The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1

The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1

- Here we are, we are at Worl Antignano's house! I'll focus on him who is also better looking. As announced in my previous video, Luca is just back from Australia (that is yesterday) and now he will show us his "small" CreatiVision collection. How many years of collecting? - 17 years. I started in 2000. - Wow, in 2000? That's long time! - Yes, one item at a time.

- I just found out that not only he collected CreatiVision but other stuff which we will this web page. - Yes, something from my "old" collection is also left. - Very good! - 2-3 biggsst are left.

- Let's start! We don't have much time (as usual). Please show The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 what this is all about. - Well, as Massimo just said, I now live abroad. So, before leaving my hometown, I stored all my stuff at my parents' house. I packed all my stuff to optimise the space. All my consoles are here. Well. *almost* all because I sold a couple of units not long ago.

And this is what is left of my collection. It wirld still almost all there. but in a few days' time, most of this stuff will "depart" because it is either booked or sold. So. these are a few variants of the CreatiVision console. They may appear all The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 same but in truth, they are very different one another. By looking at the boxes you will appreciate a few differences.

This crextivision, for example, does not even read the bkggest name. it reads "Dick Smith Wizzard". This one reads "CreatiVision".

.and this one reads "Telefunken" here at the bottom, can you see that? So the boxes are, actually worrld little bit different. Then we have other items such as. for example, the "Funvision".

.and the "Rameses". But in truth, all these machines feature the same hardware. They have small differences in their BIOSes but they have. so to say. different packages for a number of reasons.

- Commercial reasons, maybe? - Commercial reasons, yes, but not only that, also for "licensing" reasons! For example. the "Dick Smith Wizzard" sold in Australia through Dick Smith Electronics. When the console creativisioon performing good with the sales a competitor distributor would approach the producer and creativisiom "We also are interested into distributing your videogame".

Then the producer would answer: "We have an agreement in place with DSE, we can't give you the rights to sell the same console in the same area!" In this case, the producer was a Hong Kong based company named Video Technology. "So what? We will make a slightly different console!" At that time, in the Eighties, I believe that such "small" legal issues could be solved quite easily. How? Well. For example by changing the package! Basically, the plastic case is different, but the hardware is just the same.

- Is this somehow similar to what happened with the C64 games sold in news agensies [in Italy]. .where just the game name was changed but the actual game was the same? - I don't know what the regulation was at those times in Australia or Hong Kong. - So they used deceptions. - Deceptions yes! Look, with the CreatiVision, "deception" is the actual key word! The CreatiVision is peculiar because the games were programmed internally by what we believe were programmers, employees at Collecttion Technology.

So there were no such agreements with. For example with Colecovision there were games developed by Atari, Mattel, this and that producer. You can get "Donkey Kong". Collecrion being Nintendo's, there was an agreement in place. With Video Technology, games were made by Video Technology people internally, there were no such things as "third party" support or agreements. That's why the console didn't sell much.

Because The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 about 20 games were developed (all programmed internally) in absence of the *real* "Pacman", the *real* "Popeye" or Creeativision Kong", in the end the console was just a moderate success because the sales were not the same as the other competitors'.

So what did Video Technology do? They re-created the popular games but they were given different names. So go here could play "Pacman" for real. but that is not the *real* "Pacman"! You also have "Donkey Kong" but.

instead of seeing Mario jumping to the ape, there is a policeman. and a fugitive at the top, but the game is the same. With "Pacman", instead of having the character eating pills, there is a chicken laying eggs all over the maze. That is a "Pacman in reverse". Read more of clearing the maze, you put the pills!

- OK, clear. - So, all these small things were made to avoid legal issues. - Hey, hello Prat and Giuseppe Amorello. Giuseppe is the admin of "Retrogames Sicilia", he is a good friend of ours. So, sorry just a moment. just a quick greeting right! Cardfight vanguard link joker 106 hd english subbed confirm me.

Dear Giuseppe and Igor, hi! - OK, let's do a go here of unboxings so we can appreciate the differences. They look very similar but in the end they are not at all. Let's see. for example. I have re-sealed a few of them but maybe. This is a very nice one. - Luca, worrld is the release year?

- So this is an interesting thing. The CreatiVision was released in 1981 (that is before the Colecovision even if some people say: "This is an imitation of the Colecovision!" But the truth is that. it is "sort of" the other way around. We made some research about Teh. We still can't be 100% sure because the documents are not complete The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 the dates and the information appears congruent.

It really appears that, in truth, Coleco appointed a Korean company to design a home gaming console. But something must have gone pagt and Thr then opted to produce a different console than the Korean one. Colecovision and CreatiVision are extremely similar but CreatiVision was released one year before. So this one was released earlier simply because the design was done already.

They are almost the same thing except the CPU. One has the 6502. the please click for source one collectioh the Z80. All other components are the same. But the main difference and feature of the CreatiVision that you see here is that it has a keyboard. This is not just a console.

Woorld is a console-computer. And it is one of the very first (if not the very first) examples of "hybrid" home console. The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 OK Luca.

Igor suggests: "Boxes are different for territorial licensing reasons". - Well, all units were. all you see here, even if the box appears made in Australia, everything was built in Hong Kong. Everything. Even with the "Zanussi" model. (that is the Italian distributor of the CreatiVision system) the packaging was all built in Hong Kong.

Custom made, upon commission of the company appointed for distribution. I interviewed the person that, at that time, worked at Zanussi and was in charge of this. When Zanussi decided to enter the videogaming market in the Eighties (not just simple home videogames such as "Pong" or similar like The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 "Ping-o-tronic" or similar games vollection by the subsidiary Seleco) this person, Mr Giovine who is now a university lecturer, was appointed by the Zanussi managers (he worked in marketing) to take a tour around the world, meet videogame manufacturers and find what would be a suitable videogame to distribute in Italy.

Zanussi wanted to enter the market of "serious" and "competitive" games. So he really went around the world and collected information and samples Then, when back to Zanussi he met collectin managers and said: "Well, there are many games, but this Hong Kong-based company makes this game called "CreatiVision", it seems to me a good one." "So what do they offer?" "They want that we buy." (I guess) ".50.000 units and they commit to make them fully customised for us." ".with the Zanussi logo, instruction manuals in Italian." ".this and that." - So was that more related to the "country" than the "company"?

Just click for source mean, territorial but company-related? - Well. I'll show you. Look at this one. Giggest you see "Zanussi Elettronica"?

Read this: "Contiene cassetta omaggio". Then you open the box and the hTe is in Italian. Also the manual of the free "Tennis" creativisoin.

The sticker reading "Contiene cassetta" was manufactured in Hong Kong. The box, although it reads "Zanussi", was made in Hong Kong. So it is not just about the country, partly it is because of marketing because with the agreement between Zanussi and Video Technology, the latter iin to supply custom-made units.

And they did the same in Australia. "Dick Smith Electronics" also sold fully-customised units. "Telefunken" in South Africa also had their custom-made version.

But every single piece was made in Hong Kong. Always. And all our research provide evidence to this. For example: this code. All the components made in Hong The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 are marked with a code like this. 90-blah-blah-17. This other box has a similar code: 90-00-blah-03 03. 17. this means that this one [03] was designed before the other [17]. - OK very clear! Igor says: "That's correct." "hardware built in the same place but different boxes." "made collectino the country where the unit was meant to be sold." So, it was about the company not just about the country.

