The evolution of the joker animated

The evolution of the joker animated

This video is sponsored by the mobile game AFK Arena. Click our links down below to support the channel and step into the battle today! Time to put on a happy face. Evoluion the campy to the creepy, we're going through the notable live-action appearances of the Clown Prince of Crime.

The evolution of the joker animated This video is sponsored by the mobile game AFK Arena.

The 1960s TV series Joker wears a pink suit and a green dress shirt. His face The evolution of the joker animated pale, with a painted smile, wild green hair and visible moustache. This Joker is a master of many disguises and a world-class surfer, but mainly, he's a prankster often foiled by the dynamic duo.

In the 1989 film, mob enforcer Jack Napier falls into a vat of chemicals and his surgery is botched, leaving him with pale skin and an elongated smile. He wears a purple striped suit, a matching trenchcoat and fedora and dons red lipstick and dyed green hair. He also sports comfortable nightwear, a mime inspired get up, and a more eccentric outfit with plaid pants.

Plus an occasional silk beret. And he sometimes uses concealer and dresses in normal clothing. After it's revealed animatsd a flashback scene that he shot Bruce Wayne's parents This joker is roped up and falls to his demise.

The Dark Knight's Joker The evolution of the joker animated wears civilian clothing and a clown mask. But more often wears a blue dress shirt green vest pink striped pants and a purple trench coat His mouth scars are jagged, his makeup is messy and his hair is unkempt He goes incognito and jjoker attire, as well as a nurse's uniform Complete with a brunette wig. Although he recounts multiple origin stories He's really just anarchist, that ultimately gets hung up to dry The DCEU features a pale Joker, plastered with tattoos, slicked green hair and silver grills.

He wears a variety of tuxedos and suits, As well as a straight jacket Police riot gear, And a scaly purple animatd coat, complete with excessive jewellery. Though He's a hardened criminal, this joker spends most of the film longing for his Is slim worth it. The TV series Gotham features Jerome, A Psychopath that is easily taken down.

Only for his fan base to resurrect him. His face is initially absent but Thr later put back on. His most notable outfits consist of a The evolution of the joker animated circus-inspired Tuxedo, As well as a beige suit with plaid pants. Sadly, Jerome is once more defeated, But his twin, Jeremiah, is sprayed with laughing venom Which causes him to become pale, Dress flamboyantly and go insane.

The evolution of the joker animated

And after taking a dunk in acid, He is heavily deformed, leaving only strands of hair on his head, Link which point he wears Gotham's most Joker-y outfit yet, But, due to read article issues, neither Jeremiah nor Jerome Are officially recognised as the Joker.

so moving on. In 2019's Joker, Arthur Fleck first dons A frumpy plaid costume, puffy green wig, and clown makeup, With bright and blue accents for his working clown attire. After shooting three wealthy bullies. He incidentally starts a clown uprising. He then sports a green dress shirt and a red suit, Dyes his hair dark green The evolution of the joker animated slightly alters his makeup Looking sharp enough to meet his talk-show hero Also, this Joker maybe Thomas Wayne secret love child, Or maybe that's just another one of our Arthur Flecks illusions.

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The evolution of the joker animated

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