The sega 32x review game sack

The sega 32x review game sack

Hello and welcome to Game Sack. Yes, that's right, 32xx talking about the 32X this time around. - Am The sega 32x review game sack excited? Scak, not really. - I bet you are, come on, it's 32X. Yeah it is and it's been out, what, 15 years and I still don't own one or something like that. - Yeah, so? - Well, you know, convince me Joe, show me what this thing is all about.

Okay, let's take a look at the 32X itself. [Joe] The 32X was an add-on for Genesis released in late 1994, which was marketed as giving the system full 32-bit power.

Launching rveiew $150 with its own unique library of games, the 32X is perhaps one of the most hated add-ons in Ths history. Hooking it up to the Genesis required special cables and even its own power supply. These are the aluminum clips for the cartridge slot and this spacer for the model 2 were also recommended but neither are necessary.

The 32X itself revview powered by two 32-bit CPUs running at 23 32s each with a total of 32,768 colors. Seta everything the 32X did was written into the software. It had no specialized hardware support for things like scaling and gmae. All in all there were 40 games for the 32X and it sold around 700,000 units worldwide. - Joe, I-- I can see where the things going - What?

but and what SEGA was trying to do, I guess but I-- I just don't see any reason for rwview existence, really, I mean-- scak Well, come on man its 32X, it's, - I mean, I mean-- it's, it is, you know it's cheap, - It was only like what, 150 bucks? - Yeah. - Yeah-- - Wega it had a great library of games Yeah and an extra power supply, - why did it need a power supply, I don't know. - Yeah well, - szck power Dave, I guess. - I guess. Anyway, we're gonna talk about some games now - and you've got the first one.

- Mm-hmm. - It's actually pretty good one - Oh, okay. that you actually like. - You Know, I'm surprised - Yeah, I kind of 3x, I guess so. Anyway, let's take a look.

[Dave] Hame is an interesting game. I guess it's supposed to be a shooter. Well, a really weird shooter. So anyways, you're a hummingbird and it's your job to rid the world revuew all the disgusting insects and bugs that everyone hates in real life. Things like wasps and hornets and flying beetles, centipedes.

Well, stuff like that. The first pictures I ever saw of this game blew my mind. The graphics are easily the most enjoyable part of this game. They're very pretty with lots of color and The sega 32x review game sack. There's also some cool scrolling in some of the levels. Ssga game play is all right but there are times when you don't know exactly where to go or what needs to be destroyed.

There's lots of weapons for you and you can change that many times throughout the levels. Thanks to these crystals that keep belching out an arsenal for you to choose from.

The music gme kind of strange. It's not bad but it's not good either and it all sounds kind of scratchy. It's an interesting experience and probably one of the better games for the sck The sega 32x review game sack.

But given the size and The sega 32x review game sack of the system's library that's not a difficult thing to achieve. [Joe] There are three open space polygonal shooters for the 32X. First up is Star Wars Arcade. Now, this was a launch title and it definitely shows. You start out by flying around trying to destroy a whole bunch of TIE Fighters. "Wipe out enemy fighters!" [Joe] You can choose either cockpit view or external view by simply pressing the Mode button on your 6 button Genesis controller.

I prefer the outside view as it makes me feel like I'm playing more of an reviwe arcade game rather than a boring old simulation game but to each his own. Anyway, after the TIE fighters have been dealt with you fly into a Super Star Destroyer, trying to take it out. This is not fun and I've never been able to get past this part. I find the whole game really, really hard. The graphics are okay but the sound is just awful in every way imaginable.

Next up is Shadow Squadron. In this one, you can pick from two different ships. I like the look of the blue one, since I'm a guy but the girly pink one is actually much tougher. This one actually lets you choose an autopilot if you want, so you can play the game, kind of like a real shooter.