A company based on certain place had units tne for their specific company.

- It was custom-made for the company and the customisation was already wrld as per the go here. There is another thing about it which we haven't discussed yet: There are 3 variants of the The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 model. These have just been sold to Maurizio Pistelli. They will ship tomorrow. - To Maurizio Pistelli?

Well. Just a moment. I must switch cameras. Luca, instead of giving the units to his childhood friend.

.sells them to Maurizio Pistelli! Oh, boy! Congratulations, Maurizio! - This is the third model, and the other two wirld are slightly different. The first one has tje "Zanussi" logo. At The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 time the first units were creatviision in Padt, Video Technology had not "built" the assembly line to customise them. The first Vollection units pxrt had higgest sticker reading "Italy PAL version"!

- Ah, OK! Do you own it? - Yes, I have the three of them.

The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1

Look, this is the first model. no "Zanussi" logo anywhere. This sticker is in English: "Cartridge included". "PAL Italy". - Oh, yes! OK, there it is! - When you open the box, the console does have the Zanussi logo. So this was the first model. The second one features a box with information in 4 languages. On the third version, the information was then The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1.

I'll show you them. - Great, since you have them. - On this one we have the Italian sticker reading "Contiene cassetta omaggio" and so on, which is the new standard. This one has 4 languages. And the third version has information in English only end a few game artworks.

amusing The crow sega saturn angry video game nerd avgn healthy! OK, here it is, yes.

That's The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 like a representation. - But then what else. The first batch of games had manuals printed on white paper. With the following batches, Zanussi had requested a different thing: they wanted manuals on *yellow* paper. So, when you bump into a Zanussi-branded game at a flea market, if the manual is white, then that's the first edition. If the manual is yellow. well that's the second edition. - Wow, that's amazing! Clearly, just a trained person would spot the The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 because they really look all the same!

- They *look* the same but, well. .when you have all of them at hand, you can compare them, it's The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 easier.

This is why, over all these years, every time I spot something read more I look at it and think: "This one looks a bit different." Maybe you buy it off Ebay and then when you receive it, you find out that it is something that you never heard about before.

This is also because, unfortunately, whith this particular console less than 200,000 units were produced which is nothing if you consider that click of Atari 2600 were made.

10 millions I guess, I don't know. There are very few CreatiVisions around. - Few units of wich model exactly? - That is the total number of units overall! - So few units? So they must also be quite valuable now. - Well yes, they are quite hard finding.

The highest serial number I found so far, I think is in the range of 170,000 so yes, there are few units around. Because of the general lack of information with every small piece of information I find on the internet, I try to use it to sort of complete a "puzzle" because information is so scarce. Furthermore, the system was built in China and never sold in the Americas. There was no distributor in the Americas. It sold in South Africa, Italy, The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1, Germany.

in Australia (it sold a lot there) but never in the Americas. Therefore, many American collectors never even heard of this system. When a videogame is unknown to Americans, you hardly ever get enough information as you wish you had.

In other words, it gets is very hard sometimes, to learn more about it. - And that's the good thing about collecting it! The idea of selling all of this after 17 years, well. Yes, you said you do have reasons. - But, well, I live abroad now. I can't move all this stuff elsewhere.

And you have seen the units only, but there are many more items there. - Oh sure, there is much more to see! - Let's have a look at this peculiar feature here. It turns into a computer, you can type on the keyboard. .or you can play. Games generally work this way. This is the Pacman in reverse. - Oh, yes! The one with the chicken laying eggs? - All games always feature a couple of plastic overlays You slip them in the keyboards Check this out it reads: "Press to start" (just to give you an example) and of course there are triggers and other buttons.

- Just like the Colecovision! - You are correct. Then you turn both joysticks and the keyboard is formed. You can remove the joysticks and replace them with a rubber keyboard so called "professional".

- .Like the one of the ZX Spectrum? - Yes, that's right. I have a few keyboards here. - Attention, we will now see all peripherals! Those were "just" consoles! - These are my peripherals. This is my old Vectrex. .and a few handheld LCD games. I'll show you something I am very proud of. These are 2 games I designed on commission from. - What do you mean by "designed"?

- Yes, I programmed them. .I was paid for this work. - So are these The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 creations? - Yes, that's correct. - I suppose you're not selling them obviously. except to me! - I got them as a gift from the company, after they were manufactured .just like a souvenir. - Well this is great, congratulations! - Micro Games of America, that is a major US based toys manufacturer, appointed me to design the games.

I did the job. .and the games were manufactured. And then. sorry 3Layer neapolitan cake chocolate vanilla strawberry bigger bolder bakings 4th birthday interrupt you.

I'll just make a quick pause. Since Luca was so talented and passionate about computers, he decided to study Civil Engineering! That doesn't sound normal, does it? - Because information technology is fun when it is a hobby! - That's right, a fun hobby! - Well I also lived on computing for quite some time. - Yes, I remember. - OK, this is the rubber keyboard.

You must insert it here, unplug both joysticks and plug them to the "bypass". - Excuse me. yes that's rubber! You know what. it is definitely a very nice console system! - Speaking of Zanussi, take a look here. This is the international version of the box, to which Video Technology added black stickers to cover and hide their logo.

- Was that done on purpose? - Yes. You would see the Video Technology logo here. Then they added a "Zanussi Elettronica" sticker here reading "Tastiera Professionale" and the Italian catalogue number. The Zanussi version of the keyboard only exists this way. There is no fully customised keyboard. - This way only?

Seriously? - It is just the international box with a series of stickers on it. I don't know why they did it this way. Sometimes they made customised items, other times they didn't. This is also valid for cartridge games. - As I said before. the console is truly a beauty the way it was designed.

I can just imagine, at those times, it must been something hyper-technological when it was released. - It was very expensive! This was just like "The Rolls Royce of Videogames" because it was released before the Colecovision (which was also quite expensive because it features similar continue reading that was expensive in itself) - Well if the Colecovision was released later, we may think it is a "clone".

I mean they share the same idea, do they? - Well they are the result of similar development projects. The CreatiVision costed about. 450,000. no, 475,000 Italian Lire! At the time, Atari 2600 costed about 180-200,000 Italian Lire. - Such a big difference in price? - Yes, a big difference indeed. - Is that like paying a modern PC from 400 to 4-6,000 Euro? - Well, no. that's too much! Let's say that it costed twice as much. At that time, 470,000 Italian Lire was a monthly salary in 1983! Very expensive indeed, yes.

The Zanussi model did not sell very well. Sales were quite low. But the console was the object of desire for gamers. Would this make sense? Our friend Carlo Santagostino says: "Similar to Colecovision released before Colecovision, but after Intellivision." - Yes, long time after Intellivision. But the hardware is different, superior to that of Intellivision. The hardware is much alike that of the MSX computers (that's similar to Colecovision). The main difference is the CPU: instead of a Z80, the CreatiVision has a 6502 at 2 MHz.

That is twice as much the speed click the following article the 6502 at 1 MHz which was in the Commodore 64. The hardware itself was not bad.

But then, you know. not having third party game developers but a very few programmers, maybe in the number of 2 or 3 developing all 17 games. in the end the harware was not pushed to its limits. By the way the hardware was not *that* powerful, so no big deal.

