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  1. Guide For Students Considering UK Undergraduate Study - Added May 2018
    The UK is the most popular destination the world for foreign study. More than 30,000 students visit the UK every year to study for part or all of their undergraduate degree. Many UK universities have an outstanding international academic reputation and excel in providing the opportunity to specialize in areas of study.
  2. Guide to the best UK personal loan
    Not too long ago, applying for a personal loan in the UK meant that you needed to take yourself off to see your local bank or building society manager.  When you were there you would normally have an interview with the loan officer and, very possibly, the bank manager and assessment was made of the merits of lending you the money. 
    Contents:Short term personal loans, Unsecured personal loans, Secured personal loans, What is your credit rating?, Bad credit personal loans, Do I need loan insurance? and Personal loans and the Consumer Credit Act