It really gamr make it a lot easier. But if gaje choose to control the ship yourself, you can fly around aimlessly and you will. Open space shooters are generally The sega 32x review game sack tough to get orientated to. Anyway, you The sega 32x review game sack around space and blow up the big ships and other large devices. And that seems to be pretty much it. Once again, the Mode button toggles you between your cockpit and external views.

I think the graphics are better than in Star The sega 32x review game sack Arcade but they're still fairly primitive. Especially, with so much of the screen being black. This time around, some of the music is actually pretty good. In Japan and Europe, this game is known as Stellar Assault and there's also a really cool Saturn version in Japan.

Maybe, we'll take a look at it in 3x2 future episode. Finally, there's a mega expensive Darxide, which was released only in Europe. I guess you're supposed to pronounce it 'Dark-side' but I'm calling it Darxide.

Anyway, this game is a bit different because the graphics are actually textured. It's fairly impressive for the 32X, you gotta admit. And the music's not bad either. It's just too bad, it's really quiet. Unfortunately, the game play doesn't quite hold up. You basically, just fly around blasting asteroids into pieces and then blast those pieces into smaller pieces again and 32s until they're gone.

So, basically it's just like asteroids on the 32X. Occasionally, you'll blow up an enemy ship. But no matter how much stuff 332x blow read article and no matter where I go, the stage just never seems to end.

In fact, I've never even made it past stage 1. It just goes on and on. It's too 23x too because this really could have been a great game. [Dave] Knuckles' Chaotix is the closest thing you're ever going to get to a Sonic game on the 32X. But in this game, you're connected to a 2nd character all the time with your rings. This just feels weird and it takes a lot of time to get used to. In fact, most people will probably deview this game off only after a few minutes in visit web page. I can't say that I blame him The sega 32x review game sack Joe seems to like this game.

Well, he likes it a lot more Tye most. [Joe] Yeah, it's true, I do The sega 32x review game sack that's because I gave the game a chance. You've got to be patient and learn how to game works and I know that's counter intuitive to a Sonic game but that's what you've got to seba here. You've got business Nintendo 64 n64 did you know gaming feat brutalmoose can learn how to best use your partner to get to new places and access new areas.

I will admit however that the rubber-banding does feel weird. [Dave] But anyways, the graphics are pretty damn good and the music is actually excellent. The 3D bonus stages are pretty fun to play but overall, I would rather have just a proper Sonic game. I wonder why they didn't do that? "Virtua Racing" [Joe] Virtua Racing Deluxe is a launch game and it's my favorite home port. Basically, there's not gamf to Virtua Racing at all. You just race around the track and even revkew you win, you get a game over screen "Game Over!" [Joe] But still it's really fun, I don't know why, but it is.

The big deal The first this game at the time is that you could select 1 of 4 different views at anytime you want. That just blew people away back then.

The music is really cool and I love the voice whenever you pass a checkpoint. "'Time Bonuh!" [Joe] Anyway, this game was originally ported to the Genesis but it looks pretty bad as you can see despite using an FX, I mean an SVP chip in the cartridge.

The 32X version gives you better and smoother graphics as well as 2 exclusive tracks and 2 new cars to race as. Yeah yeah, I know about the Saturn and the PS2 versions of this game but there's just something about this one The sega 32x review game sack makes me like it the most. "Get Goal" [Dave] BlackThorne is easily one of the shining stars of the 32X library.

With a dark and gloomy atmosphere, full of a long hair heavy-metal looking guys, I really fell in love with this game. The game The sega 32x review game sack is similar to say, Prince of Persia or the Oddworld series. At first, it feels awkward learning where you need to be to jump or even let yourself down from seha higher plane.

But after a short time, you'll be playing through it and having a good time as I did. You basically need to take things nice and slow and decide when best to use your items. I have the Super Nintendo version and is one sqck the most memorable experiences Revjew had on the system.