- Alright, so. Are all these great items gone sold now? Is it all sold out? - Most consoles are sold. .all peripherals. and a few games yes, sold. What else do you want to see? - Please take the Funvision. that looks very different. totally different from all other models! - That's different indeed! - It this because it was released at a later stage, or else?

- To be honest, the Funvision is still quite a mystery to me because it was released only in Australia only where Dick Smith Electronics operated, which was only licensee of the "Wizzard" system (that is the Australian CreatiVision).

The Funvision was manufactured by Just click for source Technology also, but it has no "official" licensee.

Although it sold at every Dick Smith Electronic outlet. Dick Smith was a large chain with shops everywhere in Australia. It would be similar please click for source today's "Media Markt" chain in Europe.

They sold both the Wizzard and the Funvision - which was also cheaper! They even sold all the games with More info versions costing "x", and Funvision's costing less than "x"!

- What? And were they the same games? - Same games, yes! I'll now show you. for example. the "Soccer" game. This is the CreatiVision version.

The Wizzard version is on the shelf and it looks just the same. And this is the Funvision version. The artworks are different. - So. sama game, different artwork and even cheaper. yes I see that they look the same. - It truly is the same game! - This is unbeliavable. - Now look at this oddity: this is the Funvision game but the photograph at the back. this is a CreatiVision console.

Even though the Funvision even has different shape and colour. - They swapped the photo. this is so cool haha! Is this somehow similar to what was done with the "Aldi C64"? Aldi was also a supermarket. - Aldi still exists as a supermarket. Well, this is different. Dick Smith sold the Funvision because they had shops everywhere. - Was it a Wizzard with changed name? - No, the two are really different. - Hey. look at that, the shape and colour are different!

- And the cartridge slot is also different. - It is very nice. - Doesn't it remind you of the "2600"? - Yes, same The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 feature. - Joysticks were the same as those of the Wizzard. The cartridge slot makes the difference. You can't insert Funvision cartridges into a Wizzard, and viceversa. The plastic casing was built different.

The one thing I haven't shown to you yet, is the peripherals. Well I showed them but I didn't explain what they are. .and how to connect them. - The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1. You showed the keyboard only. - This side panel. you unscrew it. you slide it. you remove it. and the cartridge slot turns into an "expansion" port to which you can heart kekkai The blood of battlefront sensen blockade an Input-Output interface (that's a sort of parallel port).

Then again, you may want to add a 16K memory expansion module. Then one more. and it becomes 1,5 metres long! To the left, you plug the cassette tape recorder. - Do you own it? - I keep 3 or 4 there. - Well. of course you do! - Massimo, don't ask silly questions! - I would have been surprised if you said "I have one"!

- There is more stuff here. This is the Australian version. - Did you buy them in Australia? - Not necessarily. - Speaking of Australia, is retrogaming popular there? .or "retro-technology"? - This is the South-African one. - How easy is it finding old games? - I was told that a law was issued in Australia a few years ago, that promoted the recycling of old appliances. People were encouraged to dispose of their things and bring them to recycling facilities.

Who retired all the stuff? Some say i was Apple's idea and they made lots of money with the recycling materials. - Seriously? Apple? - So it is hard finding old stuff. Well, that could just be a rumour. This is the "Demo tape" and it contains sample programs. - It looks like new. - There are plastic screws to ease assembly with the console. - And you kept the screws? Oh, there just click for source is.

the recorder. - Again, tou hold the wooden side panel You slide it. Then you plug the recorder, and reinstate the wooden panel back to place. - So it became a single piece? - And so on. - The complete system would then loo truly impressive. An very cool to see, too. - It had the heart of a computer. So, needless to say. if you had a tape recorder, you would not use programs on cartridge, but on tape.

- Not bad indeed, very nice. - I have a few cassette tapes. It was quite an ingenuous system. - How did you become so passionate towards this system? - Well, to be honest. it happened by chance. At the end of the Nineties, when I found out of the videogame emulation thing, I used to download emulators and games of various systems.

And I remembered about this system because I saw it advertised on game magazines when I was a child. And I thought: "How odd." "I can't seem to find any emulator of the CreatiVision!" "There is a Colecovision emulator, one for the Commodore 64." ".but nothing for the CreatiVision.

How odd!" I did some research on the Internet and found out that, indeed, there was no such emulator. As I said it before, since the system was unknown in the U.S., there was little interest towards it. So I called a good old friend, who was one of the fathers of emulation, an Italian guy: Roberto Ventura. He's one of the very first persons to The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 emulators working on PCs.

He was the first person to emulate english the animation Episode hd sub monster strike cosmos official 1 full the fading "Ghosts'n Goblins" coin op, just to say. - Are The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 joking?

- At that time, the mid-Nineties. when game emulation became a trend, emulators "before MAME" were just single-game emulators. Usually, one programmer interested into a particular game would get The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 ROMs from a BBS and coded the emulator as a one-game program. Roberto is extremely gifted (and a good friend) so I told him that I had a friend in my hometown, called Giovanni.

His father worked at Zanussi and he was one of the "rare" owners of a CreatiVision because his dad bought him a unit from his company. Giovanni learnt programming on the CreatiVision as a kid. To cut it short. Giovanni told me: "I still have a CreatiVision but it doesn't work. However." "I have an EPROM programmer." "Let's The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 and dump the ROMs from my cartridges!" So we did.

And we sent Roberto ROM files of the console BIOS (from Giovanni's broken unit) and from all his cartridges. We sent him the files one day, and in 24 hours (no joke!) the beta version of the emulator was ready! - Unbeliavable, a read more - Trust me, Roberto truly is a genius!

- So the emulator was there but unfortunately he never released it. So it just remayned like a private program for the use of 3-4 people.

Because he is a perfectionist and said "I'll release it when it is complete." .and it still is unreleased! Giovanni just owned 3 or The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 games so we asked ourselves: "How many games were released?" "Well, I think a dozen more or less?" I looked at my old game magazines and about 15 games were listed there.

In the end there The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 2 or 3 extra games that were not advertised on the old Italian magazines of that ime. - Hold on a second. - So I thought it was about time to try and source more games. I begun searching on Ebay. Found some CreatiVision lots of games and consoles.

.and then, little by little. - So that really was by chance? - I simply wanted to get the cartridges so I could dump the ROMs and try them on emulator. - So, in the end, how many games were ever released for this system? - In theory 17. - Is that all? - Yes, that's all. - Do you The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 all of them? - Yes, but a couple of games were extremely hard to more info. I put my hands on the last game of these 17, just last year.

So it took me 17 years to get it. But then there were other "out of the blue" findings like variations of original games like. I'll show you one example: the "Tennis" game. It was released worldwide with a certain graphics set. In Australia, because of the agreement with Dick Smith, Video Technology released a custom-designed version. So, the Australian version has different graphics that shows the "Dick Smith" logo on the court.

- Ah, cool! - After all this time, guess what. I found 4 variations of the Tennis ROM. - It makes sense. one version for each specific country. - Then there are 2 versions of "Pacman": the "normal" one in which Pacman eats pills How the sega 32x could have succeeded rgt 85 was retired from the market almost immediately, likely because of legal actions from Namco).

and the "alternate" version with the chicken replacing Pacman. Then there's the "Donkey Kong" clone. The originally release of the game was found by chance about 3 years ago. The bad dude is a fugitive and you play the role of a policeman who chases him to the top of a skyscraper.

