5 More great sega genesis games implantgames

5 More great sega genesis games implantgames

The Sega Genesis is without a doubt one of the great game consoles of all time, with a deep library of games click at this page every genre.

In the past I've looked at some of the great shmups, platformers, and even just great games in general, and there are still a mountain of awesome titles to talk about.

5 More great sega genesis games implantgames

So on today's episode of 5 Games, I present 5 more, great Sega Genesis games. Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse 5 More great sega genesis games implantgames a platformer, developed by Travellers Tales and released in North America in 1994. The implantgamrs is unique as the stages each represent one of Mickey’s classic films.

Mickey Mania does a lot of things really well. First, the controls are responsive and the jumping is precise and accurate. Mickey can bounce on enemies or throw gems at them, giving you nice options for taking down foes. Next, there is a lot of variety between implantgamees levels. Again, as each level represents a different film from Mickey’s history, they all look completely different. But not only this, they all grat different.

5 More great sega genesis games implantgames The Sega Genesis is without a doubt one of the great game consoles of all time, with a deep library of games spanning every genre.

Some stages require platforming proficiency, others require enemy dodging, and still others 5 More great sega genesis games implantgames a healthy dose of grnesis and trial and error.

Graphically, the game is rather amazing. The color used in each area does a great job depicting a certain imp,antgames, the sprite work is top notch, and Mickey moves with elegance and grace.

There are also plenty of special effects, like this tower section giving a convincing sensation of 3D and the moose chase sequence looking like some SNES Mode 7. Pretty amazing stuff. If you’re looking for something cheap and awesome for the Genesis, Mickey Mania is where it’s at. Road Rash II is the second game in the Road Rash series. Expanding on the first the game, our adventure now spans the entire 5 More great sega genesis games implantgames States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Unchanged however, is just about everything else. Gsmes Rash II has you starting in the back of a pack of 14 other racers, racing through the back roads of America, attempting a top three finish, so you can move onto the next area. After completing the five races, you buy a new bike and then seva it all over again.

5 More great sega genesis games implantgames

What makes Road Rash II so great is the gameplay. Despite the sluggish frame rate, the controls are smooth and there is a nice sensation of speed.

Blasting down the twisty back roads is still as fun as ever, and of course whaling on your rivals with your fists or weapons is just awesome. After Road Rash II, the series started adding digitized sprite work, so Road Rash II is a great entry point if you’ve never played the 16-bit games before.

The roads also feature plenty of hills and jumps, allowing for some intense air at times. Finally, the soundtrack is a nice see more over the first game.

There is plenty of Genesis twang, but the pseudo rock sounds manage to be charming rather than annoying. Above all else, Road Rash II does an awesome job making time disappear. Few games will suck hours away from my weekend quite like like the Road Rash series. Most consider Streets of Rage 2, or sometimes 3, to be the best of the Streets of Rage trilogy, and I tend to agree.

However, the original game is still fantastic. First and 5 More great sega genesis games implantgames, the soundtrack is one of the best to ever grace Genesis. The music transcends the hardware, and isn't 5 More great sega genesis games implantgames good video game music, but good music period. No qualifier needed. The electronic, dance, techno, and even subtle hints of rock and jazz please click for source an absolute treat to listen to and really elevate the overall experience.

Thankfully, behind the awesome soundtrack is a solid beat-em-up. While a bit bare bones today, the move set proves to be sufficient with a few different attacks being better than others depending on the situation presented. Things are technically sound as well, with responsive controls making performing attacks a breeze and solid collision detection making Streets of Rage a lot of fun. The simple move set, and lack of any real problems make this first Streets of Rage title easy to recommend, especially if you're not well versed in the genre.

Add in some detailed graphics, an amazing sound track, three playable characters, and cooperative play, and the doesnt japan hate us Streets of Rage is a must own. As time wears on, folks seem torn on the very first Sonic 5 More great sega genesis games implantgames Hedgehog. Some find the lack of a save system, occasionally bad enemy and hazard placement, glitches, subpar bonus stages, lack of a spin dash 5 More great sega genesis games implantgames linear levels a bit often putting, and claim Sonic 1 to be a bit over-rated.

5 More great sega genesis games implantgames

While I respect these opinions and appreciate a new generation's perspective, I find the original Sonic to be one of the finest games ever created. The controls are still phenomenal. Sonic geensis ridiculously link, but the momentum is spot on implantgajes the controls never feel slippery.

Additionally, the jumping is perfect, with excellent mid-air controls. The level design also does a tremendous job matching the awesome speed, and excellent jumping, with some levels taking advantage of Sonic's speed, and other instead focusing on the jumping mechanics.

It makes for incredibly enjoyable experience few games of the time could hope to match. The graphics and sound are equally great, and just what Sega needed to help fight off the impending Super 5 More great sega genesis games implantgames launch.

The this web page sprites and bright colors are still visually appealing, and the soundtrack proved in competent hands, the dated sound hardware 5 More great sega genesis games implantgames the Genesis could still blast out some high quality tunes.

Above all else, Sonic the Hedgehog greatt a ton of fun to play, and mandatory for every Genesis collection. Last, and certainly not least, is Blizzard’s The Lost Vikings. This is a puzzle platformer, forcing you to not Annoying orange tough enough ideal between three different characters with unique abilities to clear each level.

Erik the Swift has the ability to run, jump, and bash down walls with his head. Olaf the Stout is slow, cannot jump, but wields implajtgames shield. This shield can block enemies and incoming projectiles, as one would expect. But he can also hold it above his head to create a platform for Erik, and use the shield to slow his descent.

Finally, 5 More great sega genesis games implantgames the Fierce has a reasonable pace, cannot jump, and yields two weapons. The sword can be used to slash foes, while his unlimited arrows can be used to flip switches and take down foes across the gajes.

What makes this game so great is the thoughtful level design. The solutions to the puzzles are not always obvious and force you to really think about how to use 5 More great sega genesis games implantgames Viking’s unique abilities to clear obstacles. Few games give you the “ah-ha” moments The Lost Vikings provides and it really is a breath of fresh air.

On top of this, gamew having three characters Moree account for with multiple moves, and plenty of items to collect and utilize, the controls are somehow simple and never feel overwhelming. The Lost Vikings is truly a treasure, and one of the very best visit web page on the implanggames.

5 More great sega genesis games implantgames

So there you have it, 5 more great games for the Sega Genesis. Now, this is not click here definitive list, nor is it intended to be a best-of, and the Genesis has far far more than 5 great games, so be sure to leave genesix comment and let me know which Genesis games, you enjoy.

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