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Tips on getting a loan with bad credit
It is nothing unusual these days to have damaged credit, and in fact and increasing number of us are finding out just how difficult life can be with poor credit.

Sky high consumer debt levels and rising costs such as increased interest rates, rises in the cost of living, and higher petrol prices, have pushed many people into the red, and bad debt levels continue to get worse as more and more people find themselves unable to keep up with repayments on their financial commitments.

Although having poor credit does not have quite the same stigma as it once did, largely because such a large proportion of the population now has damaged credit, it can still cause major problems for those looking to take out finance in the future. We all rely on finance from time to time, whether it is to purchase a computer, a new car, or even our own home. However, if you have damaged credit you could find that getting affordable finance is far more difficult than you imagined.

It is important that you do look for competitive interest rates when looking for finance with poor credit, as some lenders will try and charge way over the odds simply because you have damaged credit. However, there are some lenders out there that will offer competitive deals depending on the level of damage to your credit – although don’t expect to get the best rates on the market, as you will generally always be charged more than someone with good credit.

One thing to bear in mind is that if you have very bad credit you may find that getting an unsecured loan is difficult if not impossible. Many lenders have actually started withdrawing their unsecured personal loans in the current volatile financial climate, and those that are continuing will usually offer finance on an unsecured basis to those with good credit. You may therefore find that you only loan option as someone with bad credit is to go for a secured loan, which is a loan that is secured against your home, meaning that you must be a homeowner in order to be eligible.

Hunting around for a competitive bad credit loan can be difficult and very frustrating, and there is also a hidden danger that you must avoid in order to reduce the chances of further damaging your credit. As someone with poor credit you run a higher risk of being turned down for a loan, and each time you are refused credit your credit rating takes another hit. It is therefore advisable to make sure that you do not make one application after another if you find that you are being turned down for loans.

One of the most effective solutions for those with bad credit who want to take out a loan is to go through a specialist broker that deals with sub-prime lenders. An experienced broker will know which lenders are most likely to look at your application favourably based on the details that you provide, and can therefore avoid the risk of going to lenders that are going to turn you down. Going through a bad credit broker can also save you a lot of time and hassle, as you will only have to provide your details once, and the broker will then do the searching, comparing, and legwork on your behalf.

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