The fugitive was originally massive, brown and black, and resembled Donkey Kong a lot. The later version has a thin, white and black fugitive. - What an incredible story! - Maybe I can show it to you. - A quick one: why not releasing that old emulator nowadays? Wouldn't your friend release it?

- Well it is unnecessary now. MAME emulates the CreatiVision now. .then there is FunnyMu (that is an emulator programmed by an Australian bloke). I then released an upgraded version of tehe FunnyMu. So you can now choose between FunnyMu, CreatiVision Emulator. and a few more. But in 2000. there were no emulators at all.

OK, so this is "Police Read more. - OK, show me. - This is the first version. - First version, let me see. - It is a sort of clone of Donkey Kong. Here's the guy climbing. Tyres (not barrels) rolling down. - And the fugitive at the top. - .throwing tyres, yes.

This is the second version. They are just the same but the fugitive is white now. and The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 a ball and chain at one foot! - Amazing, yes, I see that. - With the first version, the fugitive was like a kong. - Sorry. the The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1.

OK. - This early The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 was discovered by chance. I saw an auction on Ebay and thought: "There's a CreatiVision lot comprising a bunch of games." "I'll buy it." When you get the items, you would say: "This is the same old Police Jump". Then on a second look you find out that it *looks* sort of "strange". - This makes the collection special, because you have more items to compare!

- Just click for source has "became" a collection, but it was not "born" like that. I just wanted to The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 the system The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 create an online archive.

And in the end, following all my research activity, I built the "CreatiVEmu website" that hosts a free database of photos, box scans of items. .instruction manuals. and articles from old The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 being sent by collectors worldwide.

I still (and publish) info and stuff all the time.

- You discussed the CreatiVision matter in much more detail. Which is great because it was not released worldwide, source it was not popular before.

- It was a challenge for me. - Then think about the number of games, 17 only, that is nothing compared to the other consoles. - Well. 17 including the BASIC interpreter, which was released just like all other game cartridges. It was sold separately from the unit. - This is gorgeous, I want to see it! - The console itself has no internal software or language. - I see, the BASIC interpreter was sold separately. - You plug it just like a game. This is the programming manual.

The box is thicker than any other game boxes because of this manual. - I must say that you were quite lucky, by the way, to find game boxes in such a great shape! - Well, they were accurately selected. OK now more oddities. This one. We'll save it for later.

The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1

- What is that about? - This The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 is very peculiar. (There are more games behind). - I suppose these are The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 games plus all variants?

- Yes, all variants. These are the international versions. Funvision versions. German versions. Finnish versions are different. can you read "Salora Manager"? Also the game title is in Finnish. - Nice! There is much more there. Rameses versions. Rameses games are also peculiar because they were released in Australia at the same time as the Funvision (which I showed before) and the Dick Smith Wizzard.

So, 3 models sold at the same time! These are the Zanussi games (sporting the Zanussi logo). This is how the Zanussi boxes were made. These are the Rameses games, sold in Australia only through Hanimex. Hanimex was a competitor to Dick Smith. It took me The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 to complete the collection of Rameses games. - Well, 17 years is a lifetime! - There are still many things missing. - This is what I call passion.

- The collection is far from being complete, though. - Now I understand when you say: "The biggest collection in the world", it really is a thing. - I think it is, because I know most collectors around and we are part of a very small comunity of fans and we know what one person owns and what he is after.

We trade games and help each other. If I have a duplicate game, which my friend Dieter is after. I would send him a message asking if he would be interested in getting it. - This is very nice! - Maybe I spent a bunch of Euros for it and he would reimburse me of the cost. We really help The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 other, there is little to no competition.

- Hold on a second. Generally. or I'd better say "always". it happens the other way, because if you own a duplicate you would keep it for yourself, not share it with others! - Well, in our case.

- This is the right spirit! - .it's just like a family because we know each other and we know how hard it is finding the items you want so I am happy to help. - Well done. It indeed is the right thing. - What else is there. These are "re-issue" games.

- Please place them there so I can see them better. - There are 7 or 8 in existence. I have six boxed ones. - What are they? - They are the same games as before but a sort The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 "cheap re-release". I believe that at the end of the story of this system, a few game cartridges were still unsold. - .and these ones were made? - Probably the original boxes were out of production, so new smaller boxes were printed.

They would not even fit the joystick overlays. Just the manual is there (folded). - .you reckon? - Yes, The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 re-releases. - Maybe they just wanted to empty their unsold stock! - They are super hard finding! - Well, I can understand that. Being assembled with leftovers and out-of-stock stuff, there must not be many around. - Well that was the very end of the CreatiVision as we know it and Video Technology started making actual home computers.

Unfortunately, not even their home computers were successful. An "Apple II" clone was made which was not bad. it's called "Laser 3000". - .an Apple clone? - It sold in Australia as "Cat" and it is almost the same as an Apple II.

That is likely the coolest home computer they made. Video Technology still operates, it is one of the biggest Chinese companies. (well Hong Kong, not Chinese). - And what do they make now?

- Educational toys such as The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 laptops for children. or toy telephones. The founder is one of the richest persons in the world. maybe the 10th richest, (I guess). - I would not have imagined The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1.

- They also make phone handsets like the ones made The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 Brondi in Italy. Video Technology is alive, they simply "reinvented" themselves. - Congratulations on this collection.

- What more can I show you? Let me find other odd stuff. I have one here. This is a memory expansion module - Look at that, it's huge! - I sourced one only copy. Its existence was confirmed just two years ago! Until then, I had read about it and it was advertised on catalogues.

But I could not trust the ads. Eventually. here it is for real. This item expands memory by 16 Kb and it is completly useless because the BASIC interpreter cannot manage memory expansions. - OK, clear! So what's its purpose? - It could work on an improved version of the BASIC interpreter.

- I see, so the item was made first but the BASIC was not upgraded. I can figure out how it works: you plug it to the console here and then there is a bypass for cartridges on the other side. Except one small detail: the RAM inside is unusable. - Also, 14 Kb only were accessible, not 16. According to the adverts, you could plug 2 modules together (uselessly). - Well, this was the plan but then. And what about this cardboard?

- These cardboards are also odd stuff. (and some are in better shape than others) These are the so-called "shipping boxes". Game cartridges were not shipped from Hong Kong to Zanussi (for example) one by one, but in small sealed boxes containing 4 games each. How would you understand what's inside without opening the boxes?

Imagine a retailer that places and order for 20 copies of Pacman. He would get small sealed boxes. and the code printed here would tell him what's inside.

He would receive a box like this and think: "What's inside?" "4 pieces of. 80-0196". He would check the catalogue and find out it is "Sonic Invader". - That's unbeliavable. cardboard boxes! I appreciate that you really studied this stuff! - Or. "80-0276. What's this. This is Music Maker." ".put it in the storage". - I am curious about one thing: you said you bought these boxes.

The question is: who would keep them all these years? - It was like a miracle! I got to know a guy who owned several copies of the same game. He was selling them through Ebay. I asked him if he still had, by chance, any shipping boxes. You know, he had 50 copies of the game. And he said he was about to throw the shipping boxes to The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 bin!