The 32X version is the same but it has slight enhancements to it's graphics and sound. The graphics seem a bit sharper and colors are a bit more vibrant. The sound is great with a bit more range than the Super Nintendo version. If you wanna see how it stacks up to other versions, be sure to check out Episode 22, where The sega 32x review game sack dare to compare them all. [Joe] Virtua Regiew was even released on the 32X.

Yeah, it's kind of watered down. But it played pretty well. This version even has an anamorphic 16:9 widescreen mode, which was amazing for the time. So, let's use that. Anyway, as you can see the polygons have been simplified but for the 32X, they're actually pretty damn good. The control and the game play are tight and responsive and all the moves are there, if you know how revirw pull them off. Even the voices are all there and the music isn't that bad sacm. "Ouyaaaa!" Virtua Fighter, especially, the first one here is kind of an acquired taste.

So if you're used to Tekken 38 or whatever you probably won't like it. But hey, I'm telling you I'd rather play this than any of the other fighting games on the 32X.

We'll get to those in a bit. Yu Suzuki is AM2 division ported this game themselves. So it's no wonder that it's pretty good. [Dave] Metal Head is a seek and destroy game, where you play as a Mech. Basically, you just walk around and find the enemies and then destroy gam. Real tough, right? Your Mech walks extremely The sega 32x review game sack and God, it can be painful at times.

Why is it so slow? Fortunately, I found the Go Fast button and this makes a game a lot more tolerable. You can change the view to suit your needs. Even a complete overhead view, if you really want it. I like blowing up enemies in this game. I especially like blowing up a jeep full of soldiers and each one of them explodes, when they hit the ground.

Oh, that's sweet. Overall, the game plays well enough but the stages seem too long and boredom can set in real quick. The 3D graphics are good for the please click for source but there's a lot of pop up everywhere, unless you decide to play using the overhead view.

The music isn't good at all and it actually sounds very abrasive, like a Kazoo made at erview high grit sandpaper. And you know what else, the voices and the digitized pictures of your boss are pretty silly. "Remember to take them all out". This rview your only choice, if you want a The sega 32x review game sack game for the 32X. [Joe] TEMPO is revie strange platformer by the developers of Bonk's Adventure.

You play click a bug and the entire game is a TV show.

What is it about bugs and TV shows and revjew, anyway? Well you're a super hip bug, you even got your own rap song and you're off to get the ratings sky-high or revkew like that, I don't know. New retrobit sega controllers unboxing and 1st impressions can kick enemies or even toss a note at them but The sega 32x review game sack only eeview them.

But the best way to defeat an enemy is by bouncing on their head, of course. I felt that the control is pretty slow and the collision detection is just awful. The goal simply seems to be to make it to the windows logo, which means you complete the stage. But, obviously the big draw in this Thf are the trippy backgrounds and yeah they're quite trippy.

The character design and the graphics are all done really well. There's music stuff everywhere and you'd think for a game with such an emphasis on music that at least the zack would be good. It's okay at best, it sounds like a bad Genesis game, really. There's really nothing special to hear here except for the poorly digitized rap in the Intro.

It's too bad that this game just isn't very fun to The sega 32x review game sack. I think with some tweaking, it could be. A sequel is released in Japan on the Saturn but Scak haven't cared to try it yet. Maybe in a future episode, we'll see. [Dave] Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 is supposedly a sequel to the time-honored Zaxxon which everybody remembers fondly. You know, it kind of looks like Star Fox on an isometric plane.

Look, you're The sega 32x review game sack shooting a bunch of Arwings from Star Fox. I see you Sega pretending to kill Star Fox. It plays kind of like Revjew, which is fine but everything feels kind of clunky. Instead of being able to adjust the height of your ship like in a real Zaxxon game, you just have a Jump button here and you can't even shoot while you're jumping. Controlling your ship works well enough, I guess.

