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Mortgages – First Time Buyers, Remortgages, Bad Credit History Applicants
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Types of Mortgages – Interest Only and Repayment

Repayment mortgages are when you pay a piece of the loan and interest in the repayments you make. Meanwhile, as the title suggests, interest only mortgages you will pay only the interest part of the loan, leaving you owing the initial loan sum in full. Read the article on ‘endowment mortgages’, a type of interest only mortgage.

With a rising housing market interest only mortgages have grown in popularity over the last few years, causing great concern among industry experts. Read more about mortgage types in our introduction to mortgages article.
To begin your search of mortgages or remortgages, complete our mortgage application form and we will search the market for you. First time buyers, bad credit history, ccjs are all welcome to apply also. Even with a bad credit history it is still possible to get a mortgage or re-mortgage by using our search form.
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Mortgage Types