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Am I Insured To Drive Anyone's Car?


Whether you have got fully comprehensive insurance and want to drive somebody else’s car or whether you have only third party insurance and want to do so, it’s a confusing mess – the simple question is, are you legal or not?

cruising in carComprehensive

OK, so you have fully comprehensive insurance, that’s great. But that’s fully comprehensive when you are behind the wheel of your own car, the car that is identified on the insurance document and is the vehicle whose details you used to get your comprehensive cover. It is unlikely, (although not impossible), that you will be insured on a fully comprehensive basis to drive other people’s vehicles.

If you are fully covered for other vehicles then you will probably remember asking or discussing it with your insurer, as it would have put your premiums up substantially! Most people who are insured to drive fully comp on their own car are insured for third party only when driving another person’s vehicle with their consent.

Party Time

If you are insured for only third party fire and theft, (or even only third party), then again, unless it says to the contrary on your insurance document, it is likely that you are insured to drive another person’s vehicle under third party terms. That means that if somebody else hits you or you cause damage to somebody else’s vehicle then the insurer will pay for repairs to the other vehicle, not the one you are driving.

Remember that you are never insured if you are driving a vehicle without the owner’s permission and to drive without insurance is obviously illegal, and is usually called “stealing”!


You can be fully covered for driving somebody else’s car if they put you down as a named driver on their policy. It’s worth doing this even if you may only be driving that car for a couple of weeks. At least then if anything happens whether it’s your fault or not you will be covered and won’t have to fork out for potentially expensive repairs.

Hire Car

If you are renting a car the rental company will usually ask if you want to be included on their block insurance policy or use your own cover. Clearly if you have fully comprehensive insurance then you may want to use that. Check to see if the block cover on offer will provide comprehensive insurance so that if you prang the car you won’t have to pay for it. Either way it’s worth asking the question as the premium on the hire car might be worth paying anyway for peace of mind. You can then enjoy the driving instead of worrying about the insurance cover!


You should also always check to see whether you are covered for all insurance group vehicles on your third party insurance; you may not be for some of the top end vehicles. Also, don’t forget that just because you have passed your test doesn’t mean you can go off and become a truck driver. Your licence and insurance documents both state a weight limit to the size of vehicle you are legally entitled to drive on the public highway.

Bottom line

The bottom line is, as always, check the exact wording on your policy and on the policy of the person whose car you are going to drive. Remember obvious things like if you are driving the car abroad then neither of you might be properly covered!

And above all, even if you are insured, drive carefully! Cars can kill and in complacent hands they often do.

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My son keeps telling me that he can drive my car if I am with him in the car and if I have had a license for more than 5 years.

I think this totally wrong but he is not the only person who is under this impression.

Am I missing something?


Posted by:   Chas Chand at  July 1, 2018 7:07 PM

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