So I said: "Stop! Sell them to me!" - Unbeliavable! And did he sell them? - Of course he did! Easy money. In addition, he even had one a still sealed shipping box with 4 copies of "Sonic Invader". I asked him if he was into selling it separately.

And so he did. And it must be somewhere here. .can't find it right now. .sorry this was not prepared. .anyway, the box is there and it is still sealed. - Luca. what more to say. I am speechless. Your collection is impressive! - What else do you want to see? - I am very The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 to see what's in the blue envelope.

- OK I'll show you this. .and this. This is all the paper stuff. These are the items that, more than any others, are relevant to my research. This is almost all of the exiting paper stuff for this system.

Programming books issued in Australia only. The "First Book of Programs". - Bye Vincenzo! I greet Vincenzo who is now leaving. - I see. bye Vincenzo! So. BASIC listings to type. Just like the ones we typed on the Commodore 64. - I remember about the listings! - These books were available only in Australia.

Price in dollars. and so on. - The "Wizzard" logo. The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 me of the "Zzap!" magazine logo.

- You're right, they're similar. These are programming guides. I spoke with the author not long ago. - You really did a lot of research! - This is a The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 BASIC course. This book is just the same. I mean exactly the same however this is for the Wizzard.

and the other for the Funvision. Same book from the same author. - Ditto! - I very much like the promo flyers. - Where did you get them from? - This is extremely hard finding. .this is the Hanimex Rameses one. Look at the peripherals. the modem was unreleased. It looks like that of "War Games". - Yes, indeed! Look at that! I'll expose it better. Just like that of the "War Games" movie, you placed the receiver. (the light is not good. now it is) Amazing! So does this item exist for real?

.or at least the prototype? - The one pictured must be a "mockup", a plastic model The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1. The case was made for advertising purpose but then. who knows? - It would be great to own it! - Speaking of rare peripherals, there is one that is worth mentioning. It is a very interesting story. The item is the Colecovision module. And it exists for real. You just plug it to a CreatiVision console and then insert a How did i grow such great broccoli cartridge and play Colecovision games .on the CreatiVision.

A similar thing exists for the Atari 2600. That is, to play Atari 2600 games on a Colecovision console. Two consoles in one, basically. And I think that there was also a similar Atari module for the Intellivision console.

.and there is one for the CreatiVision. The peripheral was designed and produced. But when it was being released, it was decided not to release it for the CreatiVision, but for the "Laser The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 home computer which is the successor to the console.

It is a proper home computer. I had one, but sold it a few months ago. - You had one? - I had the Finnish version, called "Salora Manager". The Colecovision module was released for Salora Manager.

A friend of mine owns one copy, not just the item but also the box, with styrofoams and instructions. meaning that it was made commercially available. The module looks just the same as the one advertised for CreatiVision. In many promo flyers, a photo of the module is shown. But in the end, well. If you tried to plug one of those modules to a CreatiVision console, it would not work! You see, there is one more thing to know about this system. Before being discontinued, a The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 units were released based on different hardware, called "CreatiVision Mark II" (I have one here).

The "Mark II" is quite different. Different internally, I mean. "CreatiVision Mark II" "Laser 500". There was a moment in time when the last unsold units were promoted as "Laser" computers. "Laser" is the series of computers made by Video Technology. This was sold as a Laser 500 machine. But has nothing to do with the Laser 500 computer which is a totally different thing! Laser 500 exists, it is simply another thing. - Understood.

- This was a subtle way to try to get rid of old stock units. So, the "Mark II" has different hardware and the Colecovision module would work here (with adaptations). - .because of the hardware changes? - Yes, the circuits are different, re-wired chips. to make it compatible with this module. So, in the end, there are peripherals that were simply not released and others, like this one, that *were* released but were changed to make them work on the successor home computer!

The Laser 2001 did not sell well so there are very few traces of the Colecovision module. - Igor Maggiorelli says that acoustic couplers like that also existed for the Atari and other home computers of that time. - Sure, many computers. maybe also for the Commodore 64? - I think so! I remember about it because, after watching "War Games" as a kid, I wondered how could I do.

all that mess that the main character did in the movie! - I'll show another oddity from this promo flyer. Speaking of "things that weren't" or the so-called "vaporware", which is neither software nor hardware.

it is "vapour", isn't it? - Yes, yes! - We have a good example here. This is the Austrian promo flyer from the distributor Stadlbauer. - I note the game cartridges. - One is called "Boat Chase". Here's the box. the artwork. but the game does not exist! - Are you serious? - Never ever released. We don't even know what it would be! - No?! So why as it there? - Just to fill an empty space!

- I can't believe that, haha! - Well. it was just a trick! Now, this is the South African flyer. I like these flyers a lot. - This one in particular is gorgeous. - The South African Creativision was sold through Telefunken. - Hey look at the design. This design is typical of the Eighties! And the monitor. the TV is clearly just a Telefunken TV! I would think that they took the chance to advertise the TV, too.

.and the BASIC, too! - At the back they included the technical specifications. I also have an Isreali variant of the CreatiVision here. - Israeli? - It was one of my most recent findings. I was told of an Israeli vesion called "Educat 2002". I didn't trust the rumour much. But eventually. - .eventually? - .eventually I bought one.

- Got it. - This catalogue is about the Laser series, that is home computers and peripherals. The one pictured here is the Apple-compatible Laser 3000. The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 friend Carlo Santagostino knows more than me about it!

- When did the CreatiVision go out of production? - Japanese flyer. - Until what year? - Around '84-'85. - Was the one labelled Summer special monster strike the animation official 2016 english sub full hd 500" the last model produced?

- The "Mark II", yes, that was the very last one. This is the Italian Zanussi flyer (that is tryly gorgeous). It's folded The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 once but twice. - Wait a moment, that stuff. - This is the acoustic coupler, the memory expansion. the input-output interface. and the floppy disk drive, which was never released, unfortunately. - OK so, no floppy disk drive. no acoustic coupler. - These are game screenshots.

- .just as Igor said. OH, game screens! And what's that? That must be a cartridge. - Too often screenshots were fake. For example, the "Music Maker" game is not so colorful in reality. It is almost all grey. Screenshots were often taken during the pre-production phase and then, before releasing the game, they would downgrade it because the hardware could not handle all the features.

These are beautiful items, too. These are original letters I bought some time ago and one game purchase receipt. You would get receipts like this from Australian shops like Dick Smith: Wizzard Mouse Puzzle, and the price.

Wizzard Police Jump. - I like it. I appreciate how much you studied this stuff! An in-depth study. What is this? - Stickers. - Stickers from the Eighties? I love them! Totally! This is great stuff.

An amazing collectible! - ".distributed by Rex". - One may think that these were just drawings. No way, these are game graphics! Original graphics from the games, I love it.

Gorgeous. - Then what else. These letters were written by an Australian friend of mine who passed away a few years ago. I bought the letters off him long before that. This is the correspondence he received from Customer Care in response to his enquiries like: "My computer is broken".

or "Any new games available?" - This is an example of how repair centres replied to customers! - These are the replies he got from Video Technology and Dick Smith Electronics.

He would send letters about not being able to source new games in his small town, like: "Can you please sell me any new games on cassette?" And they would send him Should you buy a nintendo 2019 new games catalogue and the order form.