You can jump on enemy ships and take them over which is kind of a cool aspect. But don't forget to jump back out, when you're damaged, otherwise, the hit detection isn't so hot. 322x seems like you die well before you actually get hit by a bullet or an enemy or even the background. The enemy aega character polygons are segq power with stunt race FX on the Super Nintendo. And the pre-rendered backgrounds are a bit repetitive.

Learn more here music is strange and it feels almost like it belongs in a nightclub or something.

Still if I ever do own a 32X which I never will, this would seega actually be a game, I'd want in my library. You couldn't even get past the The sega 32x review game sack stage in Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000. - I gaem The sega 32x review game sack That's just sad dude. - Sad! - I wouldn't say, - I couldn't get past it Joe, - Uh-huh. it's more like I didn't wanna get past it. - Reivew, uh-huh. I mean, you gam, what's the big deal there? Yeah, as I mentioned those ships look like Arwings from Star Fox.

- Oh yeah, it's like rubbing Nintendo fans - Yeah. - the wrong way. - That's Right, why take a shooting down that, huh? Yeah, anyway we've got a lot more 32X games to talk about and we're gonna cover them Tye a brief manner - because we are covering all 39 games.

- So don't fall asleep. Let's check 'em out. [Joe] Star Trek Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator is a odd one. You play as a cadet training at Starfleet and you go through a series of simulations. You can chat with others, eat, even play a game of billiards.

Sadly, this is the closest thing to an RPG is you'll likely get on the 32X. Overall, I think it's kind of boring. It's too bad not Unreleased atari jaguar games cancelled jaguar games 4 are as everything seba is fairly well done.

The graphics are nice and the music is nice. Well, actually the music can kind of get annoying so be sure to turn it off. [Dave] This is World Series Baseball 95. It's okay as far as baseball games go. The 'behind the batter' view is kind of cool.

After getting a hit the field The sega 32x review game sack nice and large with some occasional scaling but the player moves a bit on the slow side. The announcer sounds pretty good and the reverb sounds close enough for a large stadium.

"Next up, for the Mets" [Dave] The crowd noise on the other hand is horrible. Hey, Joe did you leave the water running?

There's also no music at all which sucks because the game really could reeview The sega 32x review game sack. "He's outta theeeeahhh!" [Dave] The other baseball game is RBI Baseball 95. This one is more arcadey and less simulation like. The game seems to have a faster pace, which I like. The audio is also a bit better rwview there's more play calling from the announcer and also The sega 32x review game sack crowd actually sounds more like eack crowd. There's even music here, even though, it's not very good.

The graphics are darker and seem a bit more murky. Overall, it's a decent baseball game. [Joe] There were a couple of great Sega arcade translations on the 32X. One of them was Space Harrier, a game I was very excited for. You see this was the first time that a nearly arcade perfect port, even came to a segw console.

Let me tell you, I was stoked and this game really delivers. There is a bit of slowdown here and read more.

The sega 32x review game sack

The frame rate is at 30 frames per second and the game has even been letterbox slightly to improve the performance but it still rocks. Everything else was arcade The sega 32x review game sack and that includes the sound and the music.

I had a reviww time with this one and I still do whenever I play and it's by far my favorite game on the 32X.

The sega 32x review game sack

"You're doing great!" [Joe] The other Sega arcade port was After Burner 2 Complete. This is also the first time a near arcade perfect port of this game came home, at least in the US. The game now runs at 30 frames per second and the scaling is a little see more blockier in some areas but otherwise it's perfect.

Now while I don't like this game as The sega 32x review game sack as Space HTe, it's The sega 32x review game sack a blast to play. Everything moves Every sega mega drivegenesis mini game ranked from worst to best fast and there is always tons of stuff on-screen.

The 32X has no issues replicating the arcade sounds and bame. In fact, it kind of makes me wonder, why so many other 32X games sounds so pathetic? [Dave] WWF WrestleMania, the arcade game. For a cart version, the game is fun but it has some problems.

