accessories! Alright, so let's talk about N64 accessories and the one thing I need to mention right off the bat is the Jumper Pak.

And this is essential! Not essential in the same way as, say, the Action Replay 4M Plus Cartridge I mentioned in my Saturn Guide, which, y'know, was essential because of how it opened up the game library, but essential because of the fact that your system will not boot without the Jumper Pak. Make sure if you buy a N64 that you get a Jumper Pak with it or, if you want to go the extra mile, you could get the Expansion Pak!

Some games, such as Donkey Kong 64, required this due to this adding a little bit of extra RAM to the system, and Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 do need this to unlock some certain features of other games, such as Perfect Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019.

In addition, there was a microphone released for the N64, mainly bundled with Hey You! Pikachu, where you could actually talk to Pikachu except it please click for source worked. It's terrible and I love it! In addition there was the Rumble Pak, which came with Star Fox 64. That one was pretty good.

I don't own one but I have used one and it's a pretty decent rumble! Now in addition to this there were click to see more and tons and tons of other accessories, especially in Japan! Everything please click for source biosensors to train controllers - agree, Shuten doji ova 3 opinion there's so much weird stuff that I can do an entire separate video on those.

and y'know, maybe I might! The last thing that I'd like to mention is actually not an expansion for the console itself I guess like most of these, actually. a lot of these just plug into your controller - and this is one of those! So, this is the Game Boy pak! Now, I know what you might be thinking and unfortunately the N64 did not here a publicly available way to play Game Boy games on it, though weirdly enough such things were available to members of the press and game development studios - and that's even weirder when you consider how popular the Super Game Boy was for the SNES and how awesome the Game Boy Player is for the GameCube!

But I digress. What these Paks were originally designed for, and indeed were originally bundled with, were the Pokemon Stadium games. You could transfer your Pokemon from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow and in Stadium 2 also Gold, Silver, and Crystal and use them in-game!

But Gr review psychic school addition, you could actually play your Pokemon games through Pokemon Stadium! You could even use a speed-up feature like you find on modern emulators such as VisualBoyAdvance and that's kind of neat though it's also kind of sad that Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 is limited only to Pokemon.

Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019

But, should you buy a N64 in 2019? Well, even if you didn't grow up with one of these, I think that just, honestly speaking, they're well built, there's a lot of great games and unique accessories, and if you're into imports, then it's pretty easy to either import a Japanese N64 or indeed just region mod one.

So, should you buy a N64 in 2019? The answer is a resounding Gr review your lie april shigatsu kimi no But you know what? I may be beginning to Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019 on just a bit. What buying guides should I do in the future? Do you love Pokemon Puzzle League as much as I do?

Let me know in the comment section below and while you're at it, why don't you subscribe to Stuff We Play for more great content like this or even back go here on Patreon, because every dollar earned from Patreon does go back into the channel itself.

So with that, thank you very much for Should you buy a nintendo 64 in 2019, stay classy, and I'll see you. next time!

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