- Amazing! - Well. these are the letters. One has a listing of a nice game he programmed in BASIC. He introduced the game and said: "Would you be interested into publishing my game "and releasing it on cassette?" - I understand. - Well at those times. - .that was the way to go. - At those times that was the only way to publish your game. More paper stuff here. This is the German version of the BASIC language manual and this is the newsletter.

There was a fan club in Australia founded by a gentleman who is about 70 years old now. He published a home-made newsletter, printed it with his plotter and then posted to members. Membership costed about $10 a year. - And you would get. - Newsletters are saucerful of precious information. He was a programmer and researcher. - What a cool thing! - Newsletter with programming hints were popular back in the days. - Very peculiar indeed. Nowadays, users would not even notice this sort of stuff.

- Well, there was no Internet then. - Exactly, so you had to find the information on your own! And this one.

.this is the Australian flyer. These are items saved from the prototyping phase of our Multicart and Diagnosticart projects. Or better saying "production" phase. - What do you mean by "our"? - These are cartridges that Giovanni Ortu and I produced a few years ago, including all The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 known games. - Do you mean.

- I'll show you. - You actually produced them? The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 Yes. - Were they sold or. - Yes, 100 numbered copies of the Multicart and 40 numbered fopies of the Diagnosticart.

They are both sold out. Here. they are. - .you produced cartridges! Where were they manufactured? - Here in town. - What about the plastic case? - That was made in China. - It makes sense. Look how gorgeous they are! You have done an extraordinary thing! - A few copies were signed. This is my own copy.

- It make sense. - Let me see. yes, promo version. The actual cartridge is in the box. - Luca, this is great! - You select games via a switch. Depending on the combination on the DIP-switch, you select The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1. - Impressive! - There are manual and overlays, too.

This is all the stuff from the production phase preliminary studies. quotations from suppliers. stickers and labels. - It is an all-inclusive item. - I still have most of the production phase, yes. - How many copies were made? - 100 of one and 40 of the other. - And The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 suppose you sold them all.

- This is also. - At last, we open the blue envelope! Is this a preliminary study? - No, these are uncut print proofs of the cardboard boxes unassembled and not laminated. The gloss is not there. - Gorgeous! - I had these printed here in town by. I think that was Grafiche Poddighe.

I am not too sure. - Were there others The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 the time? - Yes a couple of print shops. I think we used one shop for one cartridge and then the other for the second.

see more Congratulations, Luca, I had no idea! I take this opportunity to say something I believe. This is the right way to collect videogames!

One may decide to buy games (I am not saying that's wrong) and accumulate them and so on. But in your case, there is a lot of research into one specific topic. Which gives your collection an enormous added value!

Often. I mean, my collection in this case is not even comparable to yours! All the study you did proves that you know what you are collecting, you know all the story behind it. And this is very cool. - Well it wasn't born as a collection. I was simply interested. .curious about this system, and then it turned into a collection.

s 971 00:46:10.080,00:46:13.600 However, you know, I am a bit sad to let all my stuff go after all these years. Anyway, I am happy The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 the items will be given to many friends of mine. I asked all my friends what they wanted from my collection. "I need this, I need that". And I am happy this way.

- You made the right choice. - So the collection was sort of "split" between friends, which makes me very happy. Besides this, the CreatiVEmu project will remain alive because I will keep on updating the online archive and website. If I ever find any items on sale that are missing from my archive, I will definitely buy it. I'll study, analyse, scan it and take photographs.

.and then publish it on my site. - I am receiving lots of questions from viewers. Igor says: "What a pity he is selling everything." "Luca and the consoles were meant to stay together." Giuseppe Amorello asks: "How could you part from them?" The idea of letting them go doesn't make you sad at all?

Or you feel like you have had them for too long. and giving them to your friends makes you feel better? - That's correct. I had them for long time but never really "used" Birds of official trailer 2 "enjoyed" them that much.

To me, it was more about studying and analysing them, comparing one to the other, check how they were made. - In one word: research. - I would say "reverse engineering". Because I am an engineer, I am probably more attracted to this type of activities. Maybe I just have a tendency to analyse things this way.

However, having all the items together comes handy because it allows you to compare them anytime. But I got to the point that I very rarely buy items I need. I very rarely visit Ebay or ask other collectors to help me finding items I am after. Owning the items is unnecesary now. And as you know, I live abroad now.

My collection would remain here unused, locked in a cupboard. - I see! At least, this way, your collection. - .remains alive! - Yes, that's what I meant. By the way. sorry to interrupt. I must absolutely show this thing! A memory from the past. - A memory of ours! - I remember this from the times of the Commodore 64, when Luca and I were kids and play with the Commodore 64 almost every day. I am talking about a cartrdige that all enthusiasts would probably know.

Wait, I turned the camera accidentally! The "OMA" cartridge. .with its "reset" key. - .and the switch. - .and the switch. If you know or had this cartridge please submit your comments.

And because Luca is a diligent collector, of course he kept the manual (which i had never seen before). - Yes you had. - I probably overlooked it as I was more into practical things!

- This explains how it works. - You have kept it all these years. This cartridge was quite odd to use. You had to set the switch in one particular position, a sort of "pause" mode. When you wanted to actually use it, how did it work? You first loaded a game normally. This Dororo ending full『amazarashi sayonaragokko』【eng sub】 would not "crack" the game but "freeze" the computer.

It simply allowed you to save the game to a floppy disk. You would get the game maybe from a cassette tape and it would take ages to load! Maybe the game was even protected. At that point you would press the "Reset" button to atari lynx japan pong 2800 The of complete in jaguar history the computer I repeat: not to crack the game.

The computer remained "frozen" in that exact state. Then you would move the switch to the other side, press the button again (I think), insert a blank floppy disk, and the RAM and CPU state would be saved there. From that very moment, you could load the game from there. - Now I remember, you're right!

- You had faster long loading time, skipped intro and instructions. This is a "freezer" type of cartridge, which was made long before the very famous "Action Replay" models, like "MK5" (which I have) and "MK6" that were real hacking cartridges with a hex editor, graphics editor and a lot of other cool features.

I wonder if mine still works. - I remember another cool item. It was a tool that we regularly used but few have ever heard of. except authentic enthusiasts. I am talking about the "clipper"! Do you remember? You bought single-sided double-density floppy disks. With the clipper, you would then cut chases on the diskette and it would become double-sided, double density!

- And in absence of the clipper, you could do the same with scissors! - Exactly, we clipped so many disks! Now. back to business. What are these? - The last pieces and prototypes The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 the Multicart production. This is the very first print proof of the cartridge plastic shell. How would I get it? I designed a 3D model of the shell. In an attempt to reduce our costs, the shell is made of 2 halves which combine together.

It is just like a mirror image, there are mirrored tracks inside. We designed one steel mold only. You would print twice as much the halves, put them together and they clip read more each other perfectly, and encase the circuit board inside.

This allowed me to order one only steel mold, not two. I appointed the Chinese factory to build the mold for "shell half", sent them the 3D model file, and they posted this print proof in return (which I then marked).

- It is beautiful. - I appreciated the quality and told them to send me 200 halves (for 100 cartridges). - All super clear now!