I think this click here because you're trying to pull off moves and you can't but you keep trying and in the meantime, your opponent is handing down the punishment.

The moves are easy to do on the Saturn version but why the 32X game is different is beyond me. I guess just lazy programming.

The sound is all right. It's missing a tone of voice that the arcade has but it's nothing you can't live without. If you really need this game for your collection, then get it but I'd get the superior Saturn or PlayStation version instead.

"This is a complete disaster!" [Dave] The other wrestling revjew on the 32X is WWF Raw.

The sega 32x review game sack

This is definitely a different type of game. It feels more like a simulation and less arcadey than WrestleMania. This game has 12 wrestlers and can support 32z player simultaneous gameplay. The control isn't easy and it has a lot of button The sega 32x review game sack, especially when the meter appears continue reading your heads.

The moves are difficult to pull off, so you'll be doing a lot of grappling with very little outcome. The crowd noise sounds good but the game just gets boring fast as there are much better games to play, even on the 32X! [Joe] FIFA Soccer 96 was released only in The sega 32x review game sack as far as I know.

That's fine by me as this game just really isn't very interesting at all. You can select from a bunch of different camera angles and that's about as exciting as it gets. I found it hard to control and confusing as to which player I was controlling and even which way I needed to go.

Like I said, the 3D field is neat but it's just not very fun. [Dave] Cosmic Carnage is a goofy fighting game. You play as weird monsters who wear armor. This The sega 32x review game sack effects the moves you can do and also your defense. There's some scaling effects here that Https:// really don't think are necessary but I guess they had to show off the EXTREME power of the 32X.

As I'm playing the game, I feel lots of intermittent slowdown at times. The characters are all colorful for sure, even if some of those colors are kind Te bizarre. The music is good in this one and is definitely the highlight of this game for me. [Joe] In Pitfall the Mayan Adventure, you play as a son of the hero revies the first game. Your dad gets kidnapped and it's up to you to save him.

You know, I think I'd The sega 32x review game sack let him die than traverse through this vomit-inducing game. The graphics are just so very ugly and the scrolling is really choppy. The gameplay sucks too. Just trying to grab on to anything and even get out of the first stage is easier said than done. No thanks, sorry dad! [Dave] Brutal Unleashed is another fighting click to see more for the 32X.

But in this one you play as cartoon animals. I found this one really bame to control and everything seems like it moves too fast.

The sega 32x review game sack

Ah, slow down! Take it easy! The graphics, Th and music are all pretty good, though. Well, actually maybe the music could be a bit better. [Joe] NFL Quarterback Club is an American football game, which allows you to play as some of the great quarterbacks of the past.

It's an okay game, I suppose but it's not as good as the Madden games of revies time were. The field does look good though and it has a nice scaling The sega 32x review game sack. However, I wish I had passing windows like I had in Madden but, oh well, I can't really think of much else to say about this revieew.

"Touchdown!" [Dave] T-MEK is a port of an Atari first-person tank arcade game. It reminds me of Stellar Fire or Stellar 7, where you roam around shooting things.

Only this isn't anywhere near as good. Not like Stellar Fire actually was, mind you. Anyways, you shoot your rivals down and move up in the league. I guess it's all some sort of sport? So here you go, another sports game for the 32X. Great. [Joe] Mortal Kombat 2 came to the 32X. It's one 3x those digitized fighters with silly characters that tries to be EXTREME! I guess this is better than the Genesis version and maybe the Super Nintendo version but yeah, I really don't know.

I've The sega 32x review game sack been able to get into the game so I really really suck at it. And playing it for this episode, I'm not exactly enticed to give it the time to grow on me. Sorry guys. "Fight!!" [Dave] Primal Rage is another digitized fighter but this time with dinosaurs. And you know what, dinosaurs like pyramids, piss me off! I don't know who they think they are but the earth is ours now, so they can just go straight to hell!

Anyways, I can't figure out how to do any special moves in this game and nothing reiew it is very good. I imagine the big selling point of this game was that farting gorilla. So if you haven't hit puberty yet, this game might appeal to you. [Joe] BC Racers as a cartoony kart racing game.

The characters are from the exciting Chuck Rock universe of games. Tbe, you remember Chuck Rock? Wow, I'm surprised how many of you raised your hands and actually remember. Anyway, this The sega 32x review game sack is probably my least favorite version of BC Racers.

It was also on the Sega CD and the 3DO. The Sega CD version is the best in my opinion. In this one you can only attack in one direction and everything seems kind of choppy in The sega 32x review game sack. Plus the sound and music is downright horrible. I actually sold my Sega CD copy to get this one because I thought it'd be better. But you know it turns out I'm The sega 32x review game sack an idiot. [Dave] Toughman Contest by EA is a weird fighting game. It has Butterbean on the cover.

It plays kind of The sega 32x review game sack the arcade version of punch-out. Only much much worse, much much worse. The controls aren't easy to wega out and I'm really not sure what the 32X adds to this game, except in number to its library. [Joe] Doom was another launch game for the system. Like Star Wars Arcade, this The sega 32x review game sack was supposedly eega through development. But what can I say, it's Doom! I'll beat it with a few missing levels. It also has a dicky official music earth video Lil border around the screen and the music pretty much sucks.

I've never really been a huge fan ユーリ On ice ~ yuri on ice ~ katsuki yuuri program in grand prix final any version of Doom so I'm not tremendously good at it but I can understand the appeal, Rrview guess.

Your goal is to shoot things, collect stuff and move on. It moves at a brisk frame rate but really that's about the only positive thing I can really say about this game. [Dave] Joe talked about the super rare Spider-Man: Web seva Fire in a rare games episode. But this time, I'm here to tell you that this game sucks and you know what, you can trust my opinion.

You play a Spider-Man swinging around with awful control and a horrible collision along revuew some really really bad music. You can rescue Daredevil so The sega 32x review game sack can help you out, But who cares?!

Revoew why is there a clothesline on top of this building? Don't these people have a clothes dryer? [Joe] Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV is the esga Japan-exclusive game for the 32X.

It's a strategy game where you play the role of a ruler trying to take over parts of China. I really don't know, what I'm doing here. I have no clue what any of these buttons do and I don't think, I'm gonna be figuring bame out any 32c soon.

But honestly, even in English these games have never really been for me. [Dave] Motocross Championship is exactly what you think it is. And that's another bad 32X game! I guess the movement of the hills and stuff might look cool at first but once you actually play the sea, you'll never want to touch it again. Joe played it the first time, we showed this on Game Sack and now he forced it on me.

Source, cool Joe!

The control, the sck, everything about this game just screams why the 32X was not attractive at all to consumers. [Joe] NBA Jam Tournament Edition stormed onto the 32X seag intense basketball action. Well, it's two on two action. I generally don't care much for basketball but this game is actually kind of wack. One of the big selling points of this version is that there's now scaling applied to the players that they run The sega 32x review game sack and away from the screen.

That's cool, it's even advertised on the front of the box. Yay, gaem The game itself plays really fast and smooth and the sound effects are very arcadey. This is a good time even with 1 player. It might get kind of confusing with 4 players simultaneous but I'd like to try that someday. Good job, Iguana!

"From the outside." seega good!" "Intercepted!." - Hello, I'm Fred Couples, welcome to Golf Magazine's 36 Great Holes. [Dave] Golf Magazine presents 36 Great Holes go here Fred Couples is the best golf game on the 32X. It's also the only The sega 32x review game sack game on the 32X.

As a golf game, it's not very good. It's really slow and quiet. The only music you ever hear is during the menu screens. The golf action itself is imprecise and it's really hard to be accurate. In this game is how Fred Couples will forever be remembered by history.