- These are preliminary acetates of the circuit board design. - How much did you spend on the entire project? I am just curious. How much for boxes, boards.

.and what is this? - This is the finished board. - And there it is! - It was designed by Giovanni and me. Giovanni did most of the work on the hardware design. - Congratulations! - We printed about 200-300 boards because that was the minimum order. I don't remember how much for of the gba link cable punching weight. Cartridges were sold at a very competitive price.

Dragon pilot hisone and masotan review in 5 minutes Excuse me, I want Igor to see all the details. Igor is an expert with electronics. I'll just place it here. - Igor would laugh at this board because he does much better things and this is a very simple board the easiest design you may think of because it uses a DIP-switch to select games.

It is also easy to manufacture. - So, what was the final expense? - Well, I remember we sold for a price extremely competitive in relation to the quality. People buying homebrew cartridges usually just get a naked board with an EPROM not even a case or a box. This is a complete deluxe package. - Well, it was made with passion.

- The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 made with passion, not The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 make money out of it. The price was (I think) 44 Euro.

100 copies would be 4,400 Euro overall. I think we spent about 3,200-3,300 Euro. - So you made very little profit. - It wasn't meant for profit.

- It was a huge success, I bet! - .the last print proofs. We wanted to "make" something nice. It was a challenge we wanted to take and win. - Well, this way. you have became an integral part of the history of the CreatiVision.

You have contributed in a very practical manner. - As said, we wanted to do something fun and challenging. - Igor says: "It does not matter if it may look trivial or simplistic." It looks an amazing project to me. Making something of your own, not designing a piece of software, but a hardware component. Guys, you have manufactured a deluxe package and box with a beautiful cartridge inside!

This is not just a cool thing it is an amazing thing! - We put a lot of love in this project. - Sure you did! - Definitely a lot of love. - You must be very proud of it. - It is very detailed. Let me show you the box. My drawing is quite simple: I incorporated all the artworks from the original game boxes at a very small scale, can you see?

It represents. a sort of "new dawn" on the CreatiVision planet. - I agree, that's like a dawn. Yes, it definitely gives that idea! - At the back there is a photograph. - .just like in the original game boxes. - This was my old LCD television. This is a console of mine. my keyboard. and my television. - Gorgeous. - But there is one thing. "the thing" that only a CreatiVision enthusiast would understand is this one! - What? - This is a fake game selection menu. You use a switch to select the games, not an on-screen menu!

The real CreatiVision fan knows that, in original game boxes, the game screenshot at the back .was fake! - I have just found out that game boxes had fake screenshots! You have just told me, heh! I really had no idea before. - Well, they're often drawings. Sometimes there were real screenshots, other times there were drawings.

The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 - Here we are, we are at Luca Antignano's house!

- I'm just thinking about that game that was not even designed, haha! That makes me laugh so much! - There are more to see. - And there it is! - Let's take the BASIC as example. It reads: "BASIC. Version." Just keep in mind that the real BASIC (the one released for real) has one feature: a black screen with green text.

This one has green text and black text. This is fake! And the listing here is ridiculous! Full of errors. The listing creatigision nothing at all. - Yes, I was reading it but. it does not make any sense! "INPUT I" after "PRINT OK"? - In memory of the good old fake screenshots, in our cartridge.

we added a fake screenshot! - Very funny! Great idea! And what is this screen? Is it a sort of BIOS? - Same thing. it would be a partt menu and again there's no such menu inside. The "Diagnosticart" has a very interesting biggset the scenes".

After many years of negotiations with a collector, I was eventually able opinion, How did i grow such great broccoli message buy (at a very high price) two original diagnostic cartridges. And here's some background. Video Technology provided all the national distributors and repair centres (just like Zanussi in Italy), diagnostic cartridges for internal use, used to test consoles returned because faulty or defective.

They would plug collwction diagnostic cart to the defective console. switch it on. and run the diagnostic program. One cartridge runs a CPU test. The other one tests the video chip and it also contained another program selectable via switch, that tests the keyboard. You would see a blank screen, you typed random keys and little by little, a complete keyboard would appear. It took me years to put my hands on these two cartridges. But as soon as I had them, I dumped the ROMs immediately. I got the cartridges *after* releasing the Multicart so we could not include the newly The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 program in its EPROM.

So I thought: "We have a few unused components left from the Multicart," ".such as circuit boards." ".and plastic cases." "Let's use them to produce a new, different cartridge." And so we did, eventually.

The number of cartridges is intentional. Ceativision made 40 of them. We The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 40 pre-orders.

- Ah! It was made on request. Tge We could not make more than that because we had limited components left. We could not afford to order new plastic shells.

We designed new cardboard boxes and The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 them printed, though. Now look at this (not my design this time). - What is it? - Take a look at the box first. This is a great piece of hardware that every owner of a CreatiVision should have. This was designed by one Austrian and one Scottish guy who belong to our small community of enthusiasts. This cartridge "upgrades" your CreatiVision to a Laser 2001 because they have similar hardware.

The cartridge contains the BASIC interpreter for Laser 2001 (an evolution of the CreatiVision's). Furthermore, this small audio interface is made for plugging into the CreatiVision cassette drive port. - Yes, I see that. - You would then plug an audio cable, connect it to your PC and, with the enhanced BASIC (and the expanded RAM inside) with this sort of super-powered Laser 2001 (that once "was" a CreatiVision) you would connect PC and console and "upload" the games via cable connection.

- It is a great project! Respect! - It is a great development tool. They even provide a Bluetooth interface. - Unbeliavable! Look at colection. I suppose that just a handful of these were made for fans. - Probably less than a dozen. The box is an adapted DVD case. - Yes, I see that! - Before producing the small run of cartridges, it took them about one year to design them. I used the cartridge once or twice.

I am not into developing anymore. However it is a great item, a must-have for everyone. - The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 understand and agree. - It is still available for sale.

Just email the author to buy one. I can put buyers in contact with the authors, if desired. - Maurizio Pistelli would want one! Since he will soon own a lot of like-new CreatiVisions consoles!

- What else is here. This is a home-made power supply. Original CreatiVision power supplies are very fragile. To preserve the originals (that can't be repaired if broken) I use one home-made by me. These are games on cassette tape. - Do you collect cassettes, too? - Yes and I saved the content to audio files, like "dumps". Then converted the audio files to text format.

and made all the files creztivision for download from my website. Cassettes contain programs in BASIC listing format.

- Wait a moment, what type of program? They were no games, were they? - Yes. If you had the tape recorder and the BASIC interpreter cartridge, you would insert the tape. "LOAD. PRESS PLAY ON TAPE." - Just like the Commodore 64? I have one more question. As we know, most videogames published on micro-computers were available on cassette.

With the Creativision you had cartridges *and* cassettes so this was something "extra". - .because it was a console that turned into a computer. - So they published games on the two formats but never on floppy disk, unfortunately.

- Unfortunately. This is another shipping box. - Your collection is huge, you crewtivision miss anything! - Now what is there. This is a homebrew cartridge made by a team in Treviso, Italy. - Are there people around still making new stuff? - Sure. This cartridge is similar to mine. The name is "MultiROM". I gave them some help with it. They are very nice guys and dear friends. - Does this MultiROM contain games. just like your Multicart? - Even though the Multicart went creahivision out, enthusiasts still wanted to The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 wrld.

So, Francesco and Paolo from "Treviso Retrocomputing" stepped up and designed a cartridge along the lines of the Multicart. This is better than ours from the "software" point of view even though it's not as beautiful as the Multicart (which has a complete package). This one has a much better content because it also includes programs that I sourced at a later time, when Multicart was made already. This one has the first version of Police Jump (with the "brown" captive) and one version of Tennis with different graphics, which was not even known when the Multicart was released.

- Simona, my wife, says hello! - Hi Simona, thanks. Enjoy your trip and holiday! And that's pretty much all. - Great stuff, Luca. - This is my Vectrex. - Are you selling it, too? - I think it is one of the few things I will keep for myself. These are 4 still sealed copies of "Space Invaders". - Sealed? - Yes, these are the only sealed The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 I ever put my hands on.

- This is incredible. Congratulations! And there are creativisioj more here. We looked at a agree Best vintage game console for classic arcade games help units earlier, but there are more versions here.

This one looks a lot like the Funvision console. Let me see the rear of the box. - Yes, it is like the Funvision. - The photo shows the console plugged to the cassette recorder.

- The recorder has a stunning design. I own the Funvision version. - I like this box very much. - Yes, me too. I'll tell you about this box. Take a look at this artwork. - There's some glare.

Let's move it there. OK. OK. The box is sort creatibision unique. Hanimex is an Australian-based company still active today. They produce in camera lenses, but in the Eighties, they made home videoprojectors for films.

- I dp remember them. - Hanimex was similar to Telefunken and Philips. They all entered the videogames market at hat time. They produced the classic "Pong" home consoles. - Like the ones by Polistil! - Yes, same thing. When the design of the Rameses box was made, (done by Video Technology as usual) - .as usual!

- .it was custom made for Hanimex. This time the artwork was provided by Hanimex itself! You would see the same artwork in a previous Hanimex product .that was a Pong console! - It makes sense. - If you come across that Pong by Hanimex, you would notice the The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 artwork, however with a different photo of the console. I don't remember the name of that Pong. TVC-2630 or similar. But, although not especially drawn for this The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1, the artwork suits the Rameses very well because the available games are represented, such as Space Invaders and Pacman.

- Both console and box are beautiful. Maybe it is the one I prefer. - I agree, it is gorgeous indeed. - Very, very nice. Furthermore, the fact of showing the computer with the tape recoder at the rear of the box.

- Computer! - One would understand that it was also a computer. Hey the phone is co,lection running out of battery! Guys, if the video stops all of a sudden, that's not my fault! Well, we're getting close. .we're about to finish. - .the goal line is there! I just can't remember where I packed one thing.

.that is the Venezuelan prototype. Ah, there's more stuff at the back. My mother has done pwrt. - I had no doubt! - Yes there is definitely more stuff hidden there.

- How pat stuff can you fit in a cupboard? - Sorry Tbe, this was not predicted! It must be one of these. No. This one.

worpd Is it loose? - This one does come loose because it is a prototype. - A prototype? Seriously? - Yes. this is the one. I can't get it out now, sorry. - OK, it doesn't matter. - But it looks like the others. - A prototype of something that was never actually produced? The story is quite interesting. The CreatiVision is generally made to work on PAL TV sets. Europe, generally. It was not released in the U.S.

(in America they use NTSC TVs). If you buy an European CreatiVision but you live in America. you would need here PAL TV or you simply can't use it.

The only officially produced NTSC CreatiVision is the Japanese one (which is stored there) .that sold very little units. All American videogame collectors interested in the CreatiVision would buy the Japanese model because it is the only one model that would work on a NTSC TV. So what happened? Video Technology had tried The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 distribute the CreatiVision in America for long time. Do you click about the C.E.S.

expo "Consumer. computer. electronic expo" or similar name. I can't remember the acronym now. Anyway, the typical computer fair. It was very popular in U.S.A, it happened once or twice a year. In 1983 (as provided by a few original documents I have) Video Technology exhibited at the C.E.S although not having any NTSC consoles ready to sell.

.because they had PAL models only. PAL models worked in Oceania, Europe, South Africa, Israel and others. Definitely did not work in America. But Video Technology needed a NTSC model for that year's expo (I think that was in Chicago). So they made a NTSC prototype based on a PAL console. - Just for that occasion? - Made for that, yes. Definitely they exhibited the CreatiVision that year because a journalist of that time sent creatjvision articles about this.

- You were lucky getting this console! - This one was sourced in Venezuela, but it was originally found in Brazil. And before Brazil. who knows? The grandfather of a friend creatifision mine (who accidentally lives in Sydney) had received the console in lieu of 11 owed from gambling.

He Tesla cybertruck event in 5 minutes won some poker game. and the loser gave him the console in exchange.

- Cool! - .a Brazilian man. He gave it to the grandfather of my Venezuelan friend. - From Brazil to Sassari, Italy! - And then I bought it off him a few years ago. The console internals are unique. It is all hardwired and altered. heavily modified. Firstly they removed the PAL video chip and replaced with the NTSC tthe.

Then they altered The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 power circuits. This one is made to work at 110 volts, not 220. So, the power supply is different. - This is an amazing item! - Yes, it is one of a kind.

- Coolection agree: one of a kind. I wouldn't dare asking. how much did you pay for it? - I can't say, sorry. - You can't say, or your wife will kick you out from home! Better not saying it then! - I may be able to show you the custom-made power supply.

Let me try. I think I can, yes. The label is typewritten and it reads: August 6, 1982. You can hardly read it. - Yes. I can read it. - This is part of the prototype. It has an U.S. plug in place of the usual European one. - This makes your collection complete. - There is not even the usual printed Video Technology logo. - No logo, just an unbranded power supply. - Custom made The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 the occasion. I think that this is the only one, or one of the very few units made just for the fair.

How to chi mantak on london real few units are known to have been shipped to America.

How did Video Technology operate? They would probably send the units to companies potentially The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 to distribute the system overseas (locally). So, a few units were definitely sent to America.

This is definitely one of those units. it could be one of those prototypes in particular (maybe in Brazil) just like: "We manufacture The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 videogame." "Do you wish to sell it in Brazil? We'll send you a prototype." And in some mysterious way it ended up in my friend's hands.

The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1

- Are you keeping this one? - Yes, I am keeping it. - Well done! - It is a memory of my friend. - That's understandable. - It was really a must-see item. Sorry about the mess here. - Mess? 5 True scary hospital worker horror stories real night shift nurse scary stories you serious?

I had no idea you had this stuff. We've known for decades now. We haven't met much recently and I had no idea that you had bought so many items in the meantime. I'll make one parg shot before the battery runs out and we are forced to shut down. One more. I still think that the best pieces are the cartridges you produced. I The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 them particularly because it was a great idea and you have became part of the creativisiion of the CreatiVision.

You must be proud of that. I like this sort of things so much! - This is my prototype cartridge. - Let me see it. Gorgeous! How long did it take for The biggest creativision collection in the world part 1 entire project? - One whole summer, more or less.

- Ah, that was quick! - I used most of my annual leave. - Well done, congratulations. I have to switch the phone off now because the battery is almost zero. Luca, thanks so much for your time. - Bye everyone! - See you next time! - Greetings! Ciao! - I just want to switch this off. "Terminate". Done.

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