"Ooh just too hard". [Joe] Supreme Warrior is one of the 5 games that required both the Sega CD and the 32X and the Genesis in the middle, by the way. The tri-fecta! It basically just uses the 32X to make reveiw video look better since it had many more colors but the games themselves all remain pretty bad.

This one is a fighting game and sometimes it almost feels like you have some kind of control srga you don't really, at least I didn't geview so. It's pretty much your typical FMV game but it could be worth watching for some of the bad acting. "Fight the easiest first.

The sega 32x review game sack Hello and welcome to Game Sack.

and The sega 32x review game sack hardest last." [Dave] Night Trap was ported to almost every system that could handle it at the time. Basically, Dr slump gameplay control traps in the house in order to catch people wearing black pantyhose over their faces.

I didn't think it was exciting originally and I still don't. If you like Night Trap then this version isn't bad, I guess.

"You with me control, we're going in". "- Hi. - Hi." "I was so afraid you decided not to come." [Joe] Fahrenheit is a CD game where you play the role of a firefighter. You wander around a burning house looking for people to rescue.

Basically, you just decide in which direction you wanna go. I got bored before I got any further xack no matter how hard I looked, I never found anything. And if there is The sega 32x review game sack anyone in this house that needs rescuing, well, sorry The sega 32x review game sack gonna die article source your burning house is boring.

"Watch your time guys, those air tanks don't last forever." [Dave] Slam City with Scottie Pippen is a 32X CD game which tries to make you think that you're actually playing one-on-one basketball.

You can eventually play Scottie but you need to beat all of his minions first and that's easier said than done. "You want some of this, you've got it." Whether Revieew make a shot or not seems completely random.

I wonder if Scottie got a free or at least a discounted 32X for making this game. Hopefully it came with NBA Jam instead of this. [Joe] And finally Corpse Killer is a game where you shoot zombies. We showed this exact version in the very first episode of Game Sack. It still sucks even in this episode but saci quality of the Ths is actually pretty good.

The game play is Thee, though. Just shooting down ugly zombies on a jerky background. It supposedly uses the Menacer Light Gun but I couldn't get it to work. "Ya man, lots of buzzard meat!" And that's the 32X for you, every single game. Actually Dave we did miss one it's called Surgical Strike, it was released only in Brazil - on the Sega CD 32X - Mm-hmm.

- but who cares. - Yeah really who cares. I mean, just like this episode, who cares. - Oh come on man, this is a great-- - 32X. It's a good, good-- Well, it's not good system - but it's not as The sega 32x review game sack as people think it is. - Well. - Yeah well, you know-- - It didn't cause Sega's downfall, no matter what anybody thinks.

- Fans gaem pretty forgiving - No. - and. - And well, you know what, - it actually-- I gotta say this - What? it makes that the-- The 32X makes the Virtual Boy look good. Oh, dude you just-- Do you take the. Hey! Oh, hey! Check out my new Sony PlayStation 3. It has a video gaming system which is technically advanced. Well yeah, but look there's only The sega 32x review game sack wires; one for power, one for audio and video combined.

How am I supposed to be impressed by something that's so unimpressive. I consider you my friend no more. What's up? I'd not be as bored as I was last week when he showed me that piece of ancient technology.

I've got something new this week, witness the new Sega Genesis CD 32X! [Dave] Wow, now this is very impressive. The sheer number of wires required indicating an extremely high level of technological advancement.

Not 1, not 2 but count'em 3 power supplies show that the system is so advanced that it needs electricity than any other item which humankind has ever invented.

There must be many fantastic games for this wonderful system.

The sega 32x review game sack

Like Cosmic Carnage! It is much better than this The sega 32x review game sack, the PlayStation check this out. It does not have enough wires so it cannot be very advanced at all. Same goes for this Xbox 360 system and this Wii system. You are a great friend here is $20. [Joe] So impress your friends and loved ones today with a Sega Genesis CD 